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Day 49. Grumpy Seal. Never ask for a seal of approval
Retweeted by Dr Chris @TheLabAndField @LincolnSwans @secretfox23 Bring 👏 me 👏 Alphabites 👏 @secretfox23 …it actually is tho.Disney+ doesn’t have Simpsons tho. You’re basically asking for £6pm for Hercules and Aladdin? 🤔There was a split in the bottom of my milk and now there’s milk all over the place 😔Twinky gays all over each other in IKEA and it’s like, imagine how much of a whole adult we all could have been if… really is quite remarkable that @RBKingston has been at the Wood Lane bridge works for about 2 years now and sti… @MattCheetham Seems like a great way to retain business.My favourite thing about where I get my hair cut is how they open at 0900 on Mondays but when you rock up at 0930,…
@TheLabAndField also people who organise/attend high school reunions still being in contact with people from school tho is great! Watch as London’s network of streets is revealed, one bike trip at a time
Retweeted by Dr ChrisCommit two bank robberies a year and you'd almost qualify as a skilled worker
Retweeted by Dr Chris @SkyHelpTeam Done, cheers.This gif but with the GPL<draws directly on PC screen with pen>Live your life with the over-acted hindsight of an Air Crash Investigation air crash investigator expositionly inst… @auklet I mean it seems like that wheel is going more than random chance would seem to imply. It may be cursèd. @MattCheetham Yup, and it was still the same every time I went back so that just reinforced it. @TheLabAndField Not with that attitude. @mrkhndy I love being both too hot and unable to sleep, rather than just being unable to sleep like normal. @SkyHelpTeam hi, to who or how can a series link that doesn't work properly be reported?<Extra frowns at clipboard> <Inspector uses permanent pen on large glass-wall map of town> The queue from the junct… the minutes tick by, urban traffic controllers come to a horrifying realisation... The degree of saturation was… 2015, Wessex Council didn't *use* a SATURN model. As traffic from Development LP001 approaches the junction, deg… reports. All of them. I might start presenting them in the tone and intonation of the Air Crash Investigation vo… is so so so accurate dddghhjjkk and well done
Retweeted by Dr Chris @kezamacdonald Dammit Keanu. @mrrob88 This is the correct answer tho.
@martin_costello Exactly.It's been what, 6 months? Still haven't seen a 'slofie' in the wild. @secretfox23 @martin_costello Press X to start.I tried to be a grown up and brown some meat on a oven tray but because I'm cheap and my tray is too thin, it just burned on one spot. 🙃 @martin_costello If only there were some way of conveying an endless supply of food into inhalation radius 🤔 @TheLabAndField @martin_costello Stay away from them at all times! They're so very expensive and if you breathe near them they self… @TheLabAndField How is it that you get to have good passport photos in Canada, because all the ones here are terrible? @DaveyBlahBlah 200ppm Lynx Body SprayHere's a story about our biggest challenge as we seek to eliminate emissions. Not cars, not fossil fuel power, but…
Retweeted by Dr Chris @TheLabAndField @TheLabAndField Sadness in their eyes @TheLabAndField 😭Every time you think this story has peaked, BOOM! It levels up 😮
Retweeted by Dr Chris @TheLabAndField 😢 What happened to the penguins? @martin_costello
Westminster should be embarrassed for itself; the whole West End in fact is An Absolute State. Cf. Oxford Street.You shouldn’t have to fear/risk getting run over in Soho. It’s that simple.Walking through Soho on a Friday night and the place is gridlocked with cars. The fuck are they all doing there. Frickin’ Westminster 🚮 @mrkhndy They’re good bricks Mrk. @mrkhndy So many McMuffins you could have had. @duncan_ng Demand your answers back spare me the framing of Yorkshire tea as "authentically British", as if the hillsides between Halifax and Dews…
Retweeted by Dr Chris @Ed__tweets If you get mugged and/or murdered, then it’s less desirable. @paul2dart I use dumped into an S3 bucket for everything @TheLabAndField Amazing @TheLabAndField Why don’t we have both? @TheLabAndField Also @TheLabAndField There are loads! I thought it’d be like 40 or something. Also i was going to post this but now all… @TheLabAndField I lack both access and the apparent capability to find it on your website 😔
@TheLabAndField How many ducks were there? 🧐 @martin_costello @Ed__tweets Whatever the reality, I think we can all agree that LinkedIn is The Worst. @martin_costello @Ed__tweets However, you don’t have The Golden In. Maybe you’re not the Premium Linker of Inns you… @martin_costello @Ed__tweets *evil laugh* @Ed__tweets Guess it depends if @martin_costello can verify a stalk? 🌚👀 @martin_costello If one can bypass the stalking filter, then, I have to ask, what is the value of a stalking filter? @martin_costello *2m40s @martin_costello Me for 2m30s @TheLabAndField YAAASOh in other recent Capitalism is The Worst news, I’ve been told that paying for premium LînkedĮn means you can see… tho, imposing their values on everyone. JFC.HONK @martin_costello @MattCheetham Not with that attitudeRegular Reminder: Stop using unmarked time jumps as a substitute for competent storytelling.Bah who even remembers what happened like 18 years ago when the last season was on. @PaddyFreeland Is this right? It’s too much. I can’t.'ve been looking at the Government's announcement about the Points Based Immigration System and, to be honest, we…
Retweeted by Dr Chris“Let me play Devil’s Avocado for a minute” @gpb1979 Cat has wares if you have coin? @martin_costello @MattCheetham I very appreciate it @MattCheetham Yaaaaas
@Beardynoise This poll is cursed and should be destroyed. me ages to spot, I thought it was a joke.
Retweeted by Dr Chris @gpb1979 @Ed__tweets @repeattofade Sensible. @Ed__tweets @repeattofade You’re forgetting that men are The Worst. @orbyn Is it like an S Club / S Club Juniors sort of thing?
@martin_costello I don’t think I’m smart enough for this gameAccidentally misinterpreted the End Game Now option on Obra Dinn and bollocked it all right up. 😩 @adebradley Yup, also the concept of modems. @adebradley 0800 5190100 for dial up ntlWorld internet @auklet JFC @JamieBGall JFCSo long as the shareholders get compensated, fuck all us right?I mean I’m happy about getting *some* compensation but you know that’s almost certainly coming from the DfT and not… SWR has finally done decent thing and offered additional compensation for crippling December strikes. I’ve…
Retweeted by Dr Chris @Sunkensie Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
Petition to replace all train door beeps with the Obra Dinn watch sting for the D.R.A.M.A.