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while a youtuber or Twitch streamer union is still not really a realistic feasible option, if there was ever a time… needed to be explained to the fake stadia employee loser, most game developers/publishers realized very early on… is absolutely insane that record labels have put Twitch in a position to force streamers to delete their entire… @RichWCampbell @anniefuchsia @Asmongold sorry listening to poke's instead @RichWCampbell @anniefuchsia @Asmongold always🥺 @PcatStreams @Scuffed_Podcast \m/ @Asmongold 😔The @Trainwreckstv #SCUFFEDPOD Episode 113 powered by @CashApp is LIVE now with: @itssky | @GazeWithin 's friend…
Retweeted by Rod Breslauthe most important post-debate poll of them all: xQc Twitch chat. this race is over FOX NEWS? MSNBC? no. watch the debate with the real political experts: NA Twitch chat moment #37
congrats to Google Stadia on its most talked about day ever @CoreTentacle @DonHaci that's AOC don will confirmNA CS IS SAVED
@GenePark @KyleOrl @hasanthehun almost like esports built the whole platform :pMy take on @AOC's stream last night is more about why the act of watching people play video games is fun. Film cr…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauWatching @DrLupo go absolutely ham on an ignorant moron complaining about AOC and Ilhan is my newest kink
Retweeted by Rod BreslauNARF! Hope we didn't miss too much while we were gone! All-new episodes of #Animaniacs premiere November 20, only o…
Retweeted by Rod Breslaui made an aoc among us fancam for the tl ✨✨
Retweeted by Rod BreslauDems in gaming: 2016 vs 2020
Retweeted by Rod Breslauwhat an incredible night. more than half a million people tuned into watch a record breaking #gotv effort we put to…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauIf AOC and Ilhan Omar stream Among Us with Pokimane it’s only fair for Trump and Pence to play CSGO with Leafy
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @ch4pp @RAC @deadmau5 @AudiusProject i believe in joel to do a great job with this @IlhanMN Minecraft server or League of Legends duoq @Arthium @AOC authorities have been alertedYes
Retweeted by Rod BreslauIt was such a blast. Super grateful to @AOC @hasanthehun and all the amazing gamers for a fun night. Poggers (am…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @rickyberwick @verified i just checked, no =/ @rickyberwick did @verified follow?with an Among Us stream now completed, it's time for the real @AOC gamer experience on Twitch: League of Legends so… true gamer“I just found AOC’s body in reactuh”
Retweeted by Rod BreslauYes, imagine spending that much time in front of a screen
Retweeted by Rod BreslauAOC Twitch streamer wikipedia confirmed had no idea how Among Us worked before this Twitch stream, but this is great, and I’ve got my son speed-teaching me.
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @hshaban @kellymakena yep! also whoops meant 439k peak for AOC, 438,500 to be exact @hshaban @kellymakena ive been tracking twitch peak concurrent viewers since twitch/jtv launched (i cant confirm bu… @kellymakena @hshaban it is 349k, 348,500 to be exact @jeremyslevin true! but difficult to get the total concurrent for all streams combined due multiple platforms of ot… proves the real impostors are those afraid to engage in Gaming.
Retweeted by Rod BreslauJeb Bush Picks Horrible Night to Start Twitch Channel
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @ByYourLogic @isaiah_kb @IlhanMN a proAOC’s massive twitch livestream audience is another good example of how she has an almost singular political follow…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @soledadobrien @jbouie third highest peak all time on Twitch "I can't kill Poki, Poki's so nice" Seconds later:
Retweeted by Rod BreslauWhen you’re winning:
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @GravelInstitute fact check: true @AOC can use push to talk on her first ever stream, so can you.
Retweeted by Rod Breslaucorrection: AOC's debut stream has now peaked at 439,000 viewers, making it the third highest individual stream by… already at double the peak viewership of Overwatch Leaguegame 1
Retweeted by Rod Breslau now the #1 stream on Twitch with over 325,000 viewers and over half a million people watching all streams in th… I love most about the aggressive tactics of record labels online is how so many major label artists WANT their…
@ZaidJilani well that's not how it works so good luck @GenePark got us to tweet about it! @GenePark nah scriptedBorat is the #1 gamer and wrestler in Kazakhstan gamers my god
Retweeted by Rod Breslauwhats weird is we actually want people to play our music on twitch. it gets muted on our own streams sometimes lol
Retweeted by Rod BreslauIlhan Omar joins the battle @IlhanMN me, @pokimanelol, @hasanthehun, & more on Twitch TONIGHT as we help folks make a voting plan at…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauTwitch streamers now get to experience the archaic insanity of music industry record label bs that YouTubers have h… Twitch DMCA bloodbath has begun, as hundreds of partnered streamers have received emails from Twitch as DMCA ta… week, Blizzard announced that it was ending development on StarCraft 2. It's been clear for a while that RTS g…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauMinecraft Esports in China (I swear I didn't add the music, it's part of the original video published by NetEase lo…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @hasanthehun finally hasan realizes whats truly important @Slasher Among Us Esports would be a great way to legitimize Esports to the outside world since every LAN event wou…
Retweeted by Rod Breslauwatching todays tournament i gotta say competitive Among Us is actually pretty entertaining. bring on the big money Among Us esportsthe international gaming communities such as the ones in France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, and others do so much char…
French streamers and the French gaming community raised over $6.7 Million for Amnesty International this weekend th…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @mathewi @hunterwalk sometimes you get gamer Elon, sometimes you get gamer AOCwelcome Twitch's fastest ever path to partner @AOC descriptions are on the case today @austin_rief @JakeSherman @APompliano @mkobach need more gamers thengamers united over Twitch's newest superstar streamer, @AOC @AOC AOC i will help you unite the gamers for this cause lmk @AOC this is @hasanthehun's timeAnyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote? (I’ve never played but it looks like a lot of fun)
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @hunterwalk gamers are by far the best community creators
T1 T1 WILL SAVE NA chat be nice to Arnold 😡 at the comments on our @twitch stream yesterday, there were a lot of positive questions and comments, but t…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauEven Donald Trump Cheater Recalls
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @bmkibler the important thing is that i was one of those owl viewersthe first reverse sweep in Worlds history peaked at over 2.4 million concurrent viewers (not including China). Leag… @RoyaLemonade not as a whole no but when you're up 2-0 it isFnatic truly uniting NA and EU esports: choking, disappointment, depression
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @Mixwell @DonHaci you dont play enough quake smh
Imo this is ascribing too much to the game, but there's no doubt that Starcraft 2 had an outsized impact on esports…
Retweeted by Rod Breslau @InternetHippo come to the light hippo @evoli if we can get all gamers to see dianne feinstein as the overwatch league we will have succeeded @timzactive it is not a shot, falling asleep to joe is a good thing @timzactive what?we all deserved an insane second Among Us debate tonight but using grandpa Joe talking on tv as white noise to fall…
Retweeted by Rod BreslauSC2 esports will continue for at least two more years under the ESL/GSL deals. lets make sure it sticks around long…