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@ChiSquatch I like Madrigal in the 2 hole because he is fast, makes contact so you can hit and run with TA and he w… @jordanhk92 Happy Chandler (read his comments about Zimbabwe) elected 1982, Kennesaw Landis (racist) elected 1944. @SoxFanChris72 Your answer is solid but... @shankster714
@SavesTuesday @BarberSox I was thinking this was related to Zack Collins truthers although the only one I’ve ever s… @_dbrown_23 @maevemarch Allegedly @maevemarch I don’t even think proximity makes it cool. I think we’d have to jump in a time machine and go back to… @maevemarch Gary from what I understand used to be a gem, before the steel mills lost their business and practicall… @maevemarch Gary has to be 998 thenWell after seeing the Realmuto contract I feel like the Sox got a deal of Grandal. I was hopeful it would turn out this way. @whitesoxopinion If not for the Sox hiring Tony I don’t think I would have known. @nut_history A hall of Famer and the best hitter of his era. Not even particularly close. His .609 OBP in 2004 is l… @maevemarch I suppose you can find anyone you want if you go through a Chinese knock off on line store. Get a Joe DeSa jerseyI’ve known who Shelley Duncan was since he was a Yankees prospect. I have to admit though, I just found out recentl… @stevenpo1989 He’s still young, hopefully he figures it out. Probably not going to be the next Cabrera though.I’m old enough to remember when Kevin Maitan was going to be the next Miguel CabreraMean ever word of this...
Retweeted by Daniel VictorIf anybody wants to check out the enemy’s farm system.
@dawhite_0311 @dhammer312 The great equalizer is the shillelagh in his hand. He becomes a 5’10” King Kong when swinging the bat. @BenChiTownKid98 @wenhardy I’m saying this with certainty not just a gut feeling. @wenhardy @BenChiTownKid98 Sheets is going to hit 30 bombs at Charlotte this season. Provided Covid doesn’t ruin it, truncate it, etc @Mr_Jay369 I bet that’s a stretch I’ve said 5’10” since forever. @dhammer312 It’s a flat out mistruth. I don’t know why it seems to matter though. He hits it like a 6’2” guyEighteen-year-old Joe DiMaggio with the San Francisco Seals in 1933.
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @davidknight89 I like Tanner RaineyHappy birthday to future MLB shortstop Lenyn Sosa who turns 21 today.With a big trade and several high profile International free agent signings, @The_Tom_U looks at the deep dynasty p…
Retweeted by Daniel VictorIt's time to meet some new players! Yes, the #Padres traded away many of their prospects in the last year, but that…
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Warning! It’s absolutely brutal lot can change in a year! With 12 new entrants via trade, #MLBDraft & Rule 5 Draft, check out @zbaseball's new-lo…
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @DonaldJTrumpJr @BarberSox You nailed it, but I would rather have signed Profar than Eaton. He has positional versatility, switch h…
@davidknight89 I’ve reached burnout on them but occasionally I see one that makes me smile.#FuturesFocus podcast Episode 18 is here. Hosts @Alex_W_Sanchez & @dgasper24 talk about David's #Brewers #Top50 pro…
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @colleensullivan I peaked in 8th grade, but I feel a breakthrough around the corner and I’ll probably peak again around 60 @Hoagie58 Seems like it’s been a terrible year for Hall of Famers. I think we lost eight in 2020 and two this year already.Damn RIP Hammerin’ HankTyler is a guy that I mentioned on the @Prospects1500 podcast and on my top 50 as one to keep an eye on. I love the… @FutureSox @JamesFox917 Well done Jimmy! @HofferDouglas @Prospects1500 Thanks man, appreciate it. @nathan_shiba It looks good to me, loose and free flowing, keeps the knob in front of the barrel (doesn’t cast). Ma… know about Jasson #TheMartian👽 but what about the other #Yankees Top 50 prospects!? Here’s @PaulWoodin's deep di…
Retweeted by Daniel VictorSome Yoelqui Cespedes stuff that you guys might have not seen. @SonnySoxFan Just look at all the tribalism in politics if you want to understand the logic. It seems like 90% of t… @dkeene2016 A good joke needs to be beaten to death. Just enjoy it. @timcourtney88 Agreed, likely scenario.My first White Sox top 50 list for @prospects1500 @timcourtney88 Also, if Vaughn rakes and enters the picture (unless there is an injury) Engel’s playing time will be really sparse. @theGREATdanny94 I don’t think he had a deal beforehand. I think the Sox just opted for the college bat instead of… @timcourtney88 He can definitely pick it and TLR will play to his strengths instead of miscast him, but he’s a .276… @sox_fan1 Nobody hates the Sox, they just get butt hurt whenever any worthwhile free agent signs anywhere that isn’t here. @KindaBleu @jordanmshiner @ChiSoxFanMike @timcourtney88 I appreciate the boldness, but I think it will be wildly inaccurate. Bold level 9 Accuracy 2 composi… @DCeaseTheDay @Chicagofan76 Gave me a chuckle @ChiSoxFanMike He got his info from the food accounts. @KrisBryant_23 @espn More importantly Kris, what do think Wander Javier’s ceiling is? @DustyColorado @theGREATdanny94 I wanted Alek Thomas with that pick, but Steele was a dude and he’s going to be good for the Rangers.This is good work. @nathan_shiba @HawtTakeTommy @JeffreyToobin Seriously, he’s really young. I had no idea he was a kid. I was expecti… @nathan_shiba @HawtTakeTommy He’s @JeffreyToobin it @HawtTakeTommy what’s up Tommy? Glad you use “wildly misguided” in your blurb. I love it!
