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@bakadeww SkylineTrains @Poochymon @calvinsucks wasnt it that ender game on hypixel, or was it the christmas cactus kb stick minigame @Poochymon @calvinsucks why do i know exactly what you’re talking about @bonevoid no @tiredmadison @calvinsucks dry roasted @igngarnishing you look for meal you @igngarnishing for meal yourthank you for the folowas messir spyblubbles @danksimp press the 3 lines at the top left corner -> settings and privacy -> account -> log out for us all 🙏
Retweeted by Skyline1k likes I’ll do a face reveal 🥶
Retweeted by Skyline not a cat person but this ones not so bad set your reminders for this @ignw3cky come here baby 😘😘😘 @RealNotRainbow_ what the fuck am i looking at @FinlayPacks @calvinsucks thats how u momma like it @calvinsucks my pb on on a 3x3 is like 40 seconds
Retweeted by Skylinehow the fuck did dexonic last longer than me @OrangeSliced you’re dead to me @OrangeSliced AND ITS A SUPER COOL POKEMON @SkylineTrains
Retweeted by Skyline @OrangeSliced IM HAPPY @spybblez thank you kind sir, i will make sure you arent referenced on the police report as an accomplice @spybblez can i haz their discord pleasei might be annoying but at least i dont horny tweet
@OrangeSliced i wanna be a pokeman sliced orangewas he 22 just flying around n shit? @spybbie why does it work so well @ignw3cky who is no and why are they having sex with way @imKiannah maybe a little bit, but only because it has more feminine traits than pikachu does @imKiannah like pikachu but more boring WOULD GIVE UP EVERYTHING TO HAVE A PET PIKACHU @imKiannah that sounds uncomfortable @imKiannah what is laugh @imKiannah what does funny mean @imKiannah the neck thing is also a neck breaker @imKiannah oh so the neck thing is a deal breaker? @imKiannah do it they make better tweets than medawg this has me crying
Retweeted by Skylinei just saw fast and furious 9 and i didnt think i would like it but i really enjoyed it @NoahMatos5 @Extf_ AND HOENN IS THE 3RD GENERATION?!?!?!? @NoahMatos5 @Extf_ ITS SET IN THE HOENN REGION YOU FUCKING IDIOT @NoahMatos5 @Extf_ gen 1 is kanto gen 2 is johto gen 3 is hoenn gen 4 is sinnoh gen 5 is unova gen 6 is kalos gen 7… @Extf_ @NoahMatos5 @NoahMatos5 im actually angry with you @NoahMatos5 @Extf_ PFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @NoahMatos5 @Extf_ YES!??????? @NoahMatos5 GEN 6 IS KALOS!?!?!?????i cant @NoahMatos5 you are braindead @NoahMatos5 you are beyond retarded @NoahMatos5 GEN 3 RETARD @NoahMatos5 "is that gen 5" headass @NoahMatos5 ill show you hostility dickhead @igngarnishing damn this actually isnt stolen @NoahMatos5 i should beat yo stupid assi just remembered im like halfway through a pokemon pearl savefile where i have a darkrai fuck gen 3 not really sure when, but im pretty sure the black eyed peas were a big deal at some point @LucifersDiscord @FinlayPacks @specularburrito @ilybrqyy silence bedwars playeryea @calvinsucks ash greninja water shuriken is kid sasuke @specularburrito @FinlayPacks @ilybrqyy or autoclickers that think they're entitled to cheating @frightzip michael reeves @frightzip no im right my nipple is very sticky outy @frightzip its the same thing @M4RTLess no no you misunderstand @frightzip think about it, nipples are circles with smaller circle on top, boob is big circle with little circle on topboobs are just gigantic nipples
@emerqId 100%as an autistic person. yes. @fan3st @imKiannah it would just be like the falklands all over again @Pikaclicks @danksimp if anything hes become more of an asshole. but hey at least you've gotten better at doing that @CRESENTlAL like the fuckin tweet @CRESENTlAL yea @CRESENTlAL we use the word "it" when we are referring to an inanimate object, or something that is not alive, as o… @fan3st do not agree with platless . just ignore @CRESENTlAL do you need me to explain the jokeon the wecky situation, i dont condone the use of the word if you cant reclaim it (not that it really affects me th… @imKiannah no one yet, just waiting for someone to try me transphobic like i wont beat yo stupid ass @fan3st BROchanging my pronouns to it/its because im dead inside @NadeFlare was the solutiom that no one was the witch @Poochymon DARK MAGICIANi bought some things today is boring @unoffciallyred mayo is fucking nasty @unoffciallyred ketchup is the best sauce @unoffciallyred what the fuck is raunch @eez_raa no it was cutei tamed a budderfly @calvinsucks can i play with youoh my god the sound
@Poochymon you are unhealthily white