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sorry if this is controversial but if you bring speakers to the gym and play music out loud you deserve the electric chairi won’t bc men are trash but like imagine’s ur daily reminder that men are trash @yephph yethwould u guys be mad if i got a bf @stepheniscowboy hiiiii lol @yephph wise :) @yephph i am sorry to hear that. i am doing well :) b sure to have a sip of water. maybe 2 sips @yephph jeff! how r uguys @egirlrespecter @SmackTownPolice this tweet was written for you. “look at all this technology”if ur having trouble remembering which is which, Affect is the Action and Effect is the rEsult @rockreck_ On my way!
@_ogbecky_ no u 🥺🥺💘💘💘 @midsseeghosts yo😎 @AlwaysAButt @KellenRenard big grandpa from charlie & the chocolate factory vibes in the second pic @wowpenelope THANK YOUUU🥺❤️ @greyycie :D @egirlrespecter hey can i text uthis post brought to you by Hurley™️ and Dunkin’ Donuts®️ drew this lil Magritte joke and put it up in the fine arts building on campus a couple weeks ago and just got thi… @midsseeghosts chortle @JustButJaded it’s not raining @durfalert nice one @procornholer excellentgood morning what is the word of the day @midsseeghosts same
@Keally22 u r perfect @yephph a little bitmen ignore hints that women aren’t interested in them with the same vivacity that women ignore red flags of men that they are interested inunreal that there’s people walking around a whole foot taller than me. hows the weather up there, losers
it aint easy bein me😌😋
Retweeted by bronk @dreesorensen i agree @savmayco @Tyler_Hancock96 he paid :) @Tyler_Hancock96 LMAOWell this didn't work as well as I hoped.
Retweeted by bronk @wowpenelope 🥰TY 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by bronk @clay_png yeah now you can take a rest and do some well earned misogyny 😌in this house we support women and take money from men (ily @clay_png) 💘💘💘 rich now so pls don't talk to me unless ur on my level
Retweeted by bronk @savmayco love the matching chaotic energyfeeling chaotic, reply to this with your venmo @ for a surprise @brainwxrms happy birthday logan!!!! 🥳🥳🥳oh y’all already know #griffin i see you’ve got these two brain cells..... now all u have to do is connect them....... try the word “taxes… one chick fil a employee says “thank you” to another chick fil a employee, then they are contractually obligated…
the venn diagram of guys i like and guys who like me is two circles very far apartfor some reason there’s a huge disconnect between guys i like and guys who like me. like what is not clicking??? @guidogroyper case in point @yephph no jeff not like that!!!!!!the bar is so low for straight men at this point like men if you can’t get a gf, that is 100% on you. you could len… @badboychadhoy @ihatethiskid @greyycie hiiiiii 🙈not a movie but this particular scene. fuck rugrats @bowserstanacct nothing would change bc the electoral college has their own agendai can’t believe sabrina invented slut shaming how tiny this segment is... i could cry orange juice while i eat an orange because i live in florida where nothing is real except for oranges @ihatethiskid LMAO yes please 🥺🤲 @ihatethiskid i have feelings for uparents who are about to take their kids on a long car ride be like speak now or forever hold your peesspeaking of which, if there’s any paypigs that wanna buy me food, pls dmi never transfer my money from venmo because as long as it lives in venmo, instead of in my bank account, it is fak…
pretty boys be like hi my birth chart is douchebag sun dumbass moon alcoholic risingphysically i’m in school, mentally i’m at my southern italian villa tending to my rose garden sipping on rosé. harry styles is thereoh you’re a STEM major? you have a 6 figure job lined up after college? haha no that’s awesome. me? o yeah i have l…, for one, think more guys should be simps @blondejoejonas i am just one opinion the only one that mattters is yours :-) @blondejoejonas no :-/
@blondejoejonas F @egirlrespecter 😍 @egirlrespecter hiiiiiii only like men who absolutely hate me or men who are totally obsessed with me. my ideal man would be boththese were the days... when i could just “sure, jan” my way through every conflict,,,,...... take me back.....can we bring these jokes back @bowserstanacct u r perfect @ITS_JAKE_YO valid @AlwaysAButt @dougorey u look wonderful :)if i don’t get cuddled tonight i will die
Retweeted by bronk @trashangel98 @ccisntfunny oh my god i didn’t even noticethanks bestmemes @chloszak i think a kink is usually more defined by action and a fetish is defined by a tangible thing, rooted in flesh
@jamiehyphenlynn 🥺👉👈 @jamiehyphenlynn bronki didn’t realize i have your attention, men r trash
Retweeted by bronk @jamiehyphenlynn @nickugottachill well said, nick 😌Hah men suck, lemme tell you. The lack of respect for our Queen here demonstrates the toxicity of the patriarchy. I…
Retweeted by bronkok @nicoleej0hnson that’s fairthank you breadedpickle, very cool here goes. my ass is detrimentally fat do gays walk so fast? where are they going @midsseeghosts as someone with 2.7k, i would not. but that is just meriffing? on a saturday night? I͟t͟s͟ ͟m͟o͟r͟e͟ ͟l͟i͟k͟e͟l͟y͟ ͟t͟h͟a͟n͟ ͟y͟o͟u͟ ͟t͟h͟i͟n͟k͟͟ @procornholer you are Validme looking for a man’s emotional intelligence
bro that’s the girl with 2.6k followers on twitter, u better kiss her forehead