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horror/b-movie addict, spaghetti taco enthusiast, former failed film critic #MutantFam

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@kino_moth I can’t get behind cold coffee. It’s spozed to be hot, demmit! @FreddsCorner @Walmart
@wanttobeleavin Quesadillas @dastardlyboi @houseofchaos18 @ThePopDarling @silly_boots Shouldn’t they be spending Christmas with their families tho? @silly_boots You can’t be a blankiemonster in da summer! @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin Hard to set it on fire when I mostly just use the microwave. @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin I do that too @ThePopDarling Ok. Now I have to watch @MrBlindPenguin @MrBlindPenguin What if she cooks better than me tho?I’m sat here wondering if the upcoming Laid-Back Camp movie will jump ahead to next winter or if Rin and Nadeshiko… kinda wanna watch that Paris Hilton cooking show but I know I’ll feel gross afterwards @Mynvmeismynvme_ @ShayRaeInGame Shay watches different anime than Sloth morning, tweeps! #NoodleThursday @silly_boots There isn’t a new season scheduled but there is a movie coming out next year!I am sad that my camping cartoon is over but I have found a new super-relaxing show called Mushi-Shi so I will surv…
Good morning, tweeps! #NoodleWednesday @cordisbored The eye contact is an essential part of my process. @kino_moth That looks delicious!
@MASKEDMANIACXXX It’s a solid 5 @silly_boots @ThePopDarling Darn tootin’! @silly_boots @ThePopDarling No s’mores if you don’t eat your tofu, Boots-chan! @silly_boots @ThePopDarling But it’s covered in curry sauce! @silly_boots @ThePopDarling Meat tastes best when cooked on the world’s smallest collapsible grill. @jessicagnarly Why would they suspend the crew?! @ThePopDarling @silly_boots @silly_boots @ThePopDarling All the food looks delicious. I wanna go winter camping just so I can eat hot pot! @silly_boots @ThePopDarling Time for Christmas camping! @ThePopDarling @silly_boots I’m four episodes into season 2. Will be finishing the show this evening. patiently waiting for @ThePopDarling and @silly_boots to catch up so we can chat about Laid-Back Camp @thegreygoose14 @hrrysgreysuit @thegreygoose14 @hrrysgreysuit Memes are spozed to be funny, Cleos. @thegreygoose14 You can add pretty much anything you want to ramen. Veggies. Meats. An egg. There are no rules! @thegreygoose14 It’ll be worth it tho @thegreygoose14 Get some noodles, Cleos! Surely you have ramen in Canada. morning, tweeps! #NoodleTuesday @kino_moth He looks kinda grumpy, Moth. @kino_moth I think that furby eats better than I do @cordisbored You gotta up your game, Cord @JoshRHendricks @cinemassacre I can’t agree with his taste in beer but his videos on old Nintendo games are a lot o… @cordisbored I’ve been ready for quite some time now.
Today has been a very successful day. I convinced two tweeps who do not watch anime to check out Laid-Back Camp and… @Jason09151983 made French toast stix. started a new cartoon last night! It’s about cute girls achieving maximum comf by going on super-cozy camping tri… finished Ghost Hunt last nite. It’s a fun little show if you enjoy slow-burn atmospheric horror. Worth checking o… @Shorror_ @Jason09151983 You think the BBC knows about tacos?! @Shorror_ @Shorror_ @Jason09151983 @thegreygoose14 The cobbler is consumed! @mortuarygoblin Looks delicious! @HorrorSloth @pythonpatsy @joewittebrood saying how old you are, post two albums you enjoy listening to from your 13th year of life.…
@PapaJ_Torres @SpaceMonkey907 We all miss him @Jelinaangell It’s very easy to make and delicious to eat. @kino_moth It was good but it wasn’t big enough! cheese sammich peaches @thegreygoose14 That’s not how this dish is prepared, Cleos. Why are you trying to add extra steps? @thegreygoose14 fuck around and cobble some peaches @thegreygoose14 @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @thegreygoose14 @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin Hmmm... Boots says one. We got a mystery that needs solving!Good morning, tweeps! #NoodleSunday watched the first four files last night. The slow pace may be off-putting for some but Ghost Hunt is a lot of fun… @abhorrently_urs *sends Slothy vibes of sleep* @DrSteveBrule16
@silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @ThePopDarling @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin Sugar cookies don’t got chocolate either, Boots @caribelli Shrimp, tater tots and a roll @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @caribelli shouldn’t have to say this but... there’s no such thing as oak milk. It’s a lie cooked up by Big Oat to sell more… @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin I prefer oatmeal raisin @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin Rip-off @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin It says six pouches but how many cookies per pouch? @ThePopDarling @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin No one told me it was #PickOnSlothDay I wasn’t prepared for this! @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots Do cookies have fiber? @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin Throwing away cheese should be punishable by death @ThePopDarling @MrBlindPenguin @silly_boots @silly_boots @MrBlindPenguin I usually just eat the croutons and throw the rest away. @MrBlindPenguin Where the fuck are my croutons?!Google your name plus pulp book covers and see what happens! @joewittebrood This picture could really use a chicken or two. @ThePopDarling @silly_boots @ThePopDarling @silly_boots If I didn’t steal content, I would have no content at all @MrBlindPenguin We don’t eat rice very often.