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Rex Est Lex @SmogNPalmTrees At the edge of the Earth.

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Hoe need a daddy, yousa pretender @MotherNovaMoon You masturbating to slim thug vocals lolReally trying to get all these emails from people like im not about to go to jail for 6 months lol @belaireleah 2nd time was more uncomfortable. But im bulletproofCovid testing not as bad as getting OC sprayed tho..They stuck some shit that looked like a mascara brush up my nose this time. πŸ™ƒThey'll ruin it by making it nothing but micro transactions to progress and online only.
@DINNERWITHHOV Either he a hotep or blavity black.Bulletproof @WhoIsRylanChase πŸ‘€ @_decemburrr You gotta tell the whole story! @HalfANubian You'll be fine, quit crying @WhoIsRylanChase I aint going to MoldovaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@88nae88 He aint want her getting called choo choo at dorsey
Cadillactica. to get everyone emails so I can talk to them while I'm gone is actually a lot of effort @jamaican_sarah I've seen multiple, like the whole ass floor caved when they played Chief Keef @jamaican_sarah was that your party that people had a video of the floor falling?Just got a typhoid shot lol....but it aint like I even had a choice in not getting it @WhoIsRylanChase I'm just saying.I will buy all of your Amazon wishlist and then just not talk to you for months. Cause idgaf @MotherNovaMoon This is me when buying things for people @WhoIsRylanChase Do not go against natureJake Voskuhl> Al Horford @WhoIsRylanChase No.πŸ₯­ is a superior fruit
This year I'll celebrate my birthday underwater, with low oxygen levelsPro Tip: You're not spreading awareness, cause you've already unfollowed/blocked everyone who doesn't think like you. @loe_calavera Matcha literally taste like @BABYB00F Your sister put me up on you way back when, so I had to ask @BABYB00F you made any music since that in the cut video? @iam_briannax I was trying to figure out what was wrong with it for awhile,then realized there wasnt @iam_briannax This like a reverse catfish hotel
Are the Gonzalez twins just never gonna play in the WNBA?Smush Parker with 100,000 VC points @RetrosnAir95s Like who was even buying them for him to have that many pairs? Him and George Hill sold the same amount of kicks @RetrosnAir95s I've never EVER seen anyone with a pair of melos in real life...and that's from someone who bought a pair of Chris Pauls @WestsideAllure Don't waste your time. book is about not nutting fast, following your dreams and preventing argumen… @RetrosnAir95s Hawaiians mix that shit with sprite, they dont drink that shit straightSpoiled LA girls, I'll give my life to you. @iam_briannax 🌊🌊🌊🌊 @iam_briannax I'm going on deployment so im cheering all of yall on in your endeavors
@iam_briannax 30s are off to a good start for you @mayhersays You lying if he aint trying! @mayhersays You finna get pregnant?If your amazon wishlist is always increasing... maybe you should start doing instead of wishing. @MotherNovaMoon I'm surprised you dont have a whole ass stable by now
Going weeks without seeing the sun aint even weird to me anymore.
@_WSBG They can't account for power usage by their users + people refuse to listen to their suggestions of power conservation @ElScumbagg Who said that? Cause thats definitely not a thing😍😍😍😍 @MotherNovaMoon You dont even really know what you doing til you hit the back end of your 20s. Then its like might not realize you're in an echo chamber til its too late to get out @MadamMoiSuE If you can see the floor,you have space to put things
@MotherNovaMoon Where?I've had many breakfast consisting of Energy drinks,domino's and vitamins/tylenol...but ill never put ranch on pizza pay Amazon Prime yearly subscription prices for this still find it funny that people dont realize that g shocks exist cause certain lines of work aren't meant for regular watches @MotherNovaMoon Man name gonna be Arnold lol @mayhersays Well I'll find out next year @BABYB00F What was anyone supposed to pay for anyways? @mayhersays Its not even sold in stores here. I just gotta buy this off faith
They roasted a whole ass pig today... but they looked out and grilled some chicken for meNDAs dont count unless they come with fed time for violating them
@belaireleah All the rules in place are just to make money, so fuck em.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @loe_calavera This why I dont post any of my shit anywhere. I just exist @MotherNovaMoon ✏✏
A tidbit of twat Pete is made in North Carolina. @YungBanan You talking about the album P made himself look like a tribal mask ? @sailorsandie Why are you trying to go there?Too many people subscribed to his OnlyScams page
@FrqntFlyerKhaya Then they gonna stumble on club pics of you lol @BoyScumbag Federal form for firearm transactions... specifically question 21c. @BoyScumbag Thats whats gonna do it lol. @BoyScumbag 4473 is gonna disqualify a lot of people and they dont know it @BoyScumbag First question theyre gonna ask is what boxspring are you using and if you sleep in the same spot
@MotherNovaMoon Most times the point is they ill na na aint what they thought it was @iam_briannax 30s when you start living forreal forreal.I understand how my homies feel before they gotta go to jail @d0llatika the usual semi annual thing.Last meal as a free man
@rammthagreat Shit like this make me happy I wont get to see the sun for monthsNo,cause yall don't text people with green bubbles @WhoIsRylanChase I'll also drink a monster and take 1000mgs of tylenol like its normalI really be texting people at 3 in the morning like its a normal time for people to be up
@MotherNovaMoon The devil strong in you this morning @RetrosnAir95s I've been buying kicks at a wild ass rate even though I'm going on deploymentI think i want to get them Greek Freak 2s but I wont even get to wear them til next year @loe_calavera communicating via carrier pigeons asses lol @loe_calavera Yall been texting for days, but only have sent 6 messages in total lol @88nae88 If you can pull off that swan day, why you nervous? @BoyScumbag We're more expensive than LA too, hopefully you did your research cause a lot of people dont realize it til they land @BoyScumbag They just shut down inter Island travel again so good luck with that
10/10 use of the acronym @mayhersays I keep buying guns and shoes so I never get around to buying that candle @BoyScumbag He gonna find out your real name in like 10 years @mayhersays I'm gonna buy one of these and if its not what you claim it is you fired