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I draw, rant, and RT cute girls. | 25 years old | mixed Black | DM for commissions | ‼️ check linktree ‼️

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@Sunnspott_ RIGHT
To think out of all the dogs in the shelter, I somehow chose the baddest one ❤️Omg my baby used to be so small 😭 @EuphyVee WHAT @kianamaiart @kianamaiart YESSSSS I LOVE THIS.... THEY BOTH LOOK SO GOOD JESSIE OMGred and blu— i mean LAVENDER!
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @K1NGKYO It used to be a favorite of mine too :( @EuphyVee What's wrong with her in the manga? I don't read itIn this household we give credit @Ink_Girl_ Thank you so so much 🥺🥺 @SirDuke1914 Um...this is a huge and frankly wrong over generalization. I'm very critical of manga because I love i… this to someone every time they act like a pick me. @maybeitsnanners Happy birthday!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️It’s my birthday! I’ve made it a lil tradition to make a new #MeetTheArtist post every birthday, so here’s to year…
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @Bluefire6cleme1 Thank you 🥺 @TajmrK No wait...ur onto something👏 THIS 👏 IS 👏 BODY👏 PAINT RUBY SUMMERS! I love being red! Took me around 9 hours to paint on myself! I love her ey…
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡^-^ #MikuMonday
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @notbijoudemi Trueeeee. The whole trend needs to die @anti_hisoka Can i get it? 😳 @Bluefire6cleme1 LOL I'M SORRY? 😭She's still a racist bitch cmon now. Ppl are either "she's a victim uwu" or "omg what a boss" how about I girl boss ur throatI hate that this picture of Melania has become some girl boss meme 🙄 @anti_hisoka Is there anywhere we can check in or anyone who might update ppl every once in a blue moon? Not obligatory ofc!!down vs slicked back
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @kianamaiart THEY LOOK SO CUTE I'M CRYINGHI'm just resharing this to say it's also on YouTube Shorts for your viewing convenience 👌🏽 @DirectorNothing @kuraimichii @GionSpot Dang isn't that what Fartler is for
@Snarblegauz Dang and I thought they were planning to dword for these "values" @Zephyr_Silver You right I just wish they were off 😔Like pick a struggle. He wanted to ban it, so why u using it?? Thought yall were worried about the data leaks or some shit?Why do trump supporters use tiktok? Didn't ur bro try to get it banned? Shouldn't u hate it? 💀 @plasticbottru OMG This is just the prettiest character ive ever seen. i love her.Warm up for today before I start to work. Draft for Genshin oc 😳😳she's so freakin cute I adore her. Ok now I work
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡I mean with me coming out with a webcomic soon (tm) I feel like that could be a reward?... Seeing chapters early, behind the scenes, etc?I feel like a lot of my patrons have messaged me saying they have TOO MUCH of my stuff 💀 might change around reward… @tajmerk It depends on the edits but after lineart is done, the only thing I'm editing is colors 💀 @tajmerk Gm! I'm barely awake hbu? @tajmerk LMAO?? WHAT IS THISquick miles sketch 🕷 - #art #milesmorales
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @MerMetalBard OFC IT IS FOR U. @RAINisPAIN Not yet ;) @Dan_Draco Lmaoooo we're on our way to you @angelheart2015 LMAO you're so right @Coco_Artzy I'm working on it!! Haven't published anything yet :) @mirascarlettv Thank you so much!! What's your YT channel link? Can you link it here too? :D @mirascarlettv It is!! I have gotten up to 1k so here's hoping I can do it this yearSpeaking of Youtubers, I have a new video 🙏🏽 help this soul get 4k watch hours. @EuphyVee They do!! Idk why! @Ozthaniel I know, they are too cute
@Porecomesis Yeah 😭 it's almost pointless to add a watermark, if ppl want to remove it they will (but you still should)Literally ppl have programs to remove watermarks 💀 since when does that stop anyone. Are people ALLERGIC to giving credit?It's so simple to enjoy free content artists put out without being an asshole. @ColouredBraids The fairy lady is gonna get her 💀 @Aviva133 @MaverosTV This is straight up disgusting. @genderdestroyer Yeah I do have a stand!!Terra | Teen Titans Who’s your favorite Titan 👀?
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @dianaaley Oh joyIggy has decided me breathing is inconvenient so he moved. silent martyr of sorrow ✨
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡If I do not put a pillow down in my lap for these little uglies, they will fight to sit on top of my chest 💀 so. @Lifegoesmonn The only thing they are contributing is changing my hotkeys 😭Can't work in peace. @ReixLexa Did they ever? ☹️ @ReixLexa Literally 🤢 if you look in the comments and QRTs of the og post, they are loud and proud. @strangeauthor That's so sad 😔 @yuwuki1 No ❤️ /sPeople responding "im still going to read them " to the og post are fucked up and I pray you step in shit every day… @MACHTURTL Ugh fucking weebs @Eternal2ndKira Lemme roll up with you @___LilTwinkle I... It makes no senseI hate that the manga and anime industry has such deeply rooted problems but if you talk about it, you'll get attac… @Aviva133 I linked the thread 😭 they are there!! @This0neIsNo0ne This is actually about real children ☹️ unfortunately. Real ass cp. @MerMetalBard I LINKED THE THREAD 😭I'm so disgusted by not only these prominent mangakas support, but the comment sections too. Jfc. People really don… context.Manga fanboys are sick. Y'all can just keep your mouth shut, you don't have to go through hoops to justify all this 😐People are saying you can privately be friends with a pedophile but praising them publicly is too far.... How abou… pedophilia Not so friendly reminder that Watsuki was found with so much CP that the cops assumed he was distr…
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @pharaohscotty11 Omg I missed u. @KittyInATopHat You're welcome 🙏🏽 @JustMeEmilyP @Wolf_The_Legend THANK YOUUUUUPeople STREAM during the DAY?! Feels strange every time hahaha! 12 hour stream time with you, me, and my…
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @mikaa242 Thank u, lovely!!! @GarbuttTrinity Thank you!! @GarbuttTrinity Please 😭😭😭 @DomoStanton BLESS U DO DOMO @JellyfshFortuna Holy shit."Diners and Space Outlaws" I worked super hard on this! it took so long! A scene from my personal project.💖 OC Ora
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @elago_lyetu I say "YOUR" mom lmaooooLet's talk about hashtags and how to properly plan for 'em! I'm gonna write up a small thread on 3 of my personal…
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @MyriamMcFlyy You made good choices. @cosmichoney_ Happy birthday!!!She warms all there is All there is and was, and will be
Retweeted by SleepyMia ⚡🐥⚡ @yuwuki1 i dont remember dgnsdkjg but i am a goldfish @fleursignet YAY congratulations!!!!! @infamouskid LMAO TY