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If you’re deploying the :brain: reacji, it means someone’s lobes are ON IT. Tell us what #ThisReacjiMeans to you an… @minichate Impressive. You might have it! @here Cheers, friends. Sorry for muddying up your mentions! We'll quietly slip away now. 🏃💨 🤫 @crisidev Apologies! We did end up updating the status site to include those symptoms. @Alacho_ Hi Håvard! We understand this may be frustrating for you when switching between apps. We'll be sure to add… @marcomehnert Sorry about the trouble here, Marco. We were having some difficulties earlier, but things should be w… @_kathaar Due to an incident earlier affecting Slack performance we saw these issues but they should be clearing up… @johnjcz Thanks for the suggestion, John! We can see how that could simplify things. 🙌 @saramafzal Hi Sara! There was an earlier outage affecting Slack performance that has since been resolved for the m… @clabvessels Hi Chris! Some users were experiencing connection issues earlier due to an incident which has been re… @SilvesteR747 We're sorry for the trouble, Rob! Some users were experiencing connection issues due to an incident,… @Kinny Hey Kinny, sorry about the trouble. Could you write to and we can take a look into this. @esbodow Hi Elana. We're really sorry for any interruption to your day. Things should hopefully be back to normal a… @designMoreData Hi Divy. We believe all teams should be able to connect as normal again. So sorry for the trouble a… @not_camilo Hi Camilo. We believe all teams should be able to connect again now. Our sincere apologies for interrupting your day. @mneylon Hi Michele. Sorry for the disruption. You should be able to connect to your Slack team now. @SarahEOV Hi Sarah. We're really sorry for the trouble today. We believe things should be back to normal now for mo… @nseturajput Hi Setu. We're terribly sorry for any disruption. Things should be getting back to normal again now, a… @Joel_Hughes Hey there! This sounds like something you could do with our Reacji Channeler! Adding a specific reacji… @offlinehoster Hi Christian. So sorry for any interruption in you or your teams day. It looks like link things shou… @cpopetz Hi Clint. We're terribly sorry there was such a disruption to your teams day. We've noted your feedback he… @tcpshaaban Hi Mohamed. Sorry for any trouble. We're working on getting things back to normal as soon as possible. @metal_arch Sorry about the trouble. The performance issues should be mostly resolved, and there should no longer b… @dashorst Unfortunately, there isn't. We appreciate you letting us know it's something you'd like to see however! F… @FredJanssen9 Hey there! We’re committed to helping Slack customers and users understand, and where applicable, com… @jeefy Thank you! @joeltalksdesign We're having a little trouble, yes, but we're working hard on the problem and hope to have everyon… @gnumoksha Hi there. We're terribly sorry for the trouble, and hope to have everything back to normal soon. @mumptastic We're sorry that you're having some trouble this morning — this is on us! We're working on the fix righ… @MalcolmOwen Hey Malcolm — we're afraid not. Having a little trouble here as you may have noticed, but we're workin… @alexialafata This is on us, Alexia! We're working hard on a fix, and keeping our status site updated with the late… @Joe_Stead We're having some trouble here, but working hard on a fix! We're sorry for the negative impact. Updates… @WyriHaximus We're very sorry about this and we're working hard on a fix. Updates here: @readDanwrite Hi Daniel. We're terribly sorry for the interruption and we're working on a fix. Updates on @webpackets It really brightens our day to hear that you're enjoying Slack! ☀️ @martincozens Nice! We're glad to hear this is working now 👍 @rykovd Thanks for emailing us, Denis — that's absolutely the right address to use to help us investigate the issue… @herozenda Hello, thanks for getting in touch! 👋 Sorry to hear that you won't be able to attend. Please know that a… @kuboon 👋 Hi there! You should be able to opt-in to the new event authorization format by going to your app config… @jcsorin Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Jean-Charles. Can you send us your app logs please, so we can investigate? To d… @conw_y Thanks for the feedback! Currently it's possible to show a confirmation modal when using @ channel or @ eve… @BitardMichael We're glad you're back in business! 💖 @mramboar Great suggestion! Currently there is no way of viewing someone's timezone from their profile. While this… @istrakhov Oh boy! We're so sorry for the trouble here, Ivan. Could you please write to us at an… @lindsey Oh no! We're so sorry for the trouble here, Lindsey. Could you please write to us at so… @lindsey Hmm! Are you signed in to more than one workspace in the browser, by any chance? Is it possible that it's… @rzolau We're sorry that you're finding Slackbot disruptive. It's not possible to mute Slackbot, but we're always l… @KazuhoIfan So cute! 😍🥰🥳 We love it! Thank you for sharing it with us. 💕
