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mom💙 wife💙 teacher 💙 ~ concerned citizen of the world #Respect #Truth #BlueWave #Resist

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@GOPLeader @HouseGOP @SteveScalise @RepLizCheney @MarioDB Let’s tally it all up. Bernie praises literacy, but says… @BetteMidler Stacking the deck is still CHEATING. @bubbagump324 Those eyes are hypnotic! So beautiful 💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙🐾💙 @HoodlumRIP And a free trip to her heaven - wait I meant HELL. @MysterySolvent I’m giving this up - so the trolling continues. 🍫 Diamond and Silk get the boot?? 👇 @HoodlumRIP I’m sure he’ll be the first one in the “Bunker”. Btw - is Cheney still down there? @waltsimsjr Uhh - why should he pick a Republican? So no - Kamala - yes. @pdacosta Yes - picking who Trumpy will beat in November is why the Republicans are voting there. She’s delusional @jack_rubye @LizBecker55 🤣🤣🤣 No worries - Mr. Bone Spurs will run for the hills.These r innocent children. Let me say it again. These r innocent children! There is no justifying the mental and em…
Retweeted by Gail Koday @moed313 @escapedmatrix We need more women in government. I’m convinced about that. @escapedmatrix As a former first grade teacher - six yr olds are babies. This is sickening and whoever passed laws… @Stop_Trump20 @TheTBohn He said traumatic brain injuries were just headaches and he’ll tell the public this is a severe cold. The… is sickening and closed primaries should be in every state. @NancyLeeGrahn Doing Russia’s bidding for them. This is why we need closed primaries in every state. @AmbJohnBolton @BernieSanders @AIPAC @IlhanMN You have no say on where this country is going from the day you chose… @ajalsevac @JoeStGeorge @PeteButtigieg Please don’t diminish his self awareness and blame it on poor parenting. It’… @Trump_Detester @fxmct71 He’s already blaming the media and the Dems. Let’s see how much more of that he’ll use to… @Fired_Soon Please take care of yourselves. You and Kevin have put in so much time and effort, while being an inspi… @Dcl_60 Every crisis is a photo opt for that group. @LinkedHD 🤣🤣🤣 And Trump will believe it!! @CCLcaribecrew @DonaldJTrumpJr @BernieSanders @ewarren He’s made his money legally through hard work and not an inheritance. @AnnCoulter You mean not spend all our tax dollars on the golf course or his hotels. That works for most of us. And… @Jalbarron13 @LinkedHD It says 83 states. It was a joke - @MeghanMcCain Wow - he has worked hard to improve the lives of others. Have you? @marcorubio And aren’t all of these things regulated by government now? We’re not that unintelligent.
@56blackcat It’s the rantings of someone who seems to be a Bernie Bro. @mattgaetz @BernieSanders Looks like you’re a Bernie supporter. Wow ~ you should join his campaign. And btw - no ge… Resisters! @RosemaryDEM @RUMyHope2 @rwisem @ryebread_6 @sandy91929070 @SARA2001NOOR @SardonicOldMan
Retweeted by Gail KodayTrump is now purging all staffers who disagree with him, on the grounds of their 'disloyalty' In Britain, the oppo…
Retweeted by Gail Koday @KARAinFLA @Marion75448155 My 4th graders were tested on map skills. Where did these ppl go to school?They can’t ev… @Traitor_Warrior They need to re-authorize. Most PT is based on a 6 week authorization. Call the ins company and yo… @MysterySolvent Looks like the honeymoon is officially over. @CamiLee13 @RosemaryDEM @RUMyHope2 @rwisem @ryebread_6 @sandy91929070 @SARA2001NOOR @SardonicOldMan @sashalulu @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump Everyone is paying more for less. Don’t know what universe you’re living in.
@VoteBlueIn2020 Hmm - no “making” required on that one. @No1Hollyfreedom @Elena88ccc Thx for sharing - blocked! @marcorubio It’s amazing how so many other countries can deal with universal healthcare and thrive. We as Americans… EVERYONE! PRECIOUS #MOXIE IS FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE! SHE JUST WANTS TO LIVE & B LOVED! NO 1 CARES BUT US! PLE…
Retweeted by Gail Koday @Chica_LeoLatina @courageousgirl2 Harvey was a Hillary supporter, so Trump will probably do nothing. But who knows with this one.This is hysterical 👇 @Stop_Trump20 @Fired_Soon This is sacrilegious and sickening as well.
