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Danny @SlamSHADYSSB Des Moines, IA

SlamSHADY ⫸ 24 ⫸ Medical student ⫸ Veteran Ness ⫸ Former king of Michigan State Smash ⫸ Workout enthusiast ⫸ MSU '18 ⫸ Spartan🏀Nut ⫸ @Auragesports ⫸ He/him

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I used to study vods and MUs a ton in S4, which corresponded to my best growth and jump to PR level. Breaking down… offline becomes a foreseeable option for safe tourneys in the future, I think my focus would be on mastering Nes… @spectionhere The chad ham vs the virgin turkey! @ISG_Dux Staying away from returning to family in Michigan for this reason, sadly.Who gave the thumbs up for Samus' design in Ultimate? Just want to have a...conversation.Bro, when this guy keeps developing! @FailWhale94 Not surprised, but that's still a yikes from me...
5 quick MSU takes at halftime. 1. Langford definitely started shaky, finished comfortably 2. Bingham looks really… @KoolOriBro Ooh, I'm excited to finish it off too. Hope it finishes as strong as it started.5/7 from beyond the arc, YESSIR! a solid wifi session for the first time in Ultimate. Don't expect this to become commonplace, but it was good f… to say I finally benched my own body weight! 💪 @SpartanHoops_DK I completely agree that Watts should start today and all games this season. But if you had to bet,… hours until college basketball.
Retweeted by DannyIt's almost time!!! Christmas Eve. It's College Basketball Eve after we were deprived of March Madness! YESSIR!😍
@Daybreak502 Good choice! Interested to see what route you pick, but I'm pretty sure my guess will be right. Game i… @Daybreak502 You can snipe it for $27, which is incredible for its content. Best entry FE game by far. Difficulty i… @PC3X3 @K_Jez1 I ain't doing any more wifi than I have to bro LOL. @K_Jez1 He definitely is in a weird spot tier wise. He seems to not have very many terrible MUs and be a surprising… @K_Jez1 Falco is easily my 2nd best character at this point. His neutral is better than expected. Combos flow surpr… #FreeMeleeMy love for smash started with melee, I watched the documentary and been playing ever since please @NintendoAmerica
Retweeted by DannyI'm only about 30 episodes in, but I can confidently say that Legends of the Galactic Heroes (1988) is solidly goin… @keithofsaturn Definitely something I've been trying to come to terms with in the last year. Doing things I can be…
Got too greedy last night, and found an unwelcome surprise this morning. 😵
Feel like shit just want her back
Retweeted by Danny @K_Jez1 I'm super stoked with how good my roster is! I had high expectations for everyone, yet, everyone is WAY bet… Powerful video on Melee's impact on bringing people together. Even as a non-competitor, th… won nakat's zero to hero invitational 🎉🎉🎉 his last online tourney OF ALL TIME 😔😔 1st/46 dropping ZERO games 🤩🤩🤩
Retweeted by DannyPaul Chryst talking to Jim Harbaugh after the game #WISCvsMICH
Retweeted by DannyRutgers HYPE! @Parrish9224 Sorry man. Please be safe and take the time to recover. Sorry about your job though. @YungNickle Stop it bud. :/god we rock
Retweeted by DannyDingleschmongled cleaning is such a vibe. 💯
@spectionhere Everyone rocks!* *Qualifier statement does NOT include me. @thomelette Yeah? I took 1. 🆓Team Slam is 1st in the rankings, hail to the KING, baby!* *Note - I'm LVP of the team2-0 today in crew battles, took down undefeated Egg Boy and beat Kople, drank 8 Nattys, and still hate wifi! 😎🍺 Money match me offline. 😴If anyone gifts a sub I'll take a shot or chug a beer. Be the hero the world deserves. Or if you want to sidebet? @SaladSSB Jab. Ftilt lowkey super irritating to deal with.I'm having a thomelette with a side of crisis toast. Y'all really somehow 4-0? Let me pop another Natty. 😂 @KoolOriBro @Kregg_ Not today, but they are a vibe, along with ride n' drowns.In the feels, so I ended up playing Roller Coaster Tycoon until 4 AM. Self care.What's with Troy Weaver's obsession with below average big men from Duke?
