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.@TrevonBluiett coming in hot 🔥 @XavierMBB | @slcstars
Retweeted by Shannon RussellXavier is idle this weekend but there are a bunch of Big East games today, including a 2 p.m. showdown between Marq… high 28 points. Need we say more? Congrats to last night's POTG, @jpmacura #ChargeUp
Retweeted by Shannon RussellSandro Mamukelashvili looks good as new getting shots up inside MSG this morning. You could see the Pirates standou…
Retweeted by Shannon Russell @johncartermusic @Brad_Redford12 Lots of energy todayan impressive offensive showcase courtesy of @jpmacura 28 PTS | 7 REB | 12-18 FGM | 3 👌 @XavierMBB ↗️…
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Great catching up with @Brad_Redford12 at Xavier's practice today and remembering some of the games/destinations du… @arwnek What is this and does it involve Swissers or jean pursesbig play to open up the game 💪 | @Kaisergates @XavierMBB ↗️ @maineredclaws
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@efrayer It was 4 a.m. I’m lucky my eyes were open! @fleckd I would say so. I haven’t had a $100 Grand candy bar in years. @jschroeder011 I hear thatPre-Friday @TheAthleticCBB... 🏀@MatthewGut21 on Buddy Boeheim's perfect shot: 🏀If Xavier…
Retweeted by Shannon RussellWhen my Lyft driver arrived to take me to the airport at 4 am, his van turned into a fake Cash Cab and I won a $100… last night during the game - what fans would do to turn things around. Creativity awards go to playing six men… I would do if I made the lineup. (Like @ctrent does for the Reds.) @LauraInAurora I've seen that gif before but for whatever reason, it is cracking me up. Maybe because I haven't sle… @Nuts4xu No problem! @Nuts4xu We knew before the game that Dante was going to sub in for radio so that was not a post-game decision based on the outcome.After last night's loss, Xavier plummeted to No. 69 in the NET.After tonight's demoralizing 85-65 loss at Marquette, @XavierMBB coach Travis Steele said all five starting positio… @_DunnDeal I did; he worried that Scruggs would pick up a 3rd foul in short order the way he was playing and the refs were calling drives.Steele was worried that b/c of the way the game was being called on drives, Scruggs would pick up his third. Stee… sat most of the 1H with two fouls. I asked Steele if he considered putting him back in despite the fouls. H… @Nuts4xu He took responsibility.Ultimately, Steele shouldered the blame for the team's loss. Asked if XU's lack of effort on 50-50 balls/rebounds… of defense, what has happened to it? Steele: "Yeah, I would love to know too. At one point we were at To… "Something’s got to change for us. I told our team, I haven’t lost belief in our team but we have to be abl… Steele, on the changes he plans to implement following tonight's loss at Marquette: said all five starting positions are up for grabs.Steele said still believes in this team.Travis Steele said changes are coming. "We've got a lot of soul-searching to do."Reporter at work as we wait. @AdamJBaum still in the locker room. Might be a while. @patleedc That happened after I posed 0-for-7 lol @timdar They do have good chemistry, which is why this is so head-scratching. I asked about team chemistry last pre… Howard led short-handed Marquette with 35 points.Tyrique Jones led Xavier with 16 points and Naji Marshall added 15. Marquette 85, Xavier 65 The Musketeers drop to 12-6 (1-4 Big East) after losing a third straight game. XU…*comesA Marquette walk-on with a three. Here come Leighton Schrand.Tandy (0-for-7) and Goodin (0-for-8) aren't giving XU anything offensively tonight. Maybe Scruggs running the point… @Pacers_3 Gets lost out there with the system.Fans are heading for the exits en masse. 80-57 Marquette with 1:49 left.Thirty-five points for Markus Buckets.Four minutes left and Xavier's two seniors are on the bench.KyKy Tandy is struggling out there too, for everyone wanting more from him. He's 0-for-5 (0-for-3 from three).That Torrence follow for a layup pretty much up sums up this game.P. Scruggs has all nine of his points in the 2H after sitting most of the 1H with 2 fouls. @aknight4788 The team lacks cohesion and needs someone to step up and be the alpha. Your senior point guard can't p… @pficus Another good one. Exorcise the ghosts.Rebounding: Marquette 39, Xavier 23. Much of that is effort.Steele said Daniel Ramsey might play tonight. Could be a good time to get minutes. Marquette up 71-51.Markus Howard (32) + Sacar Anim (10) + Theo John (10) = more points than Xavier (51). 