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@OptimalViewing KingThese comments are fuccn hilarious. Im sure 5 years from now yall gonna rehash this tweet and say im not for BW .… "toxic" trait by new nicca standards is roasting. Yall set yaselves up then be like u aint have to say that ..… unworn run kicks is basically ChristmasBetween this processor and YT easily 2hrs of my life was wasted this morning. Aye. Noyed. Duh.Jessie got dwights tightttttt in the comments section. They thought they were gonna eat their corn on the cob in pe…
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiI wish my ankle wasnt a heaux. I wanna run outside. But here we are @KMackBrand Nice. @JeauxVaughn Owwwwwwww @at_bran Scheduled mine yesterday. Car goes in on tuesday.So many of yall would take less offense to shyt if you didnt make everything about you. Sometimes ... it has noth… @yummyyo There are alot of non parents with 24-7 guardianship responsibilities. People have sick relatives they car… Pentium silver like the family dollar processor from Intel? This shyt is trash b @intel @VeXySpice The people rest. @Brandichamp Nah. Didnt even watch this is us. Lol. Thx tho @Brandichamp I haven't watched any. Im tryna see if the order will salvage itself lolI wanted so much more from #TheOrder but ehWhy are y’all like this. I’m YELLING
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@_venabme I was there til i left for college. Moved back 2x but knew I was going back to FL b4 my last move back to NYC.Im an outlier. Grew up in NYC ... currently in FL...happily. Cops really hate Black people. Lolol
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamicalling pledges neo don't make no damn sense #TheOrderEnter people's exhibit A me of when a Black female lawyer (Hampton grad) on my show condescendingly referred to me as “hood” for hav…
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami @JeffJSays 100 @aprilmaybpoetry really lie for nuttin. I will never get it. @FrankRamz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JeauxVaughn @StatGuyGreg Also. Yes, It's annoying af. @JeauxVaughn @StatGuyGreg They made it hot line ...shake shack made it a hot song. Shake shack is faaaar superior.I need a nap b4 i clean but i can't doze. Fix it Jesús lolFrazier is on the ropes trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami @MarvBarksdale Ayyyee Happy Birthday Marv. Cheers to a new year🥂 @plznigga 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I ordered an iced matcha latte Sis brings me a brown beverage @CatchMeUptown @USPS Bro mack sent me a juneteenth shirt b4 juneteenth so id have it in time. It arrives yesterday. 🤦🏾‍♀️ @CatchMeUptown @USPS 🤣🤣🤣Florida Sheriff: ‘I’ll Deputize Gun Owners If Violent Protesters Erupt’
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiYou be wit the lox maaan!
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami4th time this week somebody has driven down my block blaring “F**k You” by the LOX..... This is all Fab’s fault
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami @JeffJSays Why are u like this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JeffJSays Im ashamed at how hard i cackledFuck that poem to Eden. Fuck Charity. #Greenleag @SashaBaby22 🤣🤣🤣🤣That part @BeardedLumby That's a buck @yummyyo It really isI really just paid a delivery charge to keep my parking spot. I just ... I im glad yall understood that mess of a tweet. Im just seeing the typos. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣
@tcbandages Sheesh im glad yall understood that mess of a tweet. Im just seeing the typos. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 @tcbandages Thank you for the follow up @tcbandages awesome, thanks!haven't spent my wellness money yet... think im gonna go blow this free bag at the nike outlet … these ppl irking… @TheLostGrad that gif is hilarious @CAPTIvation4 I remain afraid @CAPTIvation4 Nah lol u said u only do it at the gym tho right? Or am I recalling wrong? @CAPTIvation4 🤣🤣🤣 and I'm still scared of you for the record Lmaooooo @CAPTIvation4 Lmao i be so serious tho lmaoThis is it. 3 stripes running down ya leg into a swoosh looks like you eat kids. Mad swoosh branding running in… Dressing like a serial killer and shyt. @mmmmNasty I have no kids😎My momma just ordered me some boots and a bag that she felt i just had to have 🤷🏾‍♀️ @YoShowtime You deserve that @NicoleShanique @BlackElleWoods Its the classes @mmmmNasty Fuccn insaneDear Darwin, @OptimalViewing Lmao @LowKeyUHTN 🤣🤣 @LowKeyUHTN Shyt we absolutely know. It's fuccn debilitating afme calling all my docs this morning to move my scripts. Found a Black pharmacy. ✌🏾 publix blessings bro don’t tell me how you like your women when I say I’m going to the gym later. Because I really dgaf dawg!
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Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiAye, instead of playing us like we’re stupid with the “we need to test the vaccine on Black ppl” nonsense, use thes…
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami#WeDemandJustice #breonnataylorwasmurdered #SayHerName
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami @tcbandages are yall are our of kinesio tape? When i try to add cart ... nada. Website doesn't say sold out. Please adviseSis hit that Shammgod clean tho @christon_brown @BaffoaBaffoe U see it @perryagyeman Yo he peeped her but let it rock. Lol. Gold. 😂😂😂😩😂
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiExtravagant push gifts should be normalized. Women risk their lives to bring life into the world if that ain’t a go…
Retweeted by #QuarantineMami👀 to Atlanta where our governor was literally the last person in the world to learn that COVID is passed from…
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiWelcome to Atlanta, where large interstate signs still pay homage to the losing team.
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiWelcome to Atlanta is trending so ima share the fact that we need justice for Breonna Taylor
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@EatWithNia lmaooooo hilarious bc I did not even realize it bc that mofo had me that aggravated. @divasocials sis … you know how that funky ass county is … my boy running for office out there... I hope he win bc… county is always on some foolery on this pussy to get smacked*FOH The Black Gyrl Behind Black Gyrl SOS via @YouTube Subscribe to the blog on Apple, Sp… He is partly to blame for us having "a lot going on, man"
Retweeted by #QuarantineMamiThat was a nice spot. Def had some good times there no i don't smoke.