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they/them! 22 physically but I've been here before "You smell like a LUSH store!" -everyone I know

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oh you mean banning straws and getting mad about inhalers didn't help amazing who could have foreseen
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Amazing life hack: be kind just because.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Don’t make me ask again. Which one are you and which fucking one is me in this picture i sent you of two kittens cuddling
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Lol Drake's a predator next!!!Just ended up in a pinterest wormhole reading about circumcision... How's your day going?once all the boomers are dead y’all wanna change to metric or nah
Retweeted by twinkle ✨1:1112:22 @yipyopyoodle ugh you look so cute i love this look 💖The inventions women must create to simply exist among men. Smh
Retweeted by twinkle ✨My friends telling me Me not to wander off
Retweeted by twinkle ✨4:44
What will it take for summa yall to understand that AAVE is a distinct dialect of English not a list of words and p…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨3:33btw your ex didn’t deserve you
Retweeted by twinkle ✨do u b 🥺‘ing other bitches yes or no
Retweeted by twinkle ✨today is the day bitch
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Healing is a process.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨12:34The pain of vaginal delivery has been described as equal to having a finger amputated. Menstrual cramps are worse t…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨I've loved Radiohead since I was a little kid, but EVERY time I hear a Radiohead song now I think of Brian Sivesind without pedophilia the author to cmbyn outed himself as a p*d*ph*l* can we stop pretending it's a work of art for lgbtq…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in this ┃╱╱╲╲ house ╱╱╭╮╲╲ we ▔▏┗┛▕▔ believe in ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ housing for all ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔
Retweeted by twinkle ✨11:55the existence of men named ‘Butch’ is a microaggression
Retweeted by twinkle ✨me trying not to text my boyfriend “i miss you” every 45 seconds
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@sunnyafro Yes, every day for the last couple months Also a weird vibration rumbling sound????2:22 @cynicalcrimnl FROM SUGAR TWIST!!! Those are the fuckin best12:34me and my friend, or the gay version of the creation of adam?
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Sam got me saying sexy and... idk how to stopI used to hate my hands but honestly they're really sexy @Sage_oh The hydration jumped out!!! 💕 @BaeleighBevan JORGE'S GLASSES HAHAHDAH4:44
12:34 @wild_tarot Who?? i don't have a "father". That man is dead to me (Leo venus, Aqua rising, jupiter, & uranus, cap neptune)your disability does not exist because you have a spiritual imbalance or because of karma. your disability exists b…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨end ur toxic friendships NOW dumb wh*re 😠
Retweeted by twinkle ✨make sure to take a breath today – don't let your impulses drive you elsewhere.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨zeus and poseidon -rapists -ugly -weak hades -emo boy who probably spends the summer crying to my chemical romance…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨moms get SO hurt when you call out their problematic ways!!!! like i wasn’t even trying to hurt you, i’m just tryi…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Idk who needs to hear this but virginity is a made-up social construct, and it has absolutely nothing to do with your hymen.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨ @camdaddy16 🤚🏻
11:11I have to be vulnerable with this world if I want to assist in its healing. I have to be so utterly my self that I…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Set boundaries and enforce them. “No” is a complete sentence.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Will Smith on letting Willow cut her hair
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Avatar the Last Airbender has covered animal spirit guides, astral projection, the spirit world, chakras, interconn…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨your daily reminder that: -everything can wait -the truth will always come to light -you can't give from an empty…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Trans culture is often needing to teach cis doctors, therapists and others the basics of gender and trans identitie…
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Retweeted by twinkle ✨Tenderness, reciprocation, consistency, transparency, passion.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Collectively we need to STOP this toxic shit. Take time to break the fuck down if you need it. Rest, introspect, ri… got VIBE CHECKED by the Universe today and I am THANKFUL. My mans is my partner not my parent and even tho I was…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨What TI has done to us daughter is rape culture. it’s the beginning of teaching black girls that they do not have a…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨It's like really creepy how hard vaseline is going!! PLEASE keep using that raw shea butter, mango butter, jojoba o…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨I will always stand by this statement
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Don’t get it fucked up. I’m the healer AND the shooter of the group.
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@astrolibran Aspect and houSe basics, as well as how they interact! Maybe even how to discern current planetary transits :)3:33AND! If so, is this something you'd be interested in for the future? Or other services you may be inquiring about! Please lmk :)Hello! If you commented & I liked your tweet you were included in this. Now about a month later we're almost at the… i knew fei wenli had bad vibes I followed her for a DAY & felt uncomfortable and nauseous even looking at her… careful who you trust. Salt and sugar look the same.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨And if you don't understand why this is abusive, read this piece. "So-called virginity testing is nothing more tha…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨me looking at my professor when i hear backpacks zipping 2 mins before class ends bc i want him to know i’m still l…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Hi. It's extremely abusive to police your daughter's hymen and any doctor who would participate in such an act need…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨2:34I love my therapist, I love healing, I love me!Almost didn't go to therapy, but I'm so glad I did :')10:10the first step to growth is taking accountability for your own bullshit.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Cast disabled actors for disabled roles. Cast disabled actors for roles even if they weren't specifically written…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨outing a known predator in your friend circle is not sparking drama. addressing the huge elephant in the room is no…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨🔮 A message for someone: A lot of people see your light. They see your light and instead of being happy for you an…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨To create a accepting society you must be intolerant to intolerance.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨I could be very wrong, but I have also felt like niceness is linked to a whole lot of performativity.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨ @petty_colada I'd rather be kind over niceidk which of them old mothafuckas invented popcorn ceilings but this generation will make sure that shit never sees…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨1:1111:11I’m so sorry if someone made you think it’s hard to love you.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨You either approve my time off request or be short staffed. It's really up to you
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Why does crying have to give you a headache??? like bitch I’m already sad and you’re just making it worse
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Seasonal depression is a filthy liarChemical exfoliation be like:
Retweeted by twinkle ✨Pretty fucked up that there’s a video going around trying to say that the houseless crisis in LA is due to drugs &…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨APA endorses the use of “they” as a singular third-person pronoun in the seventh edition of the Publication Manual…
Retweeted by twinkle ✨ @Aragornscape 100% yes🥺 oops don't have to forgive anyone, but you have to set yourself free from holding a grudge.
Retweeted by twinkle ✨ @faerynnova Thank you! I really appreciate you sharing your experiences whether good or bad! 💖 @linealhealer @gangstaGURRY WOW! You're not wrong! Thank you so much 😭😭😭 catch me redirecting my healing @SlurpeePrincex @gangstaGURRY Something is telling me to tell you to focus on your heart & throat 🥺
Retweeted by twinkle ✨ugh i knew harry styles been missing me... like just dm me silly don’t be insecure 🙄☺️😂
Retweeted by twinkle ✨y’all want permission to say the n-word because it’s in the lyrics but will change the pronouns in a love song so you don’t sound gay
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