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@hthjones Not sure, I imagine this sort of situation hasn't come up before! Nobody gets paid in 50p pieces, and th… @AmateyDoku You should have a pilgrimage to Sharrow Bay then, they claim to have invented it. Lovely hotel regardle… @VoxPopuli63 @SkyNewsBreak 😂 No we couldn't. The fact you can't understand that shows why you lost. @DeborahMeaden Do you believe in the gender wage gap Deborah? @DeborahMeaden Or, for an intelligent view... @pmdfoster @tompeck Anyone read this? @quilssachent @sneerfulmill @KittyhawkHome @donaldtuskEPP And they would probably be qualified to come in the next… @quilssachent @sneerfulmill @KittyhawkHome @donaldtuskEPP Of course there are domestic things that can be done, I j…
@sneerfulmill @KittyhawkHome @donaldtuskEPP Funny how that "reality" contradicts my life... @sneerfulmill @KittyhawkHome @donaldtuskEPP Increase in house prices due to demand. Reduced wages because companies… @ZubyMusic Surely this is just called having a horrible personality? @sweeneygov @pinstripedline I highly doubt Labour (the only other realistic alternative in the 2019 GE) would sudde… @sneerfulmill @KittyhawkHome @donaldtuskEPP Great story, shame it isn't true. And the idea we can have tighter imm…
@DeborahMeaden Of course not. They're idiots. It'll 10 years of Conservatives at least. I don't think Labour can r… @LBC @toryboypierce As a Conservative I thoroughly endorse her campaign. 😂🤣😂 @RLong_Bailey @mattzarb @unitetheunion As a Conservative I thoroughly endorse your campaign. It should be another 1… @DocMorts @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million Oh look another helpful resource @sebh1981 @UKDefJournal I agree, assuming the PM keeps his word and takes back our waters then EU boat infringement… @DocMorts @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million I like how both of you are focusing on the majority of cases rath… @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million Any chance he wasn't the PM at that point? Was it promised in the 2019 GE manifesto? @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million And nobody is. Applying for settled status, once granted, doesn't reduce y… @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million Was it promised by a government? Or just someone/organisation during the campaign? @sebh1981 @UKDefJournal Offenders of what precisely? We are moving into new times where EU boats have got use to t… @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK @the3million But it is free now, and nothing compared to the hoops non EU have to jump t… @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK I thought your point was "...people don't know where to start or what to do". As for th… @newsonline31 @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK Nope. Why? @antoni_UK @alexandrabulat No more than you, you see EU 26 citizens struggling and you assume its all of them and i… @alexandrabulat @antoni_UK I've read through it and it seems easy enough. I know plenty of EU 26 citizens that hav… @antoni_UK @alexandrabulat Do you really expect people who are unable to fill out a form to be positive contributor… @alexandrabulat How is someone who is confused about settled status and how to apply going to be a contrabutor to t… @eucopresident @vonderleyen @MichelBarnier It won't happen but it would be hilarious if the EU parliament votes it down @vonderleyen @eucopresident @MichelBarnier It won't happen but it would be hilarious of the EU parliament votes it down.
@metpoliceuk @UKCopHumour Probably because he didn't have access to youth clubs. Victim really, not his fault. @DavidLammy Yeah this poor man didn't have access to youth clubs. Its just scum being scum. @MartinDaubney And how are you voting?
