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Baseball writer for @southsidehitpen member of IBWAA. Some writers pose as “experts,” I give real hot takes. I block fools so act like a grownup

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@DCeaseTheDay Puk and Luzardo @AlexSeelig Witt’s most aggressive timeline won’t see him in the big leagues until 2022. He hasn’t even played a game in Low-A.I once swept a guy’s injured leg in an attempt to win the 1984 All-Valley Karate Tournament. @ByCharlieRicker She’s bat shit crazy
@BCJRFantasy @jimcallisMLB Yeah, he missed on the pitcher (Kohl Stewart) but I have to give him credit for the others. @SoxBro Burn them both and start over @jepischke This is very true. Kenny Williams definitely passed the eye test. The White Sox Johnny Bravo. @BCJRFantasy @jimcallisMLB told me in 2014 that he thought Mondesi was one of the guys in the low minors that had a… @SoxBro Agreed. Terrible!Check out the throw from freshman catcher Hayden Dunhurst. @Destino_15 @TateBlackman I think I just became a big Hayden Dunhurst fan. That’s a hell of a throw for a catcher p… @ieskridge Weight stayed the same but body fat went down. I love this kid’s work ethic and dedication.The kid has a desire to not only be great, but to be the best. Don’t worry about the muscles limiting his mobility,… is from Mason Martin’s father’s Twitter. It documents the body metamorphosis of the young slugger. This kid is… @TheGrandOldGame He’s a terrible commissioner @TheGrandOldGame I feel like stripping the title is a moot point. If you take it away from them who do you award it…
@owemyself14 I believe it was former Cubs manager Lee Elia who said (when referring to Cubs fans). “The motherfucke… @DestroyBaseball Wow, I remember when Kevin was just a prospect writer that wore a stupid hat. Right before he beca…'s have a little fun. Give me your Luis Robert projection for 2020. Mine... AVG: .255 HR: 20 SB: 27 2021 ADP: 2…
Retweeted by Dan Victor @realWTGTD They all wear that 27 it’s because they aren’t giving away any of their 27 outs in a game. It was a Ricky Renteria mantra. @AdamGSager That’s how I have always felt too.Do you refer to the ballpark as @justinjstiever Yes, still a live organist, but Nancy Faust was really a White Sox icon. I’m sure the current lady… @bstarr9119 Don’t forget Sheets, he looks ready for the Arnold Classic. @RLSandack If they can put it together this year I imagine other orgs will covet them as well and we can probably t… @Sean_W10 Well done my man! @RLSandack I’m going to die on the Luis Gonzalez hill. I know he’s going to have a monster 2020.One of the members of a White Sox fan group posted this yesterday. It’s a YouTube video to a great story about form… RobynSo... Nick Madrigal got jacked. Read all about it here and don’t forget to tag and follow @southsidehitpen for all… @SosaLenyn @Hoagie58 créeme Lenyn, tengo completa fe en ti
@Soxsupporter1 I really dig Bagger Vance and Tin Cup @ChrisAllenPack Section 108 in Comiskey Park (Chicago) is comprised of a lot of season ticket holding booze pigs. (… @Chicagofan76 I have never been much of a coffee drinker. @arpfinnarp I like Kris Bryant, but I had to like your tweet just because of the passion. @CharliBrown46 Nothing wrong with those beach drinks either, I was being mostly satirical. @CharliBrown46 A NASCAR guy that doesn’t like beer or whiskey. You are like a unicorn in your field sir. @RegionRat14 @Thatbaseballfan Line em’ up boys, slippery nipples for everybody. @RegionRat14 I wouldn’t call it a bowling movie per se, but it’s certainly a core element to the plot. @dotp1971 I didn’t even consider boxing, what the hell was I thinking. I really loved Rocky IV. It was so campy, pr… @RegionRat14 I love Kingpin, but does another bowling movie even exist? I guess my favorite arm wrestling movie is… are your favorite sports movies one from each sport: if you want you can include soccer and golf too: For me:… @Thatbaseballfan @RegionRat14 Shhhhhhh. I drink them too, I just don’t broadcast it. @RegionRat14 @Thatbaseballfan When I was a casino pit boss a very belligerent craps player walked up to the dice ta… that says they are 108’ing and takes a picture of an Angry Orchard, Mike’s Hard Lemonade or a Zima should im… statement from Bregman
Retweeted by Dan VictorOne of the greatest experience that I have ever had in my life ‼️ when I was a kid, he was one of the guys that I l…
Retweeted by Dan Victor @codylybrook Yermin should be a Pokémon Go character. He’s just awesome. prospect Jack Anderson throws with one of the more extreme sidearms you’ll see. One of many interesting re…
