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Dislikes sycophants & cracker lipped narcissism.

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@isdatmol @mrlazytwit24 @BorisJohnson Mol you are a big hypocrite. @isdatmol @mrlazytwit24 @BorisJohnson But Mol, you are putting Dominos workers at risk. Several of them need to wor…! @jax_superdave @tyler_casper I don't like chocolate so can put my husband a close second after bacon. Third? Hmm. C… sensationalist journalism meets the reality of actual science. Wind your neck in #peston and take your face f…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady1/2 So a reality check: One of my officers was spat at and coughed over last night by a male claiming to have…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @AsdaServiceTeam hi I'm trying to book a slot for home delivery, the calendar shows available slots but every time… @jax_superdave @tyler_casper I have no upper level of tolerance for crispy bacon. I once ate 12 rashers and was onl… frens... Can I get a little boost to reach 1000 followers? Please retweet 😁 (I will follow back when Twitter allows me)
Retweeted by Snippy LadyNever forget. When the corona virus outbreak started, politicians and the mainstream media tried to downplay it to…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @PeterSweden7 I love the way your bio mentions nazis and communists in the same sentence. Many younger people tragi… taken a look at Switzerlands COVID figures? Last time I did they looked fab. I guess this is because it's such a wealthy country? @EdConwaySky @DHSCgovuk What I find most scary is that if you take off Chinese and Korean data the curve just keeps… @Ninjamoose69 Hopefully, they are getting exercise tips. If she got up and walked away they'd be screwed. @abi_withthegold @justicestent Bullies just need to be shown a bigger bully. @justicestent if any of this bullying happens out side of the school (even just outside the gates) it can be classe… @_hollyymayy @Apple_Dust7 @justicestent I wouldn't say most but there are definately more uncaring parents that the…
@jp_wethepeople Goodnight Uncle Howie. I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one xx❤️xx @Darraghd7 @Apple_Dust7 @justicestent That's spot on Darragh. My son was bullied but by the time my younger daughte… @Apple_Dust7 @justicestent Send it to the mother??? Haha. Where do you think this boy got his disregard for life from?I'm rting this but without any confidence. I've always found that parents are the source of their kids bad behaviou… @erikbryn In what world would you believe stats given from China, South Korea or Japan?A model of gold star journalism - balanced, fair, and well researched. Why is Germany able to test for coronavirus…
Retweeted by Snippy LadySelf isolation Day 10... 😁
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@re11ddy @NCurrie8 @haveasay11 @AshBCoffin Precisely. Politics of envy, Always was and always will be.Let's get this out there! @realDonaldTrump
@danwavish @RhythmicPolitic @XR_Brum @Hannover2u Psst it's a parodyThis is amazeballs. As the enlightened know badgers spread love and peace which will one day be seen as a sure fire… @danwavish @RhythmicPolitic @XR_Brum @Hannover2u I'm a girl and I don't want to hear that language
@ChrisB_1977 @Holbornlolz 🤣 @robbystarbuck @realDonaldTrump Totally agree but from a British citizen - he isn't royalty any more and she never… @realDonaldTrump Totally agree President Trump, she turned her back on her home country to gold dig with our Prince… I ask that we clap for @HackneyAbbott in a show of solidarity and appreciation at 13 pm on the 6th Sunday of every month.
@Hijacked222 @rolfroflson @ClarkeMicah 🙄 @SnippyLady @pigletwithwings @TwitterSupport He's been such an excellent friend to me
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @BookwormBean @pigletwithwings @TwitterSupport @pigletwithwings gives a huge amount of comfort and good advice to p… @BookwormBean @pigletwithwings @TwitterSupport Come on @TwitterSupport. We need our friend back in such a crisis. R…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @pigletwithwings has been suspended. Please @TwitterSupport restore the account.
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @Neville21202107 Happy birthday!!!This is extremely encouraging. A new study from Imperial shows the total deaths could be lower than 7000 - less t…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @Dunkirk_1940 Very kind and thoughtful of you - please accept an armful of thanks from myself and my family for all you are doing. xxBeth Rigby being utterly vile on Sky News again. Describing sick people as "at best careless at worst negligent" WT…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyWake up every morning as normal then within seconds get a feeling something is wrong...then realise again we are li… in 2010 Rifleman Daniel Holkham, aged 19 from Chatham, Kent, of 3rd Battalion The Rifles, was killed by an e…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @cornwall70001 @libyajamahiriya @sfliberty Ofcourse! 😆🤣😀😂
Please tell me this is a parody account and not a monumentally stupid labour type? 3 yrs old?? @libyajamahiriya @sfliberty Utter crap and just what I'd expect from a moron with a "death to America banner" on hi… @JLH86 @SkyNews @BorisJohnson You sad manI was arrested at Waitrose earlier for trying to buy 4 packs of Falafel Twizzlers when the guidelines clearly state…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @Little_G2 You too xx @UnseeingEyes @juliemac1000 And you call yourself "a friend to all"! Take no notice Julie. He's just jealous.Throw a few shapes and take your mind off things :-
Retweeted by Snippy LadyI just coughed a couple of times and even the dog stared at me. I’m getting paranoid 😳😁.
