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Steven Smith @smiths125 Manchester, England

#film #horror #wrestling fan. Follow my @letterboxd for my uninspiring reviews. Rarely reply to DMs (depends what you're saying)

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@lofivampire I love it, it's a fantastic blend of action, science-fiction & social satire that's brilliant. I'm a b…
It's taken a while to get round to it, but tonight I'm finally watching 'Jojo Rabbit'. #NowWatching #JoJoRabbit seem to miss a lot of people's tweets, they never load into my TL, I actively have to seek them out. My TL is the…
@lofivampire He's fantastic & this is perfect casting. Also Lewis Tan is going to be Johnny Cage isn't he? @lofivampire What a cast that is, especially excited to see Sanada, Tan & Taslim. Been quietly optimistic for this… @irishlad444 Thank youTrying to do work from home whilst being sick isn't great.
I've felt like absolute crap all day, took today & tomorrow off work sick. So watching the JCVD classic to make mys…
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Random conversation at work today, a girl asked if I'd ever taken a dick pic. I said, yeah a couple of times but th… someone in a movie says 'Step Up', I quietly mutter to myself 'Step Up 2: The Streets' and it always makes me laugh.Bowl of chilli &watching 'Little Monsters'. Definitely needed this after today. #horror #NowWatching @midnightskies_x That's how much it means to me haha I'm prepared to smile in a picture. unashamedly love this time of year. just got freaked out by my own reflection. So if you ever have the misfortune to meet me in person, I apologise in advance.Doghouse is a brilliant little British horror/comedy. Funny, entertaining & brilliantly cast, the talent on show is…
#NewProfilePic @OneHitWinter Definitely Spaced.A bit of an obvious choice but I could stick any of the Cornetto Trilogy on and be happy. @ScreamsBehind Rec films, High Tension, Cold Prey 1 & 2 & The Raid are some of my favs.My collection of free Google hats & socks is growing. I'm so shameless I'll wear anything if it's free. somebody retweet 56 posts in a row. Thank you, I'm now just looking at your timeline.Quote this with a black & white photo of you 🖤
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@SnakeMumL I watched it every year at Christmas time, this and Scrooged are my go to festive films.Trees up, foods made, now time for Christmas Vacation. Starting to feel a little festive now. #NowWatching @spietra13 Beautiful @RckrBelle I live near a lot of stuff like this, it's obviously nothing on that scale but there's always stuff to s… @RckrBelle It's absolutely stunning, very jealous of having that on your doorstep. @lofivampire I don't do well with the heat ether so can relate to that. @evil_toast916 @lofivampire Is it really that bad? @RckrBelle That's beautiful, where abouts is that?What's the best thing about the place you live?Quote this with a black & white photo of you 🖤
Retweeted by Steven SmithSee you all in week. #AssassinsCreed #NowPlaying #sunday
It was completely fine, had a number of elements from movies such as 'Deep Rising', 'Alien', 'Event Horizon' & even… remember getting pretty excited about watching Underwater, then I completely forgot about it till just now. So… are some good horror people to follow? #horror
Me downloading Snapchat, then instantly getting confused & deleting it because I'm old. I might give it another go…
All of them. 3 orders placed on my shop receive a free ghost face print!
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Retweeted by Steven SmithAfter a few much needed days away, I've come to realize how grateful I am for everyone in the #horrorcommunity, my…
Retweeted by Steven SmithI know it's only November, but this has got me in the Christmas spirit. #Christmas2020
I thought I needed time away from Twitter, I have a lot happening right now in my life but in fact Twitter and all… a few much needed days away, I've come to realize how grateful I am for everyone in the #horrorcommunity, my…
I'm taking a little time away, not sure how long. This week's been a mixture of incredible highs & devastating lows… you make a noise when you bend down to pick something up or are you still young.
Persistent, constantly hitting that 30,000 step count & always has time for family. #horror @RealToddGaines Well deserved brother 👏#NewProfilePic @coles84 Yeah definitely, I like looking back and reading what I thought about a film then seeing if you've changed… @coles84 Isn't nice looking back at something you've written and agreeing with it once again haha. It gives me a wh… @coles84 I really like it, but then again I like horror/gothic musicals and it holds a certain nostalgic feel to me… @coles84 No I've seen Repo, and this, but only recently heard about Alleluia! myself so have been meaning to check it out. @coles84 I liked it, the title track is pretty fun & my personal favorite 'Beautiful Stranger' is great. But don't…
@trevoreo It's definitely an acquired taste, the plum version was a little better haha @pendo86 7up definitely, it's a little bit sweeter but still works.He's keeping my company tonight, he isn't old enough to drink tho. @pujoshiprinny Yes, Father Ted, Definitely. @pujoshiprinny Love Christmas Vacation, I watch it every year. That and Scrooged are regular seasonal viewing for me.Hello, definitely forgot I ordered this, the risk of first lockdown day drinking, you loose track of what's been or… @PsychoKiitteh Yeah I re-like stuff all the time. @spietra13 Well hopefully all goes well, and it's sorted sooner rather than later. @spietra13 Aww that sucks, hopefully is isn't too painful or anything. @shutupidiot89 Haha bless ya @Stronghammer_89 Thanks my man. @LynnBee666 Thank you xWhoever has that voodoo doll of mine I really wish they'd give it a rest, just for a day. Thank absolute fuck its F…
@BuechelJohn He's brilliant, fantastic actor & great bad guy. I could watch that movie on repeat. I might even watch it tonight hahaI'm having the night away from Twitter, I'm absolutely shattered and need time to reenergize myself & give myself a break. @BuechelJohn RoboCop, it's my favorite out the two. @spietra13 @NickPusch @DontGoOutThere I'll keep an eye out for that, I wrote a out it a little while ago, hos a who… @TommyDoyle47 Christmas Vacation & Scrooged have been a regular seasonal viewing for a good few years in my house h… @Indiansummer34_ Thank you @NickPusch The Faculty, absolutely love that film. @shutupidiot89 Manhunter @coles84 My personal favorite is The Howling, I'm a massive Joe Dante fan @ArghZombies Wicker Man remake all day long, at least it's somewhat entertaining, cringy & overacted. NMOET remake… @evil_toast916 Silence of the Lambs is a classic but I don't think it holds up as well as time goes on. I'll still… already going slow. #horror #movies #HorrorFamily
@EmilyMarie82 Sorry about that, hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow is another day 🙂#NewProfilePic @SalaciousQuean @HorrorNostalgia Hope you enjoy it.Haven't watched this since it's release, when I went to the cinema some 14 years ago. Bloody hell I'm old. Thought… @irishlad444 Thank you bro. @Stronghammer_89 Probably going to give Black Sheep another watch, haven't seen it since the cinema.I've had such a stressful & crap day plus I look rough as anything. So I've ordered a MacDonald's to cheer myself u… @SalaciousQuean @HorrorNostalgia Rec fantastic, I've loved it for years. I really enjoy As Above So Below, I think… @HorrorNostalgia Rec, VHS 2, Grave Encounters & As Above So Below are probably my favorites.I've got a massive horror hard-on for this, great cast, exciting directors & a franchise I absolutely love. #horror @graeme_yard Oh okay, that one completely passed me by hahaMy fav horror director is Wes Craven, he was the first director who's work I fully dived into. I remember watching…
Retweeted by Steven Smith @graeme_yard What was mocospace? I don't remember that one. @TV_Fanatic_Girl Gretel - Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters @angieb_blasko I did hear that rumour hahaMyspace. We all took Myspace for granted, all to quick to jump ship, Tom was always there for us. Forgetting to tu…