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sky. @skylrqii she/they

17 and a fukin ginger. @skylrqiipriv

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@luvducki LOL @luvducki CRACKED @mangosmxxthie “OKAYYY” zeo @lylacVAL AHHH THE FITgps said its my turn😩😩🙈 /s
Retweeted by sky. @emblazoning GPS SAYS COME OVER @AJFN_ okay thankswhat do i eat @kayluvrr ur so talented @emblazoning unflopping @yslophelia YOOO yes @icedsweettaee i love ur hair sm gah @fishszns oh @chlofps oh no @VlNN1ES Boobs @ikatanira heyynakqnana @naisvoid YAY @taylertoaster so cuteRT FOR MUTUALS
Retweeted by sky. @whosmichela WAIT LOWKEY YEAH JUST LMK WHEN @whosmichela i havent opened the game in monthsjust cause i post pics of my body, it doesn’t mean i wanna be sexualized by men on this app.
Retweeted by sky. @infectionlol k @infectionlol duality sounds weird too @Sw1ftt__ i see that @Jeyleeeee you are so beautiful🧿
Retweeted by sky. @Sw1ftt__ oki 🙁 @Sw1ftt__im bored someone streamcan i get s worded from this
@whosmichela phfuck you @kanatouu “bro” or “d1e” @naisvoid ik that shit taste ass @mangosmxxthie @zmaxiie on my dick @mangosmxxthie @zmaxiie i wear 13 rings dailychubby cheeks chipmunk @Iovealilmore kind @deIilqh who tf does this bitch think she is. if i wanna be a bitch ima. be a bitch. espiecially since pain meds barely help anyways @Centohh @lailacwp and apparently im the pedo…. @_bubxa @wtfazu @1asukaaa some people cant read tone in text <3 @deIilqh BUT
@vinsconcubine same or receive it @yslophelia NOT AGAIN @kitsyki We MATCH BASICALLY @kitsyki KIT OMG @justjungi AYEEE @Iovealilmore pls i thot ophelia got cancelled and u meant if u fuck w as in like r friendw with LMFAObe happy. it drives people crazy.
Retweeted by sky. @kyzukiii ty @kyzukiii I DONT CARE @kyzukiii LIKE IT @AeroValorant @paindrian GOD. gladly @whosmichela yep never saw it! rlly pretty tho! @kyzukiii i know @kyzukiii gosh sorry.LIKE THIS RN @TytyPlayzz girls are temporary, gaming is forever.
Retweeted by sky.i miss you @whosmichela dont make me ckoosei love her, happy 6 months babe
Retweeted by sky. @mangosmxxthie im so sorry bae @Jwag_tv FACTS. @whosmichela @mangosmxxthie WOOOOII @Jwag_tv thats so sad @mangosmxxthie but itd not sad or funny @mangosmxxthie shes very uh… white @mangosmxxthie OH NO @mangosmxxthie it was tasty @mangosmxxthie @whosmichela STOPT WEETING CUM @_deb777 YO IM SEXY @whosmichela im not even gonna say anythingI NEED SUSHI @mangosmxxthie HOW RUDE @mangosmxxthie nope @Naturres whatgetting out of bed is so hardno one listen to me pls @yslnai oh so this is how i summon u?cock @1zeooo first? @izuminsx OKAY!not everything is FUCKING about you!! it is abt me tho 😋 @AeroValorant good @vinsconcubine yeah for the past jour ive just been avoiding breathing @AeroValorant never @AeroValorant its 8pm bozo. @AeroValorant LMFAOO idk bro im tired @AeroValorant oops i leaked @AeroValorant Dead @VlNN1ES fr 😛 @yslophelia yay
@infectionlol ur moms trending @infectionlol k @infectionlol i mean there was nothing bad @infectionlol i almost played this in the car to my whole fam @infectionlol thanks infection! @kyzukiii spending money on skins is a waste