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@slwolfe2 That's fair feedback. Thank you for being candid with us. We'll pass it across for the team over here to… @rickmichaeln Sorry, all your workspaces are totally separate entities. You'd need to change the preference on each… @jaseclamp Interesting idea! We'll pass the idea over to the folks in charge. Thanks for the suggestion! 💖 @thefunnyralph Are you using an iOS or Android device? @glenathan Not at the moment but we appreciate that it could be handy! For now, you'd need to set it manually on Fr… @puffycow Hmm, strange! 🤔 Can you please try a cache clear to see if that helps? Select the top-right menu, then Se… @ashumidub Sorry about that — a cache clear might do the trick. Select the top-right menu, then Settings > Advanced > Reset cache. @andscoop Thanks for sharing, Andy — it's quite an interesting idea. 📝 If we could ask, what about threads do you f…
@sir_anders Hi Anders. What seems to be the problem? We'd love to help if we can. @blami 🙂 @senor_kachi We thought so too! If you're not seeing it there, there could be something fishy going on. You might n… @pathusutariya Thanks for the kind words in advance! @b_t_walsh We hear you! Does the "Show less" button there address the People and Apps feedback for you? Otherwise,…
@BrookeSCollins That's a neat idea! We don't have any immediate plans for global cross-workspace notification contr… @bmorefriendly Stay tuned, we may tweak this functionality on mobile in the future. ✨ @wellsthoughts Shoot us a note at, we'll help you get this back up and running. ✨ @brentwpeterson Unfortunately not, you'll need to go through them one by one. Sorry about that! @lordscarlet Could you drop us a line at Our team can help you get those cleared up. @WhiteWindows2 Not at the moment, but that would be a neat feature! We'll pass the suggestion along to our team for consideration. 🗣 @gastonmooney We do not share any customer data or content (channel messages, DMs, images and files, etc) with thir… @mgonto There's no way to revert back tot he old layout at the moment, but we're exploring ways to give users more… @thefunnyralph Hey Ralph! Do you mean the incoming call continues to ring on your mobile device, even after you've… @kdonavin Thanks for the feedback! We may consider adding an auto-resizer on our end at some point. @zilti That's an interesting idea! We'll share it with the team for consideration. 🐧 @gms8994 There's no specific shortcut for marking all threads read, but that's a useful suggestion! We'll pass it along to the team. ✨ @Ross Hey Ross! While there's no button, you can find your way back with gestures. Just swipe with two fingers to m… @hihellosm Maybe! What would like to hide/toggle? @CHRISMARTZ Yes. 🤖 @colemanranahan Apologies! We're tracking feedback on it but in the meantime, you can leverage the /away command in… @bcruddy Thanks for the suggestion! @chx The rollout is gradual on the workspace level. Sit tight and you'll see it soon on all workspaces. @esc0ba We are actively working on this though and hope to have an update shortly. @nikhiltait Thanks! Happy you're enjoying the new experience. @blami Ah neat idea! No way to "clone" settings or preferences from one profile to another but we'll pass it on! @tboillat Send us a message at and we'll see how we can help! @fnthawar Looks like David beat us to it on this one but the two finger swipe is it! Enjoy! ✨ @esc0ba No update to share! @themathiou Thanks for the feedback! We'll pass it on! @rbright The rollout is staged and we're gradually working through all workspaces as we speak. There isn't a way to… @SerafineLab Happy you enjoyed it! @merklejosh Thanks for the motivation! @unpacklo You are kind of making something up. The new Mentions and reactions pane can be moved from the center mes… @eibcb Thanks for the feedback, Brent. While you can remove a few of those items with that "Show less" button at th… @davecraige You can also click on the + symbol beside 'Direct messages' in the sidebar, in addition to that keyboar… @Tainouno Hey there! Those specific analytics aren't available anywhere, but here's a breakdown on which ones are: 📊 @davecraige Hey Dave! You can hit cmd+shift+k (or ctrl+shift+k) to pop open the Direct Message modal; it's sorted c… @vRallev Hey Ralf! Not possible, we're afraid. We'll share this feedback with the team though. @vertis It's on our radar!
