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Sam Marx @smarx_ Portland, OR

B-Movies, Magical cards, comics, metal, doughnuts. He/Him. Also @spxcomics stuff

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This has been one weird weekend. @NinjaBunnyJenn to remember how to play chess well
Bought this today at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Many people asked what makes it 3-d; the answer is physical ch… @DifferentTimJ I think you told me about Joe Bob Briggs show? He’s at my video store now doing a signingYou've seen this panel? I made it years ago and get tagged every day in posts of it with hundreds of retweets. If e…
Retweeted by Sam Marx @KatieScarlett94 @punkrocksellout Trying to come up with a snarky response but my coffee hasn’t kicked in yetOn 10.18.85 a movie I'm in was released and my life changed. Honestly, I didn't see it coming. Deepest gratitude to…
Retweeted by Sam MarxI forgot Gwar is here tonight and that explains why this other show is dead...
Still my favorite Opeth album. novel lady just asked me to draw her a Pac Man on a piece of paper then told me "btw my dad just died the o… “loves Gaiman and has read all his books but his ‘graphic novels’ ... just not sure...” Good for you I guess? I don’t care @animperfectdude She did the whole “graphic novels are good comics are bad” thing and I just don’t have the energy @animperfectdude Spin off Mississippi. I think I got it I kept telling her they’re not a genre and to just go to th… a comic at the laundromat and this woman sits directly next to me and starts talking about "oh I love readi…
@KatieScarlett94 I know, sorry @KatieScarlett94 A) wearing a shirt from my favorite tattoo shop b) I like death metal not black metal C) I still laughed 🙃 @andreashockling Shrug. I had a nice exchange with a dad about needing a beer. @andreashockling Me here alone with my beer and all these parents and their hs kids isn’t my favorite vibe tbh @andreashockling Some girls team. I can’t really tellI accidentally got caught in a HS sports fundraiser at this restaurant when about 140 people showed up right after…
I think I enjoyed this one through Twitter is like overhearing a thousand conversations in a mall food court but with somebody havin…
Retweeted by Sam Marx @RIPMeghan was just sent this from my wife traveling in Ireland, you have any intel? got tickets for this in February and I am pretty darn pumped.
You, a dullard: "I like sports." Me, a genius: "I don't like anything and am sad."
Retweeted by Sam Marx @andymanjuck news everyone! We've extended the deadline to apply to exhibit at #TCAF 2020 until next Monday, October 21st,…
Retweeted by Sam MarxI try not to share memes too often but this one got me @animperfectdude One thing I also appreciate is they have a full-blown history channel where they walk through each… @animperfectdude yeah that song is definitely one of the more somber ones, they have some rippin' songs of bravery… @animperfectdude Trigger warning @animperfectdude sorry I should've tw'ed for war @animperfectdude @animperfectdude This band's most recent album is about WWI and people were literally like "Fuck yeah we were in th… will also now never forget a room full of people cheering and woohoo'ing for World War I?Sabaton show was amazing last night but I'm still struggling to put into words my thoughts on the split in their au… @themeganpurdy I've gone ahead and muted parody accounts too because it's too much @themeganpurdy I’m glad I’m not the only one! @FalynnK This makes me sad and I get it but also I can’t afford that on top of a $40 ticket...Why are so many bands charging $40 for shirts now?!
Oh shit I’m seeing Sabaton tonight.What a horrible time to be awakeNot particular stoked on this @MarkOStack 100% @MarkOStack I block this stuff so quick. I know people think it’s important to see but nah, I don’t need to see it.
@VaGentlenerd You’re gonna have a good time. Vikings incoming. @mrfitzyfitz Digging the Bolas list too. I have a Thraximundar “Grixis Things” deck that looks similarishl Like these people!
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Retweeted by Sam Marx @SkellyScribbles Bad personal taste to the best of my knowledge
@mrfitzyfitz I’ve wanted to build this deck for a long time. Definitely post a list later! @aplambeck Ha. Ha.Buying a mattress is an expensive proposition. @JessiSheron Karma @RJStreur It’s the last one he directed! It’s not half bad. @mr_oberts Now I understand why I lost so many followers in the great hot dog ketchup debate.I just unfollowed someone for saying they don’t eat pie or dumplings or “stuffed things.” I’m not proud but sometim… hilarious. @Fun_Titan I went into it expecting an epic stinker but ended up laughing quite a bit. Now I need to go watch some…, I enjoyed this quite a bit? Not anyone’s best work by a long shot, but a Mel Brooks movie is a Mel Brooks movie.
Retweeted by Sam Marx @nickwiger @BDayBoysMitch hoped for more of a, "Yeah, right!" but I know that's a lot to askNever let me draft Telling Time in any #mtgcube format. I will do a, "Do you have the time?" joke every time I cast…
@microveldt This was in a movie I watched the other day, so obviously, it's going to happen. surprised people are mostly going with regular ol' decapitation, I always thought destroying the heart was…'m watching them, so you don't have to. Unless you want to. @SGirner It's a lot of work but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do. @dogunderwater One source said something about burying it beneath the body so they can't find itBased on what you understand from books/movies/shows/etc (don't Google it), does cutting off a vampire's head destroy them?Since it's #WorldMentalHealthDay I should probably chime in and say I finally started going to therapy about two mo…
This is a friendly reminder that it’s ok to put away social media and focus on stuff that makes you happy for a while. I’m gonna go do thatThe joke's on you, The Far Side
Retweeted by Sam MarxCannabis Corpse Premiere New Song + Video, “Dawn of Weed Possession”
Retweeted by Sam MarxI am very pleased to announce that we have just now full-on LAUNCHED the database! We are…
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@KatieScarlett94 @punkrocksellout that's animated, different thing @KatieScarlett94 @punkrocksellout ok that movie rules. But Simply Irresistible has a MAGIC CRAB @punkrocksellout @KatieScarlett94 just go watch the movies The Bachelor and Simply Irresistible and tell me they're… @KatieScarlett94 @punkrocksellout I love y'all but it's like you missed the 90s and no Dempsey part of this convo lol @Comics212 Proud of you, friend! @KatieScarlett94 I don't! Erin watches it but I just leave the room haha @KatieScarlett94 I did add Loverboy to the list though and I'm sure Erin will want to watch it because she likes hi… @KatieScarlett94 Mostly from the fact that I think Grey's Anatomy is... well, I don't have enough to write my feeli… @KatieScarlett94 Even thinking about Patrick Dempsey makes my blood boil. I need to focus on something else. @KatieScarlett94 I also strongly dislike both of the leads. I'll put it on the list but I make no promises. @KatieScarlett94 I'm not sure if a movie made in 1989 counts as a 90s movieIn case anyone is wondering yes I am still posting nonsense about movies and Magic because if I posted about politi… a cover like this, the movie has to be good. I'll know soon enough.“Ooh. They all look great.”
Retweeted by Sam Marx @JessiSheron A very strange movie.We all know that drawing cards is the best thing to do in Magic, so I built an EDH deck that pretty much just does… @GSpeziani Simply Irresistible is SO GOOD. I'll definitely check out the others! @Booster_Tutor here for it @Edgar_Allan_Joe oh heck yes adding this to the listIn addition to B horror movies I've been on a bit of a binge of 90s rom-coms? These movies are more weird than I co… @Comics212 @inkstuds Followed by subtle nodding to keep going, alwaysPortland Nacho Week is coming up, I should probably do some planning for this @Comics212 @inkstuds You know me too well I’ve binged enough DDD to know how this works @Comics212 @inkstuds How do I crash this party
@NickinDallas Oh I’ve loved that band for like 10 years!