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Kind of appropriate that Mazara makes the last out. Still a bullshit call, actually two bad calls in that at bat. @Nobo1969 Nothing wrong with a little yacht rock on a Sunday afternoon. @TyJohnson_21 @BenChiTownKid98 Lay off a lot @TyJohnson_21 He’s still no Jordan, young blood. @Nobo1969 @DanClarkSports You are alright. @Nobo1969 @DanClarkSports @DanClarkSports There is only one answer. @EmilyCWaldon
Bobby Dalbec welcomed Tucker Davidson to the big leagues with a no-doubt two-run homer in the second inning. It was… @soddfather could have won over much of White Sox nation by going after him. @soddfather My problem was with segments of White Sox Twitter embracing TA7 doing it against KC and acting as if Contreras crossed the line. @soddfather You are wildly mistaken. I am pro bat flip, but that doesn’t mean the team or pitcher that gives up the… @sox_enthusiast I agree. No dilemma for me, I just didn’t like our peeps acting as if they were mortified by the “c… @sox_enthusiast He should be prepared to accept the consequences for his actions, but I am pro bat flip and I hope… @TyJohnson_21 I did, right next to death hornets. BINGO! @ChiSquatch If he says "the Angel's front office is woefully inept" I vlivl the little thumb and move on with my li… @ChiSquatch He’s railing about the lack of a pitcher in a video. He’s right to a point, but Ohtani was supposed to… @sdxavie Maddon, Adell (service time be damned), Upton (huge money) too.This has to be one of my favorite Hunter Pence stories. #SFGiants legend through and through.…
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @ChiSquatch I mean the guy is certainly entitled to his opinion, but it isn’t like the Angels are tanking. The fron… him the richest MLB player to ever wear cleats and spending a shit pot of money trying to surround him with… the front office failed him by signing Rendon for a zillion dollars, getting the highest profile IFA in years O… @georgyjj09 It’s been awhile, he was the catcher in the earliest days of my White Sox fandom. Very nice guy on Facebook. @paulriker Indeed, there is a huge chasm between facing minor league and major league hitters and generally a corre… @SamDavisJr5000 @fromthe108 Dylan doesn't suck, he's just experiencing growing pains. @PRINCE_OF_NY In defense of Bruce, he respected himself while Eddie was partying all the time. @UICJohn I’m pro bat flips whether it happens for us or against us. However, if you do flip you do have to be prepa… Sox nation failed me here. Absolutely no love shared. White Sox catcher Bill Nahorodny on what it’s like playing in the big leagues. I thought this was pretty coo… @ChiSoxHaze I vented last night, felt like I was venting to myself. It’s game day. @Dzikhead Got that right brother “highest of highs lowest of lows” pretty much sums it up. @FsuBailey12 Bailey check this out homie its one of my most prized items. Game used, uncracked and signed by Wander… @Colbywinters @CheapSeats411 Lindsey Graham would come in flailing his purse and it would all be over in seconds.Does anyone else think Jimmy Cordero would pitch better if he didn’t wear a smedium sized jersey? @Prospects365 Grayson Rodriguez WILL take the prospect world by storm, he really already has. Elite velo, healthy s… @Prospects365 There are some pretty elite names on this list. @sosathirteen Willson has had issues related to Twitter that’s for sure.He also has age 24 and experience (made it to AAA) on his side.A very good looking left-handed starter will be making his big league debut for the Braves tomorrow. Didn’t get a t… @allcapswhitesox I APPRECIATE THE ALL CAPS THING! IT MAKES YOU SEEM FULL OF ANGST! @PROCHADMARTIN @kydtheband Thanks Chad! It’s going in the que it’s going to be like “we might not have the exploding scoreboard turned on, but we have Luis Robert runni… TA7 would have homered and bat flipped. It would have been like the dancing in the streets scene in front of Ray… @elifugitt He was a bit of a pompous assTired: White Sox stink Wired: White Sox are trying to get 2nd to not face the Indians in 1st round Inspired: Whit…
