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@PandaScottish @JamesCleverly Didn't hurt him during the election. It was the correct choice, strategically. Andr…
@Roblev0 @BarristerSecret Could have been a whole host of factors. Shall we ask the white barristers that dismiss… @Roblev0 @BarristerSecret Options, either: Its racism and can only be racism It was an honest mistake, blown out… @Roblev0 @BarristerSecret All white barristers, or solicitors, have never been mistaken for a defendant, ever? That's quite a statement... @Roblev0 @BarristerSecret Do you know what survivor bias is? How do you know this doesn't happen to white barrist… @JohnHyde1982 It's trivial. Misidentification and hurt feelings at worst. Also, survivor bias. I imagine white b… @InspGadgetBlogs Fortunately Dawn Butler blocked me years ago. Its a decisions I've come to support. @ConstableXL @EssexBarrister Agree with "better things to do" considering the death of a police officer. Although… @ConstableXL @EssexBarrister It's trivial. Misidentification. And survivor bias. Do you really think no white ba… @EssexBarrister @ConstableXL Is this whole incident not trivial? At worst its misidentification and hurt feelings. @Roblev0 @BarristerSecret It's low hanging fruit for the unimaginative to attack. Usually when they can't come up w… @benchpressgang @_Adrien_M_ @spacebar69 @BarristerSecret I missed a comma. @_Adrien_M_ @spacebar69 @BarristerSecret Hahaha Labelling anyone that disagrees with you a Nazi and committing cri… @BarristerSecret How about if you think the experience is trivial? @elonmusk Women.
@sunnytang206 @fezziwig_mr @UKLabour Their identity goes against their biology. You can't wake up one day and choose to deny your biology. @SofiaTSousa Glad it all worked out 👍 @alexblaggerz @ladbible Well I never! Common ground! @alexblaggerz @ladbible Did you by any chance vote for Jeremy Corbyn and his "luxury communism" dystopia? @notayesmansecon Something something Islas Malvinas something something it's the British fault. @falklands_utd thi… @sunnytang206 @fezziwig_mr @UKLabour Ironically blood is red because of biology. The very thing you seem to be against... @alexblaggerz @ladbible Do I have to download the app? Is it law? No? Well then it's my decision then isn't it. @5t6u2 @UKLabour Why not? If someone can wake up a different gender why can't I identify as older than I am? I've… @Labour4govt @UKLabour If you were serious about winning you would drop the identity politics. @UKLabour Can I wake up, decide I'm 70, and claim a pension? @ladbible I'm not against it for the usual security concerns people bring up. I won't be downloading it because I… @SofiaTSousa Congratulations! You said the application took only 48 hours, was it easy or did you encounter any p… @BillySelsley @thinkdefence And then every election doesn't go your way. Identity politics is cancer.
@afneil @YouTube Hey @afneil Love the new spectator podcast. Love the structure and analysis. But can you get you… @mrjamesob @BarristerSecret Perhaps it's because a lot of issues aren't objectively right or wrong. They're opinio… @pinstripedline @HMSQNLZ Is it just me or does @HMSQNLZ feel safer with US jets onboard? It feels like an insurance… @Asterisk2302 @Nik20302014 @Ex_arv_sgt @metpoliceuk @Ldn_Ambulance @LondonFire Do people buy home made alcohol from… @Asterisk2302 @Nik20302014 @Ex_arv_sgt @metpoliceuk @Ldn_Ambulance @LondonFire People don't typically distill their… @afneil Yes, usually they are preceded by something to do with the UK not being allowed to launch nuclear weapons w… @jjlange_bird @MayorofLondon There is/was at the end of June. Khan doesn't seem to know this. Khan is an idiot. @Madz_Grant This is still the best 😂🤣 @AnnaJerzewska @DmitryOpines Maybe discussions would commence with cooler heads if we didn't just have 3 years of h… @ChillaxBcn @piersmorgan People like you just don't believe in impartiality when it's against someone you don't like. @Day4Networks
100 days left until the end of the Brexit transition period.
Retweeted by Smart as a Carrot 🥕 @combat_boot @fightingsailor I thought they were called Combustion Reduction and Avoidance Persons (CRAP) these day… @Joflojo2 @FrancisBoulle And what do you imagine JC would have done differently that would have saved all businesses? @boyd_d1 @afcstu1978 @MatMcLachlan Yeah, it's a nice little tid bit of information. The series could have ended very differently!
@bbclaurak Is that the Nandos scale again? @Dubliner112 @MatMcLachlan The ending was kind of a mistake. They originally had a different idea. Beautifully don… @JSJ44999444 @MatMcLachlan The ending was kind of a mistake. They originally had a different idea. Beautifully don… @afcstu1978 @MatMcLachlan @boyd_d1 The ending was kind of a mistake. They originally had a different idea. Beautif… @wandbc @dani__dan__ I agree this tweet was probably badly judged. But its pathetic how readily and easily goverem… @SethMacFarlane I think the problem is that judges are Liberal or Conservative. Why not just judges? They shouldn…
@eraserheadUK @DataWarrior1 @CityAM @Holbornlolz Still waiting to hear what they actually do... @eraserheadUK @DataWarrior1 @CityAM @Holbornlolz Hahahahaha Make minorities feel comfortable. Again, what do thes… @eraserheadUK @DataWarrior1 @CityAM @Holbornlolz And what do these diversity jobs do that retain staff?
