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It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.

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@brahmshank Oh wait iCloud is cheapest as well lol @brahmshank Security iCloud is privacy focused Google is cheaper because spywareWhat if we could recycle the noise of the city to charge our electric cars?
Retweeted by daniNext MacBook I’ll buy is either a MacBook Air or 12 inch re-release with obviously the new magic keyboard. No more… because some content is digital doesn’t entitle anyone from stealing it aka pirating.If you pirate content you’re just a beta me checking email
Retweeted by dani @ecruz_el @benlovejoy Ben needs the Adsense money’s for his hentai collectionAmericans want to keep guns at home because they are too beta to combat intruders without their guns. However way… @roman_nfkrz Only faggots and neckbeards pirate movies and showsI AM OFFICIALLY A CHILDRENS BOOK AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR!!! 😍❤️🙏🏼✨ Available now:
Retweeted by daniConcertino web app turns Apple Music into a 'magical classical music jukebox' by…
Retweeted by dani @JayDubcity16 However if you see a person defending gun law and then also claiming he’s sad about the school shooti… @JayDubcity16 For sure, that’s why I hope that the new generation will fight very hard to ban all weapons, small an… @RicochetSparta @JayDubcity16 If you love guns you basically love school shootings. @JayDubcity16 I literally don’t care anymore, a country that votes for free use of weapons deserves nothing better @GregoryMcFadden That’s considered a godly meal @GregoryMcFadden @SuddyDoesStuff Woah! I assume you only going to keep one? Also, is the base model with 16GB ram…’m so proud to have worked with an amazing team to help bring you the new #MacBookPro16 I hope you love it!
Retweeted by dani @martinowong @9to5mac @bzamayo Nope :( @martinowong @9to5mac @bzamayo This is really big then, finally we can use proper headphones on PS4 instead of those nerdy plastic headsets @9to5mac @bzamayo Does this dongle also work in a PS4 controller? @SluggaRaptor I’m sure pricing will be appopriate for its audience. Even if I earned millions I wouldn’t need it,… @GregoryMcFadden @SuddyDoesStuff Hey Greg, can you tell me which config you ordered? I ordered the base model @5414vivek @GregoryMcFadden 10th gen has much higher wattage requirement @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @JoshWhitmoreUK @varunkrish I already answered you @Mucuscz @Q82004yousef1 @this_vid Fuck gayron man and marfag universe @AJTechVideos This is gotta be a troll haha @LukeMiani Hey Luke, what happens if you break it more than 4 times? Do you get money back?Hell yeah, I like those 3 and happy Arcade isn’t part of it. Because I don’t play mobile games and it would be anno… @SluggaRaptor Nope, 1.5TB ram...that’s 10K alone @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish How did you came to that conclusion after I said base model is fine for me? @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish I am not because I’m not a video editor or doing any other he… @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish What are you even talking about, why bring up people that alr… @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish For the last 5 years there hasn’t been anything that can comp… @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish It seems like you’re not getting the point of this discussion… @JoshWhitmoreUK @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @varunkrish I don’t understand this sentence, what are you trying to say @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @JoshWhitmoreUK @varunkrish MacBooks are expensive, but not overpriced as there’s no prem… @dilly_tante @ProAceGam3r @JoshWhitmoreUK @varunkrish How can something be overpriced if there’s no competitor that… @SuzannaAloni I can make 100K in 1-2 years Max, so no @MarkKieron @Shaunjenks How old are u? @GregoryMcFadden But only because the bigger iMac could provide better thermals for higher end upgrades, but screen… @GregoryMcFadden In my dream scenario they will give people size choice, just like with iPad and iPhone Pro, two si… @GregoryMcFadden Yeah and iMac and iMac Pro is just stupid, because right now the iMac Pro is simply a 27 inch in s… @GregoryMcFadden Ah so 32 inch ( which is a great size, I’ve had 32 inch 4K monitors that were just perfect ) will… @GregoryMcFadden iMac Pro is expensive though, that means 24 inch is the biggest iMac normal consumers can afford? Please explainThe power of #Cazzie Casey could turn BDE Izzie into a Softie Seriously though...idk how people can hate Izzie but…
Retweeted by dani @PerKrogstad @tldtoday It is faster, small difference CPU wise, big difference on GPU @ShawnKing @boink @schmitzoide LOL you can’t afford 2-3K?
