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The man wasn’t telling lies either, they are not the true people of Israel.
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲Can’t be one rule for one set of people and another for others.Hopkins was free to spew hate for YEARS before she was permanently banned. Robinson is still on YouTube pushing rac… way Wiley has been treated since his outburst proves his point exactly. Others can say all they want about blac…
I'm putting my musings regarding this online, so if there is anyone that has any ideas or experience in this field,…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲I woke up this morning and decided I want to do some work with @MindCharity to tackle the mental health experiences…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲Happy Birthday to my dear friend Yasmin, my soul sister and an amazing God Mother to my daughter. This girl has sto…
You’re now looking at a BAFTA award nominated Assistant Producer... This is insane. A great team behind a one in…
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Everyday should be a catwalk.
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲THIS SATURDAY @ 9PM BST @SefKombo and I will be streaming LIVE from London 🙌🏿
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Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲It’s my job to educate my black child on what is going on in the world to people who look just like him & his famil…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @MsPiink Nahhhhhh looooooooool 🤣🤣🤣
@MsPiink Pam don’t start please 😅 @Miss_Anne_Marie Thank you boo 😘 @Miss_Anne_Marie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just need to pluck up the courage to actually @ him!! @SlimTing_Tee So I decided to Google Big Tobz, everyday you send him greetings and am here to say I understand sis 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @DVLAgovuk hi is the website down? I’ve been trying to tax my vehicle for the last 2 hours and it keeps crashing wh… are nuts, one protest for black live matters in London and now they concerned about the pandemic...mfs were…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲🗣🗣🗣’t let anybody say today wasn’t peaceful everyone came prepared w/ masks, gloves and refreshments everyone was r…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲A story in 4 parts - I have time 😴
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @Eeshmatic Thank you xxxxx @MsPiink Can you get me one too please. I wanna be a bratz doll so bad 😅 @SefKombo @LeeLeeeee_ This is false. In our friendship all you do is hate on me. You are the only hater I have 😅Oh where abouts in Sydenham babe? felt this in my soul
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @LeeLeeeee_ @SefKombo He is my biggest opp I swear 😅 @SefKombo 😊 @consciouslY_GEE I lied I went corner shop and bought moscato 😅 @consciouslY_GEE Nah they are special bottles. You know I’m sentimental. @consciouslY_GEE When he’s my man I will rest ☺️Ngl with everything that’s going on, I feel everyone should know their rights when being stopped by the police:
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @MsPiink Same coz I will cry for days. Queen and slim had me fucked up for dayssssssI’ve only got champagne in the house but I’m saving it for Zems birthday. Gonna go M&S and buy cans. @LeeLeeeee_ did it again guys!! Loving my new flower box!! Slightly bigger then my Mother’s Day box (dunno who told…🥺🖤 haven’t seen them in 8 weeks
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲I hope Big Tobz has had a good morning and has eaten 🥰One year since our teams creative baby @TheEndsFestival was born! Can’t wait to give you guys good vibes next year…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲Saddest thing about Belly Mujinga is that she didn’t want to go to work. She didn’t want to be around crowds yet he…
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@timidphotos He really should’ve just stayed quiet lol @timidphotos Oh dear.... 🥴 @timidphotos What did he post? @Sshivonee Big facts. 🥰I think a lot of British ppl say ‘the UK isn’t as bad as the US’ because black history is not taught in schools. Th…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @Sshivonee I spent the whole year pregnant Kmt @MsPiink You’ve been hooked!! @MsPiink I’ve binged all of season 1 about to start season 2 lolHi @HollisterCo @HollisterCoHelp one of your employees Jack McGill seems to think mocking the tragic death of Georg…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @nineteen90s_ She’s a jackass loooool @nineteen90s_ 🥴Hi @McDonaldsUK, one of your employees Adam Wilkinson seems to think mocking the tragic death of George Floyd who w…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @MsPiink I am so enjoyingggggggg it lol @Mukany1 I bought weights. I’m getting rid ASAPMay John Boyega’s bag never lack and may his roles continue to increase IJN
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @MsPiink loooooooool @DiegoDan5o Ok I’m gonna try @Mirembe__ Loooool it’s ruining cute pictures. Has to goooo @Pinero_SCN You don’t get it @LouWezz @Sshivonee I promise what I’m saying makes sense @Mirembe__ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 plis @Sshivonee But my tweet makes sense now!! 🤣🤣 @Sshivonee I’m gonna DM you a picture and you’ll understand 🤣🤣🤣 @MrMeeds Looooooooool @_JonnyTech LoooooooolIf I lose weight will my armpit vagina disappear? Or is lipo the only way? @MsPiink All is well 🙏🏾 @MsPiink Hi Pam. This better not be about me. Thanks in advance. 😘You’ve asked... so you’ll get Coming to a Youtube screen near you..
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @LeeLeeeee_ Lol fair enough @Patrickcgeorgex @MsPiink 😅😭 @Patrickcgeorgex @MsPiink Prosecco and rum 😭😭😭 @LeeLeeeee_ When have I ever been on Kumbya shit loooooool fling bokkle afta dem man deh. @MsPiink My headddddd @LeeLeeeee_ Didn’t even need this confirmation but trust me I would be rioting.
@GSwagsta 🙏🏾 @GSwagsta Ahhhh that’s horrible. I saw the helicopter. The kids need to go home tho.Like where are the parents?? It come like peoples day coz the amount of kids is silly. I don’t understand.The whole of Sydenham is locked off. Teenagers everywhere. Wtfseh mi pussy clean seh mi pussy phat
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲 @consciouslY_GEE But the ppl in my house don’t count @consciouslY_GEE Well Boris said I can have 6 guests from next week soooo.....I’m no longer on strike. Cleaned my bbq. Jet washed the garden furniture and my tiny patio area. I’m ready.💷💷💷 people are really gonna riot over here and act up then please direct that at police stations and Kati3 H0pkins only.Estée Lauder have 20% off and free delivery 👌🏾
Until there’s a foot on your head’ve deffo had better days than today. It’s like the universe knew. My dad turned up on my doorstep (on his daily e… @consciouslY_GEE The energy was needed @kayseeya_ And drive at 15mph @consciouslY_GEE Nah man @Sshivonee Do you know how much money 31million views is in pound sterling!!? Zem is putting money in their pockets… boy is all over the national TV screens from today re our @AskNationwide Ad! An early birthday present!⁣ I cap…
Retweeted by Tiny 🇯🇲Zem has discovered That Girl LayLay and Zaza. She is driving me mad. One video has 31m views, I told Zem to look at… @Aish_81 My grandad used to call ppl like that haunted. “Yuh haunted? Sidung man and cool nuh!!”Some of you are really mad and come on to Beyoncé’s internet to embarrass yourselves daily and I really feel sorry fi unnuh. @IheartJessieJet @Daniel_Soff The options are a mess 🤣🤣🤣
@Ren0MethzDAP Seems like the right choice to me 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️ @Ren0MethzDAP Looooooool that’s the look I have too 😭😭😭😭Why are you allowed to be hurt & angry by that but we must always be thoughtful even though we see it happen to our…
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