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Slowdive @slowdiveband Souvlaki Space Station

Formed in 1989 in the Depths of Reading, UK. We like noisy guitars and cool pedals. Enquiries: & @deadoceans

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Isolationism #12 –––––––––––––––––––– @_SimonScott from @slowdiveband selects ‘The Moon And The Melodies’ by Harold…
Retweeted by Slowdive“When I put the vinyl on, the audio instantly becomes a sonic perfume, and I can deeply breathe in the musical envi…
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Best. Line-up. Ever.
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Preparing some Souvlaki in honour of one of the finest ever albums, 27 years old today @slowdiveband (plus a birthd…
Retweeted by SlowdiveReleased on this day in 1993 Slowdive’s “Souvlaki” @slowdiveband
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Happy lockdown birthday @RachelAGoswell 🤘
And he’s still going this morning ✊🏻 go check out @doctorloz and his NHS Drum Marathon. Just under two hours left.…
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Happy to help struggling artists with fee reductions if you need a master! We are all in this together without any…
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Over 100 listening parties on our replay page. Including @theflaminglips @thecharlatans @themaccabees
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So important to keep smaller venues alive 🖤
An important read.
We hope this finds you and yours safe and well in these difficult times. Today we are releasing IT WON/T BE LIK…
Retweeted by SlowdiveAll the members of @AmericFootball are at home, so they played "Stay Home"
Retweeted by Slowdive.@MedSupDriveScot is urgently appealing for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be donated to local healthcare f…
Retweeted by Slowdive"Artists that I find inspiring are Yayoi Kusama and Frida Kahlo particularly..." Head over to the blog as we talk…
Retweeted by Slowdivewe can dream | the churchhill garden via @YouTubeAnother sneak peek featuring @slowdiveband and digital magic by @EatMoreChique
Retweeted by Slowdive @Pistabacsi @slowdiveband for me today #todaystshirt
Retweeted by Slowdive♫ #NowPlaying “Falling Ashes” by @slowdiveband on #Anghami #StayHome thinking about love
Retweeted by SlowdiveReally nice mix by @mistareeez here, "Anna" by Kajsa Lindgren featured alongside @slowdiveband, @andrewpekler, Ekin…
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Help raise £100000 to PROVIDE OUR FRONTLINE NHS STAFF WITH ON SITE ACCOMMODAT.. Please #donate on @justgiving and RT @pitchfork @slowdiveband Lots of fun facts in here: Slowdive "Souvlaki" Listening Party…
Retweeted by SlowdiveSpend an hour learning about @SlowdiveBand's excellent 1993 album
Retweeted by SlowdiveQuick Survey: Please click ‘like’ on this tweet if you have joined in on one, or more, of our listening parties. Thanks Tim x
Retweeted by SlowdiveA few folks asking how these work. They’re really easy: Stream or play the album in question and follow me and the…
Retweeted by SlowdiveMy Twitter listening parties are like gigs - but nobody nicks your beer | Tim Burgess
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A photo I took of @RachelAGoswell out of #Slowdive for NME in May 1993
Retweeted by SlowdiveTwo more photos I took of @RachelAGoswell out of #Slowdive for NME in May 1993
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Thanks everyone that took party in the Souvlaki listening party last night - I'm still going through hundreds of me…
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That one time I was lucky enough to see @slowdiveband in Buffalo. Glorious sonic soundscapes that will stay with m…
Retweeted by SlowdiveA flyer from the last @slowdiveband show (until their reunion in 2014) 21st May 1994 at @LeesPalaceTO promoting…
Retweeted by SlowdiveWell. That was a beautiful experience. Thanks @slowdiveband - it’ll stay with me a long while. Guessing I’ll listen…
Retweeted by Slowdive🙌🏼🖤 you to everyone that has joined in this evening #timstwitterlisteningparty we promise we will be back with ne… a ghostly, hopeless sounding song at the end of a record (in the days when you played a record start to fini… - The piano key at the start creates the tension. Again there’s a bit of MBV Lose My Breath with the acousti… bass is backwards. I played it live for a few tours and tried to replicate the backwards part - worked OK but I… Yellow - Another AR Kane / Police influence. I think Boo Radleys were also hinting at some dub influences at… - I think we wanted to be The Beatles here #timstwitterlisteningpartyWe had a few demos floating around at the time that had guitar harmonics up front - this was the only one that made… The Sun Hits - If we get any moshers at our shows it’s for this song. #timstwitterlisteningpartySouvlaki Space Station - Kind of the title track. People used to say Walking On The Moon and there is a definite in… She Comes - The second Eno track - very stripped down. I think we were going for a Velvet Underground feel on… - The first of the Brian Eno tracks #timstwitterlisteningparty40 Days - The early single before Ed Buller transformed Alison. Wanted JAMC meets Suede. #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by Slowdive40 Days - The early single before Ed Buller transformed Alison. Wanted JAMC meets Suede. #timstwitterlisteningparty @slowdiveband I spent 6 months in 1994 living in a village in Nepal the Souvlaki tape accompanied me for the entire…
