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@wittlekittenley LMFAO @wittlekittenley ??? @PositiveRemy @spitgoat4pf Getting ready forvwork @spitgoat4pf 4000 @PositiveRemy @spitgoat4pf Yes u can prob @Huntrelol God damn LMFAOOO @Huntrelol What time u wake up @C9AIex @Leo__ffs @Leo__ffs @spitgoat4pf Hit champs on day 4 and i quit no clan so my troops are weak asf @spitgoat4pf Happy birthdayGm @DarienBMG U mean val @TommyThroatEm @resolute Hes lying he lives in buttfuck o state @resolute Imma nuke u @Ovxries GilborIf u live in gilbert az you will be nuked @chenesefood U @PaintClown_ Yea its a season by season thing tbh this ones looking awful since its a hold down shoots on release sā€¦ @PaintClown_ Games not bad its fun if ur good at it or a lil ass kid @MarkWaller238 Ive had like 600 once i used to just horde me cash in a box @tsunomake @Gavpai Canny tonight tomorrow for sure @tsunomake @Gavpai Valoran @tsunomake @Gavpai Talking vak @tsunomake @Gavpai Join nm and i sometime perhaps tomorrow @tsunomake @Gavpai Lit we need to play im playing so good now
@FavsPriv Getting u suspended for that @HarryButAverage @oFabz @Mako @HarryButAverage @oFabz @Mako I pray for the day you open a psa10 holo charziarf and u tear a corner of it @HarryButAverage @oFabz @Mako Wb me @Avalanche100T Im joining too @moodkip2 Low imm so easy dude i was deadass farming yesterday @moodkip2 U radiant yet @chenesefood Link ursSurprised polo g isnt 5 over tecca @liImorg Girls who bfske tan they basically black face @liImorg My irls are famous actresses and football playersGot my alt to immortw 3 im poguing off
@AboutStrafe @KaleiRenay ? @dariogoat YOOO i see that shit @kaeonbu @22lexi_ @may_wedda @22lexi_ Maywedda @kaeonbu Account babned for 3 hours got alt account to immortal @Notnouraa @ECCO2X @cia @kaeonbu Kaeon u @Notnouraa @ECCO2X So ur a pedophile @Notnouraa @ECCO2X Oogabooga literally graduating 5th grade this year wdym he gonna bomb xod @nick57green Gets ripping#sexy on team again @nick57green Solo q to immortal @mrs_poggers I love you baby @resolute @konokobunp @liImorg u @prakdip @22lexi_ Myself-nav @prakdip @22lexi_ Name him nav2 @Mako Val timeIf yall ever see ripping#sexy leave asap hes dogpoop @BakeHatesItHere Supmas
@allie02322335 If u sent me $500000 i could pau off all my debts and buy a house @evolutiol @Notnouraa Owned her fr @may_wedda @Viperous No mames @fucksherwin @liImorg @Notnouraa @xya800 Nah who asked
Retweeted by serna @Notnouraa @xya800 Nah who asked @Notnouraa @xya800 No who are you @Notnouraa @xya800 Who @Notnouraa @xya800 @HarryButAverage Osu adderal @SamManlol @fucksherwin @lyssiu LMFA @jaocx Yea @fucksherwin @lyssiu He boosted my account to immortal 3 like in a week hes actually nuts @graham527 What does that meanIf ur silver in val ur better than 50% of the player base @Gavpai Fell asleep around 10:30ishGood morninf i just saw your setup pic again LMFAOOO @notchaselyons Its actually insane how many forms of u weve seen @notchaselyons U look like a usec @TommyThroatEm LMFAOOOIn a 10 minute bronze q wtf @Iexieyuh Yea @Iexieyuh He plays cod with the boys he aint worth it i promise @Boy1drr @DarienBMG Was he cheating @DarienBMG Sage @DarienBMG I har a radiant safe use stinger only hes fucking nuts @SHEEBTS Get me radiant
@Notnouraa my private has more followers than u fym famous
Retweeted by serna @LazasBautista @Boltsiola Its always the same tho greatest short term manager fool always falls off @Gavpai 200hz @dagostlno Homie got phd flopper @mrs_poggers His headeri thought this was a beginners class
Retweeted by serna @parallelzoee Shoulda been radiant @koordell @YouTube ? @parallelzoee @snirot @Kazify I dropepd from imm3 to imm1 my act rank imm3 tho so idc about this act anymore @parallelzoee @snirot @Kazify U lost radiant didnt u zoe @snirot @parallelzoee @Kazify @snirot @parallelzoee @Kazify Hey snirot remember when we threw that game on ascent šŸ˜ @ECCO2X How yo avi spin simulatorBrqin is friedSomeone link me the mf said we tweet @basedgodroman @LazasBautista @Schovee LMFAO