@lgedeon Interesting idea. How would you then re-collapse the section? @songcarver Hey Keith! It's a custom emoji that is part of the blob family. This one is often called :partyblob:! @maytaldahan We're so happy you like it and that your eyes can catch a break! 😀 @ChrisDMunoz Thanks for the heads up! We made some changes — how does it look now? @vertis While federated login is on our radar, each workspace in Slack can mandate different login parameters (like… @fabien_mouvet Visibility on other users for guests should be based on their channel membership. So if you invite a… @DanielCorbett_ We'll pass on the feedback that this is something you'd like to see! @merklejosh No way to have nested sub-bullets for now but we'll pass on the feedback! @devth Appreciate the feedback! We'll consider it! @iantonioribeiro You would have to end the desktop session for the mobile notifications to kick in. Most folks do t… @nat0n Interesting idea! There's not a way to use Slack without becoming a Slack user of some kind but we'll think about it! @RodChristiansen Nope! Sit tight and you'll see it shortly. 🙂 @MSueAgee Ah that's not exactly how calls work at the moment but we'll pass it onto the team 🗣 @bretthellman Interesting idea! It's certainly a shift in our working lives and it's important to be cognizant of t… @gspence1 Yep! The app can be found here: @thefunnyralph You can tell us here, or you can write to us at!Kick off the weekend with some choreographed grooving from @Shopify.🕺 @suddengenesis Now all you need is one called :look-spaghetti-arms:. 🍝💪 @smapty Could you drop us a line at, so we ca take a look into this? Thanks! 🙏 @donateppe Thanks for all your efforts to aid and support healthcare workers! 💖 @labboy0276 Thanks for the honest feedback John, we're tracking this feature request closely. We'll share this with the team. @artemsyd Sorry about that Artem! We don't have plans to make the search bar hideable at the moment, but we're trac… @JackIngletonOld Thanks for the report Jack! We've flagged this with the team, and are looking into getting that behavior fixed up. ⭐️ @george_schuler 🐡 @internadine1 Hi Nadine, thanks for asking! You can read about our commitments here at Step Up: @Finchfinger Ah, sorry for the misread. You're totally right! We'll take hover item text into consideration as a cu… @arusso23 Thanks for clarifying that! Restricting this per channel at the admin level isn't supported at the moment… @EricStoller Ah that's something we're looking into! Could you drop us a note so we can have a look? channels help bring remote organizations together. And finding a shared channels success story is like findi… @JackIngletonOld Oh? Tell us more, what are you seeing? @devth Sorry about this! They've moved to Channel details > more > notifications. We'll share your feedback. @abhijithnet Got it, thanks for clarifying. We're currently investigating some reports of lag on the app, so we'll… @traceyxm You can mute those in your channel specific notification preferences! @mountain_ghosts Sorry for the trouble with this. Unfortunately @-here and @-channel do need to be set on a channel… @jodyheavener Sorry about this. It unfortunately isn't possible to mute apps from Slack right now. You might want t… @HarmSmitsDev We'll think about it! @iantonioribeiro Could you elaborate a bit? Do you have an active desktop session when you're missing iOS notifications? @DamatoErin It's the little things! 💖 @IamIncognetus That's a good idea. If it was the most recently posted message in the channel, you can also send +:+… @zsmb13 It's currently under construction but we hope to have it back up again soon. 💌 @felixrieseberg Please write in to! @GiveaDan We replaced starred items with "Saved". These items should now appear at the top of the Channel Sidebar o… @stephakharris Cheers! 🥂 @b_t_walsh What specific aspect are you referring to? The channel and Direct Message nature of Slack remains pretty… @mncaulder Have a great Friday, Michelle! @thedevastator98 It is possible to customize themes. Might this help?: @CaseyStanton Thanks for the feedback, we can share your experience with this back to our team. @AdamisGolden There aren't any global issues we're aware of but take the test here and then… @vEDW No way to set a personal preference for every channel but it's good feedback! You may want to consider passin… @tsmuse Yes, it's being gradually rolled out to avoid complications on our side. We understand that the "in between… @twenycent Aw shucks. Glad you like it! @jeradrose Sorry for the unintended treasure hunt. We'll share your feedback on this experience!