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Sameer Mohan @sleepyhead148 Bengaluru, India

Interests in books, cars and surprises. Marketing and cultural references guy @TheKenWeb office. Tweets are personal thoughts.

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@nandiniv This reminds me of how once I got ice cream from Lakeview when it was raining like cats and dogs. Drenche… @nandiniv Duckback is legend. :') @anumccartney I examine the behind-the-scenes of creative problem solving, 3 key themes emerge: - a beautifully messy process…
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @hvpandya Beautifully put together, Hardik :) :)
@flightofsand Woah. Happy birthday 😊 @chuck_gopal Saar is scouting for next week's TTS subject line? xD
The more I read Adrish Bardhan, the more I wish translators look beyond English and the western world for amazing w… @Nivivacious @notesbynishant youvar life summed up in one tweet (if not for the scholarship). @SnehaSamaveda @r0h1n @TheKenWeb 🤔Where to even begin with iconic composer Ennio Morricone? He could make an average movie into a must see, a good mo…
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @r0h1n @mananbharara @vinaysshenoy Narrator voice: And they disagreed, happily ever after.First @TheKenWeb co-byline with @kakayy exploring venture debt and its landscape in Southeast Asia:
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@notytony But we'll be standing in a line to enter the stadium. Literally in a Qatar.Forward of the day.. (background:
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @vicramb Remember watching this in theaters. Brilliant plot twist.Here be the questions (with answers) from last night's To Boldly Go #13. Thematic rounds this week were Evil Empire…
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Saturday night quizzing took an all new level today, thanks to To Boldly Go, edition 13. Saturdays are never the… @nikhiljoisr "Food tech" @SunOfGan @nikhiljoisr @swiggy_in @DunzoIt @hallidude Kund is legend place. @nikhiljoisr @nandiniv @swiggy_in @DunzoIt Yeah. His packaging is the downer. I can sometime ignore packaging coz t… @nandiniv @nikhiljoisr @swiggy_in @DunzoIt Here you go da @nandiniv @nikhiljoisr @swiggy_in @DunzoIt Amritsari Kulcha in JP Nagar on Zomato. @nikhiljoisr Come on man. Isn't it known by now? :D @sumanthr That's every Bollywood movie ever. :/ @RajaSen Word. Every race matters now. @RajaSen Was kinda known that Ferrari were slow for the first 2-3 races. Now lets see where this goes. @Circus_F1comic Oh lol. What premonition is this. Brilliant. 🙃Also, lol. Never expected the prancing horse to be so down on speed. Knew they were slow for this race but this is abysmal.Hey @Circus_F1comic why don't you post a Vettel throwing car in Plan Sea after Q3?588 days and Esteban Ocon is battling for elimination. This is poetry in motion. @chuck_gopal Lol you're on point. But you still had tone deaf father's day ads and that abysmal Yoga day thing from… @FittestGeek @leherapp Still happening? @Nivivacious @shrinivassg @abhicantdraw @BibliophilesBlr YESSSSSS!!! Absolutely. @shrinivassg @abhicantdraw I think its time you roll out a honorary invite to @BibliophilesBlr for SG here. His boo… read. And @chuck_gopal drops tons and tons of truth bombs. Do yourself a favor and read this: @theBekku @usmantm @microMAF Ey lol macha. I know, @SunOfGan Oh neriya options irukku. But top of my mind is something that helps my parents out. A health app or something like a Zee5. :D :DMan this has so much potential to introduce Amir Hamza to a generation of Indians (like yours truly who only knows… @usmantm @theBekku @microMAF Oho yes. Shenoy remember this was a question on TBG 11. You should totally invite our friends here. :) :) @theBekku @usmantm Eh same question. I also saw a venom style monster here.This is happening tonight. Gonna be a fun fun Saturday. @vinaysshenoy Lol @mananbharara suna suna lagta hai na?End is nigh? @gokulns Vaanga saar peslaam 😁🤣
has this been done yet
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @_Seetharaman Thought so too when I read it. While Nolan dudebros and Dark fans try to comprehend their material, S… @_Seetharaman Effort in futility? 🤔Joom barabar Joom H/t to @peegeekay for this.
