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Slushy @SlushyJug where the fuck i am

Tyler 🐻‍❄️ | 18 | Bi sex 👋 | Music Enjoyer 🌊⛷️ | #BlackLivesMatter

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Retweeted by Slushy @feeIlikepabIo We love to be disappointedSame. We all have our burdens to bear, so long as you stand strong against the deserts of loneliness, there ain't n…
Retweeted by SlushyThis mf right here is lonelycarti fans be like "this leak is gas!" bro if that's a gas leak you're gonna die! run away!!!
Retweeted by Slushy @literail fat nuts @sadgaydeer Wish I could just makes polls like this or smth cause I do not know who like me, but i'm kinda afraid of the responses to em.I hope Carti does drop tbh. Snippets kinda got me hype for it, still going into it with low expectation but w/e.The 2 biggest cappers in the industry and they makin' music now?What the fuck is real life right now can’t say how they really when it comes down to work and quite frankly I feel unappreciated a lot and I’m sick of it
Retweeted by SlushyAlso that version is a solid 9/10 no capping.The Hollywood Bowl version of this album hits my feels deep.
Retweeted by SlushyWow, a cow made of butter. My girls would love it. In fact, the first sentence Caroline ever said was "I like butter"
Retweeted by SlushyIf we're together, the order of things is you, food, sex, food, you, you, food, sex, sex, sex, food, you, you
Retweeted by Slushy @KittenEnjoyer Just hair tie lolJohnnyUtah
Retweeted by SlushyIf you're interested in sharing/making/talking about music I'm making a new discord server that's more Centered aro…
Retweeted by SlushyWhy did they caption this like he’s Bigfoot
Retweeted by Slushy @TerjeCS Same @KittenEnjoyer Idk.. I feel like it wasn't always like that. @KittenEnjoyer I mean I remember like banning someone on your server for like just saying the hard r and ya'll told… @eur0peanson I know lmao this is just really funny to me. Fucking "glasses havers" @KittenEnjoyer I mean your server is ok with that behavior so I guess I wouldn't blame him for it. havers gonna be mad at this oneImagine waking up and putting on your glasses in the morning aswell as cleaning it like every 5 seconds. Could not be. @KittenEnjoyer But he's a grown ass man now
Retweeted by SlushyCarrot LOVES HIP-HOPThe plan is 2021, but I want a lot of time for this project to mature and for it to be perfected. No 3 months of Sw…
Retweeted by SlushyI felt I was obligated to make hype shit cause ULTIMATE and SUMO cause it goes crazy at shows and it’s crazy lyrica…
Retweeted by SlushyStill very early stages in my album but we hittin' road blocks.Put my dick in the crock potThis is not an accurate representation of people from the midwest I am so sorry for the confusion. that PHILF
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BREAKING: Belle Delphine has been killed in an oil tanker explosion
Retweeted by Slushyyea wlr might be dropping soon, but i just want the 10 piece chicken nugget playboi carti meal from mcdonald’s to happen
Retweeted by SlushySister got Covid#ps5secured
Retweeted by SlushyNintendo. Vs. Nintendo making. making games. business…
Retweeted by Slushy @PixelVEVO Seen multiple people use it so it ain't just me lol @PixelVEVO They/Them Bussy or Pussy @deerdude420 DID SOME ONE SAY ORGE @PixelVEVO ThussyI don't have a problem with it it's just funnyHow touching, a fuckin' sign YBN crew been down bad since Cordae left 💀
Retweeted by SlushyWhose the imposter? Check out these sneakers we designed inspired by Among Us @innerslothdevs #amongus
Retweeted by Slushy @bijos18 @hububba I going to honestly destroy you @hububba @bijos18 He was so weird, pretty sure the fuckin' old was a legitmate pedophile
Retweeted by Slushy @bijos18 zoom classes suck :/
Retweeted by Slushy @bijos18 Was gonna tweet it anyways cause how fucking creepy it is. He is a legitimate pedophile. @penduglum This is so fucking funny @ChiefLuciano_4L RipIf bookmarks become public nothing will change for me. Still gonna bookmark funnies and porn. @king_d_o_m_ No, I want him to drop drop"Bah Nah Nah"🍌
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Retweeted by SlushyNot joking I need da albumsIt's ok though cause Danny Brown's new album came out.
Retweeted by SlushyAn Esports Short Film, by Jake Lucky: Part 1: Pusha T jabs at Drake after beating 100 Thieves in CSGO Part 2: We…
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Retweeted by SlushyFuck with the lights on, fuck with the lights on
Retweeted by Slushylotta yall seasoning w this fr
Retweeted by Slushy @flackoyee Drake 🥴 @emortuhl @flackoyee @DrakeYooo drake ??? Wtff??????
Retweeted by SlushyNotice how Carti finally came to his senses after he left the WHITE woman
Retweeted by Slushy @gaydogs @leosleepy I personally think it's ok, still kinda have low expectations for da album if it's coming out. @NathingHere Nahhh you shouldn't @leosleepy @NathingHere Why would you do that @leosleepy Heard the live snippet, it was ok but still don't think it's gonna be that good. We'll see. I'd like to be Playboi Carti snippet
Retweeted by Slushy @mariojudah_ @bijos18 @DusterOnlineGenius Lyric Interview OUT NOW 🤘🏽 LINK:
Retweeted by SlushyI smell blood
Retweeted by SlushyDope came with a lighter @kiwingly time snowin'!lgbtq friend groups
Retweeted by SlushyThe Guided Missile has been temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue.
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Retweeted by SlushyI don't expect Carti's new album to be that good tbh. @ Meh was just so bad.I love Mike Dean much actually.Well. It is Monday ig. @OverlordTime HOLY AHIT I LOVE IT!!!! @SlushyJug dancin to da kanye album
Retweeted by SlushyThis mother slushers ain't sleepinSPECIFICALLY Uncle Charlie's wonderful voice