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SNIFFERISH @snifferish She/her 💖💜💙

I stream and I build for the Minecraft Marketplace 😎👍 Thanks for 100k! | 11’5” billionaire 🤩 18 🎂 business email:

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LOL I’m live cosplaying Ranboo for subgoal no, interesting stream at 2 day @eldritchbuddy WOW YOURE AMAZING AT ARTJust a large PSA since people keep asking, Yes I am fine with 1. SFW Fanart (put it under #snifferishfanart so I ca… @Mintea_zy WOW HOLY MOLYMade this for tiktok, but I’m sharing it here cause it’s made me cry like 3 times (had to repost cause I was missin… @bearbubb She says hi back @bearbubb This is my cat fifi, she’s an old lady but I love her 🥰🥰
@moonzy_cat MARRIAGE @bearbubb I’d joinHey guys! friendly reminder I'm not afraid to punt you if I catch you sexualizing other content creators or myself <3 hehehe oops! @badlinu damn how did you guess itLOL this weird wig just showed up at my house, it’s like half black and half white??? Hmmmmm @tr1niity IM SORRY AUTO CORRECT IS NOT MY FRIEND @kurian6570 SHHH YOU SAW NOTHINGsociety if SNIFF joined any SMP am Bob Ross'm going to switch the cosplay and fnaf stream around, so it will be tomorrow instead! I have good reasons I swear… love popping into peoples chat and saying hi and then other people are like "SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF" and someone who d… @TessaViolet I'll be waiting for the day omg < 3 @TessaViolet TESSA HI IM AN MCYT AND CAN I USE YOUR MUSIC IN MY TWITCH STREAMS @purpled_alt purpled I just finished calc lemme know if you need any help pal 👍 @naturedreamgirl :> @Pikaclicks im proud :>LOL THE 2020 ONES ARE ON THE RIGHTsniff 2018 builds 🤮🤮 // sniff 2020+ builds 😍❤️ GOT DISCORD PARTNER LETS GOO VANITY LINK VANITY LINK @Krinios hello I will stomp on anyone who is mean to krinios 👍
im curious how many people are gonna buy paint and paint with me during tomorrows bob ross stream @Liqu1dMes5 @oshmusic1 @notdilynn @fictionalchick1 @TheFishterMan @phosphohydro NOOO LIQUID IM SORRY I SWEAR I WAS… @2ndKatz I MADE A SPELLING ERRORI realize it’s #mcytmodselfieday and while idk if my mods participate in that, I just wanna shoutout some of my ama… @colinsmoke it’s whatever you need it to behey i just want to thank you guys again, it's only been two days since I hit 100k and you guys are still out here s… I just got a stream deck! I’m trying to think of key ideas, do any of my streamer pals wanna show me their favorite keybinds LOL ??? :> @colinsmoke I’m literally married to garlic bread pls don’t offend it2. the lack of diversity on the DreamSMP is probably because there are hardly any female/lgbt/POC content creators… lot of people have been speaking on my behalf being like, "You should be added to the DreamSMP we need more women… finally got some shelves for my desk 👀 @Imagine_Fun I get told I look like my cat all the time actually ! @tishalmey I SAID THIS LAST NIGHT BUT I LOVE THISdrew this during stream, happy 100k!
Retweeted by SNIFFERISH @TalentLacking @Pikaclicks vouchlittle sniff // big sniff
@AdrianahLee M’am I simp for you everyday on main I will give you all my respectnot to brag or anything but Bernie sanders and Barack Obama are subbed to me on twitch @hunter_hhhh 🥺👍💜 @bearbubb Hello bear, same to you up! Thursday - Bob Ross 100k special stream Friday - FNAF sub goal stream Saturday - Cosplay stream/build 👀 @Mithzan Max pls I would actually be so happy @CreepaCreech LETS GOI both hate and love subgoals. @NotAntfrost @Elaina_Exe @vGumiho GAYMERS!!!!!hey guys just a heads up! I’m probably going to be taking tomorrow and maybe even Wednesday off! And then I’ll do t… @Elaina_Exe oh shoot I already bought the pink one :(( but I mean the hedge one 👀 @Elaina_Exe im buying this for myself as a reward @oecalive <3 @soapap_ Omg I love this @moonzy_cat @FoolishGamers_ moonzy omg tyFirst screenshot is from November 4th 2020, second from Tonight. Thank you so much for 100k, thank you the raids, t… ty 💜 SO CLOSE #snifferish100k IM STILL LIVE AND MEDIASHARE IS ON @TalentLacking PLATONICALLY! TWITTER DONT BE WEIRD @TalentLacking LARRY I LOVE YOU
Just hit 97k, chat decides what my Twitter profile will be, here it is till I hit 100k!!! Gonna be a long one! I got a raid board behind me to thank anyone who helps out, see y… @cre3k0 👍Btw guys, my community tag is #snifftwt go off and find each other 👍 (reposting cause I’m illiterate) @aimseytwo DONT YOU LITERALLY SAY THEY ARE WHAT IFS??? @TapLHarV POV you own the cat from the meme
@TalentLacking LARRY GO GET YO CHIPShey bestie? Have you eaten 3 meals? Have you drank at least 24oz of water? No?!??!? Kinda cringe, better fix that. @highkeyhateme 💜💜💜 @fictionalchick1 LMAO @JustNathanTV I like your sweaterOk hear me out, what if tomorrow I streamed until I hit 100k..... @Nitrons_ You do youDragon ring makes brain go brrrrr @glitchie_2 @JustaMinx IM JUST ASKING WOMEN TO SMOOCH @AdrianahLee IM RUNNING SO FAST @andivmg marriage @The_Eret SENDING YOU MY SUPPORT💜💜💜 GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK @ClipsoTheAlien Drinking stream but it’s actually just a bunch of Canadians drinking maple syrup btw this is your time to follow me before 100k so you can say “aww man I followed sniff before she was cool” idk… think that I might actually hit 100k before the end of the month has me screaming internally @aimseytwo Aimsey we love you 🥺not to be over dramatic but if someone hurt my lady friends I’d literally break their neeko neeko necaps 😀👍 @tvnathanjust 🥺💜 @JustNathanTV no I got sad thinking about marriageThis is very loud to anyone who uses any combination of they/them pronounshello I am looking for marriage @Ranboosaysstuff thank you so much from an LGBT woman @Ranboosaysstuff im actually fckin cryingliterally, this is everything, y'all will be like "I love women ❤️😍 I want more female streamers!" and then do anyt… @OriLovesTea @Nihaachu HOMESTEAD REP HOMESTEAD REP @JustaMinx me too, wanna smooch @AdrianahLee @highkeyhateme @DecLXIV THEMI would give anyone a fat kiss for a card in the RTX 3000s series, please sponsorships hit me up