@tam_arund @r0h1n @the_bongrel @TheKenWeb Wow A. Much proud 👏Today's discovery is this brilliant jelly. Instant sugar fix. a reminder: @TheKenWeb is actively hiring across its bureaus in India (Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai) and Southe…
Retweeted by Sameer MohanWhatay! @uhhhnushka is back to @TheKenWeb and is gonna be working on some kickass products and initiatives. (Stil… @gcmouli Unmai only saar :) :)Hands down the best abridged retelling of Ponniyin Selvan that's around on the interwebs. Do yourself a favor and r… tale of a summer holiday in the monsoons. #ThrowbackThursday
@chuck_gopal @peegeekay @TheKenWeb yes, @chuck_gopal and @notytony run this brilliant newsletter called The Third Slip. Perfect Sunday read. Sign… @chuck_gopal @peegeekay @TheKenWeb Is this what people call "bromance"?There were to be 125 million Covid infections in India by mid-May, according to some estimations. What happened?
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @appadappajappa @Kushanarchy Abey Kushan. You know a Ken employee. Puch leta na 🤔I am Gifting 30 Day Free Subscriptions for the @thekenweb newsletters. Here are the links for Free Subscription. Li…
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @OBanerji Bet you there's like an SSB cadre officer handling this. @kosmischemusik I wonder if they'll pay heed.India's China problem is China's India problem. Weird Hera Pheri. @nandiniv @gigibenefits All the best, Nandini. May the force be with you. :) \m/ @notytony Also @KarthikKeramalu this is right up your alley. @notytony Lol stop giving ideas man :D😭 @anumccartney @vicramb Back in engg. days FC used to mean survival. #nostalgia
Woah woah woah. Wait. Does this mean CNolan hired potential fugitives for TDKR. @anumccartney Not far away. @anumccartney I'm calling this now. With all the shenanigans he's pulling for Tenet and such garbage coming out, we… @amabirdman Insane. Inhuman stuff 😑😓Means migrant crisis didn't happen aa?Remember folks. You are not the target audience of this speech. @theBekku @arrroberts Also happy birthday @arrroberts 😊❤️ @theBekku @arrroberts Whatay. I know what to borrow nextYaar @DunzoIt while I love you guys for the puns that you send across in your notifications, I'd appreciate if they… @IWTKQuiz Phata cutout nikla football hero @anumccartney Uh..whaaaaat? Ridiculous. @nikhiljoisr Yep. My anxiety.
@notytony Ab tak unsath. 😁Now that TikTok is banned this is the new app this guy is responsible for one absolute ear worm from America America. Wow scenes. the hell. Drunk on power. Cc @prajwalmanipal @dhanyarajendran @Nivivacious Also, tekkit feel good book tower. Realised that link was broken. :) :) @SunOfGan Andha vali thaanga mudiyale :( @Nivivacious @nandiniv posted about arranging bookshelves and buying books in November. Couple other book reccos from SFF writers I follow.I love how my TL is all about reading books. Just the peaceful thing I need on a Monday. <3 @Rahul_J_Mathur Gullible customers steering clear of hippie agents like: @nandiniv Hi. I want to point to how @bookworm_Kris is your best friend for purchases etc etc. They'll also Dunzo.… @Rahul_J_Mathur Yep. Motor only. So lots of moving parts, photos inspections etc done. Still no news about claim ac… @Rahul_J_Mathur Hehehehe nothing of that sort. Interestingly their captcha broke thrice while uploading claim and a… @Rahul_J_Mathur Btw I files a claim with Yack0 last week. Let's see what they say. 😁 @omithehomie Perfectly timed onlyIflix was sold in a fire sale last week—how did the wheels come off a business that raised $300M+ & shot for IPO at…
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@spadjay Aarya, Chernobyl, Ozark, Hanna. Just a few I can think of.An ajm was avoided on the nick of time. Is this ajm-ception? Follow this amazing @IWTKQuiz live here:…