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There's no crying in baseball!

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Dear Politicians and Hollywood ... Ghislaine Maxwell is singing like Elvis right now. Sleep well tonight.
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@margehehnly @deeredley @catskinner78 @MrAndyNgo It was I stand corrected. @drdsokol34 @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Ok so I’m from half of the landmass of the country and… @mlarmstrong25 You people=liberals. Not opening my eyes when asked a question? You should take a deep breath and just stop. @mlarmstrong25 @RichardSchramm5 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 No maybe they should stop voting in the same peopl… @mlarmstrong25 Because you know what exactly? You scream bigotry when you can no longer say anything relevant. @mlarmstrong25 @DirkFunk11 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Your lack of anything to add to the discussion is your downfall. @mlarmstrong25 @DirkFunk11 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 @mlarmstrong25 Oh no. The liberal has turned to attack. Calling people names. Straight from your playbook. Let the adults talk. @mlarmstrong25 @DirkFunk11 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Simple. A success story. Proves everyone has the opport… @mlarmstrong25 I keep responding to you’re uneducated drivel. If this is the culmination of your knowledge go back… @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Tell that to Dr. Ben Carson. Who fits your narrative I… @mlarmstrong25 I don’t feel like becoming less knowledgeable by being taught by you. @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Does the kid raised by the single mom have anything tha… @mlarmstrong25 @JamesSa96983455 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 You have failed in every attempt to prove your poi… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Because you know me so well....Bye Karen. @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Prove me wrong @DirkFunk11 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 So the professor is incorrect?! LMAO. @mlarmstrong25 @JamesSa96983455 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Wow you know what I know and don’t know? I suggest you take your ow… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 My privilege is that I made something of myself and didn’t sit on m… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Stay in your CNN bubble and let the adults take care of this countr… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Sorry don’t need to be taught by a lazy privileged person who only… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 While I respect your opinion, not providing any evidence of your po… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 You actually haven’t posted anything to help your argument. Keyboard warrior. @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Totally agree with this statement but it seems that if you don’t agre… @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 I would agree but it seems both sides are not getting to speak only one side is. @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Sorry but studies and legitimate research show I am absolutely corr… @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Sounds great. But tearing down all the good work is not how to go about it. @Nettie9 @catskinner78 @MrAndyNgo Liberal policies don’t work. @margehehnly @deeredley @catskinner78 @MrAndyNgo It wasn’t closed. @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 In the USA everyone has the same opportunity. Sorry it doesn’t fit your narrative. @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 I guess I shouldn’t have offered my opinion. @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Ok I lived in Japan don’t think it is better than USA, Never been to… @spicyxnacho @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Ok tell me where, in your travels you find it better. I could care le… @mlarmstrong25 @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 You think so?! Just go visit the rest of the world and you will fin… @drdsokol34 @KenFX4 @Kaepernick7 Other than living in the best country in the world
@RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Please bring it bitch. @Ponderthis9 @ABC ^this message paid by George Soros @TeaPotUSA @PauleyTeeks Yesssss!!!!!You’re skipping Independence Day because the government told you too. Think about that. Sheep.
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @andernsghost @maryyclaaire P.S. Lakota migrated from the Lower Mississippi and when they arrived at the Northern r…
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @AnneMarieRisavy @POTUS @FOXTV How about Biden’s crowds😂😂😂😂 @pmatsey @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Douchebag. @pmatsey @irene_ashker Hoping for an earthquake to take all those idiot protestors straight to hell.
@ArtyThorn @marklevinshow The team is named after a Senator you idiot.
All of this Crap that is happening is because we have a man in the White House that wants to do something for the A…
Retweeted by Stephen LindgrenDid you know: Seven elected Democrats have been charged or pled guilty to charges of corruption or fraud in the pa…
Retweeted by Stephen LindgrenSAD! Republican @RepDustyJohnson asked for a vote to show that Congress supports the celebration of the Fourth of J…
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@RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan I should expect nothing less from your kind. Liberalism is a disease. @patrickmkcirtap @charliekirk11 @Harvard Glad you know everyone. Glad you know the “code”. Jeez, get out of the bas… @RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Catholic?! Thou shall not kill. Could really care l… Stadium and surrounding area, 1923. A few weeks before it opened. #Yankees
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @THEBIGGRUNT1 @SenTedCruz @EPA Pelosi is saving space in her dinghy for liberal pawns like you. @THEBIGGRUNT1 @HouseGOP @RepSamGraves 4 more years! @DianebeatTR2020 @SenTedCruz Yes please law and order. Put those treasonous Democrats in jail! @RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Amused at your lack of any valid substance. I’m fin… @RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Your 100 level interpretation amuses me.
