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F/A VALORANT / 20 / Business inquiries :

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@sarachashrimpp @haesarchive @WasteManOP ? @haesarchive @WasteManOP yes ur goat @harmfoo @abotofu_ thanks for buying me that lamboranked i guess @Evs2x lets play im getting on my alt
@Evs2x nah but I dont wanna play with u either @Evs2x me @ikjoshh got someone ty doe @kimmybtw wanna edit my vid kimmy @Kasche1x <3 @haesarchive @HUYNH_CS bro @haesarchive mid @RossyUA @Vanityxz thats on me horrible stun. @haesarchive dont use that emoji @GeorgeCGed i think im rlly nice. @GeorgeCGed give me buddy.
@willminder @KnightsGG nice bro can u sub to me on twitch now @haesarchive @haesarchive @mellinieee my bad @haesarchive what @mellinieee @haesarchive ur so jealous
@derekjoon @haesarchive @Boy1drr me2 @haesarchive my chef @Boy1drr @haesarchive @derekjoon no she actually just ran out @Shiro_Rz ur the best @ScrewFaceVAL @EvilGeniuses grats kyle 🥳 @CoachJoe__ @6syfi @HUYNH_CS @phoFPS @Gucc107 no. @Bjorlulu Lol you missed my message
@haesarchive and what @phoFPS @branted707 u need to go spit some lines and pull some women @karraof @Add3rTV @Shiro_Rz why are u replying to this tweet if its not with a nabi picture @branted707 what @Add3rTV @Shiro_Rz ur hella inspirational @Shiro_Rz miss us @Gucc107 @Gucc107 let him cook!!! @phoFPS VOUCH FOR MIKEY can IGL AND SHOOT like hes 16 @tahanlipidem @haesarchive im sorry ben @career_val facts brooo @Add3rTV are u okay? @WedidOfficial just keep it on and download the software if u havent yet @WedidOfficial did u turn on raw input in game for the hati? @RossyUA gl @Jonaaa6_VAL @SoniqsEsports @vapenfps LETS GOO JONAAA 🥰🥰 @Lear_VAL @SoniqsEsports @OREsportteam @Jonaaa6_VAL @vinnerwinner @nillyazVAL @zeldrisval W @CoachJoe__ @TrickAIM 💀💀💀 @HUYNH_CS @Gucc107 @karnthc wait im gnna see the real donut? @haesarchive no. @haesarchive stop thinking ugly knife
@CharlieTraquair @tarik ty :) @karraof @Lft_Oxy frame this ratio @WedidOfficial wadeeedWIN @Reverse2k @j3xcy sorry for ur loss reverse2k 🙏 hope u get out of immortal one day 🙏🫶 @fletcherrVAL @tarik bro 😭 @Add3rTV @tarik thank you franchised ascension challengers player. @Tater_toters @tarik @tarik I just found this random YT vid and everyone has a face except me LMFAO @Jaomock @tarik surely tarik has seen jaomock builds #24 @GrimValorant @tarik yo whats up bro. how do I get in that 10 man server 🥸 @zekkenVAL ☹️ wtf man @Boy1drr @haesarchive i miss her @haesarchive @Boy1drr @haesarchive mute up @haesarchive we postin 2ks now? @zincval @minaweeb 💀 @mellinieee mid @karraof @haesarchive @DanimalVal @Evs2x @Jonaaa6_VAL @Governor_Val @harmfoo @OREsportteam u qual tmr 😊 @Add3rTV @OREsportteam @OkeanosQT @Governor_Val @harmfoo @WedidOfficial grats bro well deserved @OkeanosQT @OREsportteam grats oke 😗
@KingFPS__ good luck mate @HUYNH_CS @phoFPS wow he looks good @TrickAIM yo dark ratio need a 6th? @willminder @thaboyjozu can u try… @thaboyjozu @willminder stop liking this shit bro. start posting stats. (i need a job) @phoFPS dont jump we need ppl to pay for the uber split @phoFPS only 20 bro @thi9f 💀 @phoFPS this was sick bro @khanartistval nooooo man 🥲🥲🥲 @aikyuna 🤪 @aikyuna putang ina mo @aikyuna ?? @Evs2x yay @ScrewFaceVAL grats bro happy for u 🫶 @varvFPS i love u 🫶 continuing till I steal someones job dw @kksuu7
@therealsuno 0;s;1;P;c;8;u;DD9ED9FF;o;1;d;1;b;1;0l;1;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;0;s;0.55;o;1 @therealsuno just the dot crosshair @sen_sacy welcome 🙏 @trentFPS that mousepad is so nice @haesarchive @Add3rTV go win it