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@lilnimrita hey @simpformangos GET OUT @dav1dfreemann don’t you live in like michigan i can just walk there
Retweeted by Knake🪱me an my twitter crush kissing from across the ocean @arielll_t i can be bothi am so lonely and sad
Retweeted by Knake🪱bitches be like are you far left or far right bitch i am so far gone
Retweeted by Knake🪱 @J0br01 shup @missmethlab your silence is deafening @missmethlab check their twitter
@cottoncandaddy i don’t think i can come up with a more unsafe way to carry bullets @cottoncandaddy why is he carrying bullets in his pockets @missmethlab LMAO WHAT @missmethlab fr
Retweeted by Knake🪱 @straight_rat yea @brainrotem who was mean i’ll kill @JesusChrist_alt holy shitOh a white furry? You mean an
Retweeted by Knake🪱 @missmethlab denounce him it’s that easy @missmethlab from who👀 @missmethlab he has a wife that he got from an arranged marriage. @missmethlab i saw you like it and was going to delete it becasue i knew you’d say some shit @missmethlab shut upben shapiro is 36. do with that what you will @enriqsp i haven’t seen it @missmethlab i mean it’s glee so yeah basically @missmethlab it looks like a horror movie lowkeythis looks a lot more violent than it actually is @cottoncandaddy i cannot speak @RobertDowneyJ5 what the fuckPassword Protected - 1/15/21 FEATURE | @gum_mp3 + @icedoutomnitrix | "McFly” | @dillon_edlin Listen here:…
Retweeted by Knake🪱 @straight_rat @straight_rat i was wondering how you have a gf and still say you haven’t had sex @straight_rat oh no wonder @straight_rat @soggymira @humidfluid whom @humidfluid golira. @humidfluid 🦍 @straight_rat @soggymira @straight_rat @soggymira hey garrett @soggymira may get some bitches @lordoftringpops plswho trynna do a thing @JaydonMM i just think that women are prettyand assthis is a tiddies stan account @brainrotem i think you look nicewhite ppl go on humanitarian trips to Africa like their local town isn’t facing a homelessness and heroin epidemic,…
Retweeted by Knake🪱ratio cuz fuck you ben
Retweeted by Knake🪱 @nocontextco creative mutuals 😼 @thiccybarnes yes @lilnimrita nim :) @FelixTheFrCat but ty :) @FelixTheFrCat i am so bad at that game felix*shaking and crying violently at 5 am wanting to not exist* who want me @drivingmemadi me watching shrek @22brolian @thexionxtra @xionxtra he had 689 @butter4374 penis @skinxearth i love women too though so there’s that @Stromboli2_ tired as heck @skinxearth they don’t like at all i just like having the opportunity to talk to you @arielll_t so true bestie @simpformangos and the one i like to see on my timeline @Stromboli2_ nice mutuals😼 @lilnimrita the pretty one @skinxearth yeah if you prefer that i guess @simpformangos the pretty one @skinxearth funy it’s mutuals i love to see on my timeline @chardonyay mutuals i love to see on my tl😌 @skinxearth unless @skinxearth jk @skinxearth mutuals i hsve a crush on @RobertDowneyJ5 funny table yee @skinxearth hello lexi 😁 @epicnimrita don’t think too hard! you might hurt yourself😁 @skinxearth i put you somewherelets go @epicnimrita you’re fairly funny i feel like @skinxearth omg go lexi go lexi @weeniehutmenu sure @weeniehutmenu now you can be duenormalize death threats i only want them from a certain personi am also doing titty rates but if no that’s okvouch @rocktheboatri this man is packing @epicnimrita i’m proud of you nim im not sure what you’re doing but you’re doing amazing :) @mayaisfiya i can sing @iamcorbutt yea @motherofworms god i wish @pant_leg she counts as mom @pant_leg the one from spider man @motherofworms 😼 @lilvanhooters @lilnimrita NOOOOOOOOonly hot sexy cool people can reply to this @lilvanhooters @lilnimrita @MilesKlee thank u :) @lilvanhooters @lilnimrita @MilesKlee be nice to her :(