@thatgirlallie Thanks for reaching out about this! Unfortunately, different workspaces have different custom emoji… @KazuhoIfan Is this using the screen drawing function on Slack calls?! 🤩 @BodnarRachel Oh no! This sounds like a known bug we have our eyes on. It's hard to be sure, but let your coworker… @sethbwilliams Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Are you using a gif-sharing integration? @maxhawkins Sorry for the delay! It's on our roadmap, but no news to share yet, apart from we've run into a few roa… @amandainreality Not yet! Thanks for letting us know you'd like us to add that as a potential workflow trigger. 📝 Noted. @jonathan_dejong Thanks for the idea! It's not quite what you're asking for, but if you go here, you can click "Dat… @mdelaneyus Does pressing the "Insert" key on your keyboard not turn it off entirely? @puro_chingason Ah thank you for that screenshot, and suggestion! We can see why some folks might want an easier wa… @dgonyoVA Hey there! Sorry for the trouble, having the ability to edit reminders would be a great feature add on, h… @rpgtiger93 Got it. Do you mind sending a link to this tweet thread into We'll reply with some… @magheru_san Hey there! Sorry for the trouble with @mention notifications. By default, when using @channel or @here➡️ Build lasting customer relationships with Slack Connect ➡️ Go beyond email: Collaborate with partners in Slack C…, teams who work with teams at other companies. Have you had a look at the #SlackFrontiers agenda yet? We think… @JiaqiP Your Workspace Owners will see the option to adjust it here: You can find out more… @rpgtiger93 Hi Robert! It may be a cache issue. Can you clear yours? @jennytheolin Users can also turn it off manually from that "take a second to say hello" message, but this is not s… @jennytheolin Apologies for the delay! This was recently implemented for teams with less than 50 members. It will a… @goodnesskayode Hi there 👋 We can see how voice recordings could be useful. Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! 📝 🙇‍♀️ @puro_chingason That could well be the case! Can you let us know your feedback around the current methods of settin… @dan_preiss Hey Dan 👋 Thanks for sharing your feature request with us! We've made a note of it. 📝 @JiaqiP Hmm, it sound like retention settings may have been enabled on your workspace by an Owner. Feel free to che… @ArrigoLupori Thanks for the feedback! Once you've signed up to a workspace, your account is created and you won't… @luketlancaster We appreciate your understanding, Luke! 💟 @luketlancaster Thanks for reaching out! That feature was changed for accessibility reasons, as screen readers didn… @tyler_spooner_ We're sorry to hear you've had trouble with calls, Tyler. We'd love to see what we can do to make t… @nourehseleem Hey Nour, sorry about the trouble. Can you try resetting your cache? In the Slack app, select Help fr… @marinamangiat Ooh, that would be useful! Thanks for sharing your idea with us, Marina. 💡🔉 @MistahT33 👋 Hi Aibaki! We're afraid it's not possible to send voice notes on Slack at the moment, but we appreciat… @rolfb That isn't possible at the moment, but it's for sure a neat idea, Rolf.💡 Thanks for sharing it with us! @BitardMichael Hi there, sorry about the trouble. Could you write to and we can take a closer look into this. @tmrbnsn_dev Classic! That doesn't sound ideal though. If this starts to happen again, can you try closing the app… @quiz_tos こんにちは! 一度、キャッシュのクリアを試してもらえますか? もし、改善されないようであれば、状況を詳しく伺いたいので、feedback@slack.comへご連絡ください🙇‍♀️ @radacle @radacle We got you! 💪🕺🙌 @OhNoItsFusl Thanks for letting us know! Would you mind dropping us a line at with a screenshot… @OhNoItsFusl Sorry for the trouble, friend. Does it work without the triple backticks/code block? We're tracking a… @chipwolfuk We're not quite up with all the hip new emoji, we're afraid. 😅 That spool of thread isn't yet part of t… @BeccaReports Ah, we return partial search results. The letters in 'hope' also appear in order in 'hot pepper', 'be… @cptaffe Oh, dear! 🙀 Can you banish them with Shift + Esc? This will mark all your channels and DMs as read, so please take care. @lilsooz2882 Please join our beta program! ✨
@shahum_ajmal No questions, just appreciation! 👻 @_Riveline Thanks for sending this idea our way! We'll be happy to share this with our team as a feature request 💫 💖 @MrBen_G Thanks for your suggestion, Ben — we'd be lying if we said it isn't interesting!💡 @____Sire Oh! We can see what you mean — thanks for the feedback! We're taking notes. 📒 @reloaded45 We can certainly look into this! 👀 Are you using the Slack app? If so, is it on desktop or mobile? Cou… @chananb That really sounds like a known issue we looking into. Thanks for your patience while we work on this, Chanan! 🙇 @watty62 Yikes! We'd like to take a closer look into this. If you drop a quick note to, we'll be… @JenChangNJ While that's not currently on our plans, it's definitely a good idea — and we've made note of it! 🗒️ @narupen We're sorry for the trouble and happy to help, Tomikazu! Are you getting removed from this channel or logg… @goeh We're sorry for the trouble, Göran! It sounds like this could be related to an issue investigating. Would you… @akku92 Hi Akash! Can you please email so we can take a closer look into this for you?
@pedahzur_ak We're sorry for the trouble here! That definitely seems odd. Could you write in to us at feedback@slac…