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Elite clubs going cap in hand to Government for reimbursements for non-playing staff placed on furlough is a bad lo…
Retweeted by SmiffyHi Ellen Spoke to Nana Pat this morning and her spirits are high. She’s overwhelmed by the support of all the fans…
Retweeted by Smiffy @CB_LFC For a time like this it temporarily makes senseCutting the wages of those on more than £100k a week for a couple of months would be better then adding further str…
Retweeted by SmiffySpot on🤤 Oh go on then... #Millwall
Retweeted by Smiffy @Llawllim41 @GaryPaget3 Home - Ipswich Away - Leeds 🤣Following to get a follow back then unfollow. Same sad fucks in life 🙄🤣
Domino's. Not a big fan of it and it's not a big fan of me. @MatthewHart86 can confirm 🤣
@FM91___ If you are a Boxing person please join the challenge of posting a Boxing photo. Just one picture, no descr… know where they are 🙄 this is the problem we have today. The police are powerless, no one is scared of them. They don't control the s… got pricks who won't listen and just stay the fuck in. Useless shit cunts.
@jack_clarke Yeah, I had to delete fifa and then I reinstalled after the download. Defo a glitch somewhereAnd here is the Chair of Warwick Labour @nazifaz_ and the Chair of Scottish Labour students @mariammshaaban on hear…
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PS4 has such shit storage.same girls on twitter celebrating Boris catching corona virus tweet about being kind every other day
Retweeted by SmiffyTHIS 👌 that walk out that night. Atmosphere was buzzing at the o2! @lions_1885 And have a labour rose in their names 🤣That Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua gloves are off gets me everytime. "I walk this earth like a god" 🤣🤣Get healthy soon prime minister 👌🇬🇧 runs the entire country and these spastics are wondering how he's been tested already 🙄🤣A lot of you don’t like the PM and you don’t even know why 🐑 🐑
Retweeted by SmiffyAll these hard labour followers rejoicing at Boris Johnson having coronavirus, idiots mate
Retweeted by SmiffyIf you’re laughing at Boris Johnson having corona virus than you are pond scum. Politics aside he has a pregnant Mr…
Retweeted by Smiffy @newXtelephonist All well thank you. And you?Trying to pay our respects to the NHS and Newcastle do this. Disgraceful! #ProClubsFifa #FIFA20 #FIFAQuaranTeam
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That was emotional 💙
Retweeted by SmiffyThat was brilliant, alot better than I expected. Fucking amazing country when we are one 🇬🇧 @FifaCMTips2 @FifaCMTips Oh right, mine just allocates them straight to another team. Strange! @FifaCMTips How do you get him as a free agent? Anyone over 70 overall gets automatically put into a team?Remind me what channel this is so I can avoid please?
@alan_10mfc Think it is him aswell. Recognise his orange coat @alan_10mfc Hope he pulls through though 😔It saves lives, I really couldn't give a fuck who builds them @alan_10mfc That's the problem today. See it in the terror attacks. People getting stabbed and first thing some cun… Prince Charles has Covid 19. I can assure you he won't be sent to a crowded hospital with overworked & po…
Retweeted by SmiffyI will forever love this video because of the smile on my nans face! 👌 my boyfriends job really said for the next 2 weeks if they don’t want to work they will get full pay but if th…
Retweeted by Smiffy @Holzyb It's always been there, they just didn't use it 😂🙄 @FootballManager Benik Afobe Rangers £1.7mil Sold Morelos to Lyon for £45mil after he demanded to leave and replaced with Afobe 👌 @Holzyb The NHS isn't run properly. Giving it more money when its run by idiots isn't the answer although now we didn't really have a choice @Mattybennett44 Don't be silly, they ain't football fans 🙄😂
2020 China, calm down with these viruses 😷 @s_london_lion 😂😂Get the army on the streets and start shooting these smart arse pricks. @dan_boy_1987 I've added you, can't be fucked to change it 😂 @dan_boy_1987 Add you in a sec, changing my PSN name at the minute 😂 @dan_boy_1987 Every now and then, yeah mateOn my PS4, normally got about 10-15 people online. So far today, there's 43 😂The country is now in
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B5A are we meant to do? We still have to go to work until we are told otherwise!!? Full lockdown or stop slating p…
Retweeted by Smiffyget me out of this house pls
Retweeted by Smiffyi lost my arm when i was 19 BECAUSE I DECIDED TO DRINK AMD DRIVE. I could of killed someones wife, husband, daught…
Retweeted by SmiffyBring on the lockdown, we're fucking too stupid to look after ourselves.
