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I've always valued my relationship with the Creator community over the past 10 years at Twitch. That relationship h…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @FionnOnFire doesn't sound like a very good start for an all time top esports plays video! @FionnOnFire if there's no quake or painkiller representation in this best esports plays video you're gonna have a problemcongrats to upcomer on their launch today, there's good people working there. had to educate the masses on where pc… Boomers, We are not the European Super League. Best, Your ESL team
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @ByYourLogic only cowards have alts @GoldenboyFTW @WillChobra there's a better chance of doge hitting 1M than Valorant does but I respect the optimism! @fl0mtv @Vanityxz @JoshNissan only one to pick t1 > faze I am a tactical genius @jacquicollins_ me and my SO bonded over nero, justice, bassnectar during this time (2011ish) which was like the go… @GoldenboyFTW @WillChobra all those things are true! but the boston major had a lot of things going for it too and… @jacquicollins_ their best album, soo good @GoldenboyFTW @WillChobra lol 0% chance of boston numbers but it'll be a great timeAlways nice to be surrounded by smarter people when doing the #VCT co streams. Appreciate @Vanityxz and @JoshNissan
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @fl0mtv @Vanityxz @JoshNissan youre welcome, also toxic @Zellsis see unlike ranked this is pro gameplay @Vanityxz
vct watch party t1 faze and tsm geng with @fl0mtv @JoshNissan and @Vanityxz come thru @fl0mtv @Vanityxz @TheUltraLex it's true @freehitboy 5 giftedcome watch valorant with the pros like myself
Today we are making changes to our RMR Eligibility Guidelines regarding VAC bans:
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@AshleyKang as someone who has been in it for 20 years, it's something i've thought about a lot lately. but for me… @freehitboy @fl0mtv no you're notAs much as I grief @Slasher he also woke up today and watched for 8 1/2 hours with me and he didn’t even have a str…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau🛡️ We have been monitoring the rise of fake engagement on Twitch and have identified 7.5MM+ accounts that break our…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauOn stage together again. #CDL2021
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @fl0mtv my life for NA @fl0mtv i am here dont you do me dirty
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @seangares i do not think there are enough players to facilitate separate queues without even longer queue times fo… news. tech issues delayed long enough so @Slasher wasnt late. He is joining me to cheer on NA CS and not cry...
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @FATAL1TY @JakeSucky of course john I watched you for much longer :p. I picked one from each game and q2 was my hom… @Hiko thank you for agreeing with me my fellow oldwhen I played quake as a kid I was so sure my aim instantly turned godlike when using this powerup that would make… @ANPerfetto @Vansilli @JakeSucky lmao sending flander this tweet it will make his day
@JakeSucky thresh, boxer, ksharp
@GingerGMentor found danm's alt @MinnesotaLG @MACHINEgg 🙏and one of the best clutches in esports of all time of the best counterstrike finals of all time, what a game @GoldenboyFTW @G4TV @Jerry_XL congrats!! time to carry
costreaming vct again today for games that ultimately don't matter but we'll hype 100T vs NV up as the battle for b… u ask DMX to name every woman jery dated on the show
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its 2021 and Diablo II is the #1 game on Twitch, just as the world should be @Average_Jonas @valesports_eu 🙏this is just hands down the funniest image ive seen in a while. intel is making automated bleep software and im how…
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i dont know if i'm "stepping out of line" for translating something about what another team's player is experiencin…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauE3 2021 will be digital this year, and will be backed by Nintendo, Xbox, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take-Two, WB and Koch Med…
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@Slasher Its a little early. Teams put a ton of effort into trying to push the meta into certain directions and I t…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @Slasher @daps I see it as a cool idea, makes a different way of playing, and trying to "counter" eachother, right…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @rubinoeu @daps disregarding the short time between current qualifiers, what do you think about agent bans in general @kylezino @daps overwatch had hero pool nonsense instead of a real ban phase, which was awfulI've been hesitant to recommended bans this early and there might not be enough agents in Valorant to do it yet but… @VALORANTINGshow @daps 👍 @Marxkzy @Kev8e @daps sounds greatduring our vct watch party nrg @daps told us he wants agent bans in professional valorant right now, saying it woul… watching #VCT. Thank you @nerdstgamers appreciate you. @Slasher somehow just keeps showing up while im watc…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @IWDominateLoL a classic @pwesleyn12 @RenanSouzones its only new meta for yall ;O)
vct watch party and state of valorant talk with @fl0mtv @daps and more! #VCT watch party with @Slasher. currently trying to convince @hazedCS to make another beautiful appearance. m…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @sjokz she will always be very proud of her granddaughterwe return in 30 min on the @fl0mtv @hazedCS stream and maybe an appearance by @ddkesports @n0thing @SPUNJ @fl0mtv @PlayVALORANT @nerdstgamers @ESLCS this is especially so considering the dire situation of na cs. ma… @SPUNJ @fl0mtv @PlayVALORANT @nerdstgamers @ESLCS flom said his thoughts already, but several partnered streamers s…, a fake gamer: I love watching League of Legends esports Me, a real gamer: I love watching Tom and Jerry espor…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @Upmind_ @nicolinonez1 you contributed to the TRUTH @nicolinonez1 @Upmind_ you dont know the half of it actually @Upmind_ @nicolinonez1 be proudsome of the best trash talk in esports is a single character statement. congrats to dota Major champions iG @Critical_Val thanks bbpeople seemed to really enjoy the vct costream with flom we return tomorrow bem-vindos ao estilo de vida de apenas uma dualista, brasil. vcs estão atrasado! @TheDaringPastry @CheckpointXP @fl0mtv thanks yo, more tomorrow @xxlordscummxx quake, cs, starcraft, overwatch @TSM_ZexRow @hazedCS looks like u got 7 @TSM_ZexRow for fncs? @hazedCS @fl0mtv @nerdstgamers @mummAy time to suit upSentinels, TSM, Liquid, Fnatic, NRG all failing to qualify for the main event yet is what makes valorant esports so… vct with my boys @hazedCS and @fl0mtv sentinels nrg and now tsm all melting down in the ro16 @mkrmxz link me up @Slasher
Retweeted by Rod Breslaucs? overwatch? no, fortnite player dominance in valorant today
@zombs this tweet is stolen valor @flexinja @zombs this tweet is stolen valortactical loss by sentinels to decrease tenz buyout someone call esicLive in a few. Peeping some of the @nerdstgamers games with @Slasher and if we say enough nice things @hazedCS will be joining us.
Retweeted by Rod BreslauThink everyone should give this a watch again
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Its official. I have been given co streaming rights for @PlayVALORANT @nerdstgamers before @ESLCS. Prepping to…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @fl0mtv 🙏 @jacquicollins_ @riotgames @RiotCareers @colinyoungwolff @PlayVALORANT @TFT @PlayRuneterra @LeagueOfLegends congrats!If your fixing CS matches, then you have a small wiener and would have never made it back in early cs days. Kinda d…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauIf you missed it yesterday, I went down the rabbit hole with @Slasher again, talking about C9 dropping out of CS, m…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @THEKIDMERO time to stream that shit on twitch!Tits on Twitch
Retweeted by Rod BreslauLeaked audio implicates former Rebirth and Russian Canadians players in match-fixing
Retweeted by Rod Breslauscuffed @jules_su @msdanifernandez bro wtf it was nice knowing youi did not read one twitlonger today. you're welcome
they're coming for all of you talked for 3 1/2 hours with @Slasher about what feels like everything esports in cs and valorant. Vods are alw…
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