7:36 left @CraigJames_28 Haha! I like this one.Dontarius James with a three. Makes 'em all the time like that in practice. Twenty point game.I see a lot of frustrated fans here on Twitter. There's 11:46 left and your team is down 63-41. What do you do to t… Jones (14 pts) and Naji Marshall (13) are toiling but defense leaves much to be desired and Marquette is on… Jones ends the Golden Eagles' 15-0 run with two free throws.Naji Marshall's injury didn't help but he's back on the court now w/ Goodin, Scruggs, James and Jones. Let's see if… had a promising start to the 2H but... Xavier. This is grim.Maybe just give KyKy Tandy and Leighton Schrand the green light to shoot like crazy. You're going to lose a lot on… foul on Scruggs going for that ball. 14:21 left.Aaaand a Markus Howard three. An 11-0 run for the Golden Eagles. Didn't see what happened to Naji but he hit the co… is on an 8-0 run and Xavier faces its biggest deficit of the night (15 points). The Musketeers have been… Howard could throw up the ball anywhere in the gym and make it. With his and-one, he has 27 points.Another tough night for Quentin Goodin, who's 0-for-7 (and 0-for-3 from three).XU on a mission in these first minutes, has outscored Marquette 7-2. It's a seven-point game.And there's Paul Scruggs. And Jason Carter. Back-to-back buckets.Xavier did go inside-out in that last possession. And missed the out.Will this be Xavier's greatest comeback this season - or another Big East loss? Twenty minutes to go.Also, 44 points = the most Xavier has allowed in a first half this season. It's not going well for the Musketeers t… is the third straight game Xavier has trailed at halftime (and fourth time in five Big East games). And this 1… @pfletcher480 The struggles started 3 games ago v. Seton Hall.What should help Xavier in the 2H: Getting Paul Scruggs back on the court. He's a second-half kind of guy and has been waiting with 2 fouls.Not sure what to say about that first half. Markus Howard (19 points) was aided by fouls that put him on the stripe… Marquette 44, Xavier 32XU desperately needs a field goal. many missed 3-point attempts. XU might get good looks from three but that doesn't mean players should bite on t… Howard has 18 of Marquette's 42 points and the Golden Eagles are on a 7-0 tear.Carter isn't afraid to shoot those threes. Another attempt, a third perimeter miss tonight.Speaking of 3-point shooting, Xavier isn't taking as many as last game, which is good, but it's still struggling to… Anim, three. Timeout Steele. This 10-point deficit is the Musketeers' biggest tonight.Tyrique Jones, amid fan boos, missed his first free throw. Made the second. Seven point game, Xu's ball.Theo John was called w/ a Flagrant 1.Markus Howard leads all scorers with 13 points, about half of his average. Still waiting on a ruling on that Theo J… that last basket, Tyrique Jones has crossed the 1,000-point threshold for his career. He has 1,001 and counting.XU hasn't hit a field goal in 3 minutes but is making up some ground from the FT line. It's a five-point game with 5:30 left 1H.Zach Freemantle has his most points (5) since the Dec. 30 game at Villanova. He's perfect thus far - 1-for-1 from t… Matthews highlight montage brings out a raucous applause. Giannis is also in the house and gets a big cheer. Se…
Retweeted by Shannon RussellWith 7:49 left in the 1H, Tyrique Jones needs 1 point to reach 1,000 for his career and Naji Marshall has eight of… announcer just said Myles Hanson had entered the game. He has not.Nice pass from Naji Marshall to Quentin Goodin and Tyrique Jones with the finish. Then a Marshall pull-up jumper in… James makes his return. This might help in the rebounding department.Updating rebounding disparity: Marquette 13, Xavier 4Quentin Goodin takes a charge and Sacar Anim picks up his first foul. The Golden Wojciechowskis lead 23-18 after 9 minutes.The Marquette rebounds are killing Xavier. An 11-3 edge.Tyrique Jones - there's the energy XU wants. He misses an and-one but is just three points shy of 1,000 for his car… Theo John has been a problem. Whether he shoots or dumps it off, he's been difficult for the Musketeers t…