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y’all are my quarantine bffs fr :’) @Sparksthekidd She’s underage so NOPE lmao but I’m rly impressed by the technique!!!No one’s first government job should be President of the United States.
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @DoveyASMR @tinkerprincess0 Ah ty her videos are cool! @superprincess_v I’m just???? Like how do they do it????I’m so impressed the movements are so cool o.othis is mesmerizing how do y’all do this?!!?!
before vs. after
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡KATE BILTOFT HEELS.
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡I THINK ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME OMG @1800allison OMG HOW COULD I FORGET @mimithenerd_ scar is Very Hot it’s the voice!!!!!! @clownhotline Omg wait cool!!!! You’re the first person to explain it that way and tbh sounds so much more interest… @clownhotline So many people have recommended I read/watch this but like........... im not sure sjrjlshdkd @kred216 THE blueprint for all insta baddies honestly @javi_draws Khauskshenekdhd THIS IS SUCH A GOOD ONE @nicolconcilio 9 year old me was ready for the wedding!!!! @coldbrewdisney STOP THIS TOOK ME OUT THE LIL RAT TAIL @eiris_honey Kshekedhke THIS IS WHOLESOME I love it 🥺🥺🥺 @Will_Graham_Pls OH BIG FUCKING MOOD!!!!! SAY IT WITH UR WHOLE CHEST @KarisNelson1 THE EARRING I REMEMBER 😩 @tatted_waifu I SO GET IT @connieglynn Okay....... I see a lil summin tho..... @igoriel_ I feel like this is like a generational truth for ‘94-‘96 girls and gays ???? @MooCrown Omg teen snitch was ready to risk it all for both we have the same taste skrjkedhthis was brought on because I have a FAT crush on an anime ant! And I’m proud hes hot for an insect!!!it’s quarantine hours. deepest darkest most embarrassing crush, real or fictional... go 👀’m such a “LMFAOOOO” ass bitch. shit not even funny and here I come with the “LMFAOOOOOOO”
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Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @IvyKungu Skshkshsks threw him in there for ur height bracketwhy are folks on the tl saying bookmarks are gonna become public I will delete this blue bird app off my phone for… we ever talked, no we didn’t <3
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @pyryq he knows what he wants and I like that @rayjacksnnn YUP!!I know a boss fight when I see one.
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @Brookeisagurl I have seen it and love it!! @Brookeisagurl WHICH SHOWS THOUGH @Brookeisagurl No I caught up in jojos :( @kred216 after hxh i took 7 months off anime i was Not hAVING itnothing NOTHING worse than that empty feeling when you finish a 100+ episode show and there's nothing else like it out there wah WAHdeeply upsetting AMOUNT OF SEROTONIN THAT JUST FLOODED MY BRAIN 🥺😩 @emmaestes22 @HxHfandom OH MY GOD DJHDSJHDOcean Waves (1993)
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🥵 his energy >>>> of the social distancing my grandma gets really bored because shes stuck in her room all day so my sister s…
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Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡WHY ARE WE ALLOCATING EMERGENCY AID FOR THE ARTS? Screamed by people who have been watching Netflix, reading books…
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡UR HAIR IS SO CUTE OMG 🥺🥺🥺 @mimithenerd_ Also mutant turtle..... I’m sick....... @mimithenerd_ beastars is so popular I want people to watch the show sksksksksk leave me and my propaganda alone 😂😂😂 @TheKingKait YESSSSS HEHEH @igoriel_ CORRECT!!!!!! @INDIEWASHERE Omfg literally my only reason for being on the internet gotta spread the gospel 🌚 @honeysent FAIR FUCKING POINT LMAO Mereum is there to add some flavor I’m sorry illumi @mimithenerd_ Skshkshsks I knew u were gonna check me 😖😖😖😖 @honeysent ILLUMI IS AN ACQUIRED TASTE OK @zoeamira1 HES MISUNDERSTOOD 😭 @Alythuh liiiike alone time has me....... in my thoughts 🥴 @IvyKungu YES OMFG OK DEAL @KarrieTheNewKid LISTEN. HES THE HOTTEST ANT YOU CAN NAMEhunter x hunter villains are so sexy tho 😩 @minivegdeluxe THATS THE ONLY PART OF THIS POST THAT IS CORRECTi wanna be like
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡sometimes i remember that I’ll be a 70 year with a bunch of random anime tattoos lol fuck ya !!!!! @_stanpanman HES SO FINEEEEEE @juicelina I was thinking about this one it’s good????? @JaymanjiTTV okay he does NOTHING for me and I have no idea why?????????????? @amrita_soda OK DO I JUST NEED TO WATCH THIS @karenessi_ um YES I’m very not opposedfroggy 🐸 #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @SHAWTYARABlA No I’m a pouty ghost now >:(((((((if i don’t get a new tattoo in the next 5 minutes i will surely perish
ようやく!!!!アマミカラスの♀を採集!!赤い幻月紋堪らん。。。本当に綺麗 こいつを捕まえるために4日もかかるとは思わなかった笑
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡these are so cute 🥺🌹 @oreeeo ABSOLUTELY @CactusTheGirl I don’t trust those who don’timagine going back in time and watching death note again for the first time o.o @KellerKristyna the first season is doodoo but the men are so beautiful @vxnriah WAIT YOURE SO PRETTY OMFG HI🌖
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡ @eeeliic omg wait stop we love to hear it 😭after i've FINALLY annoyed all 250k of you into watching hunter x hunter... this is the next vendetta 😈 @helioxmoon I LITERALLY THOUGHT I ALREADY FOLLOWED YOUIDSJKFALThis place could appear in my dreams
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Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡why tf is waluigi trending on twitter rn do i need to get my mustache back out#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch WHAT THE FUCK
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡he’s being flown to a sanctuary I’m gonna cryLOOK AT HIM OMG hope is alive niece is becoming a shitposter at an alarming rate
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡this is so wholesome stop my HEART my heart 🥺 @coffinxfever RIGHT I have literally never gone on a third date stay AWAY FROM MEEEEme and the 90% female following that enjoy my back arching booty popped lingerie pics say otherwise⚡️
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡OKAY okay I’m officially rewatching hunter x hunter start to finish bc clown daddy is the only thing that’ll get me… anime is just deciding which 2D boy is the cutest and constantly being in painthis game was so disrespectful skshwjhskw’ve looked like this for a week now
Retweeted by ♡ snitchery ♡WHAT THE FUCK #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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