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@invadauk @_billy_nomates @jetfury ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Tor Maries AKA @_billy_nomates sent Andrew an Insta DM ages back with a link to music she’d done. Andrew kept playi…
@ALKCM Haha. @Jimi_Goodwin Interesting point that. It’s the personal thing of it. Your forced into being personal aren’t you. Li… @antonnewcombe @michaelgove I know. It’s been really hard. Keeps coming too. Big kiss mate. X @jetfury @AliceWasWearing Grim mate. Zest pit. @9quidL @AliceWasWearing @invadauk Hey mate it’s ok. Don’t worry. Good of you to apologise bro. Seriously. That means a lot. Thanks. Jason. @AliceWasWearing @jetfury That’s like the fights you’d never thought you’d ever have Geoff. Blimey. Awful. @andrew6young Haha. True. @AliceWasWearing That’s not fair. 😂 @FunboyIsntFun Haha.Really have grown to hate Instagram. I can’t stand it. Has lockdown soured social media a bit? I’m still perky on t… @AliceWasWearing @9quidL @invadauk Hiya @9quidL Please don’t leave comments like that. @Nigel_Farage You are a horrible bastard. A horrible, horrible fucking bastard.Been a blast. Thank you @JTSoar Thank you Nottingham. We’ve recorded more utter fuckin shit 💻🎤🧻 @Thespacelathe Haha.Axl doesn’t need your civil war. ⚡️🚀 @AcidGrandads @Faycebuk What days that? Sat about talking mid period New Yorkers with Barnsley Dave. Shut up ya sad twat. @AcidGrandads @Faycebuk Marginally better than recounting in various FB n Twitter posts how many pills you took, an… are all having to see our kids futures screwed up by con men and the con man fodder
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @antonnewcombe @michaelgove Hahaha. Actually was thinking about you yesterday mate. Nice to hear from you. Hope ya good. X
I’ve, at points over the last month, forgot we’re still governed by him and his other cunts. I saw a picture of Go… @jetfury Hahaha. @mattcolton That’s wicked! Good to hear too mate. X @AliceWasWearing Oh no. He gone yet?Look at what I got in the post today 👀 @sleafordmods you’re a ⭐️ All That Glue is easily my favourite album of t…
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @ScrtDrugAddict No probs ❤️Grateful for pandemic podcasting x @RoughTrade
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @mattcolton ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ you work on it, Matt? Hope ya well. X @mlz1962 Cheers.Looking forward to this. Been a long time. 🕊🕊🕊 @normanrecords @_billy_nomates @josienneclarke @invadauk Aye up Norman that’s decent of you, thanks. X Tor, it’s… @suzemol1 Haha. @_billy_nomates MEN MEN MEN. @MPMBL @bunchofkunst @BR_Presse @zuendfunk Thank you.Wow. @bunchofkunst is screening on German tv @BR_Presse @zuendfunk August 13th. Massive 💯 @IanDarbs Haha @electricalWSOP Haha.Don’t be a propaganda sponge all ya fuckin life, ffs. Read summat. Go for a fuckin run or summat. @panamsterdam11 @LERONSKY @Jimi_Goodwin Congrats mate. XJason guests on the new Leron Thomas @LERONSKY @panamsterdam11 album ‘Ha Chu’ along wiv @Jimi_Goodwin too. Wicked… @Jimi_Goodwin Well there’s that as well 😂 @Jimi_Goodwin ⚡️♣️⚡️♣️‘Billy Nomates’ the self titled debut out this Friday on @invadauk its really good. Also features a guest from Jaso… @Jimi_Goodwin Hahahahaha. XWicked. Haha. Go on. ⚡️ @LiveFight That’s nice.
@The__Biscuit Hahaha. @stone_icon No. Not even sure it was smithy. I’ve heard it was D&G. But if it was smithy it was at least 1989/90. I… just walked past our house in an Ian Brown money tee shirt. Incredible. @ianfellrangers Haha.Keep smelling shit everywhere.Ad a curry and a doughnut when I got in. @djevans1990 Haha. @codeprint @r_c Yea he DJ’d at KK. @eeltweets1 Fair point and thank you. Appreciated xx @badly_drawn_boy Haha.👀👀👀 @mctiddlz Haha @eeltweets1 Wasn’t avin a go at Fontaine’s. I don’t mind em. Just the general musical landscape. Hope that clears it up. X @AlistairBarrie Haha.Got fuckin studio cabin fever so we’re discussing Water Beds and the pointlessness of their supposed connection to… @jake_sainty Some of its alright. But yea, largely average I think. @Scootaymildo @_billy_nomates Tor’s work is standout. There’s nothing else to say really. In two years the same gat… @jake_sainty Was referring to the commercial landscape. I don’t check any of the aforementioned really but it’s pre… @jetfury @afcbwattsy Hahaha. X @YardActBand None as such. Just seems to be an influx of bad Ryder/MES vaguisms across the board. Again, it’s bette… @jetfury @afcbwattsy ‘Fit rating’ @jetfury @afcbwattsy I think your DJ pic from Aus early 2000’s gives you an all time for rating mate but you could… @jetfury @afcbwattsy Haha. @HazzaDan @MarkSGrout We started it. We’re allowed. 😂 @jetfury Yea you’re right. Then you hear to much of the other and it becomes the same plus you get all these suburb… @MarkSGrout @HazzaDan Comment was aimed at across the board. Loads of yelling vocals, rumbling bass etc. Tons. @MarkSGrout @HazzaDan Stop shit stirring. I like Fontaine’s. @BarryDocker Which I’m eternally chuffed about. Seriously. What a goal that is. @HazzaDan Mark E Smith.
@suzemol1 Is it his flat? Vids f’ing shocking @Monkeymilo123 Hahaha. @twforum And you. X @Monkeymilo123 This a spoof account. Surely. You’ve got to be taking the piss here.Last night of the tour, that. 2015 I think. Great venue. Support local venues. @codeprint @r_c Kit Kat was Kool Kat I think. @mattcawrey Good innit. Me folks gaff. @BigRazzoo Haha.Ignore the enemies of humankind for two minutes with this Sean Bean ‘Bastard’ megamix. He lords it. Unbelievable.… @tom_powell6 Haha.Pissed off. ? Had enough? Ere’s our son in a spider man mask. @Leftfield Haha. Two N’s mate! X“Yea but imagine if Corbyn was in charge” @jetfury ♣️♣️♣️♣️ @ForestFlyers @diamond_declan @RichardM8422 We’re the best band to have come out of Notts. And yes it is a competition. Do ya homework.
@peemerv Made it up in the pub after an early recording session one night. Bout 2006 @ILLMOVESPORADIC Haha. @Daveograve @AliceWasWearing I think he’s the same. It’s only when you get home. At studio it ‘bizniz’. But when yo… @diamond_declan This is it. @GynecologistIm @taxfraudster This is it. Birth place not a key factor. @tomsbfc Haha. @AliceWasWearing Studio cunt flu innit. Dead ratty. @diamond_declan Albums and influence conceived in Notts. I’d term us as a Notts act on that basis.m. Example would… @thedreadedlurgy Not heard of em. I’ll have a look.