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Go run up dat new soap video or else you’re afraid to get clean
@nvduhn I wanna do it like next month or something!!WHO ALL WOULD BE DOWN FOR A WARZONE PRIVATE LOBBY SOON???
Finna get this Easter egg for rebirth island today. I finally watched the video and it’s gonna be easy
effects of adhd that arent romanticised because it isnt cute and quirky
Retweeted by SlimReaperGonna try a month or two without drinking soon I think @SAYYASx Oh lets fucking go I finished writing to it just gotta knock her out for yuh and we cab start the next one:)I’m so proud of how hard my girls been workin:)My best friend and I been tight for 16 years😤😤 there anybody I still owe a feature too? I got swamped at the end of the year! HMU if we had shit cause I record…
Cod on some shit today I seeHow I sleep at work everyday on break lol wanna be friends and talk for like a week then slowly stop and only like each others tweets bc we both have…
Retweeted by SlimReaper @Aero1164 @lilyachty @KodakBlack1k @LilTunechi Bruh what😂I know I’m helllla late but god damn is the show lost fucking amazing man @circuitSAPPHIRE Was gonna say fuggit and wait but then I said fuggit let’s not wait and we’ll here we are. Begging… got an Xbox series one x for sale doe???warzone w/ @nvduhn @SlimReaperALC
Retweeted by SlimReaperI got $180 in rolled change right now come fuck wit me love you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me.
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i loved growing up with the internet in the early 2000s! i played flash games, i took care of neopets, i saw a behe…
Retweeted by SlimReaperLMFAAAOOOOOO @kindadead_ Bruh I remember one time this old manager knew he was finna be fired and then he ordered like 150 Nissa…
I just made a joke and said the term “ bruh 20 years ago” and that shit sounded so fucking weirdI keep listening to this 80s jam @tg_locklan and @OrosAuras and I did and I’m so In love:)
Lmfaonif this ain’t me😂 🤦‍♂️
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@TwoFaceRapper I love you so fucking much bro💙 this week was seriously life changing. I am beyond excited to see yo… got some beautiful music coming be ready:) this man snapppppppped all went downhill from here thoughts.. just robert pattinson and cows
Retweeted by SlimReaperFamily💙’m truly blessed to be surrounded by so many genuine & talented people.
Retweeted by SlimReaperLove you Slim🤍🖤
Retweeted by SlimReaper @SlimReaperALC @CharlieMureli @1Hxllowz @tg_locklan I'm just a man homie. Very glad to have worked with you and built a relationship ✌🏻
Retweeted by SlimReaper @TwoFaceRapper @lindss_hh It’s my first little rap track I’ve ever done, also my first time recording without…
Retweeted by SlimReaperBig fucking thank you too @CharlieMureli @TwoFaceRapper @1Hxllowz and @tg_locklan for making me feel alive again an… love everybody here this trip holy fuckBruh😂😂 2020 video reel is looking amazing i made another funny ass intro again this year i can’t wait to show it to everyone 😌😂
Retweeted by SlimReaperMy new year’s resolution is to stop giving a fuck and focus more on myself. Lotta ppl expect me to drop everything…
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Now we getting to the real shit on Twitter. This is what it’s all about @SlimReaperALC putting higher by creedbon repeat was the best part of the work day 😤
Retweeted by SlimReaper @lysscin They have me HOLLERINBruh why her hand so fuckin pink😂 4EVER ☝️
Retweeted by SlimReaperjust heard someone refer to furries as an “extremist group” lmao
Retweeted by SlimReaper @_bimbozo Yeah I like cauliflower as an alternative but that sounded trashI had such an amazing night:) @lysscin I love you guys so much💙 I’m so happy I got to meet Simon and scilla💙 theyre so incredibly special. every… with that, I’m sending big head all of my love, because he is another anomaly I’ve had the pleasure of loving as…
Retweeted by SlimReaperI do
Well Jesus fuck what a shitty fucking day @Dabois_artist @circuitSAPPHIRE I’ve heard it bruh😂 white people are horrible hahaha😂😂😂 @ThatManCrisco Yeah but it’s corny lol he’s not better than Jay Z
Retweeted by SlimReaperEveryone drinking at music camp and yuh boi ain’t getting drunk in the slightest:) took one shot each nightSauce Walka went full Super Saiyan mode after spending $600,000 on his new Dragon Ball inspired Shenron chain 😳
Retweeted by SlimReaperNot niggas just found out about Arnold Palmers
Retweeted by SlimReaper“WTF your dick is so small💀” says the bitch with literally no penis???
Retweeted by SlimReaperFrom an undisclosed location in Ohio
Retweeted by SlimReaperUPDATE! Tailor hopped on yet another track:) made my second 80s style song:) this time with my mans @tg_locklan and he SNAPPED on the beat and he threw some fire ass vocals on it😤😤
when i get asked what bagel i want
Retweeted by SlimReaperIt took a week for me to properly recover from all the traveling i did in the last month 💀
Retweeted by SlimReaperHIT UP @pdixxx ASAAAAP @circuitSAPPHIRE @oniincteam My first song with him I dropped I didn’t even mix his vocals and it’s still my biggest song hahahaMixing this dudes vocals for a song he’s got w @SlimReaperALC & @oniincteam 🔥 you don’t even have to mix this dude…
Retweeted by SlimReaper @circuitSAPPHIRE Bruh right tho?LETS GOOOO a kid commits suicide on zoom during class does that count as a school shooting statistically?
Retweeted by SlimReaperHold up wat? if we didn’t work people past the point where their body is actively trying to shut down
Retweeted by SlimReaperHappy birthday to one of my biggest inspirations. You’ve saved my life and I wish you the best today brother!… @kindadead_ Probably everyone going super crazy over helltown Ohio but it’s sadly not as cool as everyone says I’ve heard.Lmfao is this shit real? @AstralWytch Lmfaooo yeahhhh
(Beta) Indica Smokers: - lazy - stupid - ugly (Alpha) Sativa Smokers: - vertical leap of 80 inches - can master the…
Retweeted by SlimReaperReady to fuuuuuuck shit upppppp is my all time fav other than banana cause I haven’t tried it GOOOOO BABBYYYYYY IMMA GIVE YOU A GIANT HUG CUTIE PIE I’m at work standing around with my thumb up my ass staring at pictures of Danny devito while simultaneously ej…🖤💙🖤
@DoddyGatz you can get any car you want with the right gun 😂
Retweeted by SlimReaperWaking up to some bomb sex just hits differentFAAAAX love how playlists can act as mini time capsules, like just listening can throw you back to a very specific period of your life
Retweeted by SlimReaperI probably woke tailor up after this but damn i felt good dog that made me like dogs RIP
Retweeted by SlimReaper @mynameisjimmyy Legggggooooooo
Gonna set up a contest next week to offer someone a free music video by me ✨ if you live in LA i will shoot & edit…
Retweeted by SlimReaper @whoisgregjones RIP to a champ💙If you a POS I’m exposing you idgaf if we old friends current friends or what. should probably announce the song I dropped a week ago shouldn’t I? @circuitSAPPHIRE You’re only lame cause your dick is so big and it scares me. Idk what to do when it stares me down with that one eyeFuck all the other lamesssss @GRAIYN Is he super on edge all the time??I just be out here simpin for my girl and shit damn bruh