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Tickets going FAST AS FUCK for the Aus/New Zealand Tour. get them 👇

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@SteveMasonKBT @CentraliaNixon 😍😍 Cheers Steve. XVote tactically. Get rid of the cunts. @BeakBristol Not the easiest admittedly. @lukewrightpoet @RoughTradeRecs @extnddntwrk @fit_as_fuc Cheers mate.Good to back. X thank you @beggarsgroup X'We missed them' @sleafordmods re-sign to @RoughTradeRecs.
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods❤️ @Getintothis Cheers mate.Very happy to announce that we have signed to @RoughTradeRecs again. We can’t wait to get back at it. We missed the… London. Autographs ONLY in the immediate area of St Pancras. Nods (no hand shakes or small talk) are permitted o… ordenador 🖥 y un micro 🎤. No necesitan nada más para dejarnos con la boca abierta. Hablamos de los ingleses…
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@ILLMOVESPORADIC @rocmarci 🎤🎤🎤This takes 10 seconds. Anybody still thick enough to vote for Johnson’s morning breath as a scented candle can fuck… on. @DevastatorNottz Yea. Wicked.WE PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT !! @rescuerooms NOTTINGHAM
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @BeakBristol @jetfury @fourstringer I hope you’ve pimped your rider. I don’t like cheap stuff.Tomorrow night Nottingham @BeakBristol are hitting The Rescue Rooms. Get yaself down cos it’s going to be wicked.… @sheep20 @RingGo_parking Haha. It’s work! @djbev @RingGo_parking Cheers Del. @Casmilus @RingGo_parking It gets things done. @pollybirkbeck @CarryOnPress @RingGo_parking I’ve since seen the error of my ways on this Polly.I’d like to apologise @RingGo_parking for my earlier tweet. It was aggressive and ill founded. I have now located t…
I have some of the signed @sleafordmods prints I did for their Hammersmith show, going up for sale in my online sho…
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @jetfury @AliceWasWearing @LongwellRecords Yea. I might bring it down early doors I don’t wanna be carrying it about you know. @jetfury @AliceWasWearing @LongwellRecords Happy birthday Geoff. Oooer. XAfter all we've heard about the lies of the Leave campaign, this election has actually been worse, and the media -u…
Retweeted by Sleaford ModsEnnit. @David47203456 I’ll see you on the streets.Just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the Beakender this were all amazing. A…
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @thetimes What you doin printing this shit. Jesus Fuckin Christ. @Mr_Dave_Haslam @RoughTrade @Rock_City_Notts @NottinghamLive @rescuerooms @CQNottm I’ll try n pop down Dave no woz. Hope ya well mate.STUCK FOR PRESSIE IDEAS?? The 2nd edition of Jason’s House Party the sequel to Grammar Wanker that absolutely no on…
@thebugzoo @fit_as_fuc @SNOW667 Bless ya mate. @thebugzoo @fit_as_fuc @SNOW667 Cheers me owdTory voters should not receive NHS treatment.
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @therealelp Ah. Ok. Yea it wasn’t great. @therealelp This is a good point. I did think mid 40’s when he joined the crew. It had to be. You can’t of been pas… slow , but just watched @sleafordmods @bunchofkunst film, fucking brilliant, couldn’t sit still 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @kenamiphoto @philytaggart 💯We celebrate the best gigs of 2019 on my @BBC6Music show today🤘💥🤘Tunes from @thespecials @bodega @ViagraBoys
Retweeted by Sleaford ModsThanks for avin me on folks. Listen back to the @themarkrad @StuartMaconie show yesterday with......Me! @BBC6Music 👇
“Paedometer” time ago that. @extnddntwrk seems like a week ago @mgwharvey @frankieboyle Do you really think I’m a celeb? That’s mega.Hahaha @frankieboyle “Brexit supporters are surely among the most likely to get out and vote, especially now Jeremy… @idwalfisher Haha.Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair on the set of William Friedkin's The Exorcist (1973).
