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small robots @smolrobots small robot development lab

here are some drawings of helpful small robots for you // the hard left's favourite automata // see thread below to support us! // they/we/us ❤🤖

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1226) Successbot. Is very successful!
Retweeted by small robots @Trisarahjtops Aww.Got in the car to head to work and noticed this cheeky chap on my mange tout!
Retweeted by small robotsItsomeoneelsebot.1226) Successbot. Is very successful! Good morning! Here's the small robot of the day, Brabot!
Retweeted by small robots @ahnalee13 Click the hashtags to take a look at what's been submitted so far!Okay, let's do a competition! It's an art contest in which you have to create your own small robot - as in, one of…
Retweeted by small robots @brokenbottleboy We sort of missed your change in relationship status in all our chopping-and-changing between acco… @brokenbottleboy Oh btw, your comments about your stepdaughter are really lovely. Our best friend had a very simila… @brokenbottleboy Hey now, you could still fall out with us. Dare to dream!1225) POVbot. Experience life through the eyes of a small robot with this handy headset pal!
Retweeted by small robots @brokenbottleboy Mic "Never Crossed a Bridge He Didn't Burn" Wright!P...Pastabot...? @ravenlore
@cpt_everei Yes, yes it would! @k_kwasniewska Haha!Did you know Bigbot was in Star Trek?
Retweeted by small robots"That's our secret, Cap'...we're always screaming inside our heart..." yes! This is exactly what it reminded us of! @LivinLamelaCoco Okay, have fun out there! @LivinLamelaCoco Until we know for sure where it *isn't*, it's probably best to assume it is.We *should* be scared of this virus. That fear is going to keep us alive. That's millions of years of evolution tel…'s worse about all this is that the very things that *feel* brave - going out, not living in fear, not wearing… @cpt_everei Yes, we know. Doesn't have a bearing on the analogy though!(Yes, we know people have to work and pay rent and the government - whichever one - isn't helping enough. That's ex… those circumstances, you'd probably stay indoors. Well those are the circumstances, actually. Except it's worse…, we miss pubs too, but if the dragon spots you walking through town with your mates, it's going to swoop down… the only hope is that it'll run out of people to eat and either die or get bored and fly off. Some people are r…'s like a dragon showed up and it's literally impervious to every weapon we have and it's flying around just burn…'s been 6 months. How do you not understand that this isn't something you can make go away by wanting it to very…"You can't live in fear!" We. Don't. Have. A. Choice.Then, have picked the wrong ideology.Like, if your political ideology is, it's worth potentially getting very, very sick, maybe dying, probably risking… real, how are you people just...wandering about like this? Aren't you terrified of the *actual plague* that's e… to imagine someone so broken by ambition that they're willing to flout precautions against a disease that al… questions on a webinar. Just out of shot, this squishy @smolrobots pal keeping me company
Retweeted by small robotsMe too chair, me too
Retweeted by small robotsDon't all fave our video game screenshots - you're supposed to like the robots! @CJForrestauthor Yep, a bit! @alisonatkin No, but we've seen photos! @JacobW1330 @chayground @Togglejam Yeah, that would be handy - we had to do a lot of demolition and rebuilding in different colours when we… - it's called Townscaper. Available on early access on Steam for a fiver. @chayground It's quite nice!Someone's hung their washing out between the two towers at the top. We're not fancy.Come and live in our hilly blue town. @theashen3 So angry!SHAGS TO RICHES
Retweeted by small robotsDid you know Bigbot was in Star Trek? off entry to the plague pits, lads! think you all have dirty minds. I for one can't see anything questionable about the government's new slogan "We'r…
Retweeted by small robotsFor all this bleating about the economy, we just want to point out - as we have been since the start - that *mass d…'s so ass-backwards. How can you take steps to *encourage* people to do things that will harm public health? We s… out will be cheaper! But still lethal, right? Just want to check that.We really are just going to pretend the virus is gone now, aren't we? @philthomas1311 Just an open letter in a magazine.Plaguebot says you should wear a face mask! Don't have one yet? Get a Maskbot here:
Retweeted by small robotsScotland is not having it
Retweeted by small robots Oh dear. I feel a rant coming on.... 1/
Retweeted by small robotsHave you 150 chucklefucks tried simply *not* being transphobic? It's actually incredibly easy and fun.And that, right now, you can leverage outrage on both the right and the centre by appealing to a fictional version… is it because you know, if you said it all out loud, you'd reveal that you basically want to be able to exercise… your views on trans people - because that's absolutely what this is about - are just *views* that we should all…"Which is worse, 'cracker' or the 'n-word'?" as the Fox News chyron once had it. Gee we dunno, probably the one you… them say it. Make them tell us what they're supposedly being prevented from saying. Because it seems very weir… regard to That Letter, we're reminded of the tactic, if someone makes an offensive joke, of not laughing, pret… took a long time. @zbendr That comes under "be kind". @jamesvertigan It clearly says friend on the robot's internal display.friend?1225) POVbot. Experience life through the eyes of a small robot with this handy headset pal! @der_bluthund Uh... Cancelbot. Is cancelling you. Sorry. We don't make the rules.
Retweeted by small robotsThe entire parents in quarantine have it hard ‘debate’ has been bringing up an earthquake of rage in me for some re…
Retweeted by small robots1224) Dwarfbot. Short, stout PCbot variant with a bad temper and a luxuriant beard. Not a fan of Orcbot, Goblinbot,…
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Why does a city like Phoenix not have a health department? You can't make this stuff up. This pandemic is just too glib.Arizona Trash Burg, breakfast consumed, coffee imbibed, let's go. So, I started writing PROBLEMATIC in June of 2016. I'd fin…
Retweeted by small robotsPals! pandemic is out of control & many, many people are & will be sick & die bc of incompetent and/or evil leadershi…
Retweeted by small robots1207) Transrightsbot. Is just here to let all its trans pals know that they are valid and they are loved! 🏳️‍⚧️♥️🤖
Retweeted by small robots @franjoe26 @rajoe26 This is so nice! @dmv501 Can you repost with #mysmolrobot so we can make sure we include it?😍🤖 Elfbot. For helping out Santabot. It's not 100% sold on the costume. #Festivebots
Retweeted by small robotsPlease RT. I rarely ever make callout posts, but this one’s for the sake of public safety. Some Etsy sellers are ma…
Retweeted by small robotsCouldn't you just, like...use some boxes to do this? Also what's the finished product meant to *be*? For real thou… @InformLearning's fine. People like to show they got the reference.We get it too, when we draw a robot that reflects current events in some way. "Hey, we need one of those in [place… haven't even looked at the replies, but every single one of them will say the same thing, as if she tweets these things by accident.What's the collective noun for 534 people making the same joke? already is one! note that Vikingbot has no issues with Dwarfbot's helmet as it specifically depicts a *fantasy* version of a… @PatrickMCullen Think so, but we're not the expert... @DerekMCrosby Toadstooly understandable. @PatrickMCullen Yeah, she penned one of those "gender critical" articles a little while back. @Hot_Toast Nobody tosses a Dwarfbot!