@pinstripedline I'm thinking Ultimate Force 😂 @rickygervais I love the idea of this guy getting home thinking "wasn't it great we were sitting next to Ricky Gerv… @maj_fox @tim_wheel Not only that, the same thing must have happened to the other guy! 😂
@RedGrouper @alexandrabulat So you like pyramid schemes then? I see the downsides being higher house prices, lower… @alexandrabulat All reject, WA sent back to the Lords unammended. The Lords will blink, if not, no deal it will be. @TedMeowls @TribulationII @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips So it didn't decrease because they offered what their vote… @TedMeowls @TribulationII @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips But it also didn't decrease. And given they were in govern… @RedGrouper @alexandrabulat I suppose you consider it normal to have around 250k net immigration per year and 37% o… @timg33 @LOS_Fisher I thought this was an interesting read @Ricard00 @piersmorgan @EmilyThornberry They will, and their vote will dwindle until something else comes along. Ei… @mcgibbond I always enjoy when people take the low hanging fruit of my name, it shows they're the real idiot. Labo… @bridge_53 @UKDefJournal The expensive part has already been done and we're buying the jets anyway. Selling them n… @LandSharkUK Lego/Foie Gras/Porn @TedMeowls @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips What changed? Brexit policy Leadership proved itself to be rubbish As f… @EmilyThornberry @jessphillips If the membership could vote for Corbyn again they would. Says it all. @alexandrabulat Exactly. It depends on the policies. No one will be concerned about issues that are now settled and… @wiardsterk @alexandrabulat Not really, they're basically a county council on steroids. @alexandrabulat True. For comparison the Conservative Party in the UK is far to the Left of the Democrat party in t… @alexandrabulat So assuming you're naturally centre right (not saying you are or aren't), would you really be willi… @alexandrabulat But assuming they get the vote in the future they will probably continue voting centre right. The i… @alexandrabulat 😂 Give us the right to stay automatically or we won't vote for you if we get the chance in the fut… @ytzen @alexandrabulat @oatesjonny @BBCNews Yep, slightly different system. Lords is less powerful, but nonetheles… @ytzen @alexandrabulat @oatesjonny @BBCNews My pleasure. If you want more information I recommend this YouTube chan… @RedGrouper @alexandrabulat Of course it changes, but it is changing faster than ever before, mainly because of the… @alexandrabulat @ytzen @oatesjonny @BBCNews Yep. Short answer is both the House of Commons and the House of Lords h… @alexandrabulat You don't. It's subjective opinion. But that doesn't mean they're wrong. When large amounts of peo… @piersmorgan @EmilyThornberry If the membership had the opportunity to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, they would. Labour is screwed. @CznOfEverywhere @bbclaurak Good luck. Starmer won't get those Northern seats back. The only one that could have d… @bbclaurak It doesn't matter, none of the contenders are what the Labour Party needs to be an effective political f… @oatesjonny @alexandrabulat @BBCNews And if the Commons reject your amendments, as I suspect they will, will the Lo… @piersmorgan @rickygervais @piersmorgan @brianblessed Get him on AfterLife! 😂
@jay_morton_ Prediction, you quit to see if anyone follows you. @matthewlesh @tomhfh Has the definition of London stayed the same over that time? Or has it been expanded? @finnyofthenorth @BrugesGroup May I draw your attention to the word "rest". @BrugesGroup With the EU? Or the rest of the world since we're showing we are a responsible country? @BrugesGroup My question is if this is the strategy, or likely consequence, why are we bothering with the WA?
@MarcherLord1 Interesting, thank you very much 👍 @MarcherLord1 Hmm interesting. Can you do 3 for me? Salcombe Weymouth Putney Cheers 👍🍺 @alexandrabulat It's just too many, too quickly. Not just people from Romania, but from the rest of the EU, and the…
@DeborahMeaden And as a businesswoman, do you seriously believe in the gender pay gap? As in there is a man and a… @alexandrabulat Racism exists, but it is usually the first accusation made. Usually when there is no/little evidenc… @LozzaFox You'll be on 100k followers by the end of the day. Keep it up 👍😂 @PutneyFleur @AlfDubs I really hope the Lords ping it back, gives us another good reason to get rid of them. You d…
@alexandrabulat Huge increase in numbers. I think it's too high. FOM was never going to work with countries with t… @billingham229b "Mom"? Think you've been in America too long... @lisaocarroll Given Romanians only got FOM rights in 2014 its quite remarkable that we've seen around 100,000 every… @MartinSLewis It's symbolic. I think it should. If it weren't for the renovations it would be bonging at 11pm anyway.
@piersmorgan It's why she should resign. Diana's death will be nothing compared to when she finally goes. This cou… @DeborahMeaden You do understand the point he was making? Key emphasis on the word "should". The point is since th… @RLong_Bailey @mattzarb Funny how you never hear about Sikhaphobia, or Hinduaphobia. Any chance islamaphibia is ju… @notreallyacrab @BermudaBat @DPJHodges Yeah, we have. @notreallyacrab @BermudaBat @DPJHodges So what changes is we've actually left. @notreallyacrab @BermudaBat @DPJHodges Apart from the UK no longer having MEPs because we are no longer in the EU. @notreallyacrab @BermudaBat @DPJHodges It's not symbolic, we actually leave on the 31st. The transition arrangement… @CharlieLDormer @MartinSLewis How about flying to New York, whilst eating a steak with a avocado salad? @MartinSLewis It's because we have a standards of life we demand. The only way out of this is through technology,… @CharlieLDormer @MartinSLewis Taking a flight a couple of times a year doesn't compare to eating an avocado every d… @MajorDMalpas @georgeeaton Also... @georgeeaton If it weren't for this... @MartinSLewis Why on earth would the Gov want to disincentivise flying? @MartinSLewis What's the alleged point in this tax? @StuartJRitchie Sounds like something for the QI elves! @qikipedia
@kuhn_reinhard @a_tethys @KeillerDon @richardcalhoun Ever heard of solid state batteries? @kuhn_reinhard @a_tethys @KeillerDon @richardcalhoun Battery tech was the limitation, now we're basically there.