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@MrBonMot Will and the quick piss kidsMY SCHOOL FRIEND’s COMPANY #scientists #technicians PLEASE PLEASE RT FAR AND WIDE
Retweeted by Snippy LadyThe EU referendum must be re-run with all those who voted Leave last time excluded.
Retweeted by Snippy LadyRishi Sunak has tested positive for brilliance.
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @audreybbonbon @KayBurley Audrey is your profile a photo of Beth Rigby? Oh no my apologies, the photo is much prettier. @Christo23631163 @MrsFighting @KayBurley @SkyNews I think her "facial revisions" align her more closely to monkey
Just started listening to #Mudlarking by Laura Maiklem on @audibleuk its fab @LadyIsabellax Gorgeous! Are those the tiny daffodils, Narcissi? I love their scent 😍 @Jojones2762 No no and no @nashsteviej So very sorry for your loss xxDon’t you love the way that people like Jon Snow, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Cathy Newman and Laura Kuenssberg seems to…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyThe tragedy is Oliver has already self-isolated twice in the last year. Once when he pretended he was held under ho…
Retweeted by Snippy LadySays the 16 yr old @bimoui @um_utd @KBkchod @spectatorindex 😆🤣🤣 @KingOfWrong @melindiscott Load up, load up, load up! @audibleuk Sorted now it just appeared in my library @jesuiscanard Ah well done Flappy! Better off than on xx @IanClar14474451 @lienomail @ThisisDavina No. It can survive from one to nine days on cardboard depending on which…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @nirish @DeadheadRI I have three fuzz balls and they're pretty much sick of me right now. I gave them new chew bone…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyThe EU has been an absolute tower of strength during #COVID19 Just shows you how supra national organisations are s…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @audibleuk tried to buy Mudlarking with the 1 credit it had but was told I didn't have enough credit whilst deletin…
Barely believable opportunism - I never wish ill on others but this makes me feel close to it! incredibly emotional speech by Steve Baker on a 'Dystopian Society', although necessary, being implemented to co…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyTHIS is the BEST RANT on the Chinese #Coronavirus that I have seen! WATCH it before it disappears from the net. F…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @JanKay_ @Kevin_Maguire My thoughts exactly. He may as well be the virus. @Kevin_Maguire Look you utter twat, that sounds to me like a call to arms for people to riot. Why don't you, for on…, ebay. I don't want to buy cheap Chinese electronics. Already have enough of a virus problem 🙄
Retweeted by Snippy Lady😬 Just seen this parked outside! It’s just got real folks! #UKlockdown 😂
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @Humanoid_animal @globaltimesnews It's not even a frost free fridge 😱 @hilton_ian @MrMasonMills Had a kidney stone? A little less painful than that but going on for longer.This is Dr. Usama Riaz. He spent past weeks screening and treating patients with Corona Virus in Pakistan. He kne…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyCoronavirus data question: Can anyone point me to daily cumulative death tolls for any of a) London, b) Lombardia,…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyThis. GIF. Is. Everything.
Retweeted by Snippy LadyI can’t overstate this: Lombardia, Madrid & New York all on worse trajectories than Wuhan. London may be but we do…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @trenabear24 @BrittyPinon Mine was 30 hrs, my second much quicker (they usually are). I'd recommend an epidural, yo… @trenabear24 @BrittyPinon Best wishes for your next baby x👶x @trenabear24 @BrittyPinon Not at all an obvious conclusion for a younger person like you to have made, just brings… chance do we stand with this idiocy 🤦‍♀️McVirus anyone?
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @BrittyPinon Congratulations! @trenabear24 @BrittyPinon Maybe this was a quick birthDay #5 in quarantine: had a baby on my couch.
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@jesuiscanard Flappy that's awful. My cancer dx was traumatic then being clinically dead for nearly 3 mins put the… like the only thing which will be left open in Britain will be the DFS sale.
Retweeted by Snippy LadyWash your hands more often for 20 seconds with soap and water. Or use hand sanitiser.
Retweeted by Snippy LadyInterviewed on CNBC this morning regarding our #COVID19 antibody cure. We discuss why a vaccine will take too long…
Retweeted by Snippy LadyDon’t use this #CoronavirusPandemic as a reason to reconnect with nasty neglectful people from your past They were…
Retweeted by Snippy Lady @GlynTimberlake 😴