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I say what a lot. She/her. 🏳️‍🌈

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@BenjaminMillar This absolutely tracks @RachaelHasIdeas Turk-woise? I think @emmadelahunty_ Just checked mine and the first pub has shown up (we did manual at last one) @victorialhannan EwwwwwwToilets really need to have a shelf and a hook in the cubiclesSpread the word folks 👇 @MsSiennaCharles That’s very reasonable then! @MsSiennaCharles 15 *pitchers* 😳😂A pub game trying to find someone with an interstate a rural pub, in this year That’s a fail lolIn true Darwin style it is pouring rain while we’re on the party bus, and we’re all wearing white shirts lol @soniaahhh Nah, I’ve already told them multiple times I may bail so there’s no surprises lolChristmas party update: there’s theme shirts & outfits, and there’s gonna be teams & games. I’ve already apologised… @RachaelHasIdeas Good strategy! lol @KCMartinStone That is usually my plan, but this time we’re getting on a bus, so it’s gonna be interesting @ayyschirripa True that, and I’m partially deaf so it just adds to it @elle_hunt omfgThis guy does a whole series on tik tok where he figures out people’s heights just by using items around them, and… @norfer40 ohhhh me too!! I will never do party boats again for that reason. At least this is a bus that stops at pl… @terra155 That’s what the little voice in my head is saying lol they’re an insane bunch & they do know how to have… have a work Christmas party on this arvo/tonight and it’s on a party bus and let me tell ya, my introvert is scre… @3AWNeilMitchell @Martin_Flanagan the good old “he’s entitled”.... that’s the problem, Neil. He’s never really been… @RachaelHasIdeas Yeh nah, I’m with you Rachael. I’m not a fan of most grain breads either
@derridalicious I hope the cost wasn’t too bad, and as long as you got there safely! @ShirleenCampb16 oh Shirleen I’m so sorry 😔 sending you & fam big hugs & love ❤️ @derridalicious Damn 🙁 did you get there ok? @JennaGuillaume rip your mentions lol @MJ_Leaver Gawd I’d forgotten he’d existed for a while there @elizabethredman geebus the audacity! @derridalicious Sky Bus?! They’re $25 into spencer st station (of they were) @JennaGuillaume JENNA! I am offended! @scifichick25 I can’t even bear to watch it, an hour?! I know I’m going to throw my phone @letitiawright *Letitia - my apologies, autocorrect @letitiawright sound just like every other anti-vaxxer out there. Do you see how harmful that can be? @Tarneen @sydneymardigras Massive sellouts 😤Do not attend this racist venue ever @NextBrisbane First Nations Elders have been told to leave and the bar manager…
Retweeted by Sincerelynotsorry @imogenrq ❤️❤️❤️ @cienan_m NO WAY! omg this is amazing lol @MsSiennaCharles I just added it to my list to check it out! @flashblak @RedCrossAU Thank you Kerry, I knew it was horrendous, but (of course) it was way worse. Thank you for s… don’t even understand why he is on bail, the whole thing should be thrown out. Over 100 days of police & prosecut… @MsSiennaCharles @RedHandedthepod I like it a lot @MattNT11 You know how there’s folks in the rural area that are financially very comfortable & have really nice places? That
@synapse101 Absolutely that’s so creepy @personal_amber I am so sorry Amber, it’s so awful and inhumane. Sending you massive hugs ❤️ @alexand_erleon I’m right there with you - when I first moved down south, I had no idea & my friends had to teach me @Leesidge Absolutely @synapse101 This is either creepy af or intentional spamming so you get a shadow ban (reduced content views) @Leesidge Friggin hell. It’s not the first time he’s said stuff like this, but now he’s got ‘Director’ of SBS added.We are delighted to announce Dr Kalinda Griffiths as the next @AHPA_AU Thinker in Residence. This role recognises &…
Retweeted by SincerelynotsorryYES. This isn’t about individuals who work for Police or Corrections not being able to participate, this is abou… @BrydieLK omfg lol @DrKateAuty @PhillipAdams_1 It’s incredibly disrespectful to sharing this photo without considering the impact on t… @PhillipAdams_1 What’s with the “our”? First Nations Peoples are not property. They do not belong to anyone, and gi… @moviemazz I am so glad I have HBO Max 🤯 @KCMartinStone lol yes those damn spiders, had too many close calls 😳 these days I need my glasses to help me 🤓 @NayukaGorrie Yeh she’s known for her anti-trans views, have reported her many times. So mad about Elliot Page living his life, it’s awfulomg this one is hard and so good @ayyschirripa and so unsurprising course they did 👇 @Garamanak It’s so pretty 😍 @AGeekwithaHat There’s no way I’d be able to eat that 🥺 @erinbiba He is so wonderful and wholesomeYour Korean Dad is so wholesome and wonderful In a year where contactless payments have increased & many people reducing the amount of cash on hand.… @karlie_moon_ You are such a legend Karlie! This is so exciting 🤩 @algaealfie Love all of it!! @gotsthebug You gotta do what you gotta do, here for ya if you ever need anything x
@braiinsoup oh bless him @DrBron Such a shit 😂'It feels like a never ending battle. It’s something we’ve had to do continuously since 1788. You would think in th…
Retweeted by Sincerelynotsorry🚨 Folks, spread the word and donate if you can to help this fam out 👇 👇 to add alt text to images in Twitter: is International Day of People with Disabilities #IDPWD2020 - amplify disabled folks voice - not carers or… @gotsthebug Sending you big love & hugs Cin ❤️ @imogenrq Perfect goals @yodaberg Friggin hell @sandyosullivan I just turned 40, so I am absolutely ecstatic with whippersnapper 😃 @gotsthebug The people that owned it were so lovely too, they owned it for years, but just couldn’t compete - which… @btddecolonize They all look so cool! @gotsthebug @sandyosullivan I really miss independent cinemas. Our last one closed last year, because a major chain… @sandyosullivan Yes watch it, would love to see what you think! @NarelleMacPher1 The challenges to the election counting. I think it’s great they have these types of forums & stre… @sandyosullivan $23 these days for a standard adult (geezzz). Thankfully I have US VPN & it’s on Hulu. I am very pi… @derridalicious It’s not letting me choose, so I’m ‘never believed’ @sandyosullivan I was just talking about how good Disclosure was yesterday for this. It’s just ugh that in 2020 the… his thread is absolutely wild Poll 2020: Which vegetable is best? 🧅🥕🥔🥦🍅🥒🍆🫑🥬🍠 🗳️ Vote in the thread below 👇 *** Usual disclaimers about the…
Retweeted by Sincerelynotsorry @sandyosullivan It’s exhausting. I just want movies where existence is enough
@TheRedRobyn Every. Time. @sandyosullivan oh I forgot that movie existed lol honestly...that one was better, aside from not having Kristin Stewart @sandyosullivan @Brocklesnitch worse, a movie in 2020 @imogenrq omg Yiayia is now #8 @annaspargoryan (That’s supposed to be a !) @annaspargoryan That’s so cute’ @thiscassgirl I didn’t love it...still trying to figure if I liked it @MagazineAmplify My fucking eyebrows just disappeared into my hairline. What the fuckkkkk I am not surprised, but I am surprised @imogenrq oh Imo, sending you and Yiayia so much love. I will always think of her every time I see Sound of Music,… @yassmin_a Yes...a lil bit worried about whether it’s being rushed, so it depends on when/how it’s released. If exp…