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@Ninafromthebook We're up and running, Nina! Sorry to hear you're running into some trouble — what seems to be going on? @allanebdrup That is great feedback for us, Allan! Thank you for sharing. In the meantime, you may utilize the CMD/… @iRameswar Good question, Rameswar! It sounds like you may have your notification preferences set to `immediately,… @benjibee Thank you for the candid feedback, Benji! We're working hard to make improvements in this area in the future. @Mallowigi Hmm, not that we know of, Mallowigi! 🤔 Glad to hear you're seeing the option again. If the issue reoccur… @jokaorgua Sorry about the trouble here. Could you write to and our team will be able to take a… @ImPriyanshuJain 👋 Hi Priyanshu! Good question — that would depend on your workspace's retention settings. To track… @justliz Hi Justin. Thanks for the extra clarity. Apologies, only the creator of the Post can create a public link.… @stack_tracy_ Hi Tracy! Our Slack for Nonprofit program is still up and running and more details can be found here.… @riddle We're sorry for the issues you're experiencing, Peter. We'd love to take a closer look into this for you. C… @Mallowigi We're sorry for the trouble! Could you please write a note to so we can look into this for you? 🕵️‍♂️ @eDOTiQ We're sorry for the trouble. We'd like to take a look at this for you. Please send some screenshots or scre… @AkashicSeer If you'd like us to look into this a little further for you, would you mind dropping us a line at 💌🕵️‍♂️ @noahsark769 Gosh! We're very sorry for the trouble. Do you experience the dropped message thing over wifi or mobil… @hatchjt Thank you for the suggestion! We'll noodle on it. 🦞❣️ @AlexLippa Hmm, we'd like to grab some diagnostic information to take a closer look at this. Are you experiencing t… @AkashicSeer Hmm, are you on a free or paid plan? @lucascqueiroz97 Phew! We're glad you're back in business! 🦋 If you have any further hassles, just let us know. @DarkeleEXE Thanks for checking in. We'll let the team know this is still top of mind for you. @AmandaMichelle You can disconnect your account with the steps here: If that doesn't help,… @hatchjt You can hop back through your viewing history with Cmd + [ on Mac or Alt + ← on Windows/Linux, if that would help. @haleykrag Interesting! Thank you for letting us know. Are things running smoothly for you now? @jokaorgua Hmm, we're not sure to which fix you are referring, sorry. Do you experience a visual quirk or a perform… @patel_ian Ah, was it called :parrot: by any chance? We just rolled out a fresh new set of default emoji, so any cu… @AlexLippa Apologies for the trouble, Alex. Please send a screenshot with an example of a picture to us at feedback…
@lucascqueiroz97 We're sorry for the troubles here with your stuck thread. Would you mind sending across your works… @TownSass Thanks for sharing your idea with us — we love it! ⭐ A custom profile field would come in handy for now.… @noobbaebae Hey there! We’re a messaging tool that helps your organize and streamline your work by bringing teams t… @Mallowigi Sorry for the troubles here! Could you double check your preferences under Sidebar and make sure 'Show p… @memyselfmissiza Good luck in your search! 🔍👀
@raganwald To some degree, parity between desktop and mobile apps just isn't possible given the different capabilit… @David_Kemmerer Noted! 🙂 @memyselfmissiza We've thought about and decided against adding automatic read receipts but if folks would like to… @memyselfmissiza Hmmmm read receipts have never been a core or supported feature of Slack. Not sure if folks are le… @rickological Hmmmmm it's possible you may be in a "degraded connection" mode. When this happens some functionality… @thesmart Some of what you're referring to above could be a known bug but if you continue to see problems reach out… @memyselfmissiza We've never supported automatic read receipts but folks could certainly manually communicate that… @waynepelletier On workspaces that use the free plan, we allow users to upgrade the workspace if workspace admins h… @cromas Interesting idea! That's not on our radar as of now but we'll think about it! @Mr_SkoT_A Hmmmm we might have to have a closer look. Could you send a screenshot of what you're seeing to feedback… @khatran Noted! 📝 @NaiveXplorer Your workspace admins can update those if there's changes that would make them more meaningful or use… @David_Kemmerer Nothing on the immediate horizon but we're thinking about it. @albertop_22 😅 What a relief! Glad to hear all is going well and congrats on the new role. 