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🍂🎃🦇💀👻 horror artist 🦷 He/him. Made Siren Head and others. Profile picture by @so_engery ! Rep'd by @VeroniKaboom for books / Josh Dove for film/tv

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@speederaserhead Everyone else is wrong and i’m the right one @speederaserhead Dolls is the winners choice hereDecember... 💀🌵
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@OakyDeer Love this. Love how the red circle tricks my eye into seeing it as a light corona🥩Tiny Leatherface🥩
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️NEWS: Unseen Horrors Loom in Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Season 8 ✨ More:
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @AFinalBoy Yes! Night Life!! Someone else who knows about Night Life!I love this! The button-eyes are a nice touch. @malm_ikea I can absolutely see that"sometimes terrible things happen quite naturally"A recommendation: The 1999 docudrama "Wisconsin Death Trip". It chronicles and recreates happenings in the small to…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @Perry_Ruh gonna buy thisHitting...really close to home here @MichaelTCisco Billy! What your mother and I must know, is... what did you do with the baaaaabyyyTonight’s reading @CodeDigitz @SantaDecides Rad @hottestsingles *lights doll on fire and is instantly likewise aflame, as I have tampered with the most wretched of magics* @joshlpaige Glad you enjoyed it, it only gets better!shoutout to the first time I’ve been in a building other than my apartment for more than ten minutes since March perfect story from @hastapura from “Beyond the Book of Eibon”! About two days left on our Kickstarter..…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @secondratesaint @TCAFshop It does!!Recommending some comics at @TCAFshop in my fleets / Instagram stories all today, in case that was something you were interested in! @beeeyouteaful Really very sorry to hear thatPLEASE READ AND PLEASE RETWEET‼️ After fighting for brain stroke, dad just passed away yesternight. And we are re…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @DiavoloUndying maybe the best creature design of all timeif it's a scary photo drawing just ignore steps 3-4artists, qrt with how you do art 1. idea 2. don't be bothered to sketch 3. block out background (usually black void… obsessed @nomadyura Oof, that sounds horrible! Glad you were okay in the long run! @Prpdod i'm very thankful i didn't get decapitated, obviouslyGot drunk at a birthday party and tobogganed down a snowy hill face-first into some old metal bleachers. I meant to… flames
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @draculavoice @beanytuesday @plentyofalcoves you fool @OmegaBlack1631 Absolutely and truly sorry @beanytuesday @plentyofalcoves The one problem with lake mungo is that when I talk about lake mungo it makes my bra… @beanytuesday @plentyofalcoves It’s one of the absolute best!they got a stranger than usual call one night about an endless hallway.. 🚫👻
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Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @Perry_Ruh @hot_jughead I have to see all of theseBLACK FRIDAY SALE OVER AT INPRNT! If yall want to show me some love *and* get some sweet prints to slap over all th…
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Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @jenn_woodall You are correct and you should say it// VISITATION //
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @bogboogie Yes please, I wantDoorwarden of the Church of the Metamorphosis. Guards the sacred sites, and extremely lethal. #conceptart
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️my horror aesthetic: Scary Falcor in TOBACCO's Babysitter video
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) Special Effects Directed by Shinji Higuchi SFX Cinematography by Hiroshi K…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️🧛‍♀️ Brand new: GHOULS by @jenn_woodall 👻
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️GHOULS is in stock at Silver Sprocket! @ssbcpunk 4 colour risograph printed zine, limited quantities! If you missed…
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1650: this is my cereal ------- Support my work on Patreon:
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️I really really love @kuru731 s illustration work! They also run Dream Market which happened twice this year alread…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️My friend @ARFranklinstein makes illustrations + comics + COOL STUFF!! I have the risograph print and it's so beaut…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Here are some other artists you can support who make incredible stuff: My friend @0h_musterni runs 13th Press and m…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️conjured flames y'all, support small businesses and artists this Black Friday! There are so many incredible artists online sell…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Shatteringly proud to have a four-part serial with @Rebel_Loo and @HassanOE in this fine periodical.
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @plastiboo's a great store, if you're in Toronto and looking for comics for gifts or for yourself, they're currently doing curbside pick-up!I've been invited to come by my favourite comic shop in Toronto, @TCAFshop, and (safely, socially-distanced, masked… #FolkHorror classic Viy finally coming to Blu-ray, this is going to be an essential purchase
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Week 3 - Midnight feast #drawtobermidnightfeast #drawtober2020
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Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @GLKnight83 @ArrowFilmsVideo @VinegarSyndrome @SeverinFilms @synapsefilms @MassacreVideo Oh totally!It’s be incredible if @ArrowFilmsVideo or @VinegarSyndrome looked into releasing a pristine version of Spider Labyr… @kelseysshorts Love this so much!ghosts? sure. nobody said anything about puzzles though 🚫👻
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Had to take advantage of the @VinegarSyndrome sale! Ended up grabbing three gory slasher / zombie films from direct… for blood. I started this in early October and it turned into #slowvember but whatever it's done and I'm happy…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Made some new shirts! Right now they're on sale on teepublic for the next couple of days!
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @angrycomics Aickman!!Xevion D'Nulvecc - "The Hidden Dungeon of Eufrolith" #illustration
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@lentilstew honestly sounds great @VIDEO1_ My copy with that beauty of a cover is currently in the mail to meThe movies are The Church, Inferno, City of the Living Dead (Gates of Hell) and Black Sabbath! @lentilstew me: give me the shirtthat feel when i mysteriously go missing while documenting a sinister series of interconnected supernatural events… about Italian horror. Unmatched vibes @Coelasquid Right!? @samu3lk i love movies that somehow just keep making everything more horrible. Crawl did a great job of that! @samu3lk No, but i need to see that now!! @samu3lk Absolutely!It's on Shudder!Watched "Porno" (2019) and found it to be a really charming horror comedy. Characters i liked and some fun gore, to… @Perry_Ruh @Psychic_Driving YES @leslekieuart What if...I did thisFILE RECOVERED: mandelbrot's_leak_XX5 Date: 23/Jul/2006 When the MV Cougar Ace transport ship capsized, an unidenti…
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Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️In the last days of summer, wait at the break in the bushes where the old road leaves town limits. Close your eyes…
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Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️Hey y'all, today I'm doing some reviews in my instagram stories to promote a local business near and dear to my hea…
Retweeted by 👁️Trevor👁️ @zeframmann Miracle Mile!My parent’s place isn’t haunted. M̶y̵ ̵p̷a̸r̵e̷n̶t̵’̷s̷ ̴p̴l̵a̵c̷e̴ ̶i̴s̷n̴’̶t̶ ̵h̷a̵u̶n̶t̴e̷d̴.̵ ̶. M̵͓̐̋y̵̱̑ ̴̖͌…
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