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the extent of my nov-dec holiday-ing is making cookies, because that’s all you need 🍪😤
juubiruka - iruka won't let jinchuuriki nonsense keep him from work
Retweeted by sloaners a stream inspired wholly by 1960s lifestyle illustrations! (kakaobiyama)soft ninjas being soft god, it's back
Retweeted by sloaners @uintuva TUVA WE HAVE TO MAKE SO MANY VIDEOS!!CSP timelapse???? OH...... BEAUTIFUL OF THEM......, got seven videos now scheduled through to dec 3rd (skipping nov 26); exciting! (:supernatural crashing tumblr even from beyond the grave of the last episode; thank you for this gift, spanish dubjuubiruka - iruka won't let jinchuuriki nonsense keep him from work come watch a truly cursed time in stream history!oh god, it's back stream on thursday but I have a backlog of [checks notes] FOURTEEN videos to upload to youtube! so I'm going to… that was so much fun!! here's the art file for $1 patrons.... we made so many juubi jinchuuriki, hee hee >:3c !
subscribers/patrons hmu for first dibs on requests!gonna draw all juubi jinchuurki tonight on stream just because I CANkakaobirin - it's juurin hours!!
Retweeted by sloanerskakaobirin - it's juurin hours!!
juukashi and juubito double date!! (RIP earth) (1/2)
Retweeted by sloanersjuukashi and juubito double date!! (RIP earth) (2/2) and juubito double date!! (RIP earth) (1/2)
@panicbombbby that’s some good Brain Statusopen for a surprise >:3
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open for a surprise >:3 ridiculous 5 minute naruto sprints
ahshshsjs technical issues but I think they are fixed! stream time!! I'll be working on my button of the month design!the nap mountain
the dangerous games I playlive stream in an hour! but first... a napLOOK AT THEM!! amongst the chess-nerd echelon, these three are the best team-up; fite me (pls don't fite me) @bagofsharks ....u rite.....IN SILLIER THOUGHTS: Matt and Mike are literally Izumo and Kotetsu, and no one can tell me otherwise ajsakhsdjaafter crashing 3 hours, and in the light of the day, I have more complicated feelings about this show in some respe… was.... really sports anime like everyone said. amazing......I'm only 3 episodes in.... I'm going to perish, this is so goodThe Queen's Gambit is immediately ruining my life and sleep schedule it's worth it @MagnusTesla and her nasal pathways
the face of a creature who sneezed directly in both of my eyeballs today - Tenfabio and Juubifer
Retweeted by sloaners @uintuva YESSSSSSSS @sloanersloane xD did my version with kakatobi (obvs)
Retweeted by sloanersTenfabio fans will adore the latest in I’m Helping!™️ Series: The Tender Tale of Princess Juubifer! (based on thi… - Tenfabio and Juubifer come hang out!!live stream in 30!!💪
you WISH you were her @SvetaKiro no worries!!!! I posted these on at a late time of the day, and I already knew you liked it so it’s ALL GOOD!! ❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡💞💞💕💗💖💖💓💖
2020 my bathroom sprung a leak, so consider a ko-fi from me? 😅 ko-fi gifted to slowkage on tumblr!! ;3
the burnt croissant
25 minute pin-up sprint - juubito and, uh, friend
not pictured: isshin wearing a prop magneto helmet. also not pictured: tobirama being the best and worst step-dad e…
Retweeted by sloanersbaby is that ur certificate of deposit, because u have my interest
Retweeted by sloaners @mishrooms my finest work to datea tobirama/isshin ko-fi sketch for the genius keepyourpantsongohan!! pictured: isshin wearing a prop magneto helmet. also not pictured: tobirama being the best and worst step-dad e… kakatobi magic AU ko-fi sketch for the effervescent @uintuva !! it’s fine; you won’t even notice she’s there tobirama: right..... kakuju ko-fi sketch for the delightful @SvetaKiro !! is that ur certificate of deposit, because u have my interest now live!! it's a WHOLE LOTTA TOBIRAMAlive stream in an hour yay!!!!
a ko-fi request for octogator! to eye - tobiizu ko-fi request sketch for @ayakmaronn ! my hands - madatobi
@SkySkySky2772 haha! @MoistFeesh remember me fondly as you shitpost with it 😂😂btw I edited this obito to add all the glitter and blush from a friend’s screencap edit; an excellent use of 5 minutes dhdjdjsjsksme, using my phone’s fancy camera features exclusively for my cat?? haha, of course not,,,,,⬇️ Plus, relying on the uniqueness of your work (instead of low bids that won't even give you a living wage) is…
Retweeted by sloanersstep 2) post cats to survive twitter dot com step 1) have an unexpected vet trip tomo morning cos my kitten has hurt her eye. She is not yet insured, + between her +…
Retweeted by sloaners @MoistFeesh strike a pose!!Minato found a leetle frog and adopted him, how nice!!!
Retweeted by sloanersIt’s classic Ootsutsuki antics, get used to it Tobirama
Retweeted by sloanersa ko-fi drawing for keepyourpantsongohan! found a leetle frog and adopted him, how nice!!! @berry_doodles gorgeous!!! now live!!live stream in 15 minutes!
snowy days are here, stay warm comic commission for the wonderful @uintuva ! the prompt was magic AU + ootsutsuki! kakashi AUIt’s classic Ootsutsuki antics, get used to it Tobirama @MissPoik oh I LOVE ITThere he is!! My special little guy: the most delightfully ugly and impractical frog mug on the planet
working on stuff :D
gorgeous, effervescent; truly a magnificent little goblin, gonna go with this! been enjoying tuesdays over sundays a lot more for this ✌️ ahh the growing pains of live-… just seems to be working out better on tuesday with other things in my schedule 😅OKAY I might move streams from Sundays to Tuesdays for the time being....
experiencing the english dub voices for the very first time is frankly incrediblepour out a cold one for me folks, we’re starting Naruto rewatch at episode number fckin’ 1
a plus from recently buying a bigger phone: I can achieve psychic damage from this week with even MORE claritywow, congrats to iruka on becoming a father
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