👏🎉 @Pathfixhq 🎉 @HenryNY2020 Thanks for your patience and understanding. We're glad that you're back up and running! @senguttuvang We're sorry to hear of the troubles. If you don't mind, please reach out to us at… @albertop_22 Are you having any issues that we can help with? Hope all is ok! @GaryLake Hi Gary. So sorry for the mix up earlier today with our replies. Can you tell us a bit more about what yo… @revbingo 🤗 @vaishali_anand_ Hi Vaishali. Thanks for your patience. You should be able to connect to your Slack team now. Sorry about that. @revbingo Hi Mark. Thanks for your patience. You should be able to connect to your Slack team now. Sorry about that. @GaryLake Sorry about that Gary. Things should be back to normal again. @revbingo Hi Mark. Our engineers are investigating what's happening. We're sorry for the trouble and hope to be back to normal very soon. @GaryLake Hi Gary. Our engineers are investigating what's happened. Sorry for the trouble you're seeing there at the moment. @vaishali_anand_ Hi Vaishali. Our engineers are investigating what's happened. Sorry for the trouble in the meantime. @rushi47_ Ah sorry that the update isn't to your liking. We're just catching up to what Emoji 13 should look like s… @mzauk Correct. It is confusing because the keyword still *highlights* in Slack when apps use it so that's not idea… @mickeyanolan 🙂 @mickeyanolan Take it up with Big Emoji: @cromas Hmmm what kind of open source code do you mean in relation to our WYSIWYG text editor? It's broadly not som… @ryanmerkley Thanks for the update Ryan. We're still investigating; if any of your other affected users would be wi… @buschtoens Hey Jan! Could you drop us a line at We'd like to take a closer look at what's happ… @ZoltanWebKit Interesting suggestion Zoltan! We'll add it to the list for consideration. ☀️ @mllemarguerite Hi Ruby! Are you still having issues with your Slack?
@mzauk Oh beans we replied to the wrong Tweet. Sorry for the confusion! @mzauk Perchance are the keywords being said by an app or bot user of some kind? Keywords are designed for use betw… @aunder Thanks, friend. 😭💖 @aweiss Neato! 👍 @ytechie Yep! It's a neat idea and may be more possible down the line. @jlallo Hi there! Please send an email to and we'll help you out.My contribution to this year's #HackAAS was making a bunch of custom emoji for the #AAS237 slack. You're welcome. A…
Retweeted by Slack @aweiss Unfortunately there isn't a way to bulk add reminders (or any other slash command). If you've exhausted any… @boberino93 Noted! @annaoussenko We've updated Slack to include the most recent Unicode set of emoji (13.0). Sorry to hear that you're not enjoying them. @the_shopboy Thanks for testing that! We're afraid you're hitting a bug with special characters in file names. Sorr… @g14tweets Yay! We're so happy to hear that. 😊 @senjaiRW Thanks for the suggestion, Richard! It's not something we're currently working on, but we're always open… @g14tweets The default shortcodes for for ✅ are :white_check_mark: and :white_tick: — so if you were using these in… @Danyoutohell Hmmm. The default shortcodes for ✔️ are :heavy_check_mark: and :heavy_tick:, while for ✅ are :white_c… @SkaidraP We hear you — thanks for the context! 🙌 @valeriegauvain We got your back, Valerie. 🙌😂🌿 @Fiquirock Aún no tenemos planes concretos en relación a esta función, pero es algo que estamos discutiendo detenid… @spilliams Just one of the many reasons why the Arts are important, Spencer! 🦋😉🎭 @FarazPatankar13 Oh, interesting! We'll have to have a think about this one, Faraz, thanks so much for the great idea. 🌸 @tanvilal17 Hi Tanvi — while there's not an inbuilt option for this, you may find something suitable for your requi… @nfirvine Hi Nick, thanks for the feedback here — it's a great point for us to consider as we work to improve the experience. 🙌 @SkaidraP Hi Skaidra, thanks for the kind words and the feedback! We'll certainly consider this for the future, tho… @MartijnSaly Thanks for the suggestions, Martijn — we'll have a think about them for how we can improve this experience in the future. @ryanmerkley Thanks, Ryan! So are emojis back to normal on mobile? It is possible that the cache hadn't updated com… @lbenitez000 If you can drop a line to we'll be happy to take a closer look here! @melanie_seibert Oh phew!  💖 @lukamlinar Thanks for sharing your feedback about scheduling messages, Luka! We appreciate you letting us know thi… @weauterK Hi Wouter! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about the native emoji set update. There's no way to c… @dmilith We're sorry for the trouble, Daniel. Is this happening on the desktop/mobile app or on a browser? Have you… @DarkCisum Hi, Lukas! 👋. We've updated Slack to include the most recent Unicode set of emoji (13.0). We're afraid t… @kevingheaa Hi Kevin, it's only possible to remove custom emoji from your workspace on the browser at present. @CristoferRybner The black tick is now a standard emoji in the Unicode 13 set that Slack now uses. Unfortunately, t… @ashishkaushik83 Oh dear! Do you mind writing into so we can take a closer look at this for you, please? @pauladamgordon Oh, can you let us know what device you're seeing this on, Paul?