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@Sciikosis I need healing @SeraphSancta We had days with ZEROAsanagi (@Victim_Girls) dévoile le prototype en cours de supervision d’une nouvelle figurine issue de l’une de ses…
Retweeted by スラッグボックスA month or so ago I was totally fine with being vaccinated and hitting up Otakon for a day of shopping. But now? No… @JessuArt Honestly? I’m not 100% sure. Maybe eat one.Got my @slugbox set in the mail! Everything box is so pretty, even the box 💖💖💖 Absolutely recommend P.S. thanks fo…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @crisisbeat4 CB you’re also a nice person! I am not nice though I’m awful. BUT THIS EVDOKIYA IS NOT AWFUL ITS SUPER…!! @slugbox is an artist with incredible Ocs but it's also a nice person, when my old twitter account was suspende…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @VanillaMilkNSFW gj. we fear your power as usual.
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Retweeted by スラッグボックスCountess Lieucitessa Nosferamu is still the largest girl. Bigger than Scler at max power.
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @LunachansArt She’s trying so hard and she’s accomplishing so little. YOU DID HER SUPER JUSTICE THANK YOU!!!I've been wanting to draw Evdokiya ever since I saw that amazing beach drawing by @slugbox and this idea just came…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @DarkDarkPrism God I wish she had abs like this all the timeBeen a fan of @slugbox 's Cteno for a long time. Finally got the courage to draw her.
Retweeted by スラッグボックスI’m really REALLY thankful for all the support you guys have given me despite focusing mostly on OCs. Mine, yours,… @Ashiisaurus I’ve drawn her quad fisting herself?? Hide what??I cannot decipher this @Ashiisaurus LargeCountess Lieucitessa Nosferamu is still the largest girl. Bigger than Scler at max power.
Retweeted by スラッグボックス【速報!】 『うちの師匠はしっぽがない』(著 @tnsk)TVアニメ化決定‼️ \最新単行本⑥巻は8月5日発売📕/ アニメ化決定を記念し、初めての紙の特装版も刊行です☺️ どうぞお楽しみに! #しっぽな…
Retweeted by スラッグボックスStill having balance issues with my body. Not stumbling anymore, but I’m top heavier without a gut. I also tended t…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス食事の写真を撮るのはきっとあまり上手くない八尺様です
Retweeted by スラッグボックス最初は一二三だったんです…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス【予約情報】 オリジナル『肉感少女 J』1/12スケールver.予約受付中 ‼ 期間:9月14日(火) 23:59締切り ご注文はこちら insight: Amazon:…
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Retweeted by スラッグボックスThey store a lot of fire /
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Retweeted by スラッグボックスCommissions from last month!! 🥰
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @redrabbu A+Whoah, that was close! Nearly missed Boob Day! 🍈🍈
Retweeted by スラッグボックス#NationalBoobday
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Just sat in a sound proof room with a bunch of sensors in my ears for half an hour. Something is hecked up with my… most accounts, a resting heart rate of 54 for someone my age can be considered “Athlete.” So I’m proud of myself… @kitehack A+Weekend got hectic with family related stuff so thanks for your patience with draws. @kitehack Put them on a family pet!Got my box from @slugbox in the mail! Time to figure out where I want the stickers to be.
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No art today I need brain rest
もういっちょ動画。いい感じに光っとりますわ(╹◡╹) #超人機製作
Retweeted by スラッグボックスThese two ychs will cover the remainder of my rent ; v ; Todays the last day ahh || as always RTs are greatly appre…
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Retweeted by スラッグボックスI want one @Lefauxcreux
Retweeted by スラッグボックスFinished up drunk Vomi going down on drunk Cteno for Excess-Disposable-Income-Very-Generous-Tier-Subs!!…
Retweeted by スラッグボックスI love the @milkycloverclub waifu so much 🥺
Retweeted by スラッグボックス24hrs remain!
Retweeted by スラッグボックスLED kit makes so much difference @RizzuRuby Get them helpArms up requests are up for SubStar supporters! Go check for the post to link refs! @Konng_ I’m tired of eating nuts… I can’t shovel any more cashews into my mouth I’ll go crazyI eat fiber & protein & veggies & I exercise & then my Fitbit & diet app are like hey wow you’re doing good but you…
@unlimitedgoats I have a cobalt flux but it doesn’t do us much good living in a 2nd floor apartment. Neighbors woul… / Health update. Most 15s are doable. It’s not always PRETTY, but I’m not fearful of them. I think the thing ho… & breedable
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@Marysquidd Thank you for supporting them!!!Mah gurls!!!! Thank you @slugbox for making them so pretty 💜💜💜💜
Retweeted by スラッグボックスReally big Nellko hair for five bucks / / @MKB53293751 Dean just doesn't careStoney and Dean want one @Lefauxcreux @A_Chibi_Rabbit PUT THEM ON AN ANIMAL!!! @slugbox THANK YOU FOR MAKING GOD TIER CHARMS AND STICKERS IT MADE MY WEEK SO MUCH BETTER
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Got a box full of goooodies. I'm so glad I bought this when I did. XD If I wouldn't have it wouldn't have arrived o…
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @_Ana_Chan_16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Put them on your cake or birthday pizza!! AND THANK YOU FOR BUYING THEM AAHHHFinished up drunk Vomi going down on drunk Cteno for Excess-Disposable-Income-Very-Generous-Tier-Subs!!… @RobotCatArt She’s goodDumb cats
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Luci 🥛
Retweeted by スラッグボックス @sirbotik This is honestly the perfect outfit for herrevisiting my crush on @slugbox 's Cteno
Retweeted by スラッグボックスLuci 🥛 @AWDtwit Ohhello everyone i have a new auction going on today! Head to my FA to place your bid! no FA…
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If you’re selling shirts on like RB or Etsy or whatever with your artwork on them please reply with links to them!!… @Zanamaoria No horns but big fluffNellko 🥛 @GuttyBeeNSFW My body is broken @BingoCheesus Practice makes perfect! @Speedysketches Tbh I think that that one is easier… Except the X Special.
@CaesareanK Unlike 15 years ago I am 15 years olderI lived it’s an ugly live but I live @redrabbu That’s her speciesDrunk cat and drunk ????? having fun my sonas ref sheet #refsheet #fursona #furryart
Retweeted by スラッグボックスIf you want a 9” Cteno, here is your chance! The team who built her put in an incredible amount of effort, so give… @CodeN49 @RivaliantdA It’s harsh. No flexibility or “cheat days.” You have to keep the momentum going. It’s rewardi… using a pair of Asics for DDR. Back up to some 15s but still a ways off from my high school best. I think my s…