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nhu @snhuz austin (not the city)

i stream :D

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@1EDEN_ @kazufIwr @pondsnaiI and i love cookie run kingdom frost queen is so overpowered @vinnerwinner @plooful @vinniehacker @Governor_Val @sfX_x1 happy for u vinny u deserve it <3 @SebastianBish12 i know LMFAOO @jupiberi TY JUPI ILY @ZeroX5Z u know me @tthotobot love u more lina <33 @pondsnaiI ty austin :D @goopyfps i did it eeee @revrss ily reverse <3 @Miehki @ScrewFaceVAL u deserve the world mikey <3holy thank u so much for such another insane 24 hour stream. i love u guys sm it makes me want to cry @ahad U DESERVE IT ALLdon't q texas (unrated only) (please lower than gold) 👿🔥 im so tired i cannot finish this stream holy shit
@_Od26 snowball fight is the best for this @11tzuki im a freak what can i say @fishszns it’s my fav knife in the entire game @fishszns i wish i was jokingi may or may not have just finished the battlepass during this 24 hr stream ahahahahah… 24 hour stream forrealzies stalking my twitter rn so hiiiiiwarming up for stream and these guys start making fun of my duo’s dead dad
@sarachashrimpp when is it my turn 🙏a story in 4 pictures
Retweeted by nhu @Baeatelo i will always stand by my 5 man and that’s on god !!! @pipluptiny im actually living in a nightmare 😭😭 @BenevolenceFPS go crazy zachbruh no way i was the sage she shit on so sorry i had to end the 24 hour early, personal stuff came up & i’ll be attempting it again tomorrowNAHHHHH
Retweeted by nhuim attempting another 24 hour D: @W0rme i like worme @currydtx @TheGuard still proud of u guys <3 @ahad BIGGEST VOUCH
@kiwiramune ppl always flame them it’s so sad @hvnniez LMFAO i love u too @hvnniez bot movement need to do a movement course 💯attempting another 24 hour stream once i wake up (: wish me luck @1EDEN_ @Viperous @vampwi @edensarcade @dillbuni @kazufIwr ily eden @goopyfps cant wait to pay u hourly to play with me 😵hi im awake @TheZomboney sleep is for weak peopleonly slept for a few hours so im gonna chill a bit before stream @notokayrosie add me :D @Cookii923 gm cookii :D @lillybillymilly i went to bed at 5 pm @slimesupanova thank u i hope urs is great as well @rinwrld gm my love <3 @jupiberi yes yes @jupiberi join my call jupi @ahad look who’s talking @slimesupanova hello :D @ZeroX5Z hello :D @ahad and what about itgoodmorning friends :D @cupkatez i want better for u
Retweeted by nhu @frostyZK ur so insane @jellyfish_val @pondsnaiI yes & then i will tuck u in :3 @jellyfish_val @pondsnaiI irene i love u @1EDEN_ looking shnazzyneck nipple
Retweeted by nhu @ctrrlz @1EDEN_ @pondsnaiI hi vinny i love u :D @1aidn @1EDEN_ @pondsnaiI <3 we will all go on quadruple dates one day trust @1EDEN_ @pondsnaiI we love u eden :D @1aidn @1EDEN_ @pondsnaiI do not @currydtx @builtbygamers lets gooooo ditching the unrateds was worth 🙏 @pondsnaiI i love u :DI was taking a random video and she decided to leave a message for future me instead :)
Retweeted by nhu @linabobiina hi yes i think im doing a 24 hour once i wake back up in like 10 hrs LMFAOO how r u holding up @linabobiina hello my gorgeous gfuhm hello?!???
Retweeted by nhumy biggest flex is that i always queue with people who will defend me from randoms in team/all chat @Kookiezzzz @pipluptiny do you not get that the breach didn’t get the same shit that the sage did? also, anita neve… @jellyfish_val @Baeatelo 😭😭 they dragged @goopyfps into this too @cryptidegf yea ): i understand it’s really rough @cryptidegf i think it’s really a situational thing and it can be really problematic to guilttrip people into not l… @Baeatelo bro i cannot q with you without being accused of e-sleeping with half the team @Baeatelo LMFAOO @pipluptiny girls arent allowed to have bad days in games without someone calling them boosted
i am sorry. Read:
Retweeted by nhu @tthotobot IT WAS UNREAL @11tzuki people are insanethe valorant community is horrendousno way someone from unrated found my discord and joined call mid-stream to tell me how rich they are and how much i suck @SkuLLyJai LETS GOOO @kazufIwr ur always pretty @bandage please stop watching my stream and take care of urself D:h-h-heyyyy @BenevolenceFPS yes absolutely @ahad damn it’s certified ass @ahad are they goodi want boba
Retweeted by nhuChilling
Retweeted by nhu @tarvh i just drown myself in valorant @tarvh whenev my bf leaves to go back to canada i cry for hours it’s so bad @alrightrin i believe in rin supremacysleepy 💤
Retweeted by nhudrunk and streaming apex yes
Retweeted by nhu @edensarcade no way they’re still going at you