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GLOWsephine Baker @SnobbyGyrl The Kingdom of Wakanda

♐||...currently working on my theme song, every superhero should have one|| The. Vybe.|| 🔌 || Wakanda's Greatest Magician|| Khaleesi Of Kicks|| Black Gyrl SOS

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Thank you sis. 😘💙🖤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I've been called a beautiful thug 100x today and it aint een noon. Im a sweetheart dammit. Lol @aYo_Cardo 🤣🤣🤣 thanks bro @SalmaSimply Lol thanks sis @MurrayHumphreys Thank you 🖤🖤 @KMackBrand Exactly!!!!! @KMackBrand Lol sorry im sippin early lol Well mofos were getting stabbed in front of dorms. I transferred back to Buffalo. LolThank you luv. 🖤🖤 @KMackBrand Temple UniversityMy calves are so sore. I was dancing dancing @ #DussePaloozaDon’t be someone who talks themselves out of growing because you’re scared of change.
Retweeted by GLOWsephine BakerThank you bew 🖤🖤 @EatWithNia Safe travelsThank you 💙💙 say this often @Grizzyroe Thank you fam.SAG SEASONNN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOBBY!! LOVE IS LOVE!!
Retweeted by GLOWsephine BakerSchnippers*Balloons when you visit my profile today. Enjoy. Tbh 1 of the better twidda features. We still need that edit button tho.Thank you bro. Im so washed its crazy lol. decades ago today a real one made a grand entrance damn near 2 weeks late. Happy 40th to me. Blessed beyond m… deadass could not stay up til midnight. Idk the last time I brought in 12.15 in rem. @MrAviator1906 Nah thats regulah @adtechjess Precisely @KMackBrand Philly is wild. Did a semester @ Temple and was like nope Im good lol @SalmaSimply @anniyahpapaya Happy Birthday to my bday twin. 💙🎂Thank you family. good! @VeXySpice 😍 @VeXySpice truuueeeeeeemy mom sets up the gift table for birthdays ... she tells me don't u open shit before midnight ma'am I'm tired af… @adtechjess @SashaBaby22 lolnot up for debate
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker💦💦💦💦
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @VeXySpice exactly but biiiiiiihhhhh i look phenomenal lolforgot how good the schleppers chicken sandwich is that shit slaps3 appointments later..... i love my hair!!!!
Hungry af. I hope my ace got some griot in da crib. @KMJeezy Go awf then!!!!! Congrats.I love you big sis!!
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @VeXySpice I did not and im famishedOverstand @KoolestKidOut YOU ARE LOVED!!!! FR!!!
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @nellzatc Mad i aint see u. Wtf @YAWmusic showcases his skill and range as an artist all while incorporating the New York sound that he grew up lis…
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @fotoqueen24 🤣🤣🤣🤣I basically missed 90% of the Day1s yesterday. Lol. I love how we all pulled up tho. We showed up and showed out… @nellzatc Wait u was there? Wtf i missed mad ppl. I dont really phucc with dark liquor so i aint care bout the d… @SalmaSimply Thank you darling ❤🖤💚 @SalmaSimply Smart lady @SalmaSimply U dont like beer?? Lol @SalmaSimply Africa. Accra, GhanaAND THE FLOOR IS SWEPT!!!!!!!
Retweeted by GLOWsephine BakerVery Sagittarius like 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lissen ... diff time I might marry one of my baes. But this aint thst time beloved.“Thousands of creatures resembling penises have washed up on a beach in California.” This phenomenon happens once…
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @MurrayHumphreys Ditto lol. Its only been a few says but i feel it lol @MurrayHumphreys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Im on my shyt right now lolCuz its good. 60 Sexiest Men of the Decade (2010 - 2019): A Thread
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @Coolness1994 Thank you for thisY’all ever talk to a nigga and he do some shit that turn you off so you think to yourself like yea little do he kno…
Retweeted by GLOWsephine BakerPeople cant' wait to tell your business, that's why I be lying! You ain't got tea sis, you got piss
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @KanyIZZY Were u @ palooza?Joy be doing her best 😂
Retweeted by GLOWsephine Baker @aprilmaybpoetry Thank you sis. 💙Cafeteria still slaps Im so glad the hypebeast crowd is gone. @VeXySpice Ju kno da vybes lol. Yo i hate all the primping and shyt. I just wanna do hood rat things with my hood… @KMJeezy Christmas house in the Bronx is literally the best one in the whole boro and they rock out the whole year @GrayRizzy @KoolestKidOut @LowKeyUHTN @barclayscenter Shyt was a zoo. Im glad i came home early to witness that shy… @VeXySpice My run has been canceled Woke up in time to secure kicks and make my 1st hair appointment of the day. I have 3. @VeXySpice Throw ya phone away lol NowYooo @DussePalooza was like a south campus party in ruff buff with a bar. Litty 2 titty. Shyt was insane. I drank no dusse.And before yall hop in my mentions telling me i couldve copped a plane ticket with this money bih i cop several ...… Birthday to me!!!!!! @aprilmaybpoetry Facts🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @KamikaTDillard @Delta YesEastbay playing games @KamikaTDillard @Delta Also but its nyc the ghana. I wont be home @ least 3 weeks with min 4 blk tie galas @Delta No worries im sending in a full compliant abt lga @Delta Im sending a huge complaint I just received horrible service
So @Delta mistagged my bag at the gate. Im irkedPissed i missed this res Ugh.LGA 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 The ride app pick up is super organized. Well done @GarifunaKinq Legit on line singing right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @VeXySpice Nauseating @jujuberunnin Yea lol @DirtyDizco HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY have a yardie lyft driver. An accident. Road closures. And a flight to catch. My guy driving like we on white… My. Lyfe. Ugh. @YoShowtime Say less lol @divasocials BeyondWhoa yall gross. Shyt i once dwelled with a s/o and on my dead grandmother one thing we aint never share ... toothb… @icecoldjd1906 Okkkkk heard ju. Good for u
@jujuberunnin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @BuffaLowe Thank u darling 🖤 @YoShowtime 😘😘😘 thx bro. Im seeing u tomorrow???