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Reminiscing about World Cup 2018, watching the highlights and reaction videos has me all goosebumpy and emotional 😭⚽️❤️Hi @eurekamuseum, whoever was the voice behind the robot this afternoon on the top floor, I think they should know… @afcbpodcast No worries mate, it’s really interesting to see home games from the away fans perspective. Great suppo… listen to the noise as @dwight_mcneil99 puts us 3-0 up 😍🙌🏻 (video taken from the away end, credit to… @JodriguezRay Thanks Bruce BufferWhat a fight. Fury completely bullied Wilder and the bronze bomber had no response. I had every round to Fury, what a performance! 👏🏻🥊
Also worth mentioning Nick Pope’s save with his feet early on in the game. Could have been a completely different o… said, our second half performance was fantastic. Looked hungry, gave it everything we had and could/should hav… a game of two halves, thought Bournemouth came out the blocks quicker than us and arguably finished the first… to meet the man of the moment after today’s game, another terrific performance! 👏🏻⚽️ #UTC a great day in the directors box with work, made all the better with yet another superb performance and win. Ge… over the moon with that, incredible second half performance!Why do boxers insist on throwing a few fake punches whenever they’re on camera? You don’t see footballers doing air… the executive box with work today, another big game, can’t wait! ⚽️ #UTC
Strongest person I’ve ever met, and so proud to call him my brother and best mate x @maffhew11 Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re better than that 🤣
Of course Valencia score as soon as I tweet thisAtalanta running riot 🤯Tramps like us, baby we were born to run.. 🎸
Some start by Atletico @CharliewestBFC Sorry mate, watching on BT. Sure you’ll find some on here though!Couldn’t be happier that the Champions League is back, easily my favourite club competition 💪🏻🔥Great move for you @CharliewestBFC 👏🏻
You know it’s bad when Gary Neville goes ‘oooooooohhhhhhhhh’Oh fuck off @DailyMailUK, you shameless scumbags. being one of those morons that goes out, takes god knows what and then is filmed gurning their face off.. t… disgusting. It amazes me that she has any ‘fans’.
Back down to 11th. Not good enough. #DycheOutCruel on Villa, but a great finish by Alderweireld. Wonder if Spurs will actually show up now.. 👀Proper stadium Villa Park, what a ground 🙌🏻
Lovely finish by Griezmann assisted with a peach of a pass from Messi 🐐 @lodge_robert Hahahahaha, heard it before but always well received 👏🏻How wasn’t Nyom sent off? 😳Honestly man I feel disgusted at the press in the UK. Not just about the tragic passing of Caroline Flack, but gene… @Burnleynuts It displays everything wrong with society, and worryingly people love it.Also, fuck Love Island. It’s about time that absolute trash is removed from our TV’s for good.Bit harsh 😳 @LizPelley Disgusting Liz. About time some action was taken to prevent it happening again, though we all know it won’t happen.Maybe if the paper you worked for did the decent thing for once and left her alone, she may be alive today. same media outlets that were slaughtering her only weeks ago will be the first ones writing about how much of a… @Lucyy_Thompson couldn’t beat us home or away, how shit must you be? 😂 in the league, 10 points clear from the relegation zone and another massive win. The job isn’t done just yet,… asked, Vydra delivers! Thought he was magnificent when he came on, absolutely delighted for him! 👏🏻… IN!!!Why is nobody at the back post there? 🤯 @DanLord7 👀 @lodge_robert 👀MATEJ!!!!!!!Scrappy game really. Still can’t believe our first goal, no question about Ings’. Great strike. HT came at the righ… @DanLord7 Keep the faith 👀Time for Vydra to make a name for himselfInevitable, great finish though.!!!!! @Bennbfc @JoeTomRed And got promoted the next season and have been in the Prem ever since. @Bennbfc @JoeTomRed I wouldn’t say ‘legend’, but without his goals in 13/14, would we be where we are now? Still st… game today, especially with Ings in form, but expecting to give them a tough match at the very least. Come on Burnley! ⚽️🙌🏻
Ferran Torres is having a superb match by the way 👏🏻Veeeeeeery good point. stand Valentine’s Day, load of utter rubbishLook through his tweets and tell me Colin Browning isn’t a parody 😅
For every like this tweet gets by 10pm, I will do a press-up, sit-up and burpee. Help a brother out, I need to lose weight.
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Hull City are so bad 😂
Just seen highlights of last night’s Milan derby, incredible match! 🤯🔥
Some game this 🙌🏻 #BetisBarçaWhat a goal that is @FCBarcelona 👏🏻🔥Flooding in Padiham, take it easy if you’re out and about!⚠ MATCH POSTPONED ⚠ Due to extreme and escalating weather conditions and in the interests of supporter and staff…
Retweeted by Matt SmithAccording to @talkSPORT, we’re away to Sheffield United today 🤔 @OldPalRiley Speed grass 😂
Watched ‘Downsizing’ tonight, what a let down film. Starts of well, an idea with bags of potential that just turned… a win that is for Forest, can’t remember the top of the Championship being this close since we won it in 2015/… a screamer does the lad! 😍⚽️🔥 @scottyarf #UTC this, hope he has an amazing day 👏🏻
The lowest of the low.
Thought @petercrouch, @Chris_Stark and @tomfordyce would appreciate this 🤣
🤯 @lodge_robert @lodge_robert Sasha. on earth isn't Liverpool v Shrewsbury on TV?
Look at that cover photo! Proper love my football club 😂🙌🏻 #twitterclarets @J50Claret 👏🏻This is utterly devastating. To have such an incredible career in the beautiful game, to achieve what so few people…
Champions League Final/World Cup Final > Super BowlThought Turf Moor looked fantastic today 🙌🏻 out to Matt Lowton, thought he was sensational today. What a way to silence his critics over the last few wee… off his line. Should have been retaken. Another ridiculous moment involving VAR.Deserved all three points today I think, was a really solid performance. The only negative is that we didn’t put aw… @JakeKirkbright To be fair, I didn’t see that one 👀
How on earth did VAR miss this? 😩 @lodge_robert tonight, turns out he’s a pretty funny guy 😂👍🏻I wonder which game will be last on @BBCMOTD.. @GaryLineker 🤪 interview I’ve seen with a member of the public in support of Brexit really makes them look incredibly stupid.Good to see the intellectuals out celebrating their result last night, stay classy lads.😂
What’s worse is seeing people who know fuck all about politics celebrating and cheering at the fireworks 😅Some prick near me setting off fireworks because of Brexit, bore off you fucking tosser