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Deafblind hurricane. Gentlewoman & scholar. Chaos muppet. Secret Literary Princess. Occasional Duelist. Queer AF. BEING SEEN 10/5/21 from Tiller Press.

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IT MEEEEEE sia tina fey calling out sia at #GoldenGlobes goes far beyond typical celebrity drama — autistic people are fin…
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MAThe thing I want people to understand about rare diseases today is that because we are edge cases we don’t always g…! It’s #RareDiseaseDay! I have congenital rubella syndrome. It has meant that I have been Deafblind since bir…
@AndreaLausell Actually hire disabled people if you are in the position to do so. Don’t assume we can’t do jobs. If we’re applying, we can. @myfriendjanine Hey! I’m an award winning non-fiction writer and I’ve been in the business for a while! Happy to ch…
@MattFnWallace @ryandroyd WHAT WHAT OMG OMG @megelison Thank you for reminding me that I want fresh flowers! @MARIADAHVANA Excuse me. I have... somewhere to be. In the forest. With whoever did that to that beautiful globe. @RebeccaCokley (as in I am snarfing my second round of leftovers right now :D) @RebeccaCokley I am eating at a reasonable hour today! YAY @Wiswell Aw, thanks friend. You’re great too! @SydJames__ My rule was “as long as it’s there when I hit the grade books in the morning I don’t care what time you… now I want to buy Oreos. Social justice marketing works! @redscribe She will stand in the hallway and CRY until she is held @redscribe She’s such a baby, Emma.And also that being disabled is so expensive/your employment opportunities are lesser because of ableism that you o… @SezClom @redscribe I mean Hence the name @LeighHarlen @Ologies I could do it tomorrow morning for that fee - send a DM! @SezClom @redscribe A small black cat who wants love all the time Rather than a green fairy who tempts me to make… @redscribe I pick absinthe up like a baby when she cries at me and I sing to her @Emily29145136 Don’t ever punish students for being who they are. I know that sounds obvious but my teachers basica… @kala_guess Hi! I can’t DM you it looks like but I’m happy to chat @rosshowalter Oof. I’m sorry. @rosshowalter Yes! It does. @D_Libris @RoanhorseBex ... this has made my day.
I made good choices today #authorsneedwalks #authorsofinstagram #myrtleedwardspark
@NaminaForna As a non-fiction writer and memoirist there are things I won’t write about. Period. I get to have…, let's see if this works: a literary agent asked if I know anyone who works on African myth and storytelling to…
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA @KarenRoseBooks Yes. 35. @TommyASC91 @Forbes Hi, I’m an award winning Deafblind writer and editor working to change the way people perceive disability."My child isn't traumatized." You child says "I'm sorry" before everything they say because they learned they need…
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA @EllenHokanson1 I said Sayers at the top of the thread but Parker would also kill it @Kajehase @nameshiv ACCURATEPost a picture of yourself as the final boss without downloading pics @voxorbis_brad They would both end up in Twitter jailGerald Durrell would just have videos of frogs and other creatures. PG Wodehouse? Also a Twitter user. (Back me up @nameshiv)I imagine Jessica Mitford doing TikTok’s of family dinners. Frankly everyone in the London Society 1920s literatu… @NaomiKritzer Like seriously. His Twitter would be LIT @McNutcase Or he’s a litch! @McNutcase It’s been over 100 years unless Ambrose Bierce is a litch... @Kajehase ME TOOEdward Gorey and Chaz Addams would kill it on Instagram.Oh! You know who else? AMBROSE BIERCE.Oscar would be FUCKING INSUFFERABLE but entertaining. Dorothy would destroy MRA’s for fun. I... Look. Dylan Tho… I cannot pick ONE)Oscar Wilde. Dorothy Sayers. Dylan Thomas. 👏 having 👏 a 👏 nonlinear 👏 career 👏 path
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA
A friend came to say hello whole “get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year” rule absolutely does not apply to my ballgowns or my ridi… @CAwkward @GeekMelange ... I fear not. I fear that there is more than one of these in this world and that is frankl… @CAwkward @GeekMelange MINE ALSO WHISPER EXPLAINED IT TO ME! Also he tried to hold my hand. During violent bits. I kept snatching it back. @GeekMelange @CAwkward I KNOW RIGHT @CAwkward On another date, I tried to politely leave the date, he followed me to the bookstore so I couldn't use my… @CAwkward We went to see Frank Miller's Sin City on the first date. His choice. ... yeah.
@RegretaGarbo Oof. The worst. @remembrancermx @annarajagopal_ @JustSayXtian Yes it also meeeee @annarajagopal_ I would LOVE this @GWillowWilson I’m The Savoy West. I debated a LeCarre reference with TheCircus but I want home to be cozy. @GWillowWilson Her Majesty is Not AmusedMy WiFi Network name is now a deep cut Dorothy Sayers reference. I'm HOME.I am not too proud to admit that I teared up listening to Mars through MY HEARING AIDS. The future is so coooool. @MattFnWallace @spyscribe They need to pay me to do this now @MattFnWallace @spyscribe Nancy Drew but in SPACE @MattFnWallace @spyscribe We will eventually make it so I can pet a porg. @MattFnWallace You, me and @spyscribe were going to have SO MUCH FUN. And then that didn't happen.It wasn’t a small decision but uh OopsI moved across country to come home and spend time with my friends and family. friends, I am seeking a Deaf-accessible (either captioned/subtitled, ASL-interpreted or both) #Purim spiel or event. Any leads? ✡️🎉
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA"Turning her head, she could get more faces, more bodies, more blur. The world had become so small. But she was sti…
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA @scribblesassin Thank you so much! I loved your work in this series too!My partner is a troll and showing me Frozen with the children. Guess what I’ve never seen before. (I love him anyway) @ThatDeafJew Hi!
My friend @lauraannegilman is fostering this cloud of a cat-dog. She is a princess and someone needs to love her.… @charlhyde Yeah it’s not fun
@NotLasers Please refer to your cat as a Purrl Friday from now on @dreamwisp GOOD TO KNOW @mishellbaker I made the decision to move out of my current place to a better place by myself, and executed the pla… @LAGilman I’m dying . How is that a dog?!From during the snow ❤️ sun sets after 7 p.m. in less than a month.
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA @seananmcguire Ooh, reading material for when I go do my name change! @KA_Doore Oh, oh no. Hugs. @englishmace Macey. Check your texts in about 10 seconds @ellie_oops I’m sending a DM 😂😂 @ellie_oops I just CACKLED @strixbrevis A bird! @digitaldraco No it’s a real thing I want to leave my house but I guess you could write fanfic about me and my haunted Christmas decorI’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere. #CountdownToMars
Retweeted by Professor Elsa Sjunneson, MA @sethasfishman LUPIN or The Goes Wrong Show @BHBT That is one of three! @liesandperfidy DOES NOT PERFORM EXORCISMS.You can say “I bought a haunted looking Christmas doll from a Jewish horror writer” when you show it off to your friends!But seriously if you want to buy this doll from me you can contact me via the contact form on my website: @digitaldraco I HAVE CONCERNS @CaseyLucas Usually it’s with their mouthsThe audio is me saying “you guys, I don’t know, this is bad, this is really bad”Okay okay actually the other one in good condition is ALSO haunted as fuck and also anatomically questionable. He…, trying to sell a Christmas ornament to a stranger: This poor bastard has Seen Things. In other news if you… @peripateticmeg I hear you.