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Chris Mayo @smithymayo Melbourne, Victoria

Bringing new ideas & money to esports & influencers. 📧Open. Founder @bigesports_gg & 3x @MCVPacific 30under30. Prev: @Thermaltake, @CORSAIR, @TweakTown

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@anshelsag Still waiting for that $35k Model 3 though. @SJeneris @maybebullish Damn it, I need to turn your Tweet notifications on. You're a living fact-machine and I love it @cae @mtcih Same but I've been turning into a Zambrero convert @TJBirrd Keen for the reviewWe're going to re-live the Championship Gaming Series (CGS) tomorrow and I can't wait. Charles was the GM of a tea… @NickBobir @SKGaming @Mastercard You passed the testDid you know that @SKGaming had its own @Mastercard 11 years ago? #esports
@brad__manuel @NorthHavenGirl @bigesports_gg But in traditional sport don't you already know who the audience is, t… @ShinyaOCE CGPL checking in. @au_glenn @dippizuka @rezyn8 Keen!!Hungry Jacks is on the way to my house right now! @SauceOCE Remember the man who liked all of your videos when you're famousThe @cospendium X @KangaEsports X @CouchWarriors SSBU tournaments will be running monthly until the live event in…
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @chhopsky How many lottery tickets have you bought? Because I'd start now! hahaTomorrow @LukeMillanta and I will chat about his life & what we're working on together. He sold his side hustle fo… @nicolethepeach for any of your talent?I'm speaking at with @ClintonSparks. They're looking for a large Female gaming influencer… @NakeeeZe @EmJaeCaer @MatJessep @NickBobir Is that because green is under 60FPS? @chhopsky @NakeeeZe TA22 Celica with 13B turbo pls. Missed my opportunity to buy a fairly rust-free TA22 for $750 w… @NakeeeZe @EmJaeCaer @MatJessep @NickBobir Hurts in the long run @EmJaeCaer @MatJessep @NickBobir @NakeeeZe let’s go?Problem: There's no audience/industry data for esports in ANZ Problem: Quotes are $15-$20k to get that Solution: Le… @Loserfruit Thanks friend! 😊
@chhopsky It'll stop in 200 miles when it blows up anywayThe Kids Are Alright. Call Of Duty Ace At 5 Years Old In this episode, Chris talks with @RowdyRogan And Harry (Dad…
Retweeted by Chris MayoThe battle is raging: @stevevallas I took a poll and yes, you are. Sorry @tehbebe I looked up some studies and fixed it through research I found there (4x supplementation), would suggest c… @tehbebe Stress, sleep, nutrition and Vitamin D. I was constantly tired for months at one stage, I was vitamin D de…’ve been listening to @davidgoggins. I told myself I would do 8, then 10, then 12 and I did 20. Finally got some…
@dippizuka I will freak if this comes out on Switch. Spent so much of my childhood playing this game with a poster… @aidenhiko Aiden ??? I was wondering when u are goin to reply to me . I know ur busy but I been waiting some time n… for a job in esports? This is some great advice Your answer?
.@ClintonSparks brought @FaZeClan investment from Pitbull, Swae Lee, Yo Gotti, DJ Paul, Ray J & Disco Fries. How'd…
Retweeted by Chris MayoTHE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOOD SALESMAN AND A CON MAN. #getfamiliar #business #advice
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @FaZeClan @GFuelEnergy @NissanUSA @SteelSeries L Mayo 88 Australia
This agreement is a first for our collegiate league. 1.) FoSun Group & NACL will work together to create a global…
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @davidchenpanda Bro! Coverage to comeThanks to all our awesome community who supported this campaign! $588,115.52 USD was raised and has been sent thro…
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @Tavor613 Who's gonna carry the boats?Also on YouTube: esports post-COVID on stream.