Retweeted by Slowdive @slowdiveband Probably my favourite Slowdive track. @RachelAGoswell vocals are spine tingling 🎶 #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SlowdiveMachine Gun - We used to open our Souvlaki sets with this in the 90s as it’s pretty slow and easy to play #timstwitterlisteningparty#timstwitterlisteningparty @slowdiveband @RachelAGoswell @Tim_Burgess @hatpegsnick @neilhalstead The NME review th…
Retweeted by Slowdive @jorgetomastop40 @slowdiveband @Tim_Burgess @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Forgive me but my kids won't…
Retweeted by SlowdiveAlison - Late song for the record. It was originally very indie jangly. Ed Buller sped it up slightly and put a mas… for tuning in to listen to our album Souvlaki - here goes, we’ll have a little pause after Here She Comes to… @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Prague, the Czech Republic. (Photo from Colou…
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Torreón, Coahuia. MÉXICO
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Naas Ireland
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead St Louis, Missouri, USA 🖤💜
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Pasadena, CA
Retweeted by SlowdiveIn ten minutes!!!
Retweeted by SlowdiveGetting ready for #timstwitterlisteningparty with my absolute favourite band @slowdiveband 💜 (22.50 pm/Germany).
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Philadelphia, USA
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Toronto 🇨🇦!
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Brisbane, Australia 🇦🇺
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Waterford, Ireland
Retweeted by Slowdive @sulaviedilejo @slowdiveband @BBC6Music Holiday in LA + Slowdive gig = best birthday ever!
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Whalley Range Manchester
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Sevenoaks. ...and no, I’m not a Tory
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead São Paulo, Brazil
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Algiers, Algeria
Retweeted by SlowdiveHey folks! Rachel here.. settling in for #timstwitterlisteningparty at 10pm with a glass of white at the ready 🖤 @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Highbury, North London.
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead MTY, México🇲🇽
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Exeter, Devon
Retweeted by Slowdive @slowdiveband ready for action here #timstwitterlisteningparty @Tim_Burgess #dansette
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @RachelAGoswell @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @neilhalstead Cork, IRL
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @RachelAGoswell @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @neilhalstead Natal, Brazil
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Greetings from Madrid, Spain…
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Northampton, Massachusetts
Retweeted by Slowdive @BBC6Music @slowdiveband The Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, 2014
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @RachelAGoswell @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @neilhalstead Clipboards out... Leicester
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Tijuana, México
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Norwich, Norfolk. Vinyl at the ready 👋
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Wimbledon / Morden borders
Retweeted by Slowdive @soniccathedral @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Seattle, Wa!!
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Lima, Perú!
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead East Kilbride, just outside of Glasgow
Retweeted by Slowdive @electricityska @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Vancouver here too!
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @RachelAGoswell @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @neilhalstead Dundalk, Ireland 🇮🇪 #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Cervignano Del Friuli, Italy
Retweeted by Slowdive#timstwitterlisteningparty we are getting ready for Tim’s Twitter Listening Party with @slowdiveband @Tim_Burgess
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Retweeted by Slowdive @Tim_Burgess @slowdiveband @hatpegsnick @RachelAGoswell @neilhalstead Blackpool but will travel for any gigs being planned in future 😉
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