In 2015, the co-founder of BLM inc. said they are "trained Marxists" In 2020, BLM is defacing statues of George Wa…
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan You don’t know who I support or my thoughts on anyt… want big government to run your life, but they can't even run a committee. Speaker Pelosi's House of Repr…
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @grimmrad @archerenemy @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Nope but nice try. You on the other hand want to kill unborn ch… @RunawayRon @archerenemy @grimmrad @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan Wow, at least I don’t support killing babies. @AnitaSanePOTUS @onlytruthhere @Jim_Jordan Proof? The NYT article? Unsubstantiated. @krupali @HoarseWisperer And Dr. Fauci. @JackPosobiec Slowed down and zoomed in video.
Retweeted by Stephen LindgrenHouse Democrats just introduced a resolution to impeach the Attorney General. Are you kidding me? Bill Barr is…
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @onlytruthhere @Jim_Jordan I guess that’s why the Democrat leaders all have children on Ukrainian oil boards. @country_gigi @Jim_Jordan I’m concerned about Democrats killing more babies thru abortion. @grimmrad @archerenemy @_ReaalAmerican_ @Jim_Jordan And it is Democrats that murder babies at a much higher rateHouse Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Chinese Cyberattacks @FDRLST
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @Ronbo2020 @PatrioticBrat @DeborahDitkows1 @RepJimBanks @MarkMeadows @nytimes @realDonaldTrump Got what bad? Common sense?! @Ronbo2020 @PatrioticBrat @DeborahDitkows1 @RepJimBanks @MarkMeadows @nytimes @realDonaldTrump Liberalism is a disease @mailer_daemon7 @brucefenton Just wondering why they broke into a private gated community? @block_pain @brucefenton This is not AustraliaIt’s amazing to watch the coverage of the surge in COVID-19 cases and see absolutely no mentions of protests as a c…
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@jaianamarie @HKrassenstein @BarackObama No. @DayeElma @JTmor @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump You’re wrong🙂 @Brimarsland @DayeElma @JTmor @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump No we didn’t. Even after all this Democrat bs we are st… @DayeElma @JTmor @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump Nope don’t believe everything that comes out of anyone’s mouth. I re… @DayeElma @JTmor @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump How many more people on welfare?😂😂😂😂 @HKrassenstein @BarackObama No we don’t. You must just like gun dealing Presidents who allow cartels to put bountie… @CKMwrites @ICECOLE_YT @Ninja No you’re not. Bless your heart @Ninja In Denmark we don't wear masks. Reason is, that there is no evidence that they work. We have almost no sick…
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @CKMwrites @ICECOLE_YT @Ninja The mask is not intended to be worn for that long sweetie. @MandaGator @RepSwalwell @realDonaldTrump You mean Democrats? @lora_loramonroe @chibio @DavePerrino @RepSwalwell @DanCrenshawTX No you are a coward for attacking someone from behind a keyboard.
@cynthia_drake @CNN Liberalism is a disease.
White Sox release the following 5 players: Matt Skole Caleb Frare Ramon Torres Matt Tomshaw Zach Putnam
Retweeted by Stephen Lindgren @Mzbluerapdiva @FearThisAndThat @SenTedCruz No. It’s because you cannot. @FearThisAndThat @SenTedCruz You maybe that small minded but the rest of us are not. I believe that one man committed a bad act on his own. @rebelledeb @GoddessSoftware @Florence2220 @JoeBiden Except Killary! @Calibamawife @clarkd5 @Florence2220 @JoeBiden You are part of the problem. @dtcdabbs @duquavious @KPeeler17 @PDawg2017 @RadioWyatt @NCAA @SEC @UGAAthletics Liberal Congress is trying to do a… @Mzbluerapdiva @FearThisAndThat @SenTedCruz Ok can you explain that to me. Facts not opinions plz. @PeterAlexander Amazing none died of anything but COVID-19.No one should forget that NY has one of the highest death rates on EARTH, and the media thinks Cuomo did a great job.
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