@guyverhofstadt Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 What a load of disingenuous crap! Ever heard of Magna Carta? @MayorofLondon Considering London is a massive rip off, I hope the mass exodus that is looming will result in sensible house prices.
@AdmTonyRadakin @VAdmJerryKyd My guess for @VAdmJerryKyd Strategic from the beginning, making good use of features… @PinkNews @OwenJones84 You still don't get it. Its not about genuine trans people. Its about people claiming to b… @commoperator @crawshaw71351 @HMSQNLZ @ShaunRoster Clearly my criticism of it is lost on you. @crawshaw71351 @HMSQNLZ @ShaunRoster "New expensive Aircraft Carrier stuck in port due to wind" - or something to t… @HMSQNLZ @ShaunRoster Oh God! I'm just imagining the Daily Mails news story tomorrow. 🤦‍♂️ @mev202 @HMSQNLZ @ShaunRoster Things you do during peace are different to things you do during war. If required, o… @miuirom Love my Poco F2 Pro. But on super wallpapers the date is displayed MM/DD. Ironically the only place you… @Peston The only question should be: "Can our hospitals cope?" If they can, no need for a lockdown. Until we ge… @adallin @bbcquestiontime @JohnDCaudwell Hahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂 You people really do hear what you want to hear. He…
@adallin @bbcquestiontime @JohnDCaudwell Any chance you can quote the part which is a lie? @ConstableXL @NBPAUK @IanWright0 @idriselba @LewisHamilton @DavidLammy @KwasiKwarteng Well that didn't work, didn't… @arunadvaniecon @DanNeidle @cage_warwick @warwickecon @warwicknewsroom @Summers_AD @Feli_Koenig @lorenzo_pss @ConstableXL @NBPAUK All black people are persecuted in the UK? Raheem Stirling? Ian Wright? Idris Elba? Lewis Ham… @Ayishat_Akanbi There's little difference between racism and woke. Imagine if they said here "kill blacks, I don't… @ConstableXL @NBPAUK But black people aren't persecuted in the UK. All this is is an example of an arsehole being…
@Cjd444 @grahambsi @Peston @BorisJohnson That sentence makes no sense. @lisanandy @TobyDickinson ...that your party lost to. Maybe drop all the woke stuff? People might consider voting… @Cjd444 @grahambsi @Peston @BorisJohnson WTO tariffs don't exist unless a country sets them at a level of their cho… @NBPAUK @ConstableXL Obviously this is a nasty and racially offensive thing to do. But do we want to live in a cou… @ziontree Yep. Sounds about right from these extremists. Any view that isn't their own is condemned and they attac… @tshugart3 The question was regarding an unpopular food opinion. From what I can tell the only people that like Ame… @jamesdeeganMC Imagine if this was the other way round and someone was saying "kill black people, I don't mean it,… @grahambsi @Peston @BorisJohnson Tariffs for imported goods can be whatever you want them to be. From 0% to 1000% +… @MilitaryBanter @JohnnyMercerUK @JamesCleverly How about @JohnnyMercerUK vs @DominicRaab ? @Madz_Grant It's a wonderful day where you go to a cafe/restaurant with a wide variety of cured ham to eat. I do i… @ok_olly You listing your pronouns says it all.
@_MWABOHH @LatestMessiah @thinkdefence As a Brexit voter - Yes! Labour's policy was effectively "everyone's vote i… @LatestMessiah @thinkdefence Compared to Corbyn it would be difficult to seem not competent. Did you see Ed Miliba… @LatestMessiah @thinkdefence Exactly. Its just a look. He still entertains a "woke" politics that isn't far enoug… @LatestMessiah @thinkdefence The only thing going for Starmer is he looks like he plays the Prime Minister in a Spi… @thinkdefence Nope. Would have been the same. Only difference would have been more "woke" policy. Maybe making a… who swear a lot tend to be more honest and more intelligent.
Retweeted by Smart as a Carrot 🥕EU set to extend access to London clearing houses to mid-2022 via @financialtimes
Retweeted by Smart as a Carrot 🥕 @Checking28 @DmitryOpines Much like NI with the UK? @pinstripedline Given the UK govs position on submarine movements, imagine some assumption went into an Astute bein… @DhruvSi82648443 @DocStevens007 @GambleAware Not sure about that, they seem to be taking on quite big operators too… @DmitryOpines The argument being to "protect the integrity of the SM". But, as pointed out by others, Ireland has… @DocStevens007 @DhruvSi82648443 @GambleAware Well the UK is certainly going in that direction. The gambling commiss… @The_Ops_Room Nice. The desert storm one was excellent! Never knew anything about it before. Look forward to whatever you end up making 👍While I respect people changing position on this issue, in either direction, I do think McGregor is failing to see…
Retweeted by Smart as a Carrot 🥕 @DocStevens007 @DhruvSi82648443 @GambleAware Impractical. Due diligence on customers does take time and effort. Do…
@The_Ops_Room Straight away. IMHO the tech/capabilities is so far ahead they don't have time to catch up. Certainl… @The_Ops_Room Get 8 defending convoys so the battle of the Atlantic has air cover. Remaining 12 just hit anything s… @hthjones And just a few steps closer to being silly. Theres nothing wrong with a word like human. The same way t…
@tayalm175 @Dettingen11 @wavellroom Surely you can't disagree with the idea that people that attended the job and p… @Rosinacarley Human. Any objections to that word?