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Sameer Mohan @sleepyhead148 Bengaluru, India

Interests in books, cars and surprises. Marketing and cultural references guy @TheKenWeb office. Tweets are personal thoughts.

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@vinaysshenoy @BullshitRani @abhicantdraw @ShrutiRamanujam @bindumadhahahav @VarunVicky93 Are you enjoying it? With vada from Madhavas? @BullshitRani @vinaysshenoy @abhicantdraw @ShrutiRamanujam @bindumadhahahav @VarunVicky93 What is happening here?Bangalore Metro. The place where you bump into long lost batchmates from 12th standard.
@ShrutiRamanujam @abhicantdraw @vinaysshenoy *follows*
The @pyconindia talks are here!! My personal favorites that I insist you check out too - a) ML Bias - AbdulMajed…
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @adadithya @OBanerji @AZenGuy Queens shut down. The entire building is being dismantled. Qissa Khawani next to Coff…
@peakbengaluru Ey hello. I feel offended @abhicantdraw @the_bongrel @peegeekay @the_hindu STFU ABHIRAM RAMESH. I KNOW YOUR TALENT. @vicramb Same same @muralisatagopun @abhishekmadan @peegeekay @the_hindu I know right :D<inserts profound quote on imitation and art and etc etc>
@nfreischlad And harder for small biz aggregation platforms. Interesting times for Udaan and Meesho.
@notrueindian @iannmcdonald Shouldn't it be never let 😬😬?Go today only. @anumccartney conducts one kickass quiz. (An amazing quiz that I keep missing week on week 😔)
And incase you haven't figured it out, @r0h1n wrote about India's u-turn at RCEP in today's Nutgraf from @TheKenWeb what does one make of such times? Walking away from RCEP would be an opportunity to modernise reforms and recons… yesterday, in a news item that must've flown under the radar, Moody's cut India's rating from stable to negativ… of them collectively held a mirror to India. And in the words of @r0h1n "To avoid the hard task of fixing its u… wonder then that Modiji did a trip to Thailand. A power move was expected. But instead, India chose to opt out o… is probably one of the trade agreements that'll most likely propel Asia forward in the 21st century. So much s… a tongue in cheek, situational humor comic, people say you head to Amul. They always make smashing comics. But… @sreshthx @dankchikidang Point. But 2 years is a short time. I'll wager that it's closer to the 5 year mark.Oh well I was supposed to be at my brother's wedding, but then one does things for memories like these. Thank you,… another Saturday hanging out with all ye folks and a SFF author from Sri Lanka. Great fun catching up with…'m here. Come say hi 😊👋 @abhicantdraw @BlrLitFest Same
@anshu Yes @anshu It was at a signal daProtest at Brigade Road Junction on climate change @TheKenWeb @sanka9k @RuhiKandhari @prajektor And here's a sneak peek into the story. Love is indeed serious busines… @TheKenWeb @sanka9k @RuhiKandhari Feat. stunning graphs by @prajektor. @TheKenWeb So what does one make of a) how such platforms earn a revenue b) ensure that they're inclusive and c) ad… @TheKenWeb Catch 2: Fake profiles and married men. A strong filter across the platforms to remove fake profiles, ma… @TheKenWeb Catch 1: The sex ratio. The ratio is 10-90 on an average across apps. But Bumble claims to have a 30-70… @TheKenWeb And for people like Aisle, Bumble, OK Cupid and TrulyMadly, they've identified gaps in between Tinder an… @TheKenWeb For Bharat Matrimony, Shaadi and Jeevansathi types, which cost around 5.9k to 14.9k a quarter, they cash… @TheKenWeb For Tinder, it is a chance to become the highest ranking paid app in India. Quite an achievement for an… I'm wearing a shirt today that proclaims in Kannada - "love is a bookish affair" (Ee preethi prema yella pust… peeps. Will be around for the sessions tomorrow along with my partner in crime @abhicantdraw (actual crime partn… @theBekku @bruces +1 to that @sushmitas @magnoliabakery @CNTIndia *braving the yuuuge line I mean @sushmitas @magnoliabakery @CNTIndia Also the yuuuge line outside yesterday
@darthdevi Dealing with loss is the part I hate the most whilst adulting. It's tough but it must happen. May you co… @SandalBurn Wasn't aware then. @SandalBurn Noted for next time. Saw a stall selling the same inside Dilli Haat but knew that it'd be better to avoid that @SandalBurn Where's the store da? @chuck_gopal Whatay 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 @hotstartweets It's just a game of cricket. Not something that's spiteful and vengeful. Shows the mentality of the copy editorIt's @ikamalhaasan's birthday and not a single gif/video of "that scene" from Nayagan on Twitter. R U GAIZ OKAY?This is such List-It level thread. Goldmine of nostalgia and anagrams. really under appreciated Delhi joke. @SunOfGan @ajaw_ It's the fourth/fifth time I'm seeing this question. @yudhanjaya Get well soon. ❤️
@NadjaNadika I think the pun isn't occasional but a fairly regular thing. :)*in Yash voice* @adadithya @zalora @ZaloraID Umm also add things like scale, unit economics, rider margins, traffic, Metro rush etc… Also such amazing writing this. time I pass through Silk Board, it is a nostalgic experience. Especially, when you realize one of the cogs th…
@vicramb Where is it available? @theBekku @sreshthx I know because someone forwarded a snapshot of the poem on a whatsapp group.Right. So now Cred doesn't say how many points one burns while claiming a reward. Absolute product fail. @vasantshetty81 @dankchikidang +1 to that. Though it would also mean that there will be a certain mindset change that needs to happen.
