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Dr. Fauci also told '60 Minutes' that the Trump administration has restricted his media appearances.
Retweeted by stevie van low @serge_fils Bye Serge @pIayinggames idk herThis is good advice. And to those who have these feelings, I see you. ❤️
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Retweeted by stevie van low @snacktavist Preach.
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Retweeted by stevie van lowGood morning, Stop trying to force strangers to forgive their parents for things their parents didn’t put you thro… fact is presented this Monday morning for your consideration.
Retweeted by stevie van low @SophieASlut OMG QUEENSCONFIRMED the rumors are true.
Retweeted by stevie van lowWe haven’t forgotten that you’re racist.
Retweeted by stevie van low🚨PERSONAL ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 i have written a book (!!!!!!!) it’s called “queer london” and it’s an a-z of lgbtq+ lond…
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Retweeted by stevie van lowIt still angers me that this needs explanation. I'm still working out why but here's the explanation.…
Retweeted by stevie van lowNot shade. Just tea.“But Hillary’s emails...”White people time to tap in and listen up!!!! 🗣🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by stevie van lowThis is..... Minaj and I are starting a rap group named the Big Ol’ Titty Girls
Retweeted by stevie van low.@AliahLuck... @_niyxie is making fun of me!
Thx in advance 👄Somebody send me $100My job fucked up my payroll and I’m poor rn. If anyone wants to send me some money, I won’t stop yall $arkeeE 😭I fell asleep on psn for like an hour.I stan and Monique’s shade @ one another >>> @_solartoni_ Oh wow @AliahLuck FILTH AND LIESSSSSS @AliahLuck Cuz stupid. Like me on apexMe
@snacktavist @AliahLuck Our borders for you and you alone:
Retweeted by stevie van low @tmoxoo @EuphoriaJunkie_ No, thats why I disowned you Trayvon. @EuphoriaJunkie_ I’m disowning ChrisDO NOT YELL AT ME... I WILL LEGIT BEAT YOU UP/CRY.Natedaniel. @EuphoriaJunkie_Me when I go visit @AliahLuck and @_niyxie in Canada @the_iron_throat Congratulations friend!Reason 30474 why I don’t eat at anybody’s house lube is too slippery.Where’s her record deal? agree with whoever has the nicest ass @BiArtsy LMFAOOOOOOOOI love Sophie❤️Hello my wonderful guys & girlies & my non binary friends❤️ 👍No shame being an awesome sex worker👍 ❤️Love u all a…
Retweeted by stevie van lowyou can’t make this up.
Retweeted by stevie van low @serge_fils Again?I want to be squirted on :(Nigga stole my kills #PS4share @laquanndawson Beautiful! ❤️#PS4share
Retweeted by stevie van low @KEEPMEINDIOR She's going to feed that poor baby spinach and vibes 😳
Retweeted by stevie van low @snacktavist And this isn't even your final form
Retweeted by stevie van low @snacktavist @askthetallguy @_niyxie omfg GO AWWFFFFFF
Retweeted by stevie van low @askthetallguy @_niyxie @AliahLuck#PS4share we’ll become friendsSomeone play apex with meNobody wants to play apex with me
I hold powers on you like Aphrodite, on some true love and passion shit.. It makes you wanna study my body, got you…
Retweeted by stevie van lowBLESS HA HEART, she busting shots but every line sucks!I wish someone would tell Jason Derulo that we only listened to Swalla for Nicki.This is an invitation. @JEDIDlAHPEACE YesI like big butts and I cannot lie! @JEDIDlAHPEACE morning pretty personTalks about Fake News... Posts news from a satire site.... @ObatalaMartinez I’m interested to see the bookmarks now @ObatalaMartinez watchu know about that?Oh God... This Woman's History class is just a tribute to mediocre white women everywhere. Is it too late to drop out?My porn is safe!
Y’all bookmarks gone? 🥴
Retweeted by stevie van low @tgarciaart Yes legend!When queen Mileena debuts, ya’ll better be ready @MissBNasty Ily too queen!So @KamalaHarris on the fly is your moment of zen
Retweeted by stevie van low @MissBNasty OMG, happy birthday to the QUEEN! LOVE YOU.The largest black nation on earth is rising up against police brutality. Why Nigeria's #EndSARS campaign matters…
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Retweeted by stevie van low @dntkrossme Now even I knew this shit. @HEARTLESS__SOUL @LisaLease007 @CheechAintShit LmaoI see a beautiful black woman in this picture. Gabourey Sidibe is also gorgeous. Non-black women always go to C… @LisaLease007 @CheechAintShit Ghetto, huh? If she wore boxy french tips like you, she would be less “ghetto” like you... right? @LisaLease007 @CheechAintShit LMFAOOOOOOOOPOO. CHEECH. NOW WHY YOU CALL HER YOLANDA SALVADOR?! LMfAOOOOOOOOOOO I AM HOWLING. @theestallion love you hot girl meg xoxoxox @CheechAintShit @LisaLease007 LOVE YOU MORE... Btw, comparing dark skinned women to men is incredibly racist. Just… @LisaLease007 Nuh-uh. You gonna back up off my beautiful queen @CheechAintShit. This is your final chance. @ThatDamnDillon My mind is absolute filthguys, force me to say stuff on voice notes. :p @candidkahlo yes. which oneLemme stop ventingread this @lowkeij Chile YES"I grew up very early on thinking, 'I am gay, therefore AIDS is going to be my lot.' Now imagine how that factors i…
Retweeted by stevie van low @___JayR’m so exhausted. @venusiandonnie I saw it too. @Itsbrajohn_ Still continuing. @cldaehnsn @snacktavist Congrats! That's huge
Retweeted by stevie van low @cldaehnsn Congratulations! 🎈🍾🎊🎉