Retweeted by SmiffyI’m going to hell 😭😂😂😂
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I don’t usually share images of my son on social media, but this is him visiting my elderly grandmother this mornin…
Retweeted by SmiffyAs a student nurse, I beg you to watch this video
Retweeted by Smiffy @katiemfc So true! @FM91___ It's a joke, seen on on so many of these kind of pictures. Nurses taking a selfie and getting abuse. Cunts the lot of themOne of the reasons we need a lockdown and army on the streets. Shitholw country we are. @newXtelephonist @HeydonProwse @shaunhutchy23 It's what is needed because people are morons
Shut the fucking country down then! see @andy_destroyer13 has lost is mind may god help him let’s all pray for him and hope he’s able to get back in…
Retweeted by SmiffyAirlines: $35 to put your bag on our plane Airlines: $16 for bag of chips Airlines: Sorry you want your *legs* to…
Retweeted by Smiffy @callum1790 one for you if you are bored 👌, the UK's biggest grocer, is recruiting 20,000 temporary workers for at least the next 12 weeks
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@TLRailUK hi, are thameslink services running normal on Monday? @TLRailUK are services running normal on Monday?They tried asking, now they are telling. Stop being dickheads and listen. @CB_LFC Dickheads will be dickheads unfortunatelyFair play to Boris and the team, doing a superb job considering 👌What a hit son (SOUND ON)
Retweeted by SmiffyTottenham v Bayern, brilliant 😂😂 Sport showing the CL group stage highlights. That'll do 👌 @dsilvester_84 @yeprightnow Sorry boys, can you remove me from this now please 😂 @dsilvester_84 I wasn't trying to make a point of anything. I was only saying that older lot telling the younger lo… @dsilvester_84 Do not tell me what it will be like, because I dont care. I dont want it full stop, even if it only… @dsilvester_84 I not making points, I'm saying I dont want the flu. That's all I'm saying, nothing else, simply I D… @dsilvester_84 My point is pretty simple. As a 28 year old, I'm being told that it doesn't matter if I get it becau… @dsilvester_84 When did I say the measures are not worth it? I'm saying I'm fed up of people saying that "oh it's a… @dsilvester_84 What do you mean you don't agree. You dont mind have a flu? I'm saying I dont want the flu, I don't… @dsilvester_84 No, I'm talking about this particular virus. How it's meant to be just like a mild flu, I don't give…'s all good saying to younger people that "it's alright because to you it is just a mild flu". I still don't want… don't wanna fucking hear about how hard it is for celebrities to self-isolate in their multi-million-dollar,…
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@Holzyb Come on, before you even open it how bad does it look 😂 @Holzyb Defo some tart spreading her batty for the D 🙃Boris should be shitting himself chloe from Sheffield is absolutely fuming she can’t go napa and get clarted by randomers
Retweeted by SmiffyMe walking into Sainsbury’s with my mum ready to punch up anyone who thinks they’re taking items off her
Retweeted by SmiffyWhat a tweet 😂👌 what we need, millionaires in their own little bubbles telling the peasants that everything will be ok.
Retweeted by SmiffyErm.... thread for you genius' who think it's perfectly fine for celebs to get tested.
Retweeted by Smiffy @MatthewHart86 what a weekend that was! because you are offended, doesn't mean it's wrong. Love this from Trump, say it how it is! 👌 what?