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Sakib @Slctvdplcate Sylhet, Bangladesh

Irregular writer, coder. #Literature, #films, #linux, #programming, #science, #chess, #anime and many other things...

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“My joys, my griefs, my passions, and my powers, made me a stranger..” Lord Byron, from Manfred
Retweeted by Sakib"And in the sweet sadness of the dying landscape my voices cracked. The dream came apart for good. For good! Snow’s… @flightofsand WTF seriously?! Not that I'm a Musk fan (actually couldn't care less!), but this is a shocker..."My rhythm’s story is that the dream came apart for good. And in the misty afternoon my heart discovers the tragedy…
This advice is roughly similar for becoming better at writing code. Volume is a prerequisite, but it’s also not suf…
Retweeted by Sakib @alien_ecologies Talking here is one of my coping mechanisms. Stopped using fb; it's full shit I find toxic... and… @alien_ecologies Sorry to hear that man! ☹️ It's hard indeed, I understand; my parents, relatives are growing old a… @v0idp0ster 🔥💪 Btw is it morning at your place? It's over 9.30 at night here... @alien_ecologies Is it? 🙁 I wouldn't know...What excruciating pain! The continuous mutilation of my entirety by the horrors of my existence...are things bad? yes can they get worse? yes am i gonna do anything about it? no is there anything i can do about it? not really
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#BojackHorseman"How much I die if I feel for everything!" --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of DisquietAbsolute or relative, I'm not okay..."I don't complain about the horror of life; I complain about the horror of my life. The only fact I worry about is…
@DanielFore @CassidyJames That's morbid... but I like it!😃 @flightofsand I could use some alcohol... or induced coma in the least... for frack's sake I deserve it... 😫Indeed... if others could see the catastrophe that is the inner, a realm that bleeds desolation and cries in its si…"Loving, we do not examine love; acting, we do not meditate upon action; if I study my 'neighbor' it is because he…
"Most days I am a museum of things I want to forget." ~E. E. Scott, Everyday I Am Trying New Techniques To Make Myself Disappear
Retweeted by Sakib @v0idp0ster My condolences man..."When will all this end – these streets where I drag my misery, these steps where I coldly crouch and feel the nigh… @svpino Generally I comment for my own understanding, for example a specific block or piece of code that might get…
@v0idp0ster That prose... 🔥 @timmrgn Would it be okay if I picked your brain sometime in the future about this kind of stuff (parsers, PEGs etc… @v0idp0ster I often "motivate" myself like this: "Get up you miserable piece of shit, it's time to suffer...". And… "... at night and all alone, withdrawn, forgotten and lost, with no connection to anything real or useful — o… “I suffer from life and from other people. I can’t look at reality face to face. Even the sun discourages and depresses me. Only..." @v0idp0ster Fuck yeah!
Feels nice being part of such a cool #OpenSource project through my small, albeit nothing significant, contribution."One thing even now I envy thee, that none Of all this misery pierces to thy mind. For life is sweetest in the void…" ‘Where do those salt tears come from, mother?’ ‘Sir, my eyes weep the water of the seas.’ ‘Heart, what is the s…"... I feel strangely far away. I'm on the balcony of life, yes, but not exactly in this life." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
“Lie still, lie still, my breaking heart; My silent heart, lie still and break: Life, and the world, and mine own s… @martinthepoet @v0idp0ster Life IS a gift for some people; cosmic discrimination.