@StackDevJobs @neverware Also hiring non-coding people? @TrisieBro13 @Dylaantaylor @SluggaRaptor @neverware No, they aren’t garbage. They are good to those that can’t affo… @reneritchie Basically everything related to minimalism @Mediocre_Tech @reneritchie @mattdavella @TomFrankly Aye a man with taste, minimalism gang! @dsh_yt @reneritchie @Morgz Kidding? @mattafakt @Dylaantaylor @SluggaRaptor @neverware No it’s not. Microwave is essentially unnecessary luxury. Usuall… @Dylaantaylor @LunaForeverr @DTR4K @astr0c0de Why does this guy show up so much, I blocked him a while ago and he k… @Dylaantaylor @LunaForeverr @DTR4K @astr0c0de No one writes everything these days @ProAceGam3r @dilly_tante @JoshWhitmoreUK @varunkrish There’s nothing in this price range that comes close to the MacBook Pro 16 inch. @jjgiron88 @varunkrish Dumb motherfucker alert @Dylaantaylor @LunaForeverr @DTR4K @astr0c0de It’s beautiful and authentic and personal. Typing will never match th… @Dylaantaylor @SluggaRaptor Chromebooks arent trash, Chrome OS is a ton better than windows. Before I had money to… @Dylaantaylor @LunaForeverr @DTR4K @astr0c0de Handwriting is a fundemental part of education and it will always be @astr0c0de @Dylaantaylor @DTR4K I hope we will never lose our ability to have beautiful handwriting. @Evecornwell Just ordered one, finally you have XXL for tall people like me @AppleNewsDirect @scott_s3 Just use iPad until you have money for a Mac @AppleNewsDirect @scott_s3 Windows is even worse @RELkay I agree , I would like to see more channels on YouTube get into interviews with industry giants.Great interview. 💥👊🏼🤓
Retweeted by dani“Chromebooks have gotten to the classroom because, frankly, they're cheap testing tools for required testing. If al…
Retweeted by dani @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks I said I couldn’t care less about people being hurt. That doesn’t mean I do… @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks You sound like a socialist to me, is it? Also there’s no reason to censor… @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks Lol, so without knowing the type of person you are I’m supposed to respect… @Jury @tylerd177 this is a good job for uI’m looking for passionate, organized, empathetic people who love technology to join my team and help build the nex…
Retweeted by dani @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks It’s Twitter, why the hell would I care what you think about me or my tone? @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks So? @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks You are lost for sure @thisiscals @heochanjpg @pschiller Well I was within 30 days at least which is normal for Europe but Apple says 14… @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks He bought these to make money, that doesn’t make him “not cheap” @AlexWebTweets @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks Ever heard of a business purchase? @WoodenBreadBin @SnazzyQ @richtalkskicks How is this a flex? @HarshHdaruka @SnazzyQ Jesus, I hate these type of people. Just let him decide whatever he does with his money. If… @Paradox_EP @superscientific Tell me one 15 inch alternative that’s as premium and feature packed as the new 16 inch MacBook Pro? @Paradox_EP @superscientific Even if you don’t use it for generating income if your main job pays well enough you s… @Paradox_EP @superscientific Depends on income. @SluggaRaptor Ordered the base model Delivery is end of November lol...This was great. Must watch!
Retweeted by dani @Paradox_EP @superscientific Yeah base model is a good price, even for casual users that watch Netflix. It’s a bi… @heochanjpg @pschiller I just returned my 15 inch that already passed the return period, so happy! @QueenMyraAnn @pschiller You don’t need this for college @AlexWebTweets @pschiller 2020 @AssetCatalog @pschiller No one needs a 4K screen in a portable machine. @Paradox_EP @superscientific I really doubt any people will be naive enough to pay 7K for something they don’t need… @Paradox_EP Same thing here @Paradox_EP @superscientific Also don’t forget that maxed out MacBooks are usually bought by people that use it to… @Paradox_EP @superscientific I don’t even use iMac ( Pro ) anymore as I don’t like having so much desk space filled… @Paradox_EP @superscientific Why not both? iMac Pro at home and 16 inch MBP for on the go @Shaunjenks If you lose under 20% then just do trade inThe new #MacBookPro16
Retweeted by dani @tldtoday @LukeMiani @pschiller Keep up the great work Jonathan!