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monke | 🇨🇳 16 she/her | VEN slinkies#toes | senti player for @TeamVendettaNA

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@VoltValorant omg no way and im plat i mean im radiant
.@Subroza said 10k, make it happen valorant community
Retweeted by slinkiesare u the golden gun because all it took was one shot for me to fall @GcxxiVAL red is the best color @JellybeanPP @xodennii @ramdinodiana @hvnniez @ItsTumbelina @Bradyhash @GunzTar_ wtfim outta my slump 🙏🙏 @ChojinFPS PLATS AND A GOLD LMFAO @s3xylatin0 omg thanks bestieduality of me i guess
@CozyValorant my teammates are hot as fuckmy teammates r better than urs @dlrmattic OH MY GOD THOSE R SO CUTE @zekeiVAL this kid valid
@nateschanker @johnnypulatie i love valorant because its led me to meet the most amazing people ever and some of my closest friends.3X VALORANT RIOT GUNBUDDY GIVEAWAY! Rules: - Like and Retweet - Tell us why you love VALORANT - Follow…
Retweeted by slinkies @qqKaido boost me 🙏🙏🙏😫😫😫😫😫😩😩🙏🙏🙏 @vezsk hmthe feminine urge to say all good and ghost everyone @FlipzyFN but nooooooo NEW TIK TOK OUT IM PROUD OF DIS PLZ GO LIKE SMILEok nvm i dont want the karambit
@badcuzpad @daonlydagger @dlrmatticTime for another one! VALORANT CHAMPIONS BUNDLE GIVEAWAY👑 #VALORANT To enter: 1⃣ Follow @badcuzpad 2⃣ Like & Ret…
Retweeted by slinkies @GcxxiVAL @daonlydagger YUH FR LIKE IM TRYNA BE COOL TOO MAN @daonlydagger thats not even a factor i care about they got enough bag 🙄✋ LOL @daonlydagger i hate the animation but it looks kewl and id regret it if i didnt buy itok i kinda want the karambitSumikkogurashi cookies by zun_ko_0910
Retweeted by slinkiesmy coach btw @kuzoyaro_ @typohfps NICEoverthinking is just predicting the future
Retweeted by slinkiesscrims clutch
@dlrmattic the funny skin that dagger put in valorant chat and joshy said it was cooli tweet this but when it comes out im gonna want it watch LMAO opinion: i dont like the karambit xd @nateschanker @jjjoshy_ @daonlydaggerCHAMPIONS VALORANT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY! Rules: - Like and Retweet - Tag 2 friends - Follow @nateschanker Announcing 12…
Retweeted by slinkies @kuzoyaro_ ??? @daonlydagger wait thats me @TheNicJin @JellybeanPP YEAH WHAT IM SAYING BRUH @JellybeanPP u love meare all VALORANT players depressed
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@Ino_VAL hola por favor @ChojinFPS i posted my face before trojan @Yumifps secsy @yueyings_ @Hyprwastaken women supremacy ^-^Gamer boys really ain't shit
Retweeted by slinkiesInspirational quote of the day: "Yeah that spot sucks, but it's going to suck a lot more when we are spectating."…
Retweeted by slinkies"women are evil and do not deserve respect" @kuzoyaro_
how do i get out of a slump, like do i just only scrim and then not play the rest of the day or whateverbrynn and i are actually just better @AyoTater with who.i am so fucking dogshit at valorant what happened to me bruh
@GcxxiVAL that furst clip was outta pocket @Katunimo_ LMAOOOO FHSKFHSJF @Katunimo_ wut LMAOi had chicken for lunch B)
Sometimes Valorant just bends you over and spanks you
Retweeted by slinkies @AOkairi_ daughter. what.
Retweeted by slinkies @dlrmattic I GOT YO BRAIN TOO @Yumifps fire fitLETS FUCKING GOO I GOT 30/31 ON MY SPANISH TEST @dlrmattic @AOkairi_ ALL KAYO ALL KAYO @dlrmattic @AOkairi_ GAMER GENE2v4 with @AOkairi_ @Yumifps LMFAOOOOO so fucking funny
Retweeted by slinkies @CozyValorant fit the criteria and it would solve all my issues so uhm not really xd @CozyValorant that doesnt fit either category nor does it solve my problem xd @tuzi_ii excuse spill thanksdiamond egrills hmu thanksstorytime: how i got my new pc
Retweeted by slinkiesbrynn you are so useless☝️
Retweeted by slinkiesWHY @zekkenVAL called me the clutch master in VALORANT! :0 ❤️+♻️ full video HD🔗-
Retweeted by slinkiesIt’s not easy being the Valorant player with the biggest ego
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@dlrmattic it went off right as school started xd12th fire alarm this year <3 but I try my best🤣🤣🤣#MyLeagueLook #valorant
Retweeted by slinkies @ramdinodiana we’re cool @Yumifps @cloudyerin_ we’re the same person @Yumifps ITS AMAZING @cloudyerin_ ohhhh one our side they were all explaining to the omen who u were LMAO @cloudyerin_ ??? they said kyro was ur friend??? @cloudyerin_ LMAOOOOO I MEAN U TOP FRAGGED JUST UNLUCK wumbo kinda went off BUT LIKE NAH MY FRIENDS QUEUED AND I WA… @cloudyerin_ ur cracked tho @rodentboii @Yumifps it shanks. @kuzoyaro_ @Yumifps @ohMegan hey bro i just met you last week manalways saying shorty diff but i just wanna be his shorty @SOF3D me like last friday @AOkairi_ SHIFHS THANK U DAUGHTER @cloudyerin_ gngn u went against my friend today o.ostr8 up look like a rat but i lub my blanket hoodie @qqKaido yes B) @_Od26 fr id be rad @qqKaido its my teammates arm 💀 @JellybeanPP brynns wrist LMAOO @SOF3D THATS MY TEAMMATE LMAO i asked to see her cat LOLthoughts on my discord banner?