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horror/b-movie addict, spaghetti taco enthusiast, former failed film critic #MutantFam

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@lofivampire @silly_boots That’s not ham! It’s Canadian bacon, demmit!I’m curious, what’re everyone’s top four films from the year they were born? here are mine! @JOHNCARPENTERNL Fairly young. These things don’t last long here in the Sloth Cave. @evil_toast916 It looks fixed to meLook what I found! Jabberwocky (1977) shipwrecked folx happen upon and board a haunted derelict Nazi torture vessel! It didn’t get as wild as I had… @lofivampire I know they had several seasons on Shout Factory tv (which is free!) a few years ago. I dunno if it’s… @lofivampire Power Rangers is fun stuff! Have you ever seen the original Japanese versions? @Spacemonkey907 @lofivampire Why would you do that to yourself?! @ecto_fun I would say yes. But I’m a sloth 🦥🦥🦥#NowWatching Death Ship (1980)
Not quite as good as the first film but a solid movie nonetheless. 🦥🦥🦥🦥 should prolly eat something besides mini-wheats at some point today @HollowEvePunkin Excellent picks! @lofivampire I haven’t seen any of those movies. @HorrorBloodyHo1 @Livingde4d_g1rl @Horrorguy85 @Josh2Gud4U When movies start getting shorterThere is no such thing as a “boneless wing”. That’s a chicken nugget, demmit! @HorrorNostalgia I prefer blueberry pie#NowWatching The Jewel of the Nile (1985) crew of astronauts on a long-term exploration of Mars come in contact with a funky space virus! Not terribly orig… @Livingde4d_g1rl accurately can you describe your personality using only two movie characters? The Last Days on Mars (2013) @DaveBThyName29 He did win an Oscar. Not so sure he should’ve tho.I dunno about this one. The case at the center of the story doesn’t seem significant enough to drag Mulder out of r… @ContraVir I hate when they riff good movies!#NowWatching The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008) couldn’t get into this one. The music by Pino Donaggio was nice but otherwise... yawn. 🦥🦥 @lofivampire @ashleybee89 The raccoons are my favorite part @Randym575Martin I don’t think they’ll deliver in the next ten seconds. @thegreygoose14 It’s an issue, Cleos @TracedThurman Disqus has always been a shitshow @blazebabe42069, shit! I’m outta peanut M&M’s. Now what??? @Spacemonkey907 That’s the one that’s basically a feature-length ad for a designer weed strain, right? I guess it w… Passion (2012) 2nd unit director is tasked with completing a Barbarella-esque sci-fi movie when the original director is fired f… @Spacemonkey907 @lofivampire CQ (2001) @Spacemonkey907 Very disappointing. I have a very high tolerance for shit but this was hard to sit through.Nowhere near as sleazy as the advertising would suggest. I suppose some will be interested due to Carrie Fisher’s i… @lofivampire I prefer StarCrash @Mrjacobus @silly_boots @lofivampire I’m a bit of a contrarian @lofivampire Holy shit! It’s a pork-based pudding!’s with this formatting? Big black bar on the left. Leetle black bar on the right. @lofivampire @RachaelKHarper1 @cordisbored Weegee is bettar @lofivampire Hollywood Vice Squad (1986)
Not quite as great as the first one but a worthy sequel. I like that one of the villains is a little kid. And there… @Livingde4d_g1rl @Livingde4d_g1rl @Spacemonkey907 Apparently, this second one is directed by Mario Bava! RoboCop 2 (1990) Price stars as Dr. Goldfoot, a mad scientist with an army of bikini-clad sexbots at his disposal! Only Fran… @thegreygoose14 Oh, it’s lotza fun, Cleos! You should check it out! @ContraVir Five boxes with Xs in them! @Spacemonkey907 Yep! It’s an upper-tier rape/revenge flick. Plus, the rapist wears a hockey mask to conceal his ide… Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)’s a corny kung fu movie starring Cynthia Rothrock! Hooray! 🦥🦥🦥🦥🦥 @lofivampire @TommyDoyle47 Honor and Glory (1993) escaped mental patient kills a bunch of horny teens at a slumber party with a tiny leetle surgical scalpel! This… The Last Slumber Party (1988) for coffee and frosted mini-wheats!’nite! third film in the franchise sees Porky attempting to seek revenge for the destruction of his titty bar. Why is… @neff_goldblum Sorry. He’s taken. 🦥🦥🦥 @neff_goldblum @abhorrently_urs @heyitsrobbie Of course it’s bad. It’s a Christopher Nolan film! 🦥🦥🦥#NowWatching Porky’s Revenge! (1985) kid drives across the country collecting cards for a game called Motorama. A real weird-beard movie, man. Cool ca… @KatalinichKaren @high_lucid Yep. Kids are weird. @KatalinichKaren @high_lucid Yep! I think the kids call them “spoons”.#NowWatching Motorama (1991) Recommended by @cordisbored my favorite Rudy Ray Moore movie even tho this one is PG. Some very strange stuff here. Especially the endin… @ashleybee89 I’m not a dad. But that’s me! I hate seeing the lights on. @juda1313 That’s Bordello of Blood! @lofivampire Ummm... that’s a lot to ignore. @voldude4life Tim. The sloth community does not recognize the new Pennywise. @dexlectar @christi5927 @BDisgusting Troma isn’t making this movie. Legendary is. Fans will be disappointed. Everyo… @RachaelKHarper1 It would take me five years to get there! I am a sloth. 🦥🦥🦥 @HorrorNostalgia @silly_boots @RachaelKHarper1 Aww... I don’t have any horror themed eateries.😢 @silly_boots @HorrorNostalgia I don’t like Christopher Nolan. His movies are boring. @kylerhudson @cordisbored Mkay. Right now I’m watching Disco Gosfather and then I gotta eat some ribs. But I’ll give it a shot later tonite.#NowWatching Disco Godfather (1979) @cordisbored No. Contrary to popular belief, I have not seen every obscure b-movie ever made.
A CIA super-spy befriends a little girl whilst surveiling her mother. It just wasn’t funny. Couldn’t hold my attent… @MrBlindPenguin If Cave said it, Then it is gospel @ContraVir @Livingde4d_g1rl Hmmm @Livingde4d_g1rl @TaraWilcoxon Yep! Paterson He plays a poetry-writing bus driver. @Livingde4d_g1rl @Livingde4d_g1rl @TaraWilcoxon That’s one of two films he made with Jim Jarmusch! The other one...