@RoofBull Thanks for the follow great screen name. I saw a Bull roof shot grand slam in 1983. Loudest I ever heard… @BarberSox Problem for me is I think Vision is generally lame. @EWR_Chisox Somebody told me a Showtime series called Your Honor with Bryan Cranston is great. Haven’t checked it out yet. @EWR_Chisox I’ll let you know when I break down and watch it. I tend to dislike things that real “critics” like. I… @KindaBleu @Leonard42 I haven’t watched that in years, need to revisit that one. @KindaBleu @Leonard42 Is that American Psycho? @EWR_Chisox Doesn’t sound very encouraging. @dkeene2016 I typically hate the slow build up. I can’t think of the last thing that held my attention that had a plodding story line. @ChicagoBeerSnob Netflix @ChicagoBeerSnob I just finished The Nightstalker and Lupin. @dkeene2016 Disney Plus killed it with the Mandalorian so I have high hopes I just want to be prepared for the let down.Has to be a terrible game when they don’t even show you any gameplay footage. watch Wandavision? I’m curious as to whether it’s worth my time or not. @wenhardy @Leonard42 Flawed algorithm :)That Twitter circle is a cute little gimmick and all but I don’t follow some of the people in my list (Passan, Chis… @Leonard42 @wenhardy It was kind of like scratching off a lottery ticket with two of the three grand prize numbers… @wenhardy I must have missed the cutIn defense of the IBWAA they were already smart enough to vote in both Bonds and Clemens unlike the BWAA. Who do yo… #Astros injected new life into a depleted farm system with the signing of star Cuban OF Pedro Leon. Now,…
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @LordQuas10 Luis had a rough start in Low-A in 2017 as well. Then he tore the cover off the ball in 2018. I really… @bearstown19 Sorry Gabe. Godspeed to your grandpajump back, honky cats, our @slydanno70 rocks his White Sox Top 50 prospects at Prospects1500:
Retweeted by Daniel Victor @SouthSideSox Thanks for the bump gang.
@SoxGarden I think Dave Portnoy is a buffoon, but he’s right. @theGREATdanny94 I don’t see them trading May but if they did it would require a haul. @ChiSoxSchins Thanks man @JustinMasonFWFB Are you a drug dealer Justin? @WTFZoobs If Adolfo puts it together he could be special. It’s a shame he missed nearly three full years (when you… @SamDavisJr5000 Thanks Sammy! “You’re the candy man’s candy man babe.” (In my best Sammy Davis Jr. impersonation voice) @played41 You know your bourbon Nancy! As I sit here at work I am envious.RT’ing is fun, free and it saves kittens and puppies from euthanasia. If you don’t love animals just keep scrolling. @JamesFox917 Didn’t you tweet something about being called Jimmy back in the day? @JamesFox917 @KenWo4LiFe Thanks Jimmy. I appreciate you @Big_Gorzey All true statements @KenWo4LiFe That’s a @JamesFox917 question. He usually knows all the option stuff. @Big_Gorzey Most of the “old for the level” guys would probably be happy to be Phil Plantier. My point was you can…