Retweeted by Dan Victor @TMZ No! How about the airlines ask Boeing to give them planes that afford their passengers more comfortable seatin… @stevestone Our fur baby Venus is a White Sox fan, she’s getting up there in age too, but we are thankful for her e… @nathan_shiba Let’s me rephrase, very few minor league teams are owned by their major league affiliates. They are t… @nathan_shiba Thanks Nate, don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are other costs and my math is general, but it really…, why is Tony Clark acting like he cares? The MLBPA could have intervened years ago and demanded to include min… is, this is a damn near fixed cost. It’s not like free agency or arbitration makes minor league salaries unpr… they adopted this pay scale and paid the kids year round it would be worthwhile as part of the “MLB internship”… not now? Are they first waiting to screw the 42 teams they want to contract? people that follow minor league prospects: never underestimate the challenges faced by a foreign born player at… @Hoagie58 Never, we just have to keep spreading the word to the streets. It’s Len-neen, not Len-non @ChiSoxStokes I am wondering myself only due to the presence of Yolbert Sanchez who was signed for 2.5 million and… Sosa played arguably the best shortstop defense in the SAL league last year. As a 19 YO he also struck out 6%… @DKane1392 @KenWo4LiFe @barstoolWSD @fromthe108 Excellent options with this poll @OsikTyler Looking good kiddo @ProspectJesus Like the swing, no extraneous movement and the ball just jumped off of his bat. I will be watching for him @ptkichler I told you the best site for free Sox information, you tell me how to get my hands on a bottle of Pappy 23 @ptkichler @fromthe108 Follow @southsidehitpen for a ton of great Sox coverage. Don’t forget to bookmark
Cool thing about Frosty in 2019 was his basically even distribution of batted balls. He was much more pull heavy in… we get excited about spring training I wanted to tweet out some of my older stories about some fun prospects tha… can see how visibly pissed Cody Bellinger is when talking about the Astros
Retweeted by Dan Victor @nbb77 @fertilemyrtles @RealTerryBoers Well said Bob.Jeff Bagwell with passionate speech at Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation dinner saying computers can’t measur…
Retweeted by Dan VictorA little brotherly love, well done Justin :) @psychobilly07 Thanks man! I appreciate it.That’s fantastic Will!
@ChiSoxHaze @LWilz @WasteOfMind00 Thanks Haze @deadhead2561 @LWilz @WasteOfMind00 Thanks, I appreciate it. @LWilz @WasteOfMind00 Thanks Wilzy @owemyself14 I bet he didn’t have him ranked 6th :) still no contest. @WasteOfMind00 Thanks so muchStat of the day: between all three minor league levels in which he played last season, Nick Madrigal hit .307 (48-1…
Retweeted by Dan VictorTo people that think not playing Nick Madrigal in the lineup for a month of “meaningless April games” won’t make a… @FutureMoncada It’s simple, if you want to win you put the best players in the lineup. He is the best option the So… @KingMac1129 I don’t think they know who all was involved other than speculation and they are really all complicit.… @palehose05 @KingMac1129 @BarberSox I would be more partial to Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles. @KingMac1129 I don’t know that I have a good punishment for them. Taking away a World Series title after the fact a… @BarberSox She got Crane good and she didn’t quit after the first question, but that fluff quote about how much of… @BarberSox I’m used to Marly saying BS like she did last year when she offered the gem, “It was an honor” watching… @MLBintel @Destino_15 Thanks Alex! See you soon! @MLBintel They let themselves get fooled by you. #clownshow @TateBlackman Thanks Tate! I appreciate the message, looks like you had a great time on the honeymoon. I hope the n… @FlaSmitty I mean look at the kid, he has plenty of room to add man muscles. Some people just don’t understand play… was in re: to the passionate guy trolling. @FlaSmitty I still believe in Connor Scott. He’s got the Yelich (minor league version build). Looked like you could… @FlaSmitty @ShaneKatz73 @demorizi_eudy Thanks my man! I appreciate it. @ShaneKatz73 @demorizi_eudy @FlaSmitty He has the highest strike percentage of any top pitching prospect in the gam… @newstyle23 I’ve watched it a dozen times, I swear it looks that way to me as well.
@Chicagomic I was just watching the trailer for that game. It didn’t look like anything other than Tetris with a tw… wife got me a PlayStation VR for my birthday and quite frankly... that shit is amazing. Motion sickness is a distinct possibility though.