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@coenesqued Just saw it a few days ago. Have to put it on my #10moviestoknowme list... a whole different experience… who suffer intolerably learn to hide their afflictions, both necessary and unnecessary, because the world doe…
Retweeted by Sakib @svpino I agree whole-heartedly.#WorldMentalHealthDay? What the fuck is that? 😑 @Dark_Misanthrop @v0idp0ster 😫This
Retweeted by Sakib"What does it mean to be alive except to court disaster and suffering at every moment?" --- Thomas Ligotti, Gas Station Carnivals
@awesomekling Happy birthday and best wishes to one of the most awesome OSS projects! 🎉“I laugh maniacally, then take a deep breath and touch my chest - expecting a heart to be thumping quickly, impatie…
Retweeted by Sakib @flightofsand O bless him. Is he fine now?"Time passes, life is a stream, people say, and so on. I haven't noticed it. Time stands still and I with it. All t… @pati_gallardo Yes @flightofsand "The Guide" was one of the first books that got me into exploring English literature, and to be hones…"... in the sad disarray of my confused emotions..." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
@fstokesman Lots of books on the shelf! 🙂 @desolatechasm Being sad without reason is reason enough. Reason or no reason, since most of the time one can't pin… @Cor3ntin @mattgodbolt Learned assembly in microprocessor course but I wish I continued the practice. Have forgotten many things.I'm afraid to even blink, to move an inch. I wish to lose the feeling of existing. What am I but an avatar of inert… @timmrgn Never fiddled around with uBlock, just use it with its default settings!😄 I assume it blocks the trending… @linusgroh Yeah, obviously @v0idp0ster Love you guys. Thanks for putting up with my sad ramblings...
"... today I’m at the bottom of a bottomless depression." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet"I’m so cold, so weary in my abandonment." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet"... an impossibility of being what it is, an imponderable body of anguish and desolation." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of DisquietFeeling extremely abysmal right now... fuck...Life ruins me everyday. I can't refuse nor ignore its invitation to bitterness and interference with my crippling l… @marcelcruz Looks great. Plans on making it open source? It'd become bigger and more diverse in that case with folk…
@muzaforizma I liked the approach: less dialogue... and the cinematography, acting, story...#Film Drive (2011) Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn This was one cinema... just went to my favourites list.
Retweeted by Sakib @sjmay92 It's on tbw list. That was a good clip! @CSlatsky Wow, cool! Congratulations! @awesomekling Thanks a lot for sharing this! @colliderfrosty @afzalh07 Check this out.“Droll thing life is -- that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a futile purpose. The most you can hope… end up laughing, when I actually mean to scream, cry and turn everything to dust under the heat of my rage.
@awesomekling @linusgroh You folks are killing it! Kudos to the team.Twitter is full of weird stuff. The level of senseless oddities people invest their time in.
Everything's broken. All that I encounter is yet another promise of an enormous weight on my soul. Unable to avoid,… "... your world, whatever you thought it to be, was undermined, if not completely overrun, by another world." --- Thomas Ligotti(1/2) "... there was simply no peace to be had no matter where you hid yourself away... wherever there was anything…
I have nothing to say 🤣
Retweeted by Sakib @awesomekling This is cool! If I may suggest, this opens the thought of having all this under a separate applicatio… @hackerb0t @v0idp0ster "Serial Experiements Lain" I suppose."I’m ignorant, like these rooftops. I’ve failed, like all of nature." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet"I'm sleepy, very sleepy, totally sleepy!" --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet"The tragic futility of life." --- Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet"I envy the mad, the sleeping dormouse, the bear’s winters, the sage’s dryness; I would exchange for their torpor m…
"I depict hope so vividly that every hopeful individual will recognize himself in my portrayal; and yet it is a fak… @DThompsonDev Would be absolutely disgusted. Maybe a tad pity.“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.” --- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables"But for those who feel and conceive life as a long agony, the question of salvation is a simple one. There is no s… @KejeraL @NMamatas Seriously? THIS, exists?!! @shafikyaghmour @Cor3ntin @pati_gallardo Now this, is art... @timmrgn Looking forward to contributing, if I find anything; unfortunately I don't know Ruby! 🙁 But starred and ke…'s UI is now brighter. Don't like this at all. Bring dark mode soon; it hurts my eyes.“People label themselves with all sorts of adjectives. I can only pronounce myself as 'nauseatingly miserable beyon…я русский
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"I struggle in vain. My foot slips. My life is still a poet's existence. What could be more unhappy? I am chosen; f…
Retweeted by Sakib“I am so miserable, there are so many questions, I can see no way out and am so wretched and feeble that I could li… @timmrgn Building something from scratch is something I really admire, and those who do it. I think this would be a… @shafikyaghmour Next up, 2021... no reason think it'd be otherwise.