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Everybody went to club LIV & asking me where I’m at, I’m at home playing Warzone 😁
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @ochocinco a true gamer
Made a gif of Mario Kart sprites popping in and out and then streamed my own stream preview to make this.
Retweeted by Rod Breslauremoved the word amusing at it was to convey the lengths people will go to troll and be assholes, not to make light… Twitch added the trans tag to begin pride month, someone has created several bot accounts with names like 'Lo… @Yeezyfanadill of course it's not good but something about a bot account named furry pride sinful spamming leviticus is ridiculous
Chat, come kick off ten years of Twitch with a whole new world of emotes. We've got some special features coming…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauNew: Riot Games is NOT allowing TSM to change its name for both the LCS and VALORANT, the company told Upcomer in a…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau.@TSM will NOT be allowed to use "FTX" in its name or on its jerseys for the #LCS, @ValorantEsports, or any Riot-sa…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauAlways knew @TSM was going to the moon 🚀🚀🚀
Retweeted by Rod Breslau
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @0xKorzen TSM, the most valuable esports org in the U.S., is signing a $210 million naming rights deal with the Ho…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @benjyfishy and this @benjyfishy good video on this back to the LAN era. #OWL2021 📺
Retweeted by Rod Breslaushe met another dog with one eye i’m crying 😭
Retweeted by Rod BreslauSCUFFED
Retweeted by Rod Breslauesports has made it, we're a category on Jeopardy! unfortunately it was bait and just includes sports that begin wi… we're making adjustments to non-Prime accounts. We're also introducing Unranked matchmaking. Information abou…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau
@RealGoodlooka @BeezyXVI 💯Trae Young really got New York City in SHAMBLES LMFAOOO, i’m in tears at this video dawg
Retweeted by Rod BreslauThe ESA has published an E3 2021 schedule June 12 - Ubisoft - Gearbox June 13 - Microsoft (+ Bethesda) - Square E…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @SideshowGaming breeze is a big map I expect it to be used there
Retweeted by Rod Breslauthe NBA and the Knicks are the #1 stream on Twitch so you all have experience the pain with us
.@Cloud9 has completed the transfer of @TenZOfficial to @Sentinels in a transaction that sources are telling TEO's…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauWe're celebrating #Quake's 25th birthday in June with 25 days of Quake! Play Quake Champions and complete any 3 bir…
Retweeted by Rod Breslaui wish every ranked game had the comms of an experienced broadcast truck should have to be 18 to use Twitter. The amount of kids on this shit that do nothing but fight on behalf of the…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau
@MrAdamAp im completely on board with costreams being a huge positive for esports and i think we'll definitely see… @blaustoise @Trainwreckstv can't waitHappy Memorial Day!
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @kenklippenstein best poster in the game @kenklippenstein no way lmao @vhporto cursedhad to delete my previous “Minecraft is cringe” tweet, an eleven year old just dmed me a picture of my house on google maps
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @BRGaming @Gaules note it'll only be in Portuguese“Sports: the next esport” is going on a hoodie.
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @NotMattShaw hmu with the royalties @blaustoise oh shit congrats! time to get your input in @Trainwreckstv @DuckzSzn this one hurtKnicks in 7, now on Twitch @erinasimon this is definitely a test run in Brazil to see how it goes, but I imagine getting the US rights is a wa… announced: the NBA playoffs will be coming to Twitch through popular Brazilian streamer gaules. hopefully this… @Halo ty for your service master chiefThis #MemorialDay, we remember those that have given their today for our tomorrow.
Retweeted by Rod BreslauI just opened Twitter and the kids at band camp have declared war on the kids that resell sneakers. What the fuck happened?
Retweeted by Rod BreslauSeason 3 has started! Including a Hook ability in FFA Hook Instagib and as a Custom Game option, a new CTF map, and…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauSuper Mario Bros: The Human Limit
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @KEEMSTAR @hasanthehun keemstar you have tweeted the same manufactured lie 30 times, begging for retweets, and I ca…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @KEEMSTAR @hasanthehun keemstar you have tweeted the same manufactured lie 30 times, begging for retweets, and I ca… @KEEMSTAR you are legally not allowed to be near schools.
Retweeted by Rod BreslauFart Coin CEO @RLewisReports gives us the rundown on the new and HOTTEST trade on the market 💸 #cssummit
Retweeted by Rod BreslauPOGGERS
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @Asmongold sure I get that, he gets a lot of shit for bad reasons. but beyond the cheating itself, his actions led… @Slasher @sapnap i do ask slasher before most shows to be civil and not start any drama so i can keep a chill laid back show
Retweeted by Rod Breslauoh that's funny because here's a clip of me talking smack directly to dream on that show about his cheating while b… @sapnap here's the Scuffed episode where we talk about how dream cheated. ive been tweeting he cheated since it sta… @sapnap train asks me not to start shit on his show. i asked (begged? lmao) you specifically, i made a joke 10 minu… 🤝 Team Liquid NA#1 @IWDominateLoL @AzaelOfficial @Saituchiha @AntVenom delusional and you absolutely should republish the video @WilliamShatner @EsfandTV lmaoNo puedo aportar más a la conversación que Rod. La verdad, es que esta tarde yo mismo le he dado un "pass" pero de…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @xms51 im a gamerdream cheated, a summary @Apply my condolencesdream doesn't even admit it! unintentional? can't even truly come clean in the come clean twitlonger play. the wors…
so dream finally admits to cheating in speedrunning after 6 months of denials, dozens of pages of lies in defense,… @NICKMERCS i got baited nick ill teach u to use a mouse to play a real fps @NICKMERCS fortnite has some really deep building mechanics but bruh lolDid it for NA
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @Kryw99 in hindsight nerfing all dps enabled tanks/shields/bubbles but we also called for nerfs to those things for… @MikesHD_ now that vct is over, my valorant wishlist: nerf judge, nerf frenzy, nerf run and gun (spectre), nerf astra,… @icarusthegod never been happier to be wrong @rycoux could you do it like right now @LodaBerg Korea doing well is also huge for the game. LATAM/JPN/SEA played reasonably well too and im sure brazil w… @mph2210 @BlzitSenpai_420 @KING_BABYBAY @zombs @PlayOverwatch @PlayApex @PlayVALORANT the GOAT. i taught him wellFnatic and Liquid put on a class performance all tournament and the NA vs EU finals lived up to the hype. NA vs EU… buyout just increased so much C9 can afford a CS team againShahzam/Tenz comvp @Weenis420 comvpdidn't drop a map the entire LAN. tough bracket only good teams. haven't dropped a series since April. TenZ MVP. Se…⃣-0⃣🧹 more time for the culture EU WHY SO QUIET? FLASH OMGValorant hits 1M concurrent on Twitch alone (1.1M total) @EsportsDoug across all esports? yes many times @Bello215_ @JakeSucky god isnt real @GoldenboyFTW @jordanfisher @arielhelwani nah fk that we're all about nets taking Ls @RCgotU @JakeSucky idk man eat a dick and foh then @JakeSucky hail satan @ZeratoR @hypoc it's okay they can do the early flight home celebrationu mad? lore for why there's mirror matchups i respect it