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I work in comedy. I live in horror.

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FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE FINAL CHAPTER decimates the competition in this vintage box office chart....
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonThe Colour Chart.
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonDominic is CUMMING down with something. #iwiwd @gsc1 Here's my daughter's planet 🌍 #GSCAtHome Swift as Pre-Heresy Space Marine Legions: A Thread 1/?
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@ArtyBagger 😀He's going to freak when he hears about Mrs Brown's Boys friends. I’m trying to get a message to Douglas Maxwell. Can anyone pass on my details to him? My youth thea…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @1030 @DaftLimmy This is the best thingScot Squad star has write idea to combat loneliness
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Ooooh The Descent is on Film4 at 23:20. Smashing 😀This is a REAL talent. More #ScotSquad:
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @1030 Final final last guess - 43 @NathanByrne__ @1030 Two kids!! Sorry. My TWO kids are getting the best tuition. @NathanByrne__ @1030 How dare you! My three kids are getting the best tuition!! @dcturner @1030 Just noticed it was one wrap not two @1030 Arsed it again - last guess - 51 @dcturner @1030 Yeah I know @1030 Tell a lie - 97 @1030 142 :)Saturday night at 9:00pm on BBC radio 2 have a listen to “Jock” it’s a pilot I co-wrote with Donny Mcleary about a…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @PhelpsieSarah Haha. Good job!!Hey folks, Plz RT rather than LIKE! My friend Tracy is making FREE MEALS for NHS workers & it's financed by public…
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonScot Squad wrap party was supposed to be tonight
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@TheFatConsol3R Haha. Sit on yer hands mateGood fucking God.... like to think no one told him about the virus and he's just like "where the hell is everybody??!" @atlasbagshaw I had to check twice to make sure that was the actual game they were showing. It's a good game, but still.... @atlasbagshaw HahaThe Division up, butterdicks. It's time to talk about Doritos.
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonWhile we're all stuck at home, maybe I can help you learn to make games in Unity? Part 1 just went up!…
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonMurrayfield under the lights, this was special from start to finish 🙌🏼 well worth a watch.... oh so close. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonWas that Dominic Cummings' first or second run of the day?I was bored.
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonAmazing Thistle!! Fantastic news. @McKelvie Trump rallies @BBW_BFF Oh I've watched this too many times. So many details I love. Admiral Padorin's cup of tea. Jones's little… guy who knows a thing or two about keeping himself entertained in the house.
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@scully1888 @TheFatConsol3R Have to give it a go. @scully1888 @robertflorence The HR (Hug Response) Department @TheFatConsol3R OOOhhhhh @Rachael_Fulton Sorry to hear this :( There's every possibility that my dad played against Adam in the 80's. I'm ce… @robertflorence I've read the official complaints. @robertflorence You do that anywayMaybe the test only works on blue blood? @TheFatConsol3R @rob__mccallum Absolutely ridiculous!Oh my.... @DarrenConnell87 NIGHT LIVE AT THE STAND - THIS SATURDAY! Join us - 8:30pm - FREE show! Including @marknelsoncomic pre-reco…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @rorybremner So sorry to hear this Rory. Very sad news. Sending much love. Noddy.Even in the Antartica they're practicing social distancing - here are some American scientists being especially car…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @GavsterNo1 Yaaasssss!My son asked if he was doing the live "John Wicks" workout this morning. I can't tell you how much I wish there was such a thing. @McKelvie I saw a similar photo of Glasgow's Buchanan St during lunchtime yesterday. Utterly empty and incredibly e…
The boy's clearly ill. @SnideRogue For coding
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @laverminded Cheers Tim @TheFatConsol3R The (mother knows) Best.Animation too.I'm on the hunt for some easy, fun coding software for them next. All suggestions welcome.If you've got some Lego, here's the challenge.'re not doing the Lego thing every day but the first two challenges have gone great., 3 days of home-schooling my two kids has been fascinating. Writing stories has been fun. Current favourite ac… @rob__mccallum If my Call of Duty skills are anything to go by, I'd miss 2 out 3 shots anyway. @rob__mccallum :(Oh, so this is what it feels like to be in a Stephen King story @greghemphill96 Let's not rush to any decision you might regret.....Watching the news and..... why are we letting Umbrella get involved? Did we learn nothing from the Racoon City inci…
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonThat time this happened 😳💥 RIP 🎥Via @rugbyfl
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @unklerupert Strangely, my like for The Housemartins is inversely proportional to that of the Beautiful South.R.I.P. Stuart Gordon #StuartGordon #reanimator #dolls #frombeyond #director #masterofhorror
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @unklerupert The Housemartins mate. The Housemartins.This could be amazing. And the fact it tests for antibodies is beautiful. If we can track the results, it will prov… Nick Cave's little dig at the nightmarish Imagine video made me laugh out loud
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @zoo_music_girl @JerryStillman Ach. So young. That's my work soundtrack decided for today.👍🏾🙂
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonAch that's yer Stuart Gordon away :(
@BMcMullen AbsolutelyWell, Mr Cullen is helping me get through this. one knows Edinburgh like Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson. Let him take you on a little tour. Tonight 23:45…
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonEmmmm...The director of Electric Boogaloo, one of the funniest, most amazing film documentaries ever, has kindly st… Chief Does Edinburgh - our piss take of Portilloesque travel docs starring Jack Docherty - is getting shown on…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson⚽ GOAL OF THE DAY ⚽ Today's Goal of the Day was scored at The Falkirk Stadium but it is not the one you are thinki…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson#StayHomeAndDrawSpaceships
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonDoes anyone in Glasgow have an empty flat, of any size, that they can give up for a surgeon who needs to keep dista…
Retweeted by Iain Davidson @BobSmithWalker Hehe @BobSmithWalker Blind Alley @oh_pollo Oh my...Absolutely love having series 1 of @scotsquad on iPlayer 🥰
Retweeted by Iain DavidsonHere I am out for my single legal daily jog in a clip from The Chief Does Edinburgh which will be on the BBC Scotla…
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Honestly, it's doing my nut in. Test people as much as you can. Gain as much knowledge as possible. Why fight with… people ffs!! Test people!! @tkingdot @rob__mccallum /shiver @rob__mccallum @tkingdot Keep it secret keep it safe @tkingdot Let's see how desperate I get over the coming weeks..... :/ @tkingdot Never mind my kids. I WANT MY OWN ISLAND!!! @robertflorence "Hey Noddy, you seem very flushed about the face. Have you been infected with Covid-19 and sufferin… @greghemphill96 Food for week 3 of lockdown @wsionynw :(