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Retweeted by Sleaford ModsGood morning and a massive day here at RadMac as we celebrate chain 8000 with Jason Sleaford Mod on later
Retweeted by Sleaford ModsTune in 💯 @70sdrummachine
@HarryCoath 16oz Everlast. They’ll do for starters I think. Got some wraps too. @TimboEaston @BBC6Music Bout 8Set ya alarms to hear the full sexiness over your coffee and whatever, tomorrow morning on the RadMac show… Johnson is a coward. He’s running scared from @afneil so we took this advan to Tory HQ. SOUND ON.
Retweeted by Sleaford ModsGot me gloves, Boxing Twitter. Ta for the help. the post office causing a queue whilst chain farting. Win win. @jetfury ‘Fat white band’ 😂 @jetfury @BBC6Music @CrackMagazine @FKAtwigs @Coldwar_Steve 😍😍😍 @jetfury @nerans1 I’ve got a good idea. Just you keep me near I’ll be so gooooood for you.@FutureBubblers' Year 1 @SNOW667 just released a new track 'EFFED' ft Jason Williamson of @sleafordmods - check it…
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@ILLMOVESPORADIC Ennit.Kids have turned Into members of Pablo’s inner circle. @SenseiLee_Bruce Sorry top lad but erm, I can’t say we’ve noticed your lack of support if I’m honest.😭😭 I love you man #Skattyyyyyy
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @BeakBristol @LankumDublin Really good. @AliceWasWearing @jetfury Only demos. Then I never go back. 😂Ya not missin oat mate 😂😂😂 @chickenf1sh That’s insaneThe worlds fucked innit ‘Effed’ the new tune from @SNOW667 produced by @Lenkemz featuring Jason @fit_as_fuc it’s pr…
@thebugzoo Oh fuck no my bad. Thought it was just a Conway thing. This is Griselda innit. Lol. @thebugzoo Not yet mate. I should buy it really but was waiting for the spotify release. He’s released three fuckin… @BenMyers1 @leebrackstone Thanks Ben. Will do.100 club!!! Thatl do nicely. 👌
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @BenMyers1 @leebrackstone Thank you. I bought his Sutcliffe one a while back. Was unawares of this though. Cheers.… @BenMyers1 @leebrackstone Hiya Ben do you have a link to the podcast at all? Thanks. @AliceWasWearing @_billy_nomates 30’s well young. However it is that age where 30 year olds panic cos they think an… @BoJackNorse Or how about I do you?Time for a little bit of rock and/or roll with @DancingWTF Loads of spanking new music today from the likes of…
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods😍😍😍 @TheFarm_ Lovely this. XVote Labour for Corbyn. Get these Billy Bunting scabs out. They hate you.In case you missed it @_billy_nomates doing her thing again on @BBC6Music Big thanks to @gidcoe & his impeccable ta…
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Lol. Cheers @RadioPrimavera_ was good to see you again. Love it ❤️❤️❤️ I got the date wrong for this Notts @BeakBristol gig @jetfury @fourstringer it’s not this Weds but next Weds 11…
@SNOW667 Oh mate... @FrauBluecher Yes. Cheers.‘The Terror’ worth buying ? @Philip_Goff Still no book Philip. Really, very honoured you’re honoured. @sleafordmods You could tweet this if you're short of things to moan about 😉
Retweeted by Sleaford Mods @Philip_Goff Really good read Philip. @coalitionofcha2 Haha. @SteveMasonKBT Posted that before reading this tweet. Hahaha. I won’t then. I’ll watch this later. Same it had to h… @SteveMasonKBT I should re-watch. Thank you.'EFFED' by @SNOW667 ft. @sleafordmods' Jason Williamson (@fit_as_fuc) and produced by: @Lenkemz Out now on DMY 💣…
Retweeted by Sleaford ModsI’m not tweeting as much because I’m going through a period of happiness. @thebugzoo Haha.