@MysterySolvent An apology- he hasn’t a clue. @DonaghyWisdom @beadnutt53 FUN!! 😁😁😁 @mmpadellan He wants to scare Americans by playing the socialism card. And for some - that will work. @LindseyGrahamSC @MariaBartiromo Partisan views expressed by ppl with blinders on. Yeah -NO. @LA_Karma1 I lost respect for him awhile back. Now he picks the lesser of the male chauvinists. @Stop_Trump20 The great obstructionist. @DearAuntCrabby That with a little disinfectant- a lot. @HoodlumRIP I’m all of a sudden a lover of monkeys. @DearAuntCrabby He wants to play this card - @1980MiracleTeam @GoldenKnights @JimCraigUSA @MERUZIONE @OC_JACKOC @silkinetics @usahockey @NHLNetwork Wow - you br… @islandsky72 I can’t believe these ppl sit there with a straight face. It’s bizarre
@KellyannePolls It’s a classic and true about your guy too. Don’t forget that. @BanisterDave Keep that on a loop. All his talking is @JasonSCampbell Is he for real. These ppl don’t have a clue. @vietthanhsports @RemoGoneRogue I’m thinking you have 20/20 vision, and you’re not alone. @soledadobrien I remember grandparents calling members of Congress as Statesman or Stateswoman. How far we have fallen. @AC360 @andersoncooper Great job Anderson!! Keep calling out the hypocrisy and lies!! @davematt88 Dude - make up your mind. 🤣🤣🤣🤣The crazies seem to be out in full force lately. I’m no psychic, but I se… @senatemajldr One of the lowest states for healthcare, education and economy. Kentucky- you deserve better than coal and Mitch. @LuLuRoche They are not considered a news outlet according to their licenses. That’s why the UK gave them the boot. @ThatEricAlper Bambi’s mother @leeleeb50 Have heard that too. It’s just a talking point on right wing radio that they repeat. Half of them don’t…
@NightlyPolitics What a wacka doodle she is. Fits right in with who she works for. Remember ppl - we pay her salary. @captrwrpnts @Nimbusyosh 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll stick to the twirl. Not sure where those scissors have been. @B52Malmet @LateBloomer111 Don’t doubt that it crossed his miniature mind. Btw ~ why on earth is his mouth always open??I’m running to be an independent voice for Arizona because we need leaders focused on solutions — solutions like lo…
Retweeted by Gail Koday @mog7546 Thought the Republican Party lived in the 1950’s, but now they want to make a trip back to the forties. Wo… @dyannleroy @paulb0641 It’s time to do the happy dance!! @BridgetSterli19 I’ve called them that for yrs - once to a T supporter. That’s exactly what they are. @MysterySolvent It’s been almost four yrs. How’s that going for them? @FannyAlger1 @bfosterls7 So true - many have lost their critical thinking skills. @realTuckFrumper Really ~ what on earth would make them do that? @bfosterls7 No - but a lot of trolls on Facebook will scare the elderly to. @HoodlumRIP Heard this was his real first choice. could use some more followers please
Retweeted by Gail Koday @trump_pirates @JTWeaver6 Here’s a follow for ya! @CamiLee13 Would love a shoutout ~ I’m in!! 😎 @Barbann56 @sarrahh011 They’re adorable!! 💙🐾💙Meet Bruno. He needs a home. All details at Please RT
Retweeted by Gail KodayAnyone else sick of the Rain, Wind and Mud 🙈 Our 3 Mud Monsters from the #Notts kennels aren't, it's like a daily c…
Retweeted by Gail KodayStorm is just a year old, he can live with older kids and other #dogs but he does need a home that can build his co…
Retweeted by Gail Koday @JadedCreative The same thoughts keep me up at night. 😞 @SteveScalise Now do Trump supporters. @tltwarriior Sending deepest sympathies and hugs. So sorry. 💔Hang this highlight reel of Elizabeth Warren's greatest Senate takedowns in The Louvre. A masterpiece.
Retweeted by Gail Koday @BridgetSterli19 @Leslieoo7 Oh no - hope all is well and she’s back soon.
@GhostOfLuv3 I haven’t gotten my check yet. What’s up with that?? 🤣🤣🤣 @JoyceWhiteVance Kamala - she’s so qualified. @GOPLeader Are you for real?? He spends more time on Twitter and golfing, that’s what you meant to say. @KnolesMichael It’s hard to see everyone that you follow. Unless someone is rude to me or others I respect, I don’t unfollow. 🤷‍♀️ @BillOReilly You chose to comment about this? Get a clue bud and stop diminishing the rights of women. @nudog71 150 lbs.
@SustainergyA You can do what you want and vote for who you want, but that’s a wasted vote if he’s not the nominee.… @nudog71 And knew what the difference between truth and lies?