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snirot @snirot new yt vid

18 - @PlayValorant - LFT

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@Jowjeje carallo @Kehnys_ fuck no @Shiro_Rz @1400Enano @Freshtbtw hola amigos que pasa que paso puta @zillxst I love u @zillxst zill @Lxdesman4 @HaanzeR @YktvLewi @Alithy5 how do I mute this convo @YktvLewi @HaanzeR fuck šŸ˜žšŸ˜žšŸ˜žšŸ˜ž @YktvLewi Hbd doodfinished thumbnail for new yt vid, out now! go watch plz <3
Retweeted by snirot @zillxst šŸ˜ @Freshtbtw me and @Baackup1 please!!!so over ranked. dogshit teammates every game man @Carterr1k stunned !good game @Dripw Oh @JimmyJamTV dont make me show the first game... @MrAcerael Is this limpid?? @nmgreen57 debatableAbout time. @Tzeims_ @nataliasuarez @Freshtbtw wtf @uhBlasian give it to me @nataliasuarez @Freshtbtw what does pum chulita mean @nataliasuarez heyy @rezzbtw only dubs so far so pretty goodI'm getting trolled
@MeltzeFN @ashIeyspam Not nice @ashIeyspam fuckkk @parallelzoee #ParallelRC a video
Retweeted by snirot @yamidooby gn amiga @christfup @Reetlol @riftfn no way rift got the homiequinn mechanics @christfup @Reetlol @riftfn isnt rift controller?i changed my hair and im actually happy w it???
Retweeted by snirot @tyzuii u sure? @nolanrogerss great minds think alike @tyzuii look how cute it looks @Lxdesman4 @vohlii @yuteFN @oozorawakaba @98avail @Izolol @72drakth @zwltrr @RaysFNBR @Traxxx_ @Skinnybluhh @yalties can u not @tyzuii @FnMojo @votanaslol porque @D0RD0N @zillxst @vohlii @Jaomock LOL @FnMojo @votanaslol joto @votanaslol hola mi amigo @Alithy5 @middifn I liked ur header @nolanrogerss Nolan @ElCompaGali @Freshtbtw no puedo @Freshtbtw dude shut up @vohlii @Jaomock @zillxst ik u have his notis on dont lie @vohlii @Jaomock @zillxst bro she replied FAST @vohlii @Jaomock @zillxst I dont think hes gnna reply good try tho @vohlii @Freshtbtw Ɖl es mĆ­o, retrocede, perra @Freshtbtw @vohlii šŸ @Freshtbtw Te quiero follar @KeLomp4 ggs u were fking shitting on me sometimes :D @LogiclyBR @WedidValorant I feel like the better team wins on ascent, if ur prepared for it and have nuts strats. Iā€¦ @LogiclyBR @WedidValorant I think its the other way around for me lowkey @slimezey @Tairany25 Thats not him his name is rice @Freshtbtw im playing with jow, so basically umy teammates : @seanwallaa @litzinio @akaJavin @Lxdesman4 @captainyFN @toxiiczlol I believe ur sexy af @MeltzeFN Kbbq 2025? @EdmonFN @vohlii @Freshtbtw @Freshtbtw tell this guy to change his name @Wilds @sarahnicolerae ProbStill LFT for valorant, can breach/duelist. plz save me from ranked @Shiro_Rz Is this him @Shiro_Rz @JimmyJamTV heyyyy @JimmyJamTV šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜ @Shiro_Rz teach me how2 hours of my life wasted @LucasIsBadBurn @yktvlion @BennyTheAsian @yktvverity @YourFellowArab makes sense @LucasIsBadBurn @yktvlion @BennyTheAsian @yktvverity @YourFellowArab how old is lion @H4NSSEN cmon bruh......... @HaanzeR šŸ˜žSolo q is so fun šŸ˜„ @H4NSSEN @parallelzoee fuck u @litzinio @HaanzeR does it tho @wolfiecindy ok I guess Iā€™m talking to myself @wolfiecindy hi cindy! how are you today! @Lucas_IsBad @PrimagineArt she doesn't know u can't make it off spawn šŸ˜­ @captainyFN @LucasIsBadBurn ?
@christfup hbd chris @3vidnt weeb
Retweeted by snirot @mintaims i thought of that @kazhaky_ Hbd @Tzeims_ Mi amigo!! @yamidooby @Freshtbtw @majoshaark She has a boyfriend... @chemylol @nolanrogerss Just watch good players play and find a good sens šŸ˜ˆ @Freshtbtw Majito where @chemylol @nolanrogerss wow. @DerekJoon Agree @PowurKG @KgPowur I knew it @Lxdesman4 @Lxdesman4 Oh okay @Luvnogs Long time no see @Lxdesman4 whats the pfp @Lxdesman4 i dont get it @ScytheDot crispy @slaysfn @Lxdesman4 fan