If you're not 100% ready, don't get this book. I previously left gaming study Social Work. My goal was to become a… @Dimzasaurus Into week two! Chest doing surprisingly well @aidenhiko That's half a dayI'm currently doing 3,046 push-ups over 21 days as a challenge for Headspace. I want to do something harder next.… client signing. Missed push-ups ground out. Live stream in 50 minutes. Get some @jakemcgaw They....liked itDid you know that the Director of Global Sports Marketing at @adidas made a move to esports? Tonight I'll be talki… @GradyHooker The evil Russian guy from MW2? No, MakarovShort-listed candidates for the @bigesports_gg position have been emailed. @NSWBlues Ready to lose @NakeeeZe? Queenslander @hellomisspotter Great work - Proud of you!
@TimJJoyce @Twitter @FaZeClan @ArianaGrande @justinbieber @MichaelJordaan thoughts?From now on when people tag me for "thoughts" on LinkedIn posts (to farm engagement) I'm going to give some BS answ… players will become virtual coaches with the launch of The NBPA Training Ground. In partnership with Farmer, a…
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @NakeeeZe Welcome to the lifestyle @Steeberino I would hope so @BookNookVick @tedgioia 300IQ comment @NakeeeZe @ClintonSparks @Migos Well, Clinton brought Offset into FaZe and he's my culture consultant for this proj… COVID-19 pandemic is proving a boon for Australia’s fast-growing e-sports scene, according to former profession…
Retweeted by Chris Mayo @NickBobir @ClintonSparks Well I did make it up!
Looking for a twitch emote creator! HMU plz thx hehe xx
Retweeted by Chris MayoWhat comes to mind when I say the words "culture consultant?" Because I made up that term and am hiring one for a… @SelflessRyu @Joshoutofideas of my business partners had the audacity to pick up this new whip and not immediately take me for a ride in it.… streaming grew by 99%, but Mixer by 0.2%. ▶ Mixer up 15% during lockdown (industry avg. 45%) ▶ Facebook up… @_condo Now I know how Ninja fans felt when he moved to Mixer. I don't want to change my listening habits.. @BlessRNG Too much suspense @zenakuuu I just really wish Quake would grow again. The game is so pure @PeteCurulli @LogitechG_ANZ Pickachu!▶ Music: $21.5 Billion (2019) ▶ Movies: $42.5 Billion (2019) 🔥 Games: $159.3 Billion (2020) One of my managers use… @donsmit47940846 @verge Sorry I'm only looking for scams to participate in @ConkyOCE @Elfishguy @ImpressioNCSGO Would the orgs drop CSGO if it was performing well for their business? @ConkyOCE Lightweight buddeh! we're working together. Will talk about it on a stream next week.I think a lot of people missed this. @LukeMillanta just sold his technology side hustle for $4.2M AUD during a glo…’s my last day with my FIRST CAR (which i am still driving but happily able to upgrade now!!) i have such a hu…
Retweeted by Chris MayoThe guests just keep getting better and better. @davidchenpanda has a great podcast that I binged over 3 days. He…
The answer is yesOne appearance on @anything4views' live stream in 2018 and I still get monthly DM's from people asking me if I am @HowToBasic. @FuzionDroid Charts & industry awards/features have been mostly a farce since the dawn of business. You almost any… it out. A was set as a "Sum()" and the chosen cells also included its own cell. Didn't seem to matter for it… @Roscosity @robjmunday The comments have turned @anomallytv Some data may be copy pasted from calculator. No quotation marks @TimJJoyce It’s just the basic A+BWho's a beast at excel? Why does A + B keep equalling "-"? All cells are set to currency, tried deleting and refre… I know how YouTubers feel. Yesterday I had a previously-DMCA'd Instagram post from 21 September 2019 reinstated to my timeline. @NickBobir @JoshTM UnacceptableGarena Free Fire: • 80+ million peak daily active users • 90+ million esports tournament views in the first quarte…
Retweeted by Chris MayoMobile gaming and esports are growing globally and we talked to ⁦@esportsobserved⁩ about how both are being effecte…
Retweeted by Chris MayoWho does the best paid market insights in gaming & esports? Looking at specific country revenue & market insights… feel like we're always talking about what's best for players without actually asking them. So I did podcasts wit…’s workout. One minute rest between rounds @FuzionDroid It's much better for your mental health too. I turned off email notifications because I found that if…
@Naysy YesSpot the mistake. Pls give edit