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@chrixxprint alwaysme: i need to do my christmas shopping and save up for a binder ariana’s merch: playlist of songs i like working out to, but it’s also a positions streaming list in love with positions
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @AATMlDNlGHT <33 shit @gosthiin hey ✨i never knew you could hold moonlight in your hands till the night i held you 🌌 /lyhello i'm looking for new moots pls rt if u stan & watch : kakegurui hunter x hunter saiki k loona beabadoobee arct…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @CapitalOfficial thank you for playing “Rain on me”!!! it made my day <3
2020 @Steph93Pena @_SatansWitch calling anybody a monster based on their gender just makes no sense...Have internet. Rn, we badly need help for our food, water and medicines insulin for my mom. Please if you are able…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneUnfortunately, The landlord as well as the Police came in and sent us out to our apartment. We've been kicked out o…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne#positions by @ArianaGrande reaches new peak of #2 on Apple Music Songs chart.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @EricD_2711 @AppleMusic @ArianaGrande who are you lmaooDeep breaths, new @arianagrande just landed. 📁🤍 Listen to #positions now.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneAnother #NewMusicFriday is here! What are you listening to rn? 🇺🇸 #Positions by @ArianaGrande 🎶#SweetMelody by…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynepositions on @spotify
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne🔥 The SWEET MELODY video is here 🔥 We know you've been wanting us to do a choreo video and…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne“positions” by Ariana Grande has entered the Top 10 of US Apple Music.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne#positions by @ArianaGrande has entered the Top 10 of US Apple Music at #10.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneSpotify — Monthly Listeners 1,532,349 (+3,023) (New Peak)
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneboy im tryna meet ya momma on a sunday BUY POSITIONS ON ITUNES
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynesooo ariana grande wrote a switch anthemHow many times are you going to listen to #positions today?
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @ariana_parties BUY POSITIONS ON ITUNESunfollowing spree 🤍🤍 reply with BUY POSITIONS ON ITUNES to b safe
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @ariana_parties BUY POSITIONS ON ITUNES
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynepositions is a bop, not surprising 😌
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne#SweetMelody video now playing on @youtubemusic's Pop Hotlist 🔥
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneBUY POSITIONS ON ITUNES
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne✨reply with your fancams and i’ll retweet them ✨
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne#POSITIONS x #SweetMelody streaming playlist for spotify <3 positions and sweet melody together, cowards10 people follow me challenge
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneokay, little mix has RANGE do you see how different sweet melody is to holiday?? and they’re both freaking amazingtherapy? expensive. positions by ariana grande? free.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneAriana in green is a whole aesthetic her beauty is on another level
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynegonna promote my fc on backup
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneNamjin is slayingggg those looks, as always😍
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @tbydems 12 @sarabiebs09 absolutelythere’s just something about knowing my favourite artist ever would support me that makes me wanna happy cry actually think ag6 is gonna be my favourite era. tun DID hold that spot, but positions is so much better than all the tun singles omggg @playboygrandee positions @ugharon iconic tbh @sleepyyjax this is not ariana but i luv the song!!
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @tbydems i’m obsessed with this oh my god @sleepyyjax
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynedrop your positions fancams, i’ll rt ✨some of you are so quick with your fancams omg
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynenothing but respect for my president 🤍 #POSITIONS is now playing on capital // @ArianaGrande
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneWe see you @joangrande!! 🤩 #Positions
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneICONIC. #POSITIONS
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneAriana for President 2024 👑 #POSITIONS
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne
i’m not getting up early for positions sorry djsnwnsn i need my sleep
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneher....
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynePoppy reached 700k followers on Spotify
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Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ preference ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ you might have heard that bisexual means you have a preference to any particular gend…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynea thread on ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* bisexuality *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ because there is way too much misinformation on this website
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneI got sick to death of those shitty misinformation threads so here is one about bisexuality that’s actually factual
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneid very much appreciate it if you guys would share this. millions of people live with epilepsy and most people have…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynepositions 📁🤍 single tomorrow night 〰️ 10.23 presave now
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airplane mode is surpassing over 100 million streams on the internet. one hundred MILLION. i'm in a state of shock.
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayneGoing on IG Live 2nite w/ @LILTEXAS at 7pm PST to talk about m*sic, BPM, and our new track Ram It Down. What other…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynecan somebody send me the original post that was like “instead of folks, use folx! instead of y’all, use y’xll!” bec… don’t know who needs to hear this but adding an x to an already gender neutral term isn’t making it more gender n…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @IdrisBurt though** they could just say AFAB (assigned female at birth) people. if somebody called me a womxn that… @IdrisBurt yeah most lgbt people don’t even like the “womxn” term 1. people use it to “””include trans women””” but… @fairybqtera don’t know how much you are doing what blonde boys dobisexuality has never been binary, die mad about it
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @giawline kinda @rainonmegrxnde bCan people stop saying bi=2 so it means we’re only attracted to men and women it’s extremely fucking annoying
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Wana win my full @inglotireland collection? Head over to my Instagram now to enter 😉
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynei am going to blow brains with this next album i swear to Cat God
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynefall puppy! 🍁🍂
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @bevebees thank you <3 this place is just a hellsite sometimes haha open twitter for 5 minutes and it’s already made me feel like shit wow @dump_pussy @JoshuaRush okay pussycumdump @etajpg @JoshuaRush nobody’s telling YOU to do shit. oh my god, can you just look at the context of the conversation.Can we all agree that if you are not bisexual and have not done research on this topic that you are not allowed to…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @MADBLACKTWlNK @CharlesH_2029 @digitallasales @JoshuaRush @laurenholdt please research bi history yourself. i’m so… testosterone , pleasemuch to dislike about this year, but getting to attend the seventeen #Semicolon press conference by sitting under…
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @streamdedicate i just woke up help
stream My Agenda by gentleman musician @DORIANELECTRA and become a homosexual frog TODAY 🐸🎶⚔⛓💛🧡❤💖💜💙💚
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @youknowlimbo omg :0 <3spare 2 followers tbh 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by jax #PervisPaynetl cleanse
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne @boyyrsuchadream pubby dog :)i keep seeing fancams of cool k-pop guys dancing and i start getting emotional like “i’m never gonna be that cool” want to start using my fc, stream it 😸
Retweeted by jax #PervisPayne