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@aaooki LMAOO @torweee nmgreen would never @meow1658 @meow1658 WHERE @meow1658 go where @meow1658 hi gm stream @mynameqEFFLMFAO m + ratio + daddy @kiryio gm mugi @itsnottgabbyyy omg gabby notigm @thebairwitch is he good @thebairwitch r u solo w @thebairwitch just win 2 @aaooki more like sernas the goat @thebairwitch wasip @pirvprivpriv sup said @bIuezenith gm frankerswho up playin wit dey worm @Schovee u first daddy @Schovee its sitting in my room rnfuck serna
Retweeted by sernaAint this you?
Retweeted by sernai have still yet to put this in my pc @bIuezenith @nojobgaming the character in valreq @nojobgaming have a question @Yuhuuur need that @cooIjr trueimagine @kaylinnss added!! @nmgreeen wasup @aaooki theyre so nice
@jaocx so on icebox the kj was tucked under rafters on a and i tell kenny to throw a satchel and peek with it he bl… @drizter1 it was exactly over that LMAO @meow1658 @haIeybtw @KnownAsLit @haIeybtw @/knownaslit @drizter1 bc he did a bad play in our val comp game and i called him out on it LMAoand blocked me on his MAINKENNY SOFTBLOCKED ME LMFAO @tuyufan ok join kittenz @tuyufan game time @tuyufan vc @meow1658 ye @meow1658 these hats are so funny @dopaminefiend24 gm @tuyufan m gm stream @stereoberrys hi sterbor @_thomaszx get money @_thomaszx gmhi @thebairwitch games were pogugaming @kaylinnss me @matttVAL
@nmgreeen @PlayVALORANT @Schovee slamongflobo @OnTheFlyTwitch YOOO @FavsPriv mo @FavsPriv mon blocked @FavsPriv brain melted girled mental fuckedim huurt @qashsav quash @qashsav me im druinkknbbim so fucked up mentally like bilt@shut@ @cooIjr @Yuhuuur @Exocism_ @Exocism_ @nmgreeen @srnabrgr im down @resolute lets not ignore kenny lurking in tiles while the whole team is pushing b in a 10 man @dopaminefiend24 goat pic @resolute
@ahad the avg rank in there is silver and we have 3 immortalsracism vs retards @dopaminefiend24 @chocomint70 my brothers a bladee stan hes 11 @dopaminefiend24 @chocomint70 LMDAO NOOOO gaming @KityZorb halpu birthday @yeahyeaahyea gm kneel @pirvprivpriv mayhaps going out idk when @Boy1drr gm @Boy1drr tm @FavsPriv hi daniel @parachute1998 gm @dopaminefiend24 m @pirvprivpriv hi @dagostlno gm gino @KnownAsLit lets qgm @aireusfriend oreologist @KityZorb @bopndop not a loggers fub @tuyufan read ur tweet bro @tuyufan with @curty @here @jcdoyIe @owen @ross @poggabinladen @Mako @curty @here @jcdoyIe @owen @ross @poggabinladen