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@Sony headphones have so many mechanical issues. My last pair of WH-1000XM2 ended up being unable to charge. Then m… fans always outdo Nike. this bad boy back to Iowa. 😈 Having a dedicated pop + booze fridge will be handy. And I think it lends its… @vintagedream14 @thomelette BIG VOUCH! Top 2 sports anime for me, and one that makes you appreciate and love the di… @Ogre_Rated I was wondering what 2 would look like with a black background and I like it even more. @Ogre_Rated 2! 😍 @SunaInheritance I don't know, but we better ban Vodka Drunkenski too from tourneys. Seems even more toxic.I think it's time to ban for me taunting in neutral mid-game. Booger bombing is a true war crime. After getting rea…'s planned Smash event getting wiped by Nintendo is super sad, but makes a lot of sense. :/AKA, I can finally return to the gym tomorrow. 🔥 super careful while waiting, but found out I tested negative for COVID! @pinoyknight5 @aGTomBom Not anymore...
Should I highly prioritize keeping Aaron Rodgers over Ben Roethlisberger while I try to seize a TE?#FreeMelee @Goofzillers Let's gooo!Steal of the draft @cassiuswinston prove em wrong Spartan Dawg.... AGAIN! They love for us to show them TWICE!
Retweeted by Danny @keithofsaturn Good luck! You got this. @Tohjo_ He's getting traded to the Wizards it seems. Finally he got a chance though.Sources: OKC is selecting Cassius Winston at No. 53 and trading him to Washington.
Retweeted by Danny @Kregg_ I can't see Xavier not being an integral part of an organization. He's too smart and nails so many small th… @MruSuk This was my radio station of choice for ages. Super sad to see it go. :(I'm now a proud Grizzlies bandwagoner. will cry! Trying not to get my hopes up, but you never know. Would love a true hometown hero. Tillman should have come back for his senior year, even with all the uncertainty brought about by COVID.Tillman, Winston, and Oturu all should have been first round picks, even if they were chosen in the high 20s.Big 10 players low key getting shafted this NBA Draft so far. @chrissolari What is Bingham's ceiling as a player this year, and what 2 things are key for him to bring that poten… @ValorDove I like healthy him...which was rarer than I liked. @ValorDove I was a big Luke Kennard fan, so I'm a bit bummed and surprised at the moment.WEAVER EXCUSE ME, WHAT YOU PLOTTING?!? @keithofsaturn I think their peak is higher. Good hard tacos have that texture balance with their ingredients. Prob… @camel_sshabib Aged well!Really interested to see what the Pistons are pulling this draft under Weaver. Aziza is an interesting vet who prov…
@Tullygirl1 @MSU_Basketball ^ Same.Talk shit, get hit. 🤑 @HjartaStudios Galaxy and 2 (which is better IMO than 1 in everything minus hub world and story) are still great ga… @HjartaStudios Sunshine's movement is just so much cleaner. Really makes Galaxy harder to enjoy once you get a glim… for tipoff in 1 week! Duke and Virginia on the road are going to be tough, but a chance to really see how w…'m never getting greedy again! ⓘ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 @NebulaVerse Could be super motivational!Sounds like I should buy Ring Fit Adventure. My streams end up looking like it anyway. Might be the best way to mot… dub for my alma mater. 😴
Wifi is going under maintenance so no stream after all today. :( @HDK409 Good shit! @JacobHamilton41 Your ass is grass this week, mister! 😂 You must pay for starting my 7 game losing streak! @WooperGoesWoop Definitely helps numb the pain. @SmashBv I agree.Fantasy football is so addicting if you have time for it. Usually, I only get to enjoy/suffer with the Lions. But m… @SmashBv Yeah, RBs seem really hard to find true consistency with. Definitely had the kinda luck where supposed 1 w… @SmashBv At first, I easily had the best combination of WRs in the league, based on the combo of Jones + Ridley. Th… delaying this to 4 PM Central/5 PM Eastern, as we got delays. But we will have a special guest today! 👀, Twitter bros, and my hate for the Packers are all propelling me to toss Rodgers in the wind. Glad to have h… @Pikmanz1 Ok Pat, I trust your judgement.