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🌟| Dali | bi | they/she/he |afro dominican 🇩🇴| I draw maybe | I cry bout a purple bear | 20| BLM | ACAB | ic: @honeybonnies banner: @_seiishin

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@LOVED111333 I’d love for you to get the hell out my house 💖 /j✨📌✨ Hey! I'm Sword and I'm a black afroecuadorian who loves bugs! info: ko-fi:…
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜Thinking bout Eros, creator of the Sentient Mind, was slain by the Hero Indra who could not foresee that with the Dragon's deat…
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜Here's an Eve thing I started yesterday and basically worked non-stop on till it was done😃 #NoStraightRoads
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @strawberrihalo I HAVE DONE **NOTHING** HEHEOKAY LET ME SLEEP @clowncumguzzler NEBS THANK YOUEros knew he was goin to pass away. He knew the day, the time, the place. So when the day came, he closed his shop,… smoke lives in his body! He is able to turn it into objects, creatures, people, etc. @exodus_illus Just like Cupid so he’d definitely be down to partyWIP of Cupid’s dad Eros! He can break apart his body into smoke HIS DESIGN CHANGED AAA[NMH] Crownless King 👑
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜the court has decided to move along and execute #DustinHiggs , so now more than ever please consider donating to hi…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @kuraimichii I hold you,, I hope your week turns around and gets better,, @kuraimichii I hope you’ll be okay!!! They losers ong @kuraimichii Yeah I say go priv and probably deletin the post cuz they’re weird as fuck"With love." - Jihoon Jackson. #nostraightroads #NSRneonj
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @ManaDeButt TELLS ME ALLLL I NEED TO KNOWLrt, just gonna,, save those for laterrrhairstyling by wang may
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @kuraimichii @joshuadavdking @TaranzasWig IM HERE FOR IT OOPPracticing magic before their exam 🔥🐉
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @SA1NTCAKE HONESTLY FELT THATYeah so, if it ain't obvious, if you're a pr0shi1pp3r, unfollow me. I can reach my goal without you! ✌🏾😊👌🏾
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @SA1NTCAKE MICHELLE BENDBSJSDno cus it Must Be Said. No pro incest / pedophilia/ r+pe/non-con on my page gtfo of here NOW. block me unfollow me…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @greatgalaktyka Yet Black artists can't speak out about racism in fear of losing their jobs but this weirdo can tal…
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @berriemilky RIGHT THEY NOT DOIN SCREENINGS ??? @vyns_art YUPJust letting y’all know, if you are pr0-sh*p get out. Legit that shit makes me uncomfortable as fuck. I am definite… and disrespectful reminder tha pr0-shi/ppers or w/e the fuck y’all are calling yourselves are not welcom…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @berriemilky RIGHT IM SWINGING IF THAT HAPPENS CUZ NAH BRO @vyns_art I ALREADY HAD EM BLOCKED I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHDBJD(Please read and RT) Hi, I don't usually come here asking for help but my family is dealing with a medical situati…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @berriemilky OH NAH NO I DONT TRUST THAT I DONT FUCKING TRUST THAT AT ALL IF THIS HOW THEY TREAT FICTIONAL KIDS CUZ WHAT THE FUCK?not so friendly reminder that if you’re a freak, p3do, inc3st shipper or whatever the fuck get the hell off my account
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @_TEB2_ DESERVED @berriemilky YEAH THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING HONESTLY CUZ WTF???🧍🏾One Julian and Alex for @artbyjacquiee
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @sadafniggahours That is just gross what in the fuck???oh you gotta be kidding me-
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honestly... i’ve known about @/scepterno for a while now and i loved and admired their art i would notice time and…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜[No More Heroes] "Let the bloodshed begin" #NMH #NoMoreHeroes
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜AA4 is looking at me as I get references for Cupid’s dad GRAMARYE TROUPE BRING THYN ASSES HERESolarium sketches in procreate along wit Cupid as howl!
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜✨Itabag Preorders Now Open!✨
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @honeybonnies GODD. ENDBDJ @honeybonnies HABSBSNS BONNY YEA HE IS @honeybonnies He burly, got a long hair ,, Cupid look like her pops a bitcurse/risu commission for @/catboyrisu ^_^
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜If you make Ursa butter cookies or sugar cookies she’ll think you’re a gift from godSince people have been asking and hitting me email about this, commissions currently aren't open but they will be i…
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @kind7ed Hi my name is zaria! I am a black girl that love to do digital art and traditional art of my oc’s and fan…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜i literally love when ppl comment on/qrt my posts on my posts with the typical proship GOTHCA!! comments. breakfast…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜Comm for my friend @TaranzasWig as a gift for their pal @greatgalaktyka of their oc Kohana~ Thanks once again for s…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜I was thinking bout him earlier, he defo burly and giving me Magnfi gramrye vibes wit being a pioneer when it comes… bout,, Cupid’s dad🍭
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @LostBlueJay SHHHH YOU ARE ONE I LOVE YOUUUUim still tryin new things art wise and now im SOFT Samson's wife Ayana (@honeybonnies) with their youngest son Rig…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @LostBlueJay BECAUSE YOU ARE A LEGEND @TEACHlKO Yes :3Doom and Other Magical Girl Activities OC Doomsie
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜YALL already probably saw but I’m posting it again any cause @OnstaMonsta did a FANTASTIC JOB ON MY FACE AND SHES S…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @EverDeadlyArt @surlifennec what a cute character heheh
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @RiotSpyder @surlifennec slapped together a quick portrait of houratic... love their design hope u have an epic day…
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜hehe kicking off this acc with a birthday possum for [GoldenSeasons] (TH)!! they are called cookie i love them very…
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Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜 @makurophage @surlifennec GOD SHE LOOKS SO GOOD AAAAAAA @SmolSinRoll @surlifennec hi :3 💘💘💘
Retweeted by 💜👾Ursomi brainrot🐻💜hi #PortfolioDay i am: a recent inst*gram escapee i like to draw my ocs and other people's ocs but occasionally da…
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