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Leah Roehn☠️ @Sloobles Pittsburgh, PA

She/her ✨ Sometimes an artist @leahroehnart and sometimes a writer but this is a special place exclusively for stupid

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coming out to the kid i babysit
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @beardswin The biggest compliment I could get is that you think I’m so well rounded lol✌🏻😌This is a test and if I get any wrong answers Mr. Twitter will ban you for life @beardswin Purple n pink!!!
@konjak That’s his full nameAre ppl still doing the pet vs what you named them after thing? @LuxieGames Yeah I used to work at one and i still have some deep rooted trauma from the stupid fucking coupons. My…“THIS IS CANCEL CULTURE” I shout as my debit card is declined at Wendy’s for the 3rd time this week
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @konjak For specific movies I just google it and usually it says what streaming platforms they’re on ur bored at work just draw one of your emotional support men and mine is Robb Stark @sarahnicoleryer Gamer girls are over partyOne of my friends was a water polo girl and she was telling me about the time she tried on a shirt in a forever 21… in high school I’d fall on my knees and plead with god to tell me why he made the girls on the water polo… @AlliCatCosplay Ahhhhhhh 💕😍 @strangenocturne They got a side profile for the goddesses 😌✌🏻From a little nose person I think big noses are super cute and your profiles are incredible 😭💕🔥 @quodiejones I wish we had the same consoles so we could team up bc I’ve played through world a few times so I coul… @quodiejones Yessss I had like all of the ds games growing up and during quarantine I’ve been staying busy by playi… Dead 2 was a VERY close second. I just love me an open world game
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @CMRabbitt96 I’ll probably still be here @CMRabbitt96 Pennsylvania babeyyyyy 😎 @CMRabbitt96 I need a customer to walk in to remind me that I’m still alive @CMRabbitt96 Look at us, doing our work then going completely comatose staring at the wall until 5I made the mistake of getting everything I needed to get done today done within an hour of being at work whats everyone else up to @yourdavestrash No but it was a little much when you fractured 3 of my ribs, stole my car, and framed me for arson 😔
If these creators are going to cry about how they’re a “victim of cancel culture” instead of idk seeing the consequ…’s not your responsibility to make these people rich and it’s certainly your right to call it quits if they say s… that you don’t owe creators/authors/musicians/actors/whoever ANYTHING. If they hurt you you have every rig…
Same vibe as Lay All Your Love On Me in Mama Mia huh*Take Me to the Pilot comes on while I’m at work* Me: *zones out thinking about THAT scene in Rocketman* @AlliCatCosplay I’m glad there’s an audience for raw shrimp girls like me 😌💕
here’s a thread of black owned businesses for anyone looking to decorate their rooms with black owned items:
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️Disinvestment in Black communities has forced Black businesses to disperse so Black people have to travel to suppor…
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️Not me having patchy foundation because my uncooked-shrimp-skin-toned face got burnt and peely 🍤 @KiraDreamchaser @beardswin Transphobes will fail 10th grade biology and then lecture people on twitter about x and Y chromosomes @CosmonautMarcus To everyone saying “just let it go and move on” or “have a good faith conversation in private” nah… @beardswin Unfortunately you might be rightEnglish🇺🇸: native speaker German🇩🇪: fluent Polish🇵🇱: proficient Japanese🇯🇵: little bit (post divorce my mom, my sis… know I didn’t just see people saying that their transphobia is “just science 😝” like I know y’all can’t be that stupidMe listening to artists who give me that catholic guilt but make it sexy feel hits different at 2:30 am
@strangenocturne Incense and pine trees definitelyI’m sorry. I’m done. It’s painful as fuck to sign on to Twitter and have the author of the most important series of…
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @Sphynxian The Winter Soldier is always a good look
@Kellieherring @armiehammer Olive oil has such a low smoke point tho I like to make my demon stir fry with soybean… @armiehammer Was it like Eucalyptus oil or did she just grab some cooking oil from the pantry? Also If you’re runni… is the one
1776? More like seventeen seventy shit am I right
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️If I had a body like that I would too what are these replies even saying @konjak Thanks K 💕☺️ @TupelosHoney haven’t had short hair in years I haven’t felt so confident ever
@AlliCatCosplay The meeting for the bisexual bob committee will now commenceBefore//After 💋 @EmLovesZelda If there’s a door they simply just apparate through it 💁🏻‍♀️The door was closed how did he get in there @steph_harlowe Also worth mentioning is the fact that those fictional characters are written to be bad people and t… @strangenocturne You look so good with short hair I love it @strangenocturne I don’t think Ms round face Roehn can pull off boyshort hairstyles but I would love to 😭 @actionCancel Time to pluck my eyelashes 👁👌🏻 @strangenocturne The bisexual bob with some long bangs so I don’t look like the pillsbury dough boy when I pull my hair back @actionCancel I’m shaving my eyebrows too NO HAIR ALLOWED @strangenocturne I wish I had the confidence 😣 @AlliCatCosplay What if 🤔 we kissed 💋😘 in a bear corpse😵🐻 in a burning building🔥🥵 in Sweden 🇸🇪😳☺️Tomorrow my hair is gonna be GONE I am so excited @beardswin I love his lil raccoon tail
@beardswin GUTS!!!!!!Blue Öyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️Jurassic World (2015)
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️WHO DID THIS.
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @_randomhajile He patted himself on the back and made himself some mayo on wonder bread after this huhCommission for @MrFooWasHere Thank you for trusting me!
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @KiraDreamchaser I went on a binge watch of her acoustic covers on her ig tv and i now have a reason to live @TheBlackNerd *sigh* I should call her...These corporate statements are getting out of hand
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Also lol @ the ppl who are asking why it isn’t sun damagedMount Washington never disappoints would die for Hayley Williams send tweetOne of my longtime friends doesn’t talk to me anymore bc one time I commented on one of his ig pics and his girlfri… @strangenocturne If I choose to die on a hill and my last words are “fuck the snowflakes” hit that white people extinction button @konjak After spending 1 1/2 hours trying to tape/ glue them together I’m very close to doing thatThese frames were discontinued so until my new ones come in I am legally blind ✌🏻 absolutely agree with him. Every year stunt performers put their bodies on the line to achieve cinematic greatnes…
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️ @actionCancel @actionCancel I was cleaning them in the gentlest way possible and they just went *snap*So right now the LGBT+ community in Poland is fighting for their right to live in peace and are being met with viol…
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️My night is going great don’t worry about it I’m fine🤪
@shamshandwich So long story short I cannot watch that movie again without reliving that experience @shamshandwich When I was in 10th grade we had to pick a book to write a paper on and I chose that one. When I turn… @TupelosHoney @konjak Oh, to hug the Swedish basement teddy bear @konjak With this knowledge I can in good conscience give this movie a perfect 10/10 @konjak Did they let you keep the bear? @MalEffficent We’re living our best bi lives 💕 @actionCancel Youre right but I set the bar so low and yet they still can’t get over it 😔Nothing I love more than a bunch of grown ass rich morons fighting like childrenSince #Pennsyltucky is trending i'd like to remind everyone that PA was not a part of the Confederacy and waving t…
Retweeted by Leah Roehn☠️.. / --- -. .-.. -.-- / ... .--. . .- -.- / .. -. / -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . know.... like hot wings? big youtubers PLEASE stop acting like complete fucking psychopaths for like 2 seconds