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Smokey Johansson @smokeyjoh Brisbane, Australia

Life to me: Family/Games/Football/Music. Attempted Writer. Professional Critiquer. Self-taught Father. NRL SuperCoach Showdown Winner '16.

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@leaguedigest @espn 'The QLD puppet master: Hagan'
Boy that sequel came quicker and stealtheir than Ant Man and The Wasp. good @SOTSPodcast
Noone: Wish: fuck everything buy mouldy cake/random rock in glad wrap @IGN Meanwhile here in Australia @9_Moley *some mate. @Charalanahzard Toast fan? @Luceobrien The older I get the less I care about beating a bunch of code. Games that waste my time beating me to a… Matrix
Hearing Barrett say 'Mah-ko' instead of 'May-ko' has me shook and thinking about how I was wrong about it for 23 ye… @lushsux is tha best the @F1 series #DriveToSurvive on @NetflixANZ and im now an F1 fan. The drama! High stakes! So much going… @TomSangsterSC Yes, completely.
Yeah, no shit🎶 oh what a difference... a pandemic makessssssss
I don't care if you are 'struggling' by being inside, fucking deal with it for the greater good. Also, maybe proces… 'drink' the crumbs out of pringles cans an noone can stop me muahahaha
Imagine jumping online with the sole purpose to attack a person/s based on their own interests and believing that i… @therealcliffyb Accurate as i too walk haunched with my peen touching the ground @clwelch94 The Fall Dark MindhunterToo many to narrow it down! Spirited Away The Revenant Blade Runner 2049 Apocalypto AKIRA Crouching Tiger, Hidden…
@BuddyWatson12 The Rhapsody Tapes is banging too. Heavy 90s vibesGod Frozen 2 is such a drop from the first movie.
2020 @9_Moley Heavy necro energy @DanStapleton The abilty to do something, does not make you that thing. I can run, but im not a runner. I can cook,… @DanStapleton I would say attaining qualifications named as such bestow the title, rather than someone treating it… good is this? I'm now a Baker, a Journalist, a Carpenter, a Developer etc etc. Doesnt matter about qualificatio… @PhilGould15 never thought id be so desperate to lift heavy things again 😤
Every time I watch Thor Ragnarok I dream of the Tessa Thompson led Valkyrie movie. Make it happen @MarvelStudiosGreat work keeping the spirit going! player Online
@Mrjoshnichols @agentbizzle @TheFarquaad @TheDawisch @Charalanahzard It's almost like we make choices then have to… @jasonschreier @fuzzypickles_ @ControlRemedy Same with crunch too eh? BTW did you hear anything about working condi… stations teams are always tryna push the dumbest, edgiest crew names. Like we are interested in what 'Roycey,… @9_Moley @Foxtel They aren't that bad tbh. I went to cancel about 2 weeks ago and they gave me a much better packag…
I think you made it pretty clear no one did Houses? Damn I was gonna get that Rat Tail!! #CoronaAustralia #FF9 I work visiting Supermarkets, up to 8 a day, and my work has told us to continue this as it is 'business critica… would've been lucky to get 10 anyways! @TheOlderGamer52 Ill take the bottle-o checkout blokes recommendation at this point. Yes, thanks GREG, I will take… need a medical expert to come out and say that the only cure for Coronavirus is 18 year old Glenfiddich on the ro… @_youhadonejob1 Tango and Cash @MrGirlName @pettycommajared And someone is a pretentious asshole online. Rather than belittling, care to explain then? @pettycommajared If God is real and we are created in His image then any actions taken by Us would not be an affron… the Social Distancing ends and she invites you over @annandvirk Or get a whiteboard, I mean if they had all the teams in Calliope then locked it down it could have worked, but they obviously co… IGN gave it 10/10 😂😂 the comp does not come back this year does that mean Darius has played his last game for the Broncs? Or will thi… “These edibles are trash, I don’t feel shit!” Me 20 minutes later:
Retweeted by Smokey JohanssonUgh. Looks like all the stupid just goes online now they cant go outside @me_dc Repeat this as needed for every week. @me_dc 'Benji drifts across field, dummies, skips, gets outside of the defender, passes to Leilua, he hits the defe… Distancing, or How I learned That My Years Of Pushing People Away Made Me A Superhero
@shortfastloud Chlorine - Trophy Eyes Reveries of Flight - Oh, Sleeper Lily and the Moon - Thornhill Pullin' Shades… MINGO may be the best name in sports RN time for kink fetishists to put themselves out there and feel normal!
@JarvFromOz @NRL It's an ignorance guilt trip. I applaud their efforts to continue, and it should, until a player gets it. @JustinWhang Does he teabag when he kills you @LeagueUnlimited @PhilGould15 Even a month ago I got back from Japan and it was still early days and the only thing in quarantine wa…
👏👏 hate to be a Dulux supercoat in that Storm dressing room right now. #NRLSharksStormThe only live sport going, where we get to showcase it to the world, and these 2 teams serve up this dribble. #NRLSharksStormWarren almost admitted to 'having a Broncos supporter in his Man Cave'. clean boys #NRLSharksStormI mean, is it really suprising that Aaron Woods is a piece of shit? #NRLSharksStormThis just puts in perspective the class of Cronk. Clearly the most important piece of the puzzle. #NRLRoostersManlyArrest Morgan Boyle immediately. Clearly an offender of some sort #NRLRoostersManlyBlegh. This game is basically unforced errors: the movie. #NRLWarriorsRaidersOh look same size crowd as usual at CBus #NRLWarriorsRaidersI replaced David Bowie's China Girl with Chinese Girl and it completely changes the tone of the song to an uncomfortable level.
If Campbell Graham has injured Croft on that blatant sideswipe he deserves time out of the game. #NRLBroncosSouths @SuperCoachNRL @copes9 C Haas forever and bank around 150 every week.Fun is a strong word. buy some shit, and you should too!
Fucken just grab a bag and settle down heyPeople hoarding killer pythons due to #coronavirus smdh hell, i need this people get your shit together. #NRLSupercoach #SupercoachMemes
2020 URR DOOM AND ANIMAL CROSSING URR CANT WAIT GONNA BE AWESOME URR SO GOOD Me: just made a killing in… out, its 2020 and they've added the 'climb and jump over obstacles' mechanic in a game they've been working on…
Holy shit @JonoHimself With all the things going on in the world, caring about reusing assets in video games may be the very least of all concerns.
All these people talking about being bored, stuck at home when I have to work and have a backlog of games and uni a… RN @Charalanahzard @woolworths Some have been doing this already and also times for parents with autistic children whe… WAGs worldwide claim responsibility for #COVIDー19 as an audacious bid to reclaim partners from all sporti…
Vunivalu is such a stain on the game. Can't wait to see the back of him. #NRLManlyStormIll take a stoppage and a chance at a correct decision than a play on and a chance at an incorrect decision every t…
@blobe8 @wombat_81 @ChrisGarry7 @wombat_81 @ChrisGarry7 It will spread regardless. Those at risk need to self isolate before contraction. @wombat_81 @ChrisGarry7 If they are concerned, they do not have to go.