All those #Tabu listicles and not one spoke about Haider. Time to make her great again. SS from an old blogpost I… @gokulns Palace, Watarun and Museum Siam. Also I saw someone mention Chatuchak. Do that in case you have time. @SunOfGan Whatay. This is peak social acceptance needs @gcmouli @beastoftraal It's not. Been around for a while just after Maddur when you're going towards Bangalore. Now…
@nah_im_abdulla I think I saw you man. Was in half mind to DM you. 😬I had a certain someone (who shall go unnamed) tell me yesterday that my Nutgraf editions weren't anywhere near as…
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@sowmyarao_ Befriend the owner and one of his colleagues. Always helps in subsequent visits @yemmay ☹️☹️☹️ @yemmay Is that a scratch on your windshield?
@spadjay So what was the tweet? I am blocked by this account apparently. @jonrussell @prajektor @the_bongrel @kakayy @nfreischlad Pah yougaiz.A dating app for bandits. Chambal. Morning and welcome to Blade Runner month.
Retweeted by Sameer Mohanನೂರಾರು ಊರು ಸುತ್ತಿ,ಏನೇನೋ ಕಂಡ ಮೇಲೂ,ನಮ್ಮೂರೆ ನಮಗೆ ಮೇಲು. ಎಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು! #KannadaRajyotsava 🔥
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@vinaysshenoy @r0h1n @TheKenWeb Such bamboo-zle. Much wow. @navdhad Fault aa? :/ @TheKenWeb @prajektor @prnvbal Now, what does the future hold for Olectra-BYD, its parent companies and the future… @TheKenWeb @prajektor In his story today, @prnvbal tells us about Olectra Greentech, an insulator manufacturing com… @TheKenWeb There's been a 7X increase in budget allocation and an additional 5k buses sanctioned through FAME II co… That's the number of electric buses that are plying on Indian roads. However, our transport minister predicte…
What traffic is non existent in Bengaluru or what. @sowmyarao_ Wooohoooo. May the force be with you. @ahbunaa Really sorry to hear this. May God give you and your family strength.
@vivekisms Translation news in 10...9... @navdhad Damn ☹️☹️☹️
@spadjay Same here. Also used to sneak into Siddheshwara on free tickets a decade ago. So thank you for nostalgia and Happy Deepavali ❤️🎉 @spadjay Yep. No good Kannada movie. Everyone's shifted release dates for Bigil @SunOfGan Happy Deepavali is happening?
Since @peegeekay is away on vacation, it’s me helming The Nutgraf for the next few weeks. All I can say is, it’s *m…
Retweeted by Sameer Mohan @rajatub @SimonSchusterIN @sayantansunnyg @bookworm_Kris Absolutely @rajatub @SimonSchusterIN @sayantansunnyg Hey @bookworm_Kris please reserve one copy of this for me. @iBakasura @Iamshennoying Absolutely. @Iamshennoying So MYSORE IS HAPPENING Y'ALLLL. So. Much. Excite. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ your Saturday here. It'll be an amaze afternoon (Gah, miss only happening :() Mysore nostalgia is happening on my TL. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @harishenoy Kamal hai. Kamaal hai.
Brilliant thread on a bunch of rules that's dampening the game.