Retweeted by Daniel VictorI rarely agree with Herb, but this is the right answer. want Abreu to hit one tomorrow and dance around the bases like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV. shouldn’t really be hating Contreras for his bat flip and lauding TA7 for his. We all want Bauer and he’s all in… @ChicagoWSox1 Those that want him beaned are even worse. @MarkMyWords35 Silver liningsThis clubhouse needs Drake LaRoche
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @WhiteSoxDJ We can’t hate on him for it. If TA would have done it to them we all would have been doing cartwheels a… @elifugitt He’s going to be good, out of all the kids I ever met in Kannapolis I will say I didn’t care much for hi…“Jimmy Cordero comes on in his quest to pitch half the season”. A dig at Ricky? Classic @stevestone
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @MarkHarper36 Thanks Harp! @SamDavisJr5000 Tidal has a Veteran’s discount and they have a fair amount of lossless tracks. @SamDavisJr5000 The only have Part 1 on Tidal, but I’m checking them out. @SamDavisJr5000 Got it will check it out. @tlines2 I like all genres, putting it in my que. thanksI guess I figured out why we got Yolmer back. Trying to win a division losing 10-0 and have a position player on th… here streaming Tidal and sipping bourbon(Sox game was unwatchable). Anybody have any great song recommendat… 🌮 for his 2nd of the game! @STIHLUSA | #TogetherWe
Retweeted by Daniel VictorSam Huff is 3-3 with two bombs tonight! He’s 10-27 with 3 HR’s so far in his early career. Not bad for a kid who h… will prove to be a great move for the Mariners. Keller has thrown 11 consecutive hitless innings. Tonight’s line was rather Cease-like with 5 IP 0 H 8 BB and 3 KHe’s 16-46 since then .356 with 2 HR and 9 RBI in 13 games.
@GatorSosa Jake Diekman was at 0.00 as well, until his last outing. @MLBMovingAvg You have to swing at the second one with two strikes. @caseyboguslaw He hit one 10’ shorter than Mazara did. :) @peterjwhite97 @PatricioGp18 @JonHeyman This is the right take ^ in other news, the sky is blue and the grass is green. @jlazowski14 I loved the Rodon pick when the Sox made it. I was 100% sure he was an ace in waiting. Out of the bull… @KenWo4LiFe Keep grinding Ken! @JustAndy59 You can throw that ticket in the garbage Andy :) @fish_SSchi The problem is this team overachieved to the point that people believe we are going to win the World Se… @LWilz He’s too big to be “baby” and “always” is unfairly critical, how about “frequently” or “often” instead? A little more objective :)I saw this on today @Martin_Ellinger ThxPurely an assumption, it just feels that way to me. I haven’t seen the Punch and Judy hitters with big home run tot… of you stat heads know by what percentage home runs are down this year? I’m assuming they are down significantl… rarely notice the good things a manager does, but you sure as hell notice the things a bad one does. @ChiSoxHaze You can’t fire him based on win-loss percentage, but I can’t help but feel they have won in spite of hi… @ChiSquatch @ChiSquatch Likewise. @ChiSquatch I did too, you know what changed my attitude? I stopped watching television in March other than streami… @lot_49 This is true which is why he traditionally has a low BABIP but this year even with similar exit velo, launc… @ChiSquatch I was a mess the first month (mostly because of misinformation on social media) but I am a middle aged… @lot_49 This is very true, although I think Bregman has had some bad luck as well. Lowest BABIP of his career and t… guess banging a trash can is more valuable than they have been willing to admit. Keuchel has been this season’s stopper. He’s the epitome of why adding a veteran is not just fluff narrative…
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @SALNotes Love the bat!Let’s show Nomar some love tonight!
So the Pirates had all but locked up the #1 pick but they decided to win 3 straight (the longest streak of their go… @nathan_shiba Or Jake Burger and Seth Beer (way too much downtime in my life) @nathan_shiba I always think about the possibilities of Acuna and Moncada. @nathan_shiba I could have ended with “or shoot myself in the Johnson with a Kincanon” I just have to bide my time… @nathan_